i dont want too say nothing


what they say: you’re using your mental illness as an excuse 

what they mean: i care more about the thing you couldn’t do than your mental health 

what they say: try yoga/a healthy diet/just being happy/etc. 

what they mean: i dont know what mental illnesses are or how they affect people 

what they say: youre overreacting 

what they mean: my microscopic brain cannot comprehend that people feel, think and act differently, especially when they have mental illnesses making them act/feel/think a certain way 

what they say: you just want attention 

what they mean: i dont understand that humans need attention and affection to survive, that wanting attention is nothing bad, and that just bc i noticed doesnt mean you actually wanted me to notice

Lance's Love Interest

Okay guys. I could write a dissertation on why I think Keith will be Lance’s love interest, but that’s pretty much already been done. So what I do want to talk about is why Lance’s love interest won’t be Allura.

Before I get into this, I feel obligated to say that I’m a big ol’ bi sexual. Meaning that I’m not against this ship because ew girls. I’m not against it at all. Sure, I don’t ship it, but personal feelings about a pairing have no basis in cannon analysis.

Lets start with Lance’s vlog

What I got from the vlog is that nobody lies to Lance like Lance lies to Lance. Like seriously, how Lance can breathe beyond those Layers of Bravado is beyond me. He spends the majority of the vlog talking about how Allura probably does like him because he’s such a lady killer and yada yada yada, bull shit, bull shit, bull shit. You get the picture.

But then there’s this moment.

It’s legitimately sweet. Lance is gushing not about how he’s going to win over Allura or how awesome he is but about why he likes her so much. Only then he catches himself and goes right back into his Wow I’m So Awesome mode.

Then directly after this, he starts talking about how he’s not ready to settle down, which is… strange. Yeah, you could argue that Lance is saying this because he’s young, but the way it’s presented makes it seem like he’s covering something up, especially when you take into consideration Lance’s How to Fall in Love guide.

Lance loves love, not just as an end goal, but as an continuous endeavor. He understands it’s hard work, but he wants to put in that work. Lance wants to be in love.

What I’m getting at here is, Lance really likes Allura, but I think deep down he knows she doesn’t return those feelings. I mean, hes all like, ’Pff, yeah, of course Allura thinks I’m awesome, but sorry babe, can’t hold this stud down’ directly after we see him swooning over her, and honestly, how more obvious can it be that he’s hiding his real feelings/over compensating?

Lance knows Allura probably wont ever return his feeling and us as the audience knows that too. Or at least we should. Seriously, if I could say there was one thing I really have against this pairing, it would be the fact that Lance continues to flirt with Allura despite her obvious discomfort with it. The only reactions to his flirting we’ve ever gotten from Allura are disinterest and down right disgust. Meaning, his feelings are not returned.

Oh, but you might say, well they could be one day, and that’s where I’m going to have to disagree with you. I really don’t think Allura would just suddenly start to have feelings for Lance, not when there hasn’t been an ounce of romantic subtext between them and especially not when taking into consideration some of the comments made by the creators and voice actors.

Jeremy Shada said that Lance still thinks he has a chance with Allura, heavily implying that he doesn’t. The creators said that Lance would end up with someone he needed, not wanted.

Even if you ignore the blatant fact that Lance has wanted Allura from the beginning, it still makes this scene and Lance’s choice of words really interesting.

Lance straight up said that “Sometimes we don’t get what we want” while talking to Blue. And who is Blues new Paladin? That’s right! Allura! She even walked in right after he said it.

I know this has already been said, but just for the hell of it, let me point out that they also said Lance would end up with someone self assured, something Allura is not. She doubts herself more than any other character and has from day one. In fact, it’s Lance - one of the most insecure characters in the show - who gave her the confidence she needed in the season 4 final.

Now I really want to talk about this scene. I’ve heard people say that it parallels the ‘We are a good team’ moment from season one, and like, totally. It does, but apart of what this scene accomplished - at least to me - was solidifying the fact that Allura does not have feelings for Lance.

Lets break it down: There’s the obvious differences between these scenes. Keith and Lance’s has soft background music, unnecessarily long eye contact, fond smiles, a purple background (the combination of their respective colors), and a total mood shift. Its filled with romantic subtext and is also brought up later on several occasions. Lance and Allura’s moment had none of that.

Something less obvious Id like to point out is that if these scenes do parallel each other, then Lance would be the Keith in this situation and Allura the Lance. You may not agree with me, but I’m pretty positive that Keith has been low key pining for Lance since season one, which is fitting, because Lance has been pining for Allura. In Keith and Lance’s scene, Lance is drawn in by Keith whereas Allura merely glances back at Lance and then brushes him off. Insinuating that while Lance and Keith’s scene is a big moment to both of them and could be the start of feelings that Lance may go onto reciprocate, the same can not be said for Allura and Lance’s scene. In summary, Allura - being the Lance in this situation - did not show the same interest that Lance showed to Keith in their scene.

You could say that the situation was dire, and yeah, you’d be right, but for one, they don’t show us parallels for nothing. They’re used as a means to compare and contrast. Two, Keith straight up almost got his ass handed to him in the midst of a battle all because he was too busy making doki doki eyes at Lance. Meaning circumstance isn’t really an issue when dealing with this sort of thing.

The last thing I want to point out is, while Allura never reciprocates Lance’s advances, Lance - in his own self deluded, deny the bi, sort of way - does reciprocate Keith’s. First off, it should be heavily noted that Keith’s interest in Lance is much more subtle than Lance’s interest in Allura, because as we all know, Keith has abandonment issues, walls, and all that fun stuff. He doesn’t parade around his interest because he probably doesn’t see it ever being returned, not realistically.

But he’s wrong and here’s why: Lance feels inferior to the entire team, so the idea that he goes around challenging Keith and constantly vying for his attention out of pure jealousy/a need to prove himself makes no sense. If that were the case, he would behave that way towards everyone. Granted, Lance did think that Keith thought he was better than Lance, but in season two, Lance said, “I guess no one else thinks that” in regards to his marksmanship. Meaning Lance thinks that the rest of the team thinks hes not as talented as them also, and yet he treats them the same way he always has. Lance is literally obsessed with Keith, especially in season one. He’s the embodiment of the boy pulling on the girls pigtail to get her attention.

He also talked about Keith in admiration when he wasn’t around, wearing a similar face to that of the one he wears when hes flirting. Hell, he wears that same expression every time he teases Keith, but when he does it here, paired with this praise, we know it’s meant to be interpreted as a fond expression.

(also note that his expression morphs to this when he starts talking about Keith and only Keith despite the fact he’s praising the entire team)

He admires Keith. He wants Keith’s attention and respect. He flirtatiously banters with him. He goes to Keith when making important decisions about his future and place on the team. He expresses ambiguous jealousy every time Keith is with a girl.

Allura does none of this. So if you want to say that she could possibly reciprocate Lance’s feelings then you have to say the same for Lance towards Keith.

Look, my purpose here isn’t to dissuade anyone from shipping Allura and Lance or to down said shippers. I’m just trying to analyze cannon material and reach an conclusion. So my final theory on the matter of Lance’s love interest is that Lance has feelings for both Keith and Allura. He just doesn’t get that he has feelings towards Keith for the same reason he doesn’t want to admit he knows Allura doesn’t like him romantically. He likes to keep a lot of things tucked away in his head and chooses ignorance over introspection until those thoughts some how make it to the forefront and he’s forced to do otherwise. I think in season 5 the vlog will come into play and we’ll see the summation of Lance’s feelings towards Allura, but I have little to no doubt that it will not go the way he hopes it will.

And hey, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. More power to you Allura and Lance shippers.

I Hate Missing You~Jeon Jungkook

Part 1

Part 2

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Another couple of weeks passed and you have gone from fine to completely done. Polly was a mess, and Jungkook seeemed to be ignoring you, pictures of him a few female idols caught you eye. Of course you knew, more liked hopped, he wasn’t doing anything with them. But ever since the pictures went vrial he hasn’t tried to talk to you. It was always you checking up on him, and you were getting fed up with it. His band mates were talking to you more then he was, expecially Jimin and Jin. Every morning they had sent you morning text updating you where they were and how Jungkook was doing. Today was the day the brought up you coming on tour. Polly would stay with your mother but you weren’t sure if you boyfriend even wanted you there.

