i dont want to study kill me

steal the toaster

in which i try and fail to be as good as @jiilys and @alrightpotter

James Potter to whoever stole my weetabix is dead: WE ARE OUT OF MILK



Sirius Black: chill

Sirius Black: might have been me this morning though

Peter Pettigrew: did u hv it with weetabix by any chance???

Sirius Black: …..

Sirius Black: shit

Sirius Black to Remus Lupin: do you reckon he’ll accept cornflakes?

Remus Lupin: kellogs ones?

Sirius Black: wtf no lidl ones

Sirus Black: do I look like im made of money

Remus Lupin: well yes

Sirius Black: rude

Sirius changed the name to: next doors wifi is dragon420

Remus Lupin: how did you…?

Remus Lupin: acc I don’t want to know

James Potter: omg bc they BLAZE IT

Sirius Black: omg

Peter Pettigrew: omg

Peter Pettigrew to James Potter: where r u we’re going pub

James Potter: in the library

James Potter: there’s this chem girl

James Potter: she’s so pretty

James Potter: pete?

James Potter: ???

Sirius Black to LADSLADSLADS: new business idea

Sirius Black: james sells jams in his pyjamas

Sirius Black: we can call it

Sirius Black: jim jams

Remus Lupin has left the group

James Potter to three normal ppl + fucking romeo: she came and asked to borrow my pen today !!!

James Potter: out of the whole library!!! she picked me !!!

James Potter: what does this mean???

Sirius Black removed James Potter from the group

Peter Pettigrew: oh thank god

Remus Lupin to James Potter: why have you called me fourteen times???

James Potter: oh pete fell out the window but hes fine

Remus Lupin: whAT???


James Potter: on a completely unrelated matter would you say forgetting your name was a sign of concussion?

Lily Evans to James Potter: congrats on winning the match, you were really good

James Potter to no Sirius we’re not going skinny dipping its 4 degrees: HELP

James Potter sent a photo

James Potter: WHAT DO I SAY????

Sirius Black: be ~cool~

Peter Pettigrew: ignore her, girls love it when you ignore them

Sirius Black: mate…. maybe this is why youre a virgin

Peter Pettigrew: for the last time im NOT A VIRGIN

Sirius Black: idk sounds like smth a virgin would say

Peter Pettigrew to James Potter: if my mum rings the flat say im not there

James Potter: but youre not here…?

Peter Pettigrew: she believs u when u say it

Remus Lupin to pineapple is never acceptable on pizza fight me sirius: new drinking game- take a shot whenever james mentions lily’s eyes

Sirius Black: do you want us to die????

James Potter: but guys

James Potter: theyre so green

James Potter: its like a forest

Peter Pettigrew: ill buy some vodka omw back

James Potter changed the group name to: MAN U 4-CHELSEA 1

Sirius Black: blocked

Sirius Black to sirius and co: dont go near the microwave btw

Peter Pettigrew: …….why????

Sirius Black: its lowkey broken

Sirius Black: and by lowkey i mean will kill a man

Remus Lupin: I swear to god if we call the fire service again we’re getting fined

Sirius Black: its fine im gonna steal benjys

Remus Lupin to Benjy Fenwick: Just a quick heads up, maybe hide your microwave

Benjy Fenwick: I already did after black stole my toaster

Remus Lupin: ah sorry about that

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: you told me benjy didn’t want his toaster anymore

Sirius Black: idk how youre studying astrophysics if you believed tht tbh

Sirius Black to moony ripped a new fiver im so proud: saw evans today

James Potter: omg did she mention me?

Sirius Black: she wanted to know if we were fucking

James Potter: what did you say???

Sirius Black: yes obvisly

James Potter: aw babe

Remus Lupin: get a room

James added Sirius Black and Lily Evans to the group: just to clarify me and sirius are not fucking

Sirius Black: exCUSE ME???



Lily Evans: james how could you?

James Potter: …. are you serious

Sirius Black: …..

James Potter: don’t you fucking dare

Sirius Black to James Potter: come and help me buy 150 snickers for bellatrix

James Potter: nah im in history

James Potter: isn’t she allergic to nuts

Sirius Black: exactly

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: lily just asked if she can sit w/ us at james’s final

Sirius Black: oh mY GOD

Sirius Black: operation lames is go

Remus Lupin: I told you not to call it that

Sirius Black: it’s a gd name #hatersgonnahate

Remus Lupin: please stop

Peter Pettigrew to potter for president: afterparty at ours right?

Sirius Black: hell yes

Sirius Black: proud of you jamesy


James Potter: she cant walk around naked can she?

anonymous asked:

do you have tips on taking notes?

yes!! i have many, so i tried to make it easier for you to navigate :)

L O N G post ahead of you, covering lecture notes and readings notes, from a college senior :)

lecture notes:

