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The hardest part of trying to find yourself is not knowing the person you’ve lost in the first place.

Gab Ayala, Who am I

For a person who’ve always tried to please other people and fit in, I never knew who I really was. And, now, that I actually realized that I never was and never will be happy being like that, and I’ll never please everybody; I don’t really know who I am. Sometimes, I feel like I never had a personality. 


“Nearly all men can stand adversity,
but if you want to test a man’s character
give him… a blanket.” (slightly changed quote by A. Lincoln)

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Hi! I dont't know if this is important but what was Yoongi saying in the v live from today when he like showing thumbs up? *he was so cute doing that* but I mean... What is the meaning of it? Sorry for the bother btw

He was saying ‘캡짱’ (kaep-jjang). ‘캡’ (kaep) = best and ‘짱’ (jjang) = best, so combined it basically means ‘best best.’ In the V LIVE he said that he made this catchphrase up himself~
- Kylie

it’s friday :-) pt 2

p: luke
request: several.  like 15 
warning: none, language if u squint
a/n: u can read pt 1 here!! this probably makes more sense if u do! + credit where credit is due, @itlukey you basically wrote this entire thing lol so thank u :-) 

He fucked up.  He fucked up royally. 

Luke had lost count of the Fridays that had gone by since he last saw you.  He knew he had made a mistake by letting you go. 

No one else would listen to him talk about the unimportant things in his life.  No one else would let him text them every Friday at exactly the same time practically begging them to come over for sex.  No one else would love him the way you did. 

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A Reunion of Sorts ||SilverAce

    She couldn’t believe she let it go that far. Had it really been that long since she’s go out for something as a simple walk? When looking back over the last year or so, it was almost too easy to go into hiding. All she had to do was make a few phone calls, make the necessary arrangements and she boarded a plane so early in the morning that there would never be a picture taken of her. Her plane ride had her land in the United Kingdom, a breath of fresh air that was Japan and all of the drama that was left behind. All of the unresolved feelings and anguish over a relationship that ended when the other person became available to her once boyfriend. After all this time, she didn’t understand why she even cared. It’s what she should have known was coming to her. Not one of her relationships, could end in happiness. She must be cursed, or worst, only cared about damaged people who grow with her, only to dump her when something better comes along. Happened in two relationships before Seiya. Then Seiya met Usagi, and by now everyone knew how that ended.

    Finally, there was Daniel, someone she thought was going to be with her to the end. She finally got something right. It was right there, there in front of the Leicester Square Theater that all of her thoughts of Daniel that, she tried (and horribly failed,) to ignore all crashed around her. There many dates together, their long nights when they first met at a bar, her being the surprisingly sympathetic ear to his woes, just listening to him complain. Those turned into just listening to his day before their playful flirts began. Those flirts became something much more imitate and she could feel her heart yearn again. Of course, that promptly got destroyed in a manner of minutes. All because her highness was suddenly wanting him. Of course, she was still pissed at Minako, it wasn’t enough for Usagi to ruin something when they were younger, but Minako had to repeat all of it again when she was older. Her resentments would do her no good here, she knew, but her anger wasn’t fully quenched.

    So, when her anger and pain wouldn’t be satisfied, she resorted to her old vices; drinking and lots of meaningless sex. No one knew who she was here, she could just be a free woman to do whatever and whoever she wanted. She also studied more, learned she wasn’t too terrible in photography and slowly began to make it a career. If her music career was considered over, then she might as well have a back up plan. Which lead her right back to where she was. Right back in Japan.

    She was back for work, helping out a fellow performer take pictures for her album. She hadn’t realized how hard it still was to walk these particular streets after so long. Then again, she should finally listen to Taiki’s advice: running was never going to solve her problems. Regardless, she was back now and needed to deal with it, for her work and headed toward a coffee shop, letting her now long silver hair bounce with ever step. One can never handle a day in a photoshoot without coffee.