“Y/n you need to do this. You’re both miserable.” Jimin speak making you groan as you chew on your lip. “Jin-hyung I’m right aren’t I?” His question made the oldest boy agree, his head moving and up and down. Skyping your the only logical way for both of the talking to you where it won’t get jumbled.

“He’s right, you need to come met us here.” He says making you shrug, he gives you a glare. “Y/n, come on. We miss you too, this isn’t just for this kid but for us too!”

“Should I tell him? I mean I’m going to be on a pl-”

“Prentend you want a break!” Jimin says with a evil glint in his eye. Your mouth hang open as Jin look at the younger boy. “What dont look at me like that!” Jimin say to the both of you as he sighs. “Okay here the reasoning, you said he hasn’t been talking to you with out you messagung him first, the whole femeale idol shit that happene-”

“Nothing happened there.” Jin cut off when he saw your paniced face making Jimin shake his head.

“No,no, no, no Y/n he loves you.” His words made you nod aa you pet Polly who was sitting in your lap. “Just say you can’t take it anymore, the relationship being like this. That you hate mossing him. And then don’t reply, or answer his calls or ours unless its me or Jin on skype.” You sigh as you look down at rhe puppy. “If you do come we have a ticket for Japan that leaves in two days. 48 hours…..do you think you can do that?” His question lingered in the air. “Just think of what his face will be like.” At the you look up and nod.

“Just make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.” You whisper before syaing your goodbyes. “You can do this.” You mumble as you pull up your messages to him.

You: Hey, so I don’t know how to say this.

Seen 10:45pm

Kookie: What is it babe? Do Polly eat something of mine?

Seen 10:55pm

You: No, it doesn’t have to do with the dog Jungkook.

Seen 11:03pm

Kookie: Then what is it? Isn’t it late back home? You should be asleep, baby.

Seen 11:07pm

You: Okay, I just have to say this. I don’t think I can do this. I dont think I can handle not seeing you for months, I don’t think I can handle you calling me panicking anynore. Jungkook I love you, I love you so much. I miss the way you held me while we slept, I miss the way you would sing to me when I had a bad day. I miss your freaking voice and hearing it every single time I woke up. I miss waking up on the weekened to the smell of burnt food, because you wanted me to have breakfast in bed. I miss you. I hate missing you, I shouldn’t have to miss you. But I do. And I hate it. I don’t think I can do this anymore.

Seen 11:10pm

Kookie: Babe no, you don’t mean that.

Kookie:you don’t mean that, you love me. You even just said it. If you love me dont let me go please.

Kookie: No, no,no. Please I get a break soon, I’ll be home soon please don’t so this.

Kookie: Y/n please no, I need you. I need you like the air I breath.

Kookie: Baby, pick up your phone.

Kookie: Why?! Why won’t you stay? Why won’t you keep loving me? I love you to the stars. Please.

You hated doing this, but it felt like something was lifted on your shoulders. You never really said you wanted to break up, you just said you couldn’t do it anymore. That you couldn’t be without him anymore which was the truth, you wanted to be with him. Which was the only lie you were hiding really.

Sugasuga: Wtf did you do? What the actual hell Y/n.

Seen 12:03am

You: I’m not talking to any of you, leave me alone

Seen 12:12am

Sugasuga: Oh hell no. Tell me why the fuck the kid is sobbing into his pillow right now? Why the fuck is he crying your fucking name? What. Did. You. Do?

Seen 12:15am

You: I can’t tell you. Ask fucking jin or jimin. Delet this convo now.

Seen 12:20am

Sugasuga: You better be ready to fix him.

Seen 1:45am

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Any prompts for a boy trying to tell his best friend he's in love with him?

I can certainly make some! 

“I uh.. I love you.” 

“I love you too, man.” 

“No, I love you, love you, man.” 


2. “Hey, can I talk to you?” 

“Yeah, of course. What’s up?” 

“So uh.. This is… This is really hard for me to say but I need to tell you because I can’t hide it from you anymore. Im..im just so scared you’ll look at me differently or won’t talk to me anymore or something because you’re my best friend and if there is anyone I can’t loose its you and i.. I just dont want this to change us..”

“Hey.. it’s okay. Come here, calm down. Nothing you could ever say to me would make me leave you. You’re my best friend too, man, I would never leave you. Never.” 

“…Are you sure?”


“Okay…Well.. Well, I… I uh.. I love you.”

3. “Hey, Dude. What’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird around me all week, you can barely look me in the eye, and anytime I get near you, you act like I am about to stab you. Did I do something wrong?” 

“No, no uh.. The opposite, actually…”

“I think.. I think I might be in love with you…”

“Oh.. Oh thank god.”


“Dude, I thought you were staring to hate me! You were treating me like I had the plague, I thought I was gonna loose you.” 

“No way, I could never hate you. You’re my best friend, it’s pretty much physically impossible for you to loose me.”


4. “Come on dude, cheer up, anyone would be pretty lucky to have you…”

“Really, you think so?” 

“I know so, Man, You’re my best friend. I am pretty lucky to have you in my life, and well, I think you would make a great boyfriend.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I would be the best boyfriend, I’d probably spoil you rotten and give you anything you wanted and tons of affection.” 

“I meant uh… I meant you’d make a good boyfriend to anyone, like you’d be a good person to date in general…” 

“I mean, you’re not wrong, but I think I would be the best boyfriend to you, specifically. I already dote on you since you’re my best friend, imagine what I could do as your boyfriend.” 

“Oh…I uh..Uh…guess you would make a pretty good one..” 

“Well? Do you want to actually find out?” 


“Do you want to find out how good of a boyfriend I could be?” 

“I.. I’d like that, yeah, I would really, really like that…” 

5. “I mean, everyone already says that the person you love should also be your best-friend, right? That’s how you get the  best, long lasting romances, apparently, when your partner is also your best-friend.” 

“Well, I guess that means were already one step ahead to having the best marriage.” 

“Were not even dating you…” 

“Dating or not, you’re still my best friend, and I still love you. You love me too, right?” 

“Well.. yeah, I do..” 

“Then it doesnt matter if we already dating, or if we start officially right now, or we wait a while. I don’t need a title to love you, in my mind, we’ve always been together, and I think we always will be” 

I hope you like them! If you need anything else, please don’t be afraid to ask! 


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Hi Leslie! I'm a game design major and after seeing some of my art in class, a classmate of mine asked for me to draw him in some cartoon style. I told him that I don't do that kind of thing for free, so he agreed to pay me. I took the request, but after a bit, I realized that I know NOTHING about taking commissions. I don't know how much to charge, if I should send progress updates or anything really. So that brings me to ask: do you have any tips or insight on doing commissions? Thank you!


1.) Figuring how much to charge is p hard. I heard there are websites that help you do it. All I can say is make sure it’s never less than the minimum wage. Here in CA I think min wage is $10.50/hr. so I won’t go under that. Technically I’ll spend up to 2-3 hrs per icon so I should be charging up to $30 haha but ech. JUST YKNOW. Dont undercharge! 

2.) Make them pay UPFRONT. Don’t work first and then have them pay! You can get scammed like that really how stupid!! If the person who is commissioning you doesnt want to pay upfront don’t take the commission. They can find someone else then.

OR you can have them pay half up front, do a sketch and send them that, and once they like the sketch they pay the other half and then you finish. But yeah I rather go with full payment up front cuz I refuse to work for free lmao.

3.) I, personally, love sending progress sketches! So that if they dont like something about the picture they can tell me as soon as possible! Nothing sucks more than finishing a long commission AND THEN they ask you to change something they dont like.

“No one could ever be that big of a jackass, Leslie!” UM YES THEY CAN haha trust me. So its best to send people multiple updates if you can afford to do so!

I like to send then a rough sketch WIP. If they like it I’ll do the lineart and send them that too. Once they approve the lineart I finish the coloring! The end!

4.) Communication is VERY important! Try to keep your commissioner updated often! If you dont talk to them for a while they’ll think you abandoned them and their commission. If you need a vacation or hiatus or whatever let them know! 

5.) REQUIRE VISUAL REFERENCES. unless of course it’s a custom adoptable or something. Nothing sucks more when someone is like “can u draw my oc they have short brown hair and blue eyes thanks :)” LIKE NO THANKS 

Not having visual references makes things incredibly hard! If they have no references then it’s considered a custom adoptable (you design a character for them) and that is usually more expensive than normal commissions! CUZ YOURE DESIGNING A CHARACTER FOR THEM WOWIE yeah 

6.) Be upfront about how long it’ll take you to finish the commission! If you think it’ll take you a week tell em! A month? Be honest! Dont say youll have it done in 2 days when you know youll be extremely busy or whatever haha like I said, COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANTE! 


