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It’s time for a comeback.

“Some gringas have imitated me; they want to dress like ‘Mexicans,’ but those poor women look like cabbages, and to tell you the truth they look plain ugly”

   -Frida Kahlo, The Letters of Frida Kahlo, 1995

This quote has a lot of relevance in respect to the recent events in the fandom. Too often Whites have stolen, taken, and appropriated the identities and cultures of People of Color for their brown paper doll oc’s. They bastardize them, filling their backstories and personalities with racist tropes and stereotypes. They ignore criticism of such actions, dismiss and trivialize concerns of People of Color as drama, and attempt to victimize themselves or dismiss their actions with shitty excuses and shitty apologies.

It is because of these recent events that I have decided to bring Not your White Fave’s OC back. People of Color cannot rely on whites in the fandom to do right by us, to stand up for us; we cannot rely on them to own up to their racism and take the appropriate steps to rectify their disgusting actions.

People of Color truly need a space for themselves, away from the racism, ignorance and indifference of the mainstream white fandom.

There have been many People of Color in the fandom and in general on Tumblr that call for the creation of “our own spaces” because we are ignored, harassed, stereotyped, etc in the mainstream fandom. However, once a said space is made, those same people leave it on read so to speak. Either it is performative, or they still desire white affirmation.

I’m here to say that we do not need white affirmation. Referring back to the original Characters of Color post, “ We don’t need to ask for acceptance from anyone. We are enough, we’ve been enough and we always will be enough.”- Taraji P. Henson.

The goal of this blog is still the same, to create a safe place in response to the othering, and  exclusion of creatives of color in the white mainstream fandom. A place where people of color could share and celebrate their ocs and their work without fear of being spoken over.

A place for original characters of color made BY people of color, for any form of creative content made by people of color. A place to celebrate our races and cultures without having to censor it for a white audience. It is a place to encourage creators of color to share their work, to make oc’s that represent them, and to be surrounded by a community of people like them!

And so with that I’ll end with this:

Welcome to Not Your Yt Fave’s OC, a blog made for Creators of Color by People of Color!


happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

Attention everyone: The Agreste family is getting a new member!

No, it’s not another baby thank goodness, but a precious addition none the less. See today is a special day, a day that should really be a Canadian national holiday. Because today is the birthday of the lovely and talented @toriitorii, who is the primary reason this family came to be in the first place. For the past few months, Tori has been gracious enough to allow me to borrow her sweet babies for sims shenanigans, and without her we wouldn’t have the next gen characters we all know and love. 

So, in a very special one-time-only queue, Adiren and Marinette are getting a temporary child for the day, and Tori is getting her own cameo in the Miracusims! 

(Running the posts between 4 and 5 EST)

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OMG yes! I had a few 1700′s style (or 70′s 1700′s revival…) shirts as a teen, and the tugging motion of pulling those laces from the jacket sleeves is very familiar! Though I didn’t wear leather, I had a ugly burgundy velvet jacket. And I drove a bicycle, not a sports car. (This was mainly David Bowie’s fault, I didn’t read VC until I was 18…)  That motion/gif reminds me of listening to glam rock from my walkman and feeling like the most bad ass under-appreciated 14 year old hot mess in town.

Ugly burgundy velvet jacket is also VC. There’s definitely some David Bowie in Lestat (fashion, looks, attitude, musical prowess, etc!). Especially Jareth!Bowie.

Goblin King vs. Brat Prince? I always thought these two moments were worth comparing and now you’ve given me an adequate excuse to do it! They’re both pining for the affections of a brunette… they both use a kid to try to hold onto their brunette… So many comparisons…

Lestat (and Jareth!) is kinda the most bad ass under-appreciated 14 21 200+ year old hot mess in town.

blueminuet  asked:

Omg I am in love with the modern fantasy stuff you just posted like holy shit. The part where you mentioned bilbo getting the leather jacket I was just like WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS IN PLACE OF THE MITHRIL SCENE. Like Thorin gives him the jacket like "you're one of the gang now" and maybe it's lined with mithril or something so it bulletproof idk. BUT JUST THORIN GIVING BILBO A LEATHER JACKET AS A ROMANTIC GESTURE OMG WHAT A DORK


Even better, Bilbo still getting the same mithril shirt (only it’s friggin rarer because it’s been even LONGER that Moria’s been lost to the dwarves) and it’s the same scene and Thorin explains that this ancient shirt is even proof against bullets. And then he gets this SUPER NERVOUS fidgety look and gives Bilbo HIS LEATHER COAT which is way too big and he’s like “wear that until we can get you one of your own” and it’s just so…so gay.

Also laughing because they’re not technically a gang (I imagine only Thorin and his nephews have the “sons of durin” jackets with dwarvish stylized embroidery of Erebor and raven wings) but Bilbo is convinced for MONTHS.

His only regret is he has no real friends he can text so he’s constantly texting Gandalf even if Gandalf is RIGHT THERE.

‘Gandalf this is a GANG you got me kidnapped by a motorcycle gang!!!!’

'Nonsense Bilbo they’re just a company with a similar interest in motorcycles. Dwarves in general are quite fond of them’