i dont..........have stretch marks..................

stretchmark galore

(I ran out of ideas so I pretty much got this idea from @yaoionice and @katsudonyuuri thank you guys :)

okay but this is really short but its 1 am here some fluff)

There’s pros and cons to losing/gaining weight. Pros; looking good and feeling good. Cons; stretch marks for days. Yuuri even has some on his back they’re so bad. He hates them, to be honest. They stood out on his skin while he skated, and he couldn’t wear anything that was too revealing (which he didn’t mind), but people who picked his costumes out/made them would usually just sigh in defeat and try to cover them up.

But there’s one person who loves Yuuri’s marks. Viktor. Viktor loves the pale marks that litter his thighs, stomach and the lower part of his back. Every chance he gets to see them, he kisses them and tickles Yuuri while he’s at it.
But when he saw them for the first time was when he was really breathless. They fitted Yuuri’s body so perfectly, they made him seem complete in Viktor’s eyes.

“Stop staring! They’re embarrassing!” Yuuri looked away before pulling on his shirt as Viktor stared in wonder. He’s never seen stretch marks before, and they were intriguing, he wanted to see more.

“Why? They make you, you.” Viktor said, walking closer to the shorter skater. Yuuri’s face flushed a deep red before sitting and pulling on his tennis shoes.

“Shush, we have to go.”

“Okay, Mr. Bossypants.”
The second time Viktor sees them is when he caught Yuuri changing in his room. He just watches from afar to admire the scars that litter his tummy and back. He can’t help himself when he walks in, grabs Yuuri by his hips and press his lips to the top of Yuuri’s spine. Viktor’s long fingers trace the indentions on Yuuri’s skin before a breathy laugh making it’s way through Viktor when he hears the audible gasp from Yuuri.

“You’re so beautiful, Yuuri.” Viktor whispers against his skin before moving lower, on one knee to reach the lower back stretch marks.

“Viktor, st-stop.” Yuuri’s face flushed a deep red before a giggle escaped him.

“Why? You need to know you’re perfect. Even with these.” Viktor’s fingertips traced the jagged lines on Yuuri’s body, making goosebumps rise everywhere he touched. Viktor rubbed soothing circles onto the flesh on Yuuri’s back before Viktor stood again, turning the younger lad to face him. “So beautiful, you know?”

“I prefer not to know.” Yuuri replied before Viktor laughed, bringing his hand up to caress Yuuri’s cheek. The younger lad leaned into the palm before looking up, meeting icy blue eyes.

“Then you need to know.” Viktor replied before picking up the younger (‘viktor no! put me down! im heavy you idiot!’) and carrying him to his bed. The two spent the rest of the day, cuddling, laughing and lots of blushing on Yuuri’s behalf. And loving all of Yuuri’s stretch marks.

No but seriously the body positive culture I’ve experienced in this place is amazingly wonderful and I know there are adults out there who are grumpy and say things like “we get it stop talking about how all bodies are beautiful” but as one of the younger people on this website when I joined, I was exposed to the belief that stretch marks and cellulite were beautiful before I was ever taught that they were ugly. So when I did see them on me, it never even occurred to me to dislike them. I’m not totally body confident, but this constant flow of positivity is truly amazing and can really shape younger kids into positive teenagers and adults, rather than having to reteach them after years of suffering that their body is beautiful. Keep it up, this is the kind of goodness that will make our world better.


Insecurities (personal)

A/N: I will be posting reactions soon :) Please read this.

I want to address and dedicate this post to those who have been through what I’ve been through. I want everyone to read this and understand where I’m coming with this. I want those who understand me to be aware that you’re not alone in this fight, I’m here with you. And I want everyone to understand my pain, and my story. 

I’m aware of my flaws and imperfections. I’m aware of what I’m doing and what I’m putting on my face. I am aware that I have acne. I’m aware of how severe it is. But I do not need you to tell me or point it out or poke fun at me. I do not need your constant stares at my face. I do not need your opinion like “Oh you should try this or that”. No. I don’t need it. Keep it to yourself. 