7.) If the commissioner is rude, too impatient, overall an unpleasant person it’s okay to drop them. Give them a refund and let it go, you HAVE that right. Don’t put yourself in a position you dont want to be in. If they cant be professional you can leave. If you give them a full refund you owe them nothing more. Sometimes people are assholes so don’t work with them. 


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Body Positivity; Yuta

Request: Hello ^_^. So I wanted to request Yuta for the body positivity thing. I actually loved the one from winwin and eventually started crying. I’m not very positive about my body and these make me feel better so yeah.. thank you :3💕

  • ahh im glad this series is still getting requests
  • and mostly im glad that they’re able to make yall feel better about yourselves
  • reminder that i love you all and you all are wonderful the way you are
  • check out my masterlist for the other body positivity posts for winwin, jaehyun, ten, johnny, hansol & mark!
  • time for this mountain man
  • let’s go

  • feeling insecure??

  • not under yuta’s care
  • because this man would love EVERY single part of your body and features
  • and he’s not hesitant at all to show it to you through his actions
  • and words
  • he wants to make sure you see how beautiful you are in his eyes,
  • and it hurts him to know that you think otherwise
  • his hands!!
  • are always on you,
  • like literally, a l w a y s
  • one moment his running his hands down your waist and hips
  • then wrapping his arms around you
  • combing your hair
  • caressing your cheeks & back
  • he loves to show you that he’s in love with you!!
  • but when days get a little tougher and you feel even more worst
  • fret not, he’ll give you the sweetest compliments ever
  • this guy is good at his words
  • and they never fail to make you blush and feel better
  • “too bad you cant see how beautiful you are, every single day i see you but i still get stunned by your beauty, how is that possible?”
  • “i never say this but, you’re way too gorgeous for me to handle, even someone as goodlooking as myself cant handle it, dont you see how beautiful you are?”
  • “i’ll do anything to make you happy and im here to assure you that there’s nothing wrong, trust me”
  • then he flashes you that big smile of his
  • and pecks you on the lips
  • then cheeks
  • then down to your neck
  • he kisses you everywhere
  • because once again, he wants you to know he’s sincere in saying all that and that he means it
  • he loves you so much he brags about you A LOT
  • isn’t afraid to show you off to the public
  • probably has his hands wrapped tightly around you and would have a big grin on his face
  • “my baby’s looking good like always”
  • “isn’t my girlfriend pretty?”
  • “ahhh how cute random kiss
  • and to the members,
  • he blushes every time they mention about you
  • and he gets all excited because he loves you that much
  • can you believe, he gets even more excited than when he sees winwin
  • would post pictures of you online
  • with captions;:
  • “my heart cant take this amount of gorgeousness”
  • “what did i do to deserve such a queen”
  • and he also loves posting pictures of both of you, mainly him holding you in his arms
  • “if only i could give her everything in this world, she deserves it”
  • “every single time i look into her eyes i still get lost”
  • wakes you up every morning with his his sweet words
  • loves calling you his queen, baby, princess & babe
  • he’s just so in love with you anyone could see that
  • he wants you to be happy, not just with him but with yourself and how you look
  • so he’s always consistently putting in effort to prove that to you
  • he doesnt care about what others think of you or the both of you
  • what matters most is that you’re contented with yourself and your body
  • and he’d be the happiest man alive!!
  • the sweetest man loves you

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so, can we be honest right now? some fans aren’t worried if taylor could stop doing the ss meetings or if taylornation could be chasing them because the all too well thing even them said: “something happened in the ss and taylor didn’t asked for silence but we decided to keep it”. so, they should stop trying becoming victims. the only thing that happened is that they haven’t nothing more to stand above of rest of our fanbase and no counting in the rude way they acting just because they’re being exposed.

the fans who went for the ss (i’m not going generalizes because i know that some nice people went and stayed being nice afterwards). Of course they’re having some kind of privilege abouve the rest of the fandom it and they know about it. everyone knows that happens in the ss stays in the ss, so when they start posting thing like “there’s a secret but we can’t tell anyone” it’s just because they want to be on spotlight and thus, feeling that they’re prevailing over us. no one do such thing unless they wishes make the rest of us curious. some of the ss fans are doing nice things and we stayed happy for them being happy, because we know how would be amazing meet her and spent some time with her. and we’re feeling they’re being honest with us. but now, we’re seeing those rude people acting like that, it’s almost impossible don’t feel attacked and hurt.

now excuse me i’ll make this  a little more personal: i cried A LOT because of it and you know why???? because in my country, taylor NEVER EVER did a tour, just a pocket show and never come back. while the usa/uk fans have the ss, the magazines, and are able to pre order the album. Here in Latin America we don’t have the pre-sale album yet. we’re trying contact the universal music for they change that but it’s  ard. no counting we can’t have the same treatment that taylor  gives for the fans from uk/usa. We want just a little bit of attention not a SS here. We just want feel inclued on fabase. So, i’ve gotten used with the fact that i’ll won’t meet her because my chances are really low. Now I just expect to go in her tour if i had a chance. because these day i’ve been feelings the so lowest person towards everyone, i’m here since 2009 going through all of this. i just don’t get why some people act so selfish towards the rest of fandom, seems they having that call for show us their favoritism.

yesterday taylor makes me so hurt with the 300 people know™, she’s make so sad and low that now even she’s saying she’s was ONLY kidding dont makes me feel much better. because i’m don’t feeling include on “many of you as humanly possible”. We don’t even have the pressure order for reputation here its a little impossible imagine a tour here when we without have pre-sale album. And now she said that she wants meet many os us as humanly possible but she brigs the same people who went into ss of 1989 to reputation ss? Look guys if you’re one of those peoples dont get me wrong this is nothing about you, but you see that its so controversial that what taylor said she isnt putting in pratice right? Please @taylorswift i love you and i’ll always love you but this kind of thing hurt so much

And for that rude people: i know you didn’t meant being so rude but please try be more careful with the words. try to think how the other people will feels towards it. and now you guys are trying putting the blame in @urineluv for talking that taylor played all too well on piano but she don’t spoke nothing wrong, she’s just trying to do the right thing and stopping the all these selfish. Because of course we’re happy for you meet taylor, i mean we thinking ‘ok when its my time?’ and maybe its dificult for us see the pictures and we have some kind of jealousy but dont considarete that as we were saying that you dont deserved meet taylor, you deserves truly, but the way some of you guys want show your prevail are hurting some fans and make us thinking that this is unfair, because maybe taylor doesent like to know that the some fans who meet her are acting this way with other fans.

Please guys stop with this now the people who went to a SS are fighting between themselves.  We need to come back with fabase united where we respected the opinion of others, where we talk to everyone and everybody was happy. We need start to unite this fabase that was ALWAYS  united and always respectful 

                                                                                       Love all of you Swifties,                                                                                                    Pamela

sungjae on peniel's strength and weakness:

‪peniel hyung is really a good person, he really is too kind, always cheerful and pure. he also takes care of us well. when he came back from america this time, he bought me A LOT of candies and told me"its yours!“ (in english😂) i was very touched…. because he really is a hyung thats too kind, theres nothing i can badmouth when it comes to him.. but something i want to say? because you are so kind, people will take advantages of you :/ hyung, watch your back, really, remember our promise - dont trust others too easily ‬

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im so annoyed gjdkds i cant go anywhere on social media w/o seeing people hating on taylor and making fun of music she hasnt even released. i saw someone call her a neo nazi's dream wife all bc she's a white feminist and hasnt denounced trump like?? im tired. i expect more from taylor and i want her to use her platform to speak out too but it always seems like they specifically target taylor like this and not literally every other celebrity. like she hasnt done anYthing yet we know nothing?

i texted my roommates asking them about being quiet for like ten minutes tonight and one of them sent back a tweet saying something about taylor’s new music being “the white neoliberal feminist equivalent of to pimp a butterfly” and like………i dont want to sound like a cry baby like “this isnt faaaaaair” but it really isnt. this girl hasnt said shit in a year and what she has said was within the confines of a courtroom. the music isnt even out yet. if you know you dont like her or her music then shut the living fuck up and let the people who do, enjoy this. like just because youre a sore ass piece of shit who needs to find some way to join the GP and their need to place the blame on what ever the fuck on someone doesnt mean it’s okay to try to ruin something for others. screw you dude. these are the same people who are quick as hell to throw her under the bus for some shit then spend hours a day stanning their beyond problematic faves who more than likely cant keep their mouths shut on social media. im so sick of it like shut the fUCK UUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


@vinkumakkara​ told me to write about Julius and the Boss’ relationship changing between SR1 and 2 and man ! do i love talking about Julius Little. 

in Saints Row 1 the Saints are in dire straights – they’ve been around for long enough to gain some members, for those members to have earned ranks as lieutenants, as second-in-commands, but they’ve made very little progress. they barely have a hold on the Row. 

