i dont' even know what to say

“Harry said good-bye to you. Didn’t you hear him?”

“You aren’t going to see your nephew till next summer. Surely you’re going to say good-bye?”

Okay..this…I just…the Weasleys know how poorly the Dursleys treat Harry. He told Ron plenty of things about them, and surely he passed that information onto his parents. And we know for a fact that they knew that the Dursleys locked Harry in his room and put bars on his windows just two years prior to this. And yet…Mr. Weasley is still unable to believe that anyone could be that nasty to someone who is essentially their child, and he makes Harry wait to leave until one of them acts like a proper guardian and says goodbye. Like i dont even know what else to say about this…this scene just really gets me man. Arthur Weasley is a godsend and I just love him so much

quick rant

i’ll be honest i’m pretty dam tired a lotta tumblr peeps newfound disdain for actual debate. like real, i think debate can really be one of the most effective ways of spreading ideas yet it seems so many people dont even give a shit about doing it anymore. like nobody even bothers, a majority of yall just fuckin say some shit like “pee your pants” or make fun of the other person’s blog content/icon or some shit instead of actually giving reasons for your beliefs, and quite frankly, if u dont do that, then they honestly probably wont listen to y’all at all because guess what, they have no fucking reason to. If any of y'all like who I am and the stuff I support and believe in, I want you to know that I was not like this at all a few years ago. I was another “anti-feminist” “anti-sjw” blogger who didn’t care what slurs were being thrown around or what offensive “jokes” were being said (I even once even made a post trying to ridicule literally anyone for being offended by any joke). But over time, after reading so many arguments and so much shit about peoples experiences, I began to understand more and more about how wrong i was, and there was this ONE COMIC (I don’t remember who made it but I remember it was mostly pink and had this axolotl character explaining everything) about why all this anti-sjw shit is wrong and that was a HUGE turning point for me and i think to myself often that if it hadn’t been for people like that , who actually took the time to explain the reasons for their beliefs, I probably would have stayed mostly the same. I feel like we need more of that now tbh, i think we need more peeps who are willing to show others why they believe what they do, because you can’t always automatically assume how close-minded a person is solely because they believe the wrong thing. So this is MY suggestion u can take it or leave it, if someone you dont know well enough comes to your inbox and tries to refute something you believe, i think you should let them know why you think the way you do. I don’t give a shit if they like mlp or hentai or have some weird ass fetishes or whatever (besides, i think a lot of you [my followers] have respect for me, check my blog background and the blogs i follow [on mobile], y’all don’t think i like hentai? I just dont post it on this blog [anymore, used to occasionally] and most of y’all dont even know half of the weird ass shit im into) just tell them and see how they react, they might not always come around, especially not right away, but your argument could strike a chord with them in the future, they might remember it as something they should have listened to earlier. This is what I will do from now on. Y’all don’t HAVE to do it but i think it’s a much better and more productive thing to do than most of the glorified trolling y’all pull off, it was kinda funny at first, but i think its goin a bit too far by now. I think our political beliefs are important enough to be spread to as many people as possible, and in order for that to happen, minds are gonna have to be changed, and in order for THAT, we’re gonna have to actually try to debate with some people.

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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff [hhhh i dont even kn o w]
best quality: mmm… i wanna say the fact that he tried. connor tried when it came to evan and then shit just… went wrong, i guess.
worst quality: this is a tough and i don’t know what to say without sounding like a terrible person. i guess his biting remarks, if that makes sense? idk man you give him the history he’s had with a lot of shit and it’s hard to say ‘well this is bad’ because it wouldn’t have been if things had been different.
ship them with: evan and/or jared
brotp them with: connor and alana would be friends. i believe it.
needs to stay away from: uh. idk. 
misc. thoughts: i really wish a little bit of light had made it into the final show. i really do. there’s so much that we don’t know about connor, which made answering this one really really tough because of how little we actually know. idk man i really love connor. and mike faist like??? an angel who wore what he thought connor would wear to prom??? angel.

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Why the heck is Avery so mean to Tord? I really don't understand at all even though he's trying to be nice to her she's still rude, I honestly dont understand can you please tell me

It’s really complicated and I can’t exactly tell you why without spoiling the corrupted au what but I can tell you one thing…. you know Averys black eye, that’s not genetic she used to have two normal eyes tord did somthing I’m not going to say what but he turned her into a monster

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ok even is proud, jonas is proud, but ESKILD is so proud??? i mean literally a year ago he was living in an actual basement and now he's living with his boyfriend and we dont know if even knows about the basement thing so imagine eskild just talking with isak and maybe he's a little drunk so he says too much and cries too much as well but he's "so proud of my baby gay for finally finding a home with a boy with a good dick" (sorry for sending u all these no one i know irl watches skam so)

never apologise for sending these, anon! i love hearing them so so much!!! and i hope my responses are okay, i hope you dont think im messing up your hcs or anything :P

but yes!! lets talk about eskild! we saw with that big hug that he’s so so unbelievably proud of baby jesus.

because, you see, the first eskild heard of isak was that noora and eva thought he was gay - and eskild’s favourite thing to do is pick up strays and mother them! so he thought -  oh, here’s another that i can help! so he talked to isak on insta and must have noticed straightaway how far isak was in the closet, and so his first task was convince noora and eva to drop this, because it could hurt this boy that he barely knows anything about. he was already so protective of isak

and then, a few weeks later, who does he find drunk out of his mind in a gay bar, refusing to go home? he can’t leave him there, this boy is struggling so much. so he takes him back to kollektivet, leets him stay in the basement until he can sort something else out. he doesn’t push isak for any information, and isak certainly doesnt volunteer it, so eskild is stuck with a sullen grumpy quiet boy in his basement, and later in his spare room.