Call me ungrateful or mean. But you have to understand that I won’t listen to your “recommendation” or opinions, unless I feel like you’re sincere or you’re a doctor. If you’re a doctor, I understand you’re trying to help me. But if you’re just simply recommendation me a method, I feel like you’re trying to “help.” But in reality, you’re not. You’re making me even more aware of my own demons and my own insecurities. And for the rest of the day, that’s what I will be constantly thinking. I know some people would think acne is no big deal, but when you have suffered it for years, you can’t imagine how hard it is for us.

I suffer for acne for quite some time. I have been depressed about it, too. I remember I was so afraid to go outside or under the sunlight. I used to so jealous of girl with flawless skin. Especially when you have friends who have perfect skin. And I remembered crying in front of the mirror because of my disgusting face. Out in the public I wouldn’t even look at my family or my friends in the eyes. I wouldn’t even dared to look at the mirror because I would instantly cry. Because I was just so damn afraid. I’m so afraid it would never disappear. That I would have acne for the rest of my life and there was no escape. And I still feel afraid of those weird glances thrown at me. 

I have a mixed skin type, oily but sometimes dry. And I take after my Mom because she told me she suffered acne in her teenage years, too. I’ve tried many medications as well. One time I took one of the medications and I had a stomachache. But I wanted better skin so I continued the pills. Not a good idea… I’ve tried so many things. Believe me, I have. I’ve seen dermatologists before, and it didn’t really help. I’m just assuming it’s hormone and stress. Right now…my face is getting better I think. It’s definitely better than before. 

 And the reason I’m posting this was today someone pointed it out and I was so upset by what they said. I just looked down at my phone and pretend I didn’t hear. But in the reality, I wanted to cry so bad. I really do. Sometimes people just doesn’t realized how small the comment is but how much of an impact it really makes. I figured they’re just looking out for me, but I felt anger in me. They have no idea how much I’ve been through for the past years, how much tears I’ve shed, how much medications I took, or how much pain I felt every time I look in the mirror. I felt so ugly and hideous and I wanted to just go home. Keep in mind that I’m still a young girl, just with a lot of scars…

Stretch marks. I have them. I think most of us do. When I first got them I cried. Because I am already suffering from acne and now stretch marks. I didn’t know how to handle my emotions. But I know that I was in an extreme dark place. I am still young. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I wasn’t worth living for and my life has been ruined. I was even afraid to wear shorts. But now, I learned to embrace them. They’re a part of me, and they will forever be. Learn to love them.

I know there is people who went through what I’ve been through. I know I’m not alone. But at times, we just feel the darkness rising in us. There are good days and bad days. And I want those bad days to be over already. I want to get past this stage of my life and move on to another chapter. I want to be released from these demons inside my head because I’m tired of this fight… But I am strong. I know there will be a day when this is over. When the storm will pass and the sun is out. I know that we will get through this somehow, believe me, we can.

For those of you out there who also suffer from severe acne. You can always always always talk to me if you ever feel alone. I understand you. I really do. And for anyone with insecurities, I am always available to to talk to. Just know that you can message me.

And this was extremely hard to write. I wasn’t ready to put myself out there. I was scared of what you guys might think of me. I was scared of you guys thinking differently of me. But I decided to write this message anyways, because this was the only way for me to cope with my feelings. I was in a dark place and I just wanted someone can understand me and will stay by my side. So…thank you for those you of who read this. This was difficult for me to type and I appreciate your time. And..I love you. :)

- Quinn

(Because I’m trash for positive zimbits headcanons) ok so it’s pretty much canonically accepted that jack has stretch marks because you can’t go from chubby lil baby zimm to six-foot-tall Adonis without acquiring some along the way. But naturally, Jack’s pretty self-conscious about them and always tries to hide them.
Enter Eric Bittle who doesn’t give a damn about stretch marks and makes this boy realize that his body doesn’t define him and they’re just two wonderful idiots in love ok