Julius says “we need all the help we can get” so i think at this point hes trying to build up enough of a gang so that he feels stable enough to to launch an attack. no point fighting if youre going to immediately get wiped out by the retaliation. by the time he finds Playa, he’s about feeling like they can stop defending their territory and expanding. Playa is kind of a last minute find.

that’s Playa all over at the start. Julius stumbles in on them – if you wanted to sum up Saints Row 1 in a phrase it would be wrong time, wrong place – and from there, he brings Playa into the fold. 

something i’ve mentioned with Julius several times is that i believe he deliberately constructed the Saints out of people he thought he could control. thats why most of the Saints are barely out of their early twenties; he’s an older man with power and influence, theyre people who will follow him willingly. Playa came with a bonus in that regard – Julius saved their life. they owe him one. wanting to pay someone back can be a powerful motivator. 

Playa starts off in the gang as a new recruit that Julius has a good feeling about, and they very, very quickly become the Saints’ most valuable asset. Julius knows this, everyone knows this. the Saints spent god knows how long getting nothing done and then suddenly here comes the hero.

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Unknown struggle (Simon Request)

(Emotional topic some readers may find distressing)
“No Simon fuck off!” You squeal, speeding round the landing of the sidemen house you now lived in to get away from your boyfriend of over a year.
“Come on answer!” He laughs, his longer limbs meaning he catches up with you instantly and grabs you from behind.
“I’m not answering” You shake your head, gripping onto his hands as he lifts you up.
“Oh seriously” He scoffs, “Out of Josh, JJ, Vik, Ethan, Harry and Tobi, who would you punch?”
“They’re my friends. I can’t answer that” You comment.
“Its JJ isn’t it?” He tilts his head, turning you to face him.
“Yeah but Im not sure why” You laugh.
“Can you two keep it down?” Vik yawns, walking out of his room since he’d been nocturnally sleeping as usual.
“Sorry Vik” You reply, turning round to face him with Simon wrapping his arms around you.
“Ughh you two are so sickeningly sweet” He grumbles, rubbing his eyes and heading downstairs.
“Right, you need to get on with editing” You mention to your boyfriend.
“Noooo” He whines, “Can’t we just spend the day together?”
“You still need to catch up before you leave for Boston and you told me, if you sidetracked, I had to sort you out” You remind him, “So, go on, edit”
“I’m also leaving you whilst I go to Boston to technically I should spend more time with you as well” He points out.
“Edit. And then we’ll see” You glare at him and he reluctantly heads over to his desk.
After a while, you’re propped up against the headboard of the bed with your laptop on your legs when Simon turns around to talk to you.
“I have an idea” He spins round in his chair excitedly.
“And what would that be Mr Minter?” You ask, closing the lid of your laptop and turning to look at him.
“I want to meet your parents” He states simply.
You widen your eyes slightly as you look at him.
“I mean, we’ve been dating for over a year now, you’ve met my folks, I’ve met your brother and your sisters” He explains, “and if its okay with you, I want to meet Mr and Mrs (y/l/n)”
You pause for a second, “Okay, I’ll take you tomorrow if you’d like”
“Sounds perfect!” He grins, jumping onto the bed, “For now, how does Netflix sound?”
~~~Time Skip~~~
You didn’t sleep much last night. You were anxiously thinking of all the possible ways Simon could react today. And you were still thinking about it now.
“Babe how smartly should I dress today?” Simon asks, going through his wardrobe with a towel around his waist and wet hair on his head from just getting out of the shower.
“I’m sure you’ll be fine wearing whatever babe” You respond, tugging on a pair of jeans.
“How about this?” He asks, holding up the shirt he wore to the premiere of laid in America.
“Babe you don’t need to put in so much effort,” You chuckle lightly.
“I don’t know, I want them to like me” He sighs.
“Wear whatever you’re comfortable in” You smile, kissing his cheek.
You change into a burgundy adidas T-shirt and yeezys whilst he goes for his white T-shirt, plaid shirt open over the top and black jeans.
“We’re heading out” Simon calls into the house to make the guys aware.
“Ooh it’s your big moment” JJ laughs, “Don’t fuck up”
“Shut up Jide” Simon scoffs, lacing his fingers with yours as you lead him to your car.
The pair of you are soon on the way with GSAP playing on the aux and Simon seeming to become more and more nervous. You felt it too. Just not in the same way. He was scared of what questions they would ask. How he’d answer. What they would think of him. Whether they’d like him. You were scared of his response.
“We’re here” You comment as you pull up at the side of the road, “Well, its just down here,”
On the way, you’d stopped to pick up some flowers which Simon thought was a brilliant gesture.
“Oh okay” He nods, getting out and holding your hand as you take him down the road you had walked so many times.
Every time you went down this past, your hands shook slightly and your breaths came out with a shiver. You seemed to only hear the blood in your brain and your eyes only became focused on the route you would take to get there.
“Everything okay babygirl?” Simon frowns.
“Yeah, just here,” You gesture and open the large squeaky gate.
“(Y/n)” He begins, his voice light.
You stay silent and lead him down the long main path before turning to the correct part and winding your way cautiously through to get to your destination.
And you were there. With your parents in front of you. Their gravestone. Amongst all of these graves, they seemed to get terrifyingly further to the back each time you came. You and your siblings always kept the grave in the best state possible- you made sure all of the leaves were cleared away and there was always flowers in water pots or small cards scattered across the area.
As you crouched down to clear away some of the stones and moss that had built over the soil, you noticed that Simon still stood in shock beside you.
“Babe i-” He starts but his words fall flat.
“I wasn’t really sure how I’d tell you” You admit quietly.
“No come on don’t be ridiculous” He shakes his head, “I wouldn’t even know where to start”
You nod and make sure the flowers you bought are laid out perfectly.
“So, how did it happen?” Simon croaks, crouching beside you.
“I was fourteen. We went on a family holiday to Cornwall and on the way back, a drunk driver was on the wrong side of the road. They died instantly” You explain, tears in your eyes, “I remember waking up and I was screaming at them to get up because I had my baby brother in my arms and he wouldn’t stop crying and I didn’t know what to do. And then everything else was a blur”
Simon stays silent, only moving to rest an arm around you.
“We all got to the hospital and they sat me and my sisters down and they told us that they’d both died. I yelled at them so much. I was the oldest so I felt like it was my responsibility. And I screamed because it was their fault and they should’ve done something and they didn’t and-” You stop as your tears threaten to fall, “I remember we went to my Nan’s house that night and I stayed in my brothers room because he wouldn’t fall asleep the whole night and I just held him and its the first, last and only time I ever cried in front of him. Ever since then I’ve just had to be the parent”
“Babe I don’t even know how to begin” He says, “I can’t even imagine how difficult it was for you"
“Every single weekend I come here just to make sure they’re okay” You sigh, “You know, when we were kids they told us that we could still talk to Mum and Dad if we felt like we needed to. I guess I never really stopped”
“What would you say to them?”
“I’d tell them all about school, then uni, my job, you and the guys” You list, brushing your hand over the cold stone. It still sent a chill down your arm.
“You know there’s nothing wrong with that” He reassures you, “And if its okay with you, maybe I could come up to some of these trips. Nothing has to change, we can just talk like you usually would. I’ll try not to swear or be too loud or say anything I shouldn’t do, I promise”
You smile and look down at the ground. It was strange having someone to share this with. Being the oldest, you’d always made sure that the others were okay. You never confided in them or any of your family or the woman they sent every week to ‘help’. You kept it bottled up. You just trusted Simon enough now that you wanted him to be aware.
“You dont have to be alone in this anymore babe” He smiles, brushing the hair from your face.
“Okay” You whisper, your tears too strong to allow you to speak any louder.
(Sorry for no imagine yesterday guys! I had food poisoning and spent the entire day on the couch!😟 I’ll try to get out 2 today hopefully x)

anonymous asked:

I know you said eren doesn't love mikasa but the whole "I'll wrap that scarf around you as much you want" thing really bothers me :/ I read the manga too I just hope nothing happens after if they manage to bring peace to humanity, I dont want them together


First of all, don’t let that statement bother you one bit, that was not Eren’s way of declaring love or saying “ l love you” back, that was him reassuring Mikasa and himself that this was not the end, that he was not gonna die there without achieving his dream