from there, he sees isak change. he started out refusing to call any guy attractive, and hiding in his room all day when eskild knows there’s a boy in there, with him, and he sees him push back against stereotypes, misunderstanding the community that he, whether willingly or not, is a part of now.

and then its a messy few weeks, its okay, then it’s not, then it is again, and it’s rough, but at the end of it all, when it’s really okay this time, who knew there was so much love in that grumpy little teenage body of isak’s?

from there it can only go up. isak is more comfortable, more confident, and so much happier. and eskild is watching on with so much pride.

it’s probably the 23rd of april when eskild brings it up - exactly one year since they first spoke on insta, and eskild is round at the new flat to visit, because  “i miss my baby gay! gosh isak!”

and he remembers the date exactly, (because he was checking through his old dms on insta and saw isak’s) so he brings it up to isak, and tells him “we should celebrate how far you’ve come, baby gay!” and isak rolls his eyes but grins as well, because yeah, he has come pretty far.

so eskild produces a bottle of champagne from somewhere, because he’s eskild, of course he brought champagne, and isak rolls his eyes and says he hates champagne but still manages to drink a fair amount, and by the time even gets home from work, they’re both kind of tipsy - and they’ve had a deep conversation about how isak is doing in this new flat with the - quote - “gorgeous” boyfriend, and isak replies that he’s incredibly happy, and then they both get a bit too emotional, and eskild will tell isak exactly how proud he is (and how jealous, that he found such a great man on the first go)

even gets home and grins at them both, because they’re both heavily denying that they cried reminiscing over how far isak has come, but yeah, even can get behind this conversation. everyone is so proud of isak, and how far he’s come.


infodumping about the ocean

bad times with adhd:

  • cant read
  • can read, but cant comprehend what ur reading
  • boredom more like Time To Suffer
  • rsd
  • u wanna watch a video thats any amount of time??? thats too long, even if the video is like 10 seconds
  • becoming too aware of how things feel or how u do certain things or just regular bodily functions like breathing or blinking
  • staying up until 4 AM or later for no reason aside from adhd said so
  • that sinking feeling when u realized uve spaced out for most of a conversation and u feel too bad abt doing it to ask the person to repeat what they said 
  • overstimulation
  • meltdowns
  • when u have the motivation to get shit done, but executive dysfunction is like “lmfao nope”
  • trying to get certain stuff done and ur managing ok, but u still get distracted on occasion and u scold urself every time u do but u cant stop urself from doing it
  • the antsy anxiousness that comes with being confined to doing smth for too long
  • “i hope i remember this” u didnt remember it
  • outbursts which cause u to snap at ppl and then u feel bad but u couldnt help it
  • no volume control so ur constantly told to stop yelling but u cant make ur voice quieter 
  • *someone explains instructions and its a rather simple thing* “ok got it” u dont got it
  • getting irrationally irritated over the smallest shit but u cant help it everything is just So Frustrating 
  • “u know what i think im having a good day” and then mood swing that makes u either Super Sad or Super Mad for no reason
  • having what ur gonna say right in ur head but somehow u still space out in the middle of talking and forget what u wanted to say
  • forgetting why u were upset but still feeling upset
  • the sinking feeling of remembering why u were upset and now ur even more upset
  • when rsd is being extremely irrational and u know its bullshit but u dont have the energy to fight it so u just sit there in sadness
  • when rsd makes u self conscious abt stimming in public
  • having absolutely no time perception at all. what even is time ive never heard of that in my life
  • needing to get smth done and u manage to focus, but ur focusing on the wrong thing
  • overanalyzing past stuff thats happened and realizing other shit u couldve said that wouldve helped the situation and damn why didnt u think of that when u were in the situation
  • this is long i should stop now

okay now that i know (?) what happened with even, my heart is just breaking for him. he just, he feels so horrible about what happened, about the pain he might’ve caused, and he absolutely thinks his friends are just better off without him, which is why he left. almost two years later he still feels that way, and i think it’s something that’s always in the back of his mind, the fear of hurting the people he cares about. because he does care, even cares so much. that’s why he left isak last season, because he was afraid of hurting him, not the other way around. and i can’t. oh god, he really really needs to talk to these boys so they can all get closure, and i know that it’s going to happen, and i know that sana is going to help that happen. all of these people, they’re all such good good people with amazing hearts and they deserve to get the opportunity to move and to regain the friendships they lost


before i forget this is the reference I made for the Takubun I did 

(this is embarrassing)

yousef is gonna be so god damn happy when he meets isak and sees how much he loves even and how he’s always there for him because yousef loves even and he definitely feels like he failed him and knowing even has someone is definitely gonna be a huge relief for him

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Hola! I had a freaking vision man... Ok so yuri was called in on his day off because there was a important interrogation that had to be done (im basing this off that other ask about sexy walk) and his boss was like "you know what dont even get in uniform it will be quicker that way" and hes like "okay??" yuri walks in with form fitting sweats that say "juicy" on the ass and a cut-off teeshirt. the guy fesses up in SECONDS. 🖤

Hahaha, that’s definitely a pretty interesting way to get info! XD
the true power of Yuri Katsuki o3o

I think my favorite part is just the idea that Yuri hangs around in this stuff casually when he’s at home???
Like, this is his “I’m comfy and just want to relax” outfit XD