If you watched the scene again you would notice that Mikasa actually leaned in to kiss Eren, it wasn’t as obvious in the manga but now we know it’s true, so why didn’t he kiss her? If he loved her romantically why would he refuse to do that knowing they were on the verge of death?

What he did was pushing her away almost knocking her off ( I’m not gonna use any gifs since they’re not mine), his eyes widened when he realized what she was trying to attempt by leaning very close, he was aware of her actions and yet he refused to give her what she wanted because it was not what he wanted, that was not a very romantic thing to do

So for me him saying “I’ll wrap that scarf around you as much as you want” was his way of apologizing about not feeling the same way about her and a promise that he will always be there for her & as I said a way to reassure himself that they’re gonna get through this

That being said, their relationship after chapter 50 didn’t change at all, well for Eren at least (I’m talking about his feelings), he was still as oblivious as ever

He actually made a lesbian girl blush without even trying and above all he had no freaking idea why was Mikasa mad, he didn’t know she was jealous (ffs she confessed her love to you not so long ago) because he didn’t care 

You would think that after chapter 50 their relationship would improve but no, this is Eren we’re talking about here, and what he told Mikasa that day was a promise anyone would make to a close friend even he himself seemed to forget 

Notice the difference between Eren’s and Jean’s behavior around Mikasa for more proof 

He didn’t even understand what Jean meant, srsly how can someone be so oblivious? That should be illegal 

So don’t worry about ere///mika being canon or anything like that, this series is not focused on romance and I’m sure it will always stay that way 

In honor of Women’s Day, I present to you:

“Kayla’s Guide to Getting Career Things You Might Not Deserve Way Faster and Better Than You Ever Thought You Could Get Them.”

1. Don’t tell yourself you’re unqualified. The only person you should let tell you you’re unqualified is the person/industry you’re trying to break into. Don’t self sabotage. Your loudest cheerleader should be yourself. ALWAYS. Its not vain, its a survival method.

2. Never underestimate the value of unpaid work. And I don’t mean internships. Going to someone who pays people to do a thing you know how to do, and telling them you’ll do it for free for a set amount of time in exchange for a recommendation/foot in the door, works like almost every time. Example: “hey I’ll do this writing project if you’ll give me a recommendation for x company where you have connections.”

3. Fuck a font door, find a back window. You don’t always have to follow the perfect steps to your dream career. Stay alert and find creative ways to get your foot in the door. Be the janitor who befriends the CEO and gets a job. Be the student who befriends a professor and gets published with them as an undergrad. Walk into city hall and start asking people for shit. Just be chaotic ok.

4. Charisma gets you so far, its almost sickening. If you can charm someone important into giving you an opportunity– then bust your ass when the opportunity is given to you– you’ve earned their trust for at least long enough for them to give you an opportunity that can change the trajectory of your career.

5. Be Ready. Most successful people talk about “i just was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing” which sounds random, but its NOT. Get yourself as prepared as you can possibly be and go stand in the right place and then wait for the right time.

6. Get used to talking to people you don’t know from a hole in the wall. Talking to important people you don’t know costs you nothing. Send out random ass emails to people in your industry of choice asking them for advice. Like go up to random ass people and ask them if they enjoy their job. Talk to your uber driver about what they did before they decided to drive uber. If you feel like you’re not good at it, force yourself. It gets easier, I promise.

7. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT WORKS USE IT. Capitalism is too callous to be sitting out here being “too good” for using your looks to get things. I’m sorry but on this beautiful March 8th women’s day, I’m gonna say that if people treat you nice when you look pretty, make yourself look pretty before you ask important people for things. Let nothing stop you, ok. And this goes for men too, buy that nice ass suit, get out there and get what you want. If you dont have that face on fleek that’s okay too. Just bump up your charisma, you too can get things.

8. Have multiple people look at your work before sending it to the person that matters. If you have 10 people you know who are qualified to review something and number 1 is the person you want to submit to, don’t send it to them all at once. Contact number 10 and send your work to them, then take the #10 edited work and send it to #9 and then take the #9 and #10 edited work and send it to #8 and so on and so forth. By the time your work gets to #3 and #2 it will be at a stage of quality that #1 will be blindsided by receiving from a novice.

9. Take time to rest. You can’t be at your best when you’re psychologically damaged by exhaustion. I’m going to say this again. TAKE TIME TO REST. YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT. Especially between the ages of 17 and 25, guys that’s the dangerzone for activating a lot of lifelong mental illnesses. Take care of yourself. Be nice to yourself.

10. Get people who are important to your career emotionally invested in your success. After you’ve surrounded yourself with people who can improve your career, make them care. Share your successes with them and thank them when they help you. Make them root for you. Having important people rooting for you while you’re rooting for yourself is the kind of support that gives you the fuel to submit that 60th query letter, that 100th job application, go on that 50th audition.

sans-the-skeleton-999  asked:

Any advice on color pallete challenges? Your at is breathtaking!

uhhh i can probably think of a few !!

1. going in bear in mind that it is a challenge and u may… not exactly like the colors ure given (god knows how it pained me to use that puke yellow in the ‘overboard’ palette) but dont let it overpower u!! theres always a way to make it look at least Pretty Okay, so dw itll be fine

2. color ur drawing two or even three different ways before fully going in! sometimes the variation you go with first isnt the best one and its not always clear to see, so try a few different combos and see what works best!!

3. this is just a personal preference but i usually go with the darkest color for the outlines in case i run myself into a corner without a way to seperate two colors so the drawing reads well but… idk if u go lineless this ones pretty useless fhjdjh

4. try to !! put some variation in neighbouring colors. like lets say u have a palette of 5 colors and u put two next to each other– throw that third or fourth one in!! switch it up keep it interesting and hope for the best

5. if ure worried ur drawing looks too bland put some scribblies in different places– lines, dots, random splotches of color, idk!! have fun with it!!! tell that challenge its got nothing on u and make it a fun experience for urself

honestly i dont know what im doing half the time but heres…..those

Wrapped Around Your Finger pt.2 [Park Jihoon]

A/N: I’m an angsty teen writting shitty angst lol. // As I always say English is not my first language so this can contain some or a lot of mistakes (gramatical errors)// not proofread.

Warning: underage drinking/abussive family mentions/ a LOT of angst./ Swearing.


Not my pic, credits to the owner.

  • Three weeks passed since the last concert of your band and four weeks since Jihoon attended one of your concerts. After that day some fans asked for more dates to attend the concerts and even a mini tour around Korea. It felt like everything was changing in the blink of an eye. Yesterday you were jumping and singing around with your cousin Jaehwan, joking about forming a band and now you were taking photos with fans in the streets and practicing your autograph in case someone wanted it, and believe me, there were a lot of people who wanted a sign from you and your band mates.
  • Another thing that changed was your relationship with Jihoon. Before you both didn’t talk at all but now you were getting closer. He wanted to help you to catch some of your last classes because you didn’t attend them a lot because of the concerts, so at first you only talked about topics involving class but now he even go to your house to help you cook, clean or just to spend the day. You both discussing how funny an weird is that all of the people that used to make fun of you were now greeting you in class, smiling at you and offering pay your lunch.
  • “It’s not longer a rumour that you are a part of a famous rock band y/n” “they are so fake” “at least you have me”. And that was true. The difference between Jihoon and them is that he actually cared for you as a person, every time he asked how was your day was with genuine interest. He wasn’t getting closer to the vocalist of a band, he was getting closer with normal student who spend most of the time composing or reading books.
  • But of course, not everything was perfect. Jihoon and you were different and you both knew that from the start. He was white, you were black. It wasn’t because of different hobbies or taste in music, your dreams and ways to think were really different. Jihoon was like a safe path, loving his confort zone, doing everything calmly and trying to stay away from problems. Always paying attention to class, doing his homework, being the perfect son for his parents (thats what it seemed like). He wasn’t a rebel and he wasn’t a nerd, he just was confortable doing normal things and that was all. The only hobbie he had apart from studying and reading was dancing, and that was all. You, in the other hand, were always getting in trouble, never shutting your mouth, independent and searching for a new adventure every day. You just couldn’t imagine yourself as a normal student, you needed to change your routine every day. You grew bored easily and had constant mood swings. So for you Jihoon was more like a friend that acted like and adult, and for him you were just a child trapped in the body of a teenanger.
  • Despite that you got along well but sometimes when some of you talked about your perspective in a problem or something, you can feel a little tension in the room. Both of you scared of saying something that will make the other angry. And that night was one of those days when the tension appeared.
  • You were talking to Jihoon through the phone while searching for some clothes in your wardrobe. That night you and Jaehwan were invited to a small party in the town. It was more like a reunion of some old friends, just to talk, drink and remember good memories. And even if you were, in fact, still a minor, you were in a safe place surronded by people you know since diapers. They weren’t going to hurt you or judge you for drinking, nothing was going to happen to you there. But thats not what Jihoon thought when you told him about the party, he just sighed heavily and told you to pick him up in two hours with Jaehwan.
  • You were so confused, like didn’t he hated parties? Why was he coming? Nothing was going to happen to you there. Despite you being against the idea of Jihoon coming, you and jaehwan still picked him up and the three of you attended the party.
  • It was the most uncofortable time of your life. Jihoon acted weird all night, being overprotective. Not letting you drink anything and always looking bad at your friends. He didn’t laugh at their jokes or tried to start a small talk with them, he was just there, behind you, watching them cautious, as if they were going to do something to you.
  • At 4am you had enough. Jihoon catched you trying to drink some beer with one of your old friends while he was in the bathroom. He took the beer away from your hands and practically scold you infront of everyone. Having enough of him you went outside with the car keys from Jaehwan’s car in one of your hands. Another illegal thin you did and Jihoon didn’t know about: you knew how to drive.
  • You walked to the car and get into it, putting the key in the ignition but before you could actually start driving Jihoon appeared infront of the car, almost being hit by it. “WHAT THE FUCK JIHOON?” “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Y/N YOU CANT DRIVE” “YES I CAN, NOW GO AWAY I WANT TO DRIVE TO MY HOUSE” “NO BEFORE WE TALK” “WE DONT HAVE NOTHING TO TALK BUT STILL, GET INTO THE CAR I HAVE TO DRIVE YOU HOME, PARK”. Jihoon rolled his eyes but still get into the car and slammed the door. It took you 30 minutes to get into his house and those 30 minutes were filled with silence and death glares from Jihoon. When you both were infront of his house he didn’t say goodbye and slammed the door again. “FUCK YOU TOO JIHOON” you said before disappearing with jaehwans car.
  • It took you another hour to get into your house and 15 minutes to get yourself in a cute pyjama ready to go to sleep. Just when you were going to close your eyes, finally, you received three messages, two from jaehwan telling you he was going to pick his car tomorrow after lunch and one from Jihoon, it simply said: I’m sorry.
  • The next day went by pretty normal, Jaehwan came to your house with his friend Minhyun and both of them stayed some time with you but then they had to go back to Minhyun’s house to work in some projects from university. The rest of the day you stayed in the house, cleaning, reading and watching movies in netflix. The house was really calm when your father wasn’t there and since he was away because of work, you were alone there.
  • At midnight you decided to go to sleep, tired and still thinking if it was okay to reply to Jihoon message or not. You get into your room ready to ignore that text for at least the rest of the night when you heard a sound coming from your window, it was like a “clap” sound, repeatedly so you walked to the window and opened just to get hit by a rock. “OH SHIT IM SORRY” “FUCK YOU JUST HIT ME IN THE HEAD WITH A FUCKING STONE JIHOON” you said clearly angry. One of your hands pressing the forming scar in your cheek and the other one raising a middle finger towards the boy in the middle of your garden with blushed cheeks.
  • Without waiting for a response you ran to the bathroom leaving the window open so Jihoon climbed to your room, using the big tree infront of the window to help him. When he got inside he took a look of your room. It was clearly what he expected from you, rock bands posters in the wall, a lot if cds, big wardrobe, polaroids in one of the walls and a big portrait of yourself being younger and a man, both of you smiling with a race car behind your backs.
  • “Getting tired of admiring myself in the photo?” You murmured emerging from the bathroom in your room. Jihoon turned back and looked at you worried, there was a small cut in one if your cheeks and it was bleeding. You rolled your eyes and pressed the cut with a wet little towell. “What do you want?” You walked to your bed to sit there. “I wanted to say sorry” “cool, that was all? Then go”.
  • Jihoon sighed, it was okay for you to be acting like this and he knew that it was going to be difficult to actually talk to you properly about what happened that night at the party, but he regretted everything he did. That wasn’t him, yeah of course he liked to take care of you and make sure to keep you safe but that night he was more than protective, he was acting possessive and that wasn’t okay. “I’m really really sorry sweetie, it wasn’t my intention”
  • You laughed a little bit. “You know what the problem is? Is that we are both different and thats okay but you can’t just try to change or control me Jihoon. I don’t go to your house and ask you to like what I like and to act like I act, I accept you as who you are, even if I don’t think its okay for you to be in your confort zone all the time, and in return I just want you to accept me too.” Jihoon kneeled infront of you taking one of your hands between his and giving a quick peck to your knuckles. “I…I accept you okay? I’m just worried about you, I don’t want you to risk your life in one of those extreme sports you always like to try or to drive because the cops can get you arrested or even drink. I’m just worried because you have a lot of attention and that is a lot if pleasure for someone like you, i don’t want you to lose yourself.” “I’m not going to lose myself because what you are seeing is what I am. Okay? Just don’t try to change me”.
  • And Jihoon nodded.
  • That night was special for the both of you. After that you decided it was time to get some sleep but Jihoon didn’t want to go back to his house, not at least at that hour in the night so you offered the guest’s room to him and he thanked you.
  • But actually he didn’t use it at all. He stayed up all night talking to you about everything with some music in the background.
  • And in the next day you both had breakfast and you drop him home, promising to meet each other at the entrance of the school.
  • Since that night you grew closer and Jihoon started to show up at your house in the middle of the night more frequently. Most of the time he didn’t have an excuse to why he was there but you didn’t mind, you just kissed him in the cheek, talked a little bit and the accompany him to his designated room. It was a routine. Four of the seven days of the week he was at your house, sometimes the entire week.
  • And to be honest it started to worry you. Not like you hated him being there, or your dad hated him. He was aware of him showing at the door at random hours, and thought he was a good boy. (They actually talked privately once and since then your father allowed him to stay as much as he wanted, and now they were like friends. It was really strange because you weren’t even in the house when they talked, you just come home late, exhausted of practicing all day because of an important show, and they were talking in the kitchen and eating. Your father only told you that Jihoon was a really good boy and not to fuck up your friendship with him wTF).
  • But you started to worry when Jihoon started to show more frequently with bags under his eyes and those eyes being red and puffy like he had been crying. Those nights Jihoon didn’t say a word at all, he just colapsed in your bed and asked you to sleep next to him. At the next day you usually found yourself hugging him and him doing the same, legs tangled and little snorts coming from his mouth. If not then he was doing breakfast downstairs and acting like nothing happened the night before.
  • You decided to play along, when Jihoon was ready to talk about all of this you were more than ready to listen and help.
  • Till one of those nights Jihoon showed up at your house with bruises in his arms and messy appearence. He looked like he was beated by a bunch of people and you started to panic cause “hOLY SHIT WHAT HAPPEND TO YOU WERE IS THE FUCKING FIRST AID KIT WHEN WE NEED IT”. But Jihoon smiled, he freaking smiled like it was nothing and told you “do not worry sweetie I’m okay”.
  • And you had enough. You motioned him to sit down in your couch while you searched for the first aid kit and while you were treating his wounds, you asked, calmly what happened.
  • Jihoon couldn’t help but tell you the truth. After all you were the only one that was closer to him, more than the rest of his friends and there was no point on lying to you. You were always good at reading people and Jihoon wasn’t the exception. So with a deep breath he started to talk. He told you about his shitty family, how his dad beated him and his mother. How his mother was so deep in love with that bastard that she forgive him everytime he decided it was a good idea to beat them both. How everytime the things escaleted in that house he ran away and found confort in the security of your house. How sorry he was for that episode of him trying to control you, how it remind him of his father and he mentioned the fact of your own father knowing about this situation. “That was what we talked that nigh babe, I’m sorry we didn’t tell you but I begged him to keep the secret a little longer I…I want you to keep the secret now that you know it. Okay? I know it’s difficult but I’m going to get out of that house soon, I promise.” “What about your mother?” “I tried to talk to her about running away or just talk to the police. She…she loves him, she is in love with that monster. She doesn’t mind being beated and treated like shit everyday because at the end of the night he’s going to say sorry. I can’t do anything to help her, I don’t know what else to do” “It’s okay Jihoon, you are safe now, I promise you.”
  • Jihoon looked at you in the eyes, they were filled with tears, you seem genuinely worried about him and theres something more, theres something more in that look, it feels warm and cozy but powerful at the same time, something like…like home. And the he realises, he likes you, maybe he even loves you. It’s not just a crush or puppy love, no, he actually likes you for real. So he leans a bit closer, still looking at you in the eyes and says “can I?” And you don’t even answer, you just kiss him. Soft, slow and tenderly. Afraid of this being a dream, you search with your eyes, now, closed, trying to reach his hands, to touch him. He starts to cry and cup you face with his hands before you can interwine them. And when you end the kiss you both open your eyes.
  • Maybe he is still crying and maybe you are crying too but who cares, Jihoon smiles and for once that smile is genuinely, so you smile too.
  • “I’m here for you Jihoon, okay?”
  • “I know babe, I know. “
Song Lyric Prompts

Someone request something!

1. “I’ll start a riot.”

2. “What’s my age again?

3. "Her yellow SUV is now the enemy.”

4. “We’ll have Halloween on Christmas, if you want.”

5. “I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.”

6. “I’ll keep you my dirty little secret.”

7. “I wish I could wake up with amnesia.”

8. “Forget about all the stupid little things.”

9. “If I woke up with you right beside me, I’d hold you closer than I ever did before and you’d never slip away.”

10. “It’s about a girl.”

11. “They don’t need to understand.”

12. “We were always running away.”

13. “We do it our own way.”

14. “I won’t walk down the same old road that they all follow.”

15. “We don’t have to dance.”

16. “I’ll break it to you easy, this is hell. Literal hell.”

17. “These long, long legs have been damn near everywhere.”

18. “I go back to December all the time.”

19. “I’m so glad you made time to see me. Tell me, how’s life? How’s your family? I haven’t seen them in a while.”

20. “Your guard is up and I know why.”

21. “The last time you saw me still burns in the back of your memory.”

22. “This is me, standing in front of you, saying I’m sorry for that night.”

23. “Turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you.”

24. “These days, I haven’t been sleeping. Staying up, replaying myself leaving.”

25. “Realized I loved you in the fall.”

26. “You gave me all your love and all I have you was goodbye.”

27. “I wrote this letter just to numb your pain.”

28. “If you can’t take me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

29. “Life is all about making mistakes. Life’s also about being great.”

30. “I fall, I break, I mess up, I make mistakes.”

31. “Monday left me broken.”

32. “Am I outta my head? Am I outta my mind?”

33. “What can I say? It’s complicated.”

34. “You keep me in with those hips.”

35. “Okay, yeah. I’m insane.”

36. “I’m one of those melodramatic fools.”

37. “It’s all keeps adding up.”

38. “Am I just paranoid?”

39. “I want you and your beautiful soul.”

40. “I know that you are someone special.”

41. “I hope you see the heart in me.”

42. “Tell me pretty lies.”

43. “Tell me that you love me, even if it’s fake.”

44. “You’re slurring a your words, not making any sense.”

45. “I act like I don’t fucking care.”

46. “I’m only a fool for you.”

47. “I act like I don’t fucking care because I’m sorry fucking scared.”

48. “Look me in the face.”

49. “You’ve been out all night. I don’t know where you’ve been.”

50. “I can’t believe you sold me out for a kid like that.”

51. “I hope you burn.”

52. “You’re making me sick.”

53. “I’ve got more secrets than you’ll ever know.”

54. “Too many times I’ve told myself to hold on.”

55. “Another year and you won’t let it go.”

56. “You’ll never really know what this means to me.”

57. “Told myself I wanna face this fear.”

58. “Everybody says she looks just like her mother but I think she wants that left alone.”

59. “There’s too many ways to say goodbye.”

60. “It’s quite the opposite this time.”

61. “Sometimes I can’t help but say ‘I’m falling in love’ and it’s scaring me.”

62. “It came to me in a dream!”

63. “I’m not a hero or a saint.”

64. “Don’t push me away.”

65. “When you believed in me, you brought us together.”

66. “Everybody says it won’t last forever.”

67. “Yeah, you sure broke my heart last week.”

68. “Don’t say I don’t know you.”

69. “I know you’re feeling sad.”

70. “I don’t feel bad.”

71. “You got a lot of nerve to say this is all my fault.”

72. “You better know what you got before you go and throw it away.”

73. “I won’t go until you come outside.”

74. “You’re the one I want.”

75. “If only you could see all the beautiful things I see in you.”

76. “You’re the only one that’s got my heart and that’s the I ly thing that matters.”

77. “Just keep that smile you’re flashing.”

78. “You’re the only enemy you ever seen to lose to.”

79. “My belief is in pieces.”

80. “My sheets have grown cold.”

81. “I wish you could feel this but you’ll never know.”

82. “You’re perfectly perfect.”

83. “We’re two different people.”

84. “I should’ve warned you.”

85. “I wrote a letter on Monday.”

86. “It’s full of these bitter words.”

87. “We aren’t the same.”

88. “I could tell you weren’t in love with me.”

89. “I don’t even know you but I know for sure you are beautiful.”

90. “I’m overly attracted.”

91. “She could be my princess and I could be her prince.”

92. “Loving can hurt sometimes.”

93. “You know it can get hard sometimes.”

94. “You won’t ever be alone.”

95. “All I can say is, the stress hurts.”

96. “Too much going on at the same time.”

97. “Yeah, I’m fucked up.”

98. “I’m empty inside.”

99. “I just don’t feel alive.”

100. “I wish it wasn’t so tempting.”

101. “I wonder if I’m good enough.”

102. “Keep the change and have a nice day.”

103. “I can still hear the sound of you saying 'dont go’.”

104. “I hope you know, this has nothing to do with you.”

105. “I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket.”

106. “It’s time to be a big girl now.”

107. “I’m not what you wanted.”

108. “I don’t know why I cared so much.”

109. “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

110. “Who’d you think you’d fool, baby?”

112. “All the tables are turning.”

113. “I still think about you.”

114. “Baby, you look good.”

115. “She’s a heart stopper.”

116. “I just wanna kiss your lips.”

117. “Me? I trusted him.”

118. “This kid is insane man!”

119. “What’s your name?”

120. “Just you wait.”

121. “This one’s mine.”

122. “You walked in and my heart went boom”

123. “Why are you crying?”

124. “Sometimes I wish she was you.”

125. “Opportunity Knicks and you take it.”

126. “It’s been about a year now.”

127. “Damn, those sweet memories.”

128. “I found a letter you wrote me.”

129. “I don’t wanna see you with her.”

130. “Word gets around.”

131. “I’m happy for you, love.”

132. “Why do I love you?”

133. “I miss you when I can’t sleep.”

134. “Do you miss me?”

135. “I’m always tired but never of you.”

136. “You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did.”

137. “I’d do anything.”

138. “In the end, does it even matter?”

139. “Look at where we are. Look at where we started.”

140. “We danced the night away.”

141. “You smiled over your shoulder and for a second, I was stone cold sober.”

142. “I knew I loved you then.”

143. “I knew I needed you.”

144. “I want to stay with you til we’re grey and old.”

145. “I’ll bring you coffee in bed.”

146. “I’ll thank my lucky stars for that night.”

147. “You look as beautiful as ever.”

148. “Your mind is rather reckless.”

149. “What a beautiful mess this is.”

150. “Well it kind of hurts.”

151. “You don’t know my name.”

152. “I’m telling you to your face.”

153. “I’m sick of wasting all my time.”

154. “You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go.”

155. “I’m about to break.”

156. “Show me the way.”

157. “I just need one good reason to stay.”

158. “You’re the baddest little thing I’ve ever seen.”

159. “Since you left, I’ve been holding onto a memory.”

160. “You’re not mine anymore.”

161. “Let me go!”

162. “I’d die for you.”

163. “I still remember what you wore the first night.”

164. “You don’t look the same.”

165. “What’s it like to leave me behind.”

166. “I’m fighting back.”

167. “Nice to see you too.”

168. “Always ends too soon.”

169. “I won’t be like you.”

170. “I’m just so scared.”

171. “Come as you are.”

172. “Meet me inside.”

173. “These times are hard. They’re making us crazy.”

174. “Don’t give up on me, baby.”

175. “Darling, don’t be so shy.”

176. “I’ll see you at midnight.”

177. “In the morning, I’ll wait to see you again.”

178. “When you go, don’t ever think I’ll make you try to stay.”

179. “Take your gloves and get out.”

180. “So tired of all the needless beating.”

181. “Well, if you wanted honesty, that’s all you have to say.”

182. “Remember the time you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?”

183. “You wear my out.”

184. “They don’t care, as long as some bleeds.”

185. “I heard you down the hall.”

186. “But you never said anything!”

187. “Never thought I would feel like this.”

188. “Such a mess when I’m in your presence.”

189. “I probably shouldn’t brag.”

190. “I’m in trouble.”

191. “I’m addicted to this girl.”

192. “She’s all I want and more.”

193. “Is she out of my league?”

194. “I’m left with no choice.”

195. “I swear, she’s going mad.”

196. “It didn’t slow me down.”

197. “Always second guessing.”

198. “You stole my heart.”

199. “You been talking in your sleep.”

200. “Just a little bits enough.”

201. “It’s in the stars.”

202. “We’re not broken.”

203. “I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

204. “Your head is running wild, again.”

205. “I never stopped.”

206. “Our lives enough.”

207. “Nothing’s as bad as it seems.”

208. “I can’t think of the right things to say.”

209. “I never would’ve thought I’d be here with you.”

210. “I can look into your eyes all day.”

211. “Stay away from my friends.”

212. “You’re my favorite.”

213. “You create symphonies with your hips.”

214. “I don’t care if you’re contagious.”

215. “I’ve got a love and I know that’s it’s all mine.”

216. “I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve to say you love me.”

217. “I hope you’re happy.”

218. “Now you’re nothing but a memory.”

219. “You used to make me feel like I could walk on water.”

220. “You’re the reason.”

221. “I bet I don’t run through your mind.”

222. “It still hurts.”

223. “It’s been a lonely year.”

224. “Can we please start over?”

225. “I was praying that you and me might end up together.”

226. “You are my heaven.”

227. “If you don’t love me, pretend.”

228. “It’s too late to cry.”

229. “It’s like wishing for rain when I’m standing in the desert.”

230. “My only friend was the man in the moon.”

231. “He came to me with the sweetest smile.”

232. “Darling, I’m a mess without your love”

233. “All I need is one more goodbye kiss.”

234. “You cant blame a girl for trying.”

235. “I should’ve shut my mouth.”

236. “I remember tears steaming down your face.”

237. “I remember you said 'dont leave me here alone’.”

238. “Don’t you dare look out your window.”

239. “Even when the music’s gone.”

240. “No one can hurt you now.”

241. “Is this what it’s like to match wits with someone that’s you level with?”

242. “May you always be satisfied.”

243. “The conversation lasted two minutes, maybe three.”

244. “I remember that night.”

245. “When you said 'hi’ I forgot my dang name.”

246. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”

247. “There’s a million things I haven’t done.”

248. “Her eyes are just helpless.”

249. “Where are you taking me.”

250. “That doesn’t mean I want him any less.”

251. “I got her number!”

252. “You’ve got no choice.”

253. “I know that you think I’m so insane.”

254. “I just love the way you say my name.”

256. “Over and over, your words keep me going.”

257. “I just get so insecure.”

258. “Honestly, I’ve never been so sure.”

259. “I can love you all at once.”

260. “Cross my heart and swear that it’s true.”

261. “Boy, you know you’re always on my mind.”

262. “All my friends, they hear about you all the time.”

263. “I know I talk a bit too loud.”

264. “Make up your fucking mind.”

265. “Never forget it.”

266. “Now you’re gonna say 'pretty please forgive me’?”

267. “Turns out no one can replace me.”

268. “I’ll leave you with a memory.”

269. “You’ll regret it.”

270. “Y'know, it gets worse.”

271. “One more kiss.”

272. “I love it when you just don’t care.”

273. “I love it when you dance like there’s nobody there.”

274. “I love it when you don’t take no.”

275. “I love it when you do what you want just because you said so.”

276. “Hearts are gonna break.”

277. “We don’t have to be ordinary.”

278. “Please have mercy on me.”

279. “I fall when I’m around you.”

280. “I can’t take it anymore.”

281. “Take it easy on my heart.”

282. “Tell me that I’m not crazy.”

283. “Your words cut deeper than a knife.”

284. “You lured me in.”

285. “I won’t lie to you.”

286. “I know I can treat you better.”

287. “You should be with me.”

288. “I’d stop time for you.”

289. “They say we’re too young.”

290. “If you don’t swim, you’ll drown.”

291. “I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart!”

292. “If I showed up with a plane ticket and a shiny diamond ring with your name on it, would you wanna run away too?”

293. “I hope you feel the same way.”

294. “I’m a realist and an optimist.”

295. “Hello, sunshine.”

296. “You look so graceful.”

297. “Well, I’ve got a lot to talk about if you still want to listen or if you even care.”

298. “Can we locate where we went wrong?”

299. “If loves a fight, then I shall die with my heart on the trigger.”

300. “Baby, you are all that I adore.”

301. “Don’t you know you’re everything I have?”

302. “They still say I’m a dreamer.”

303. “You better know what you’re fighting for.”

304. “I was doing just fine before I met you.”

305. “Tell your friends it was nice to meet them.”

306. “Baby, pull me closer.”

307. “Pull the sheets right off the corner.”

308. “You look as good as the day I met you.”

309. “I forget just why I left you.”

310. “Four years, no call.”

312. “Play that Blink-182 song!”

313. “It’s gonna look like mud!”

314. “I’m gonna help you swim.”

315. “It’s no big surprise you turned out this way.”

316. “Hey man, I love you but no fucking way.”

317. “Just try your best.”

318. “It just takes some time.”

319. “Everything will be just fine.”

320. “Just be yourself.”

321. “We haven’t talked since we left, it’s so overdue.”

322. “My heart’s beating fast right now.”

323. “Thought that we were stronger.”

324. “I hate this part right here.”

325. “Gotta talk to you before we go to sleep.”

326. “I wanna be in the room where it happens.”

327. “Like I said, you’re free to go.”

328. “Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”

329. “I’m a trust fund, baby, you can trust me.”

330. “Some say I’m intense or I’m insane.”

331. “Let’s have another round tonight!”

332. “I don’t know just where I fit in.”

333. “Let’s get back to the basics.”

334. “I was falling in love.”

335. “You don’t come around here anymore.”

336. “When I put on my jeans jacket, I still think about you.”

337. “We were on top of the world.”

338. “I’m not missing you anymore.”

339. “You can keep that sweater.”

340. “Finally feels like I’m livin’ more than ever.”

341. “You know I’m only getting better, right?”

342. “No bad blood between us?”

343. “I want you back.”

344. “One glance is all it took.”

345. “Baby, give me one more chance.”

346. “Won’t you please let me back in your heart.”

347. “Oh darling, I was blind.”

348. “Trying to live without you, love, is one more sleepless night.”

349. “Please allow me to be your anti-depressant.”

350. “Tonight, we’ll both go M.I.A.”

351. “Waking up to kiss you.”

352. “If the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you.”

353. “The only truth, everything comes back to you.”

354. “It’s so hard.”

355. “I’m just gonna say, you’ll never see me in the kitchen.”

356. “I just have trust issues.”

357. “No, you can not change me.”

358. “Baby, I’m working.”

359. “Brace yourself. It’s not good.”

360. “I don’t know what to do.”

361. “I cried when I got that phone call.”

362. “This has got to be the hardest thing I think I’ll ever have to do.”

363. “I’m not ready for a kid!”

364. “She’s mine.”

364. “We keep loving anyway.”

365. “I’m willing to wait for it.”

366. “You found me!”

367. “My love is a breath taker.”

368. “Hope you remember me.”

369. “Look at the stars!”

370. “Take those skin and bones and turn it into something beautiful.”