  • i suggest using a notebook and pen, physically writing down. it’s easier to study, and since it’s using your body, you have a much higher retention rate on your side than if you use a laptop.
    • i have used my laptop for taking notes before. it’s easier to take more notes, word for word, but that’s not always helpful. maybe that’s your style, especially if you enjoy rewriting your notes all pretty and more successfully when you get home. i am not that girl. 
    • more notes does not always equal better! it’s good for you to listen actively, selecting what is important and what is not. i take very thorough notes. i take a lot of notes. if you need notes for a missed class, i. am. your. girl. that doesn’t mean i write out everything word for word. selecting details, clauses, and images really helps me to not only keep up, but also to memorize later. plus, when you’re typing, it’s easier to type all the words out without really processing the whole meaning. remember that dense notes are harder to study
    • finally, when you write by hand, you can get more creative with your style. occasionally, i’ll web notes out from one, rather than a traditional outline, bc it makes more sense for the topic
    • it also helps my anxiety! so much! if i force myself to take great in depth notes, then my mind has to dedicate more brain space to the task at hand than to my anxieties.
    • stick to one of these though. it really sucks to get into a test and realize you didn’t study half of your notes bc you forgot half were on your laptop. it’s awful lol.
    • if you use a laptop, get used to how it works first. do u know how much i resent trying to switch from a bullet that is under other bullets (like this one, not filled in) to a main point bullet (the ones filled in). it can be so confusing. also make sure you use a program you like. you can take directly into documents, but i find that i really love evernote, as i can make notebooks for classes, stacks of notebooks for my college, and that i can tag notes with specific classes and topics.
    • if you’re on paper, for fuck’s sake, divide your notebook into sections for classes. keep it all together. those notebooks with handy dandy dividers are so helpful, and they keep you from carrying around 5 notebooks at once.
  • i wouldn’t worry too much about highlighters and such in class. there’s just so much going on then. save highlighting and color coding for later, and count it as studying.
  • don’t worry about traditional outlining styles, with roman numerals or whatever. i take notes very simply. bullets/dashes, subnotes under a broad note. 
    • do it how it makes sense to you! maybe that includes different bullet styles, different places for different types of information (on a simple level, i start writing chapter numbers and titles as far to the left as i can go, over the margins, in bold and capital letters. i also usually go over these later in a certain color marker)
    • in some classes it is helpful for me to write the topic along the top of the page in a highlighter (color coding is lovely) the main idea/topic for each page. the classes this was most obviously helpful in were astronomy (COMETS or BLACKHOLES etc) and shakespeare (MUCH ADO ACT 2 or ROMEO etc)
    • it’s easiest to just note page numbers of referenced complex diagrams, as they are usually in your reading or accessible online
    • your style might look different in each class. whatever works.
  • note everything (everything) your professor writes on the board. if it’s important enough for your professor to write it, it’s probably important enough for you to write it.
  • note examples only if it’s helpful for your memory. however, make light note of things like famous people and their science/psych experiments. but in math and such, note! the! examples! and! reasons! will help you so much.
    • examples that have emotion, imagery, or sound are going to be more helpful. applicable examples are most helpful. good professors will lecture you accordingly. lazy ones will not.
  • star anything that the professor stresses or hints will be tested. anything that they say is a major theme or whatever.
  • note main ideas/points/themes, definitions, conclusions, 
  • use your tests to help you figure out what you need to know. ask questions about the tests too. in every class i’ve taken, i’m totally shocked at how willingly people ask about exam format and how willingly the professor will tell us how it will work. they want you to succeed.
  • people learn differently! i suggest taking notes in class and later adding touches that help you. count it as study time too. a warm up, if you will. 
    • if you’re visual, this might include highlighting, color coding, drawing diagrams, etc.
    •  if you’re an auditory learner, reading the notes out loud and organizing them accordingly, as well as making up rhymes, rhythms and such, might help you. some auditory learners actually like to record lectures and listen to them later. 
    • if you learn best through movement, rewriting or making flashcards will be great for you.
  • sometimes professors go really. fuckin. fast. why. idk? but
    • dont be afraid to ask them to go back a slide bc i guarantee, you will be the class hero for asking
    • develop a little bit of shorthand. sometimes i end up using initials, arrows, abbreviations… this is where i got “bc” and “thru” and “u” and such. lol. also, list things vertically, rather than using commas and “and/&/+) it’ll be more clear later
  • some professors you literally cannot take notes on. it sucks. you’re going to need to do the readings and pick their brains on how the test will be to figure out how to prepare. take home tests are your best friend. thank god for them. seriously. get your butt to church and do some worshipping.
  • if your professor puts powerpoints online, save the powerpoints, ya never know.
  • look at inspiration if you want, but remember that notes on studyblr are usually copied from class notes. if you’re too focused on how pretty your notes are, good luck to you
  • finally, the day before an exam, i review my notes that i have (hopefully) been studying. i like to make a one page cheat sheet / study guide on everything i didn’t remember, leaving out everything i understand, memorized, or want to disregard. 

reading notes:

ima be real and tell you i hardly ever do reading unless i will be tested on it in class in multiple choice. and im an english student. ye i suck, i know. i dont condone shirking the system but u know what, reading shakespeare or 18th century lit literally makes me want to kill myself. so, im a senior in college, and have barely ever done the reading for a class. the thing is, if you do it right, anything is better than just reading the words on the page and not getting the meaning. dont be a reading zombie. read actively, even if it’s not the actual reading. doing this, i have a 3.9 gpa. so. there’s hope for us yet.

first of all, yall need to do your damn reading. idc how. but due to the fact that a test will be multiple choice, essay answer, a presentation, or a paper, you’re going to not love pulling nothing out of your ass. can be done tho. just be fake deep.

that being said, i’m writing a lot below, but the reality is that if it’s lit, your notes dont have to be longer than a sentence. if it’s a textbook, more.

  • the same formatting question comes into play here, except it’s should you take notes in your book or in a notebook?
    • listen i’m always going to be pro notebook, pro physically writing it out as it helps me really get the information into my head, rather than more passively highlighting
    • i tend to do both, if im willing to mark up a book. i underline and highlight things that stick out to me, and i write them down as well. sometimes when reading literature/essays, if i know the contextual/meaning notes will be interesting to me later, i will copy notes both into my notebook and also less in depth onto post it notes (which also make sweet little flashcards btw), which i will stick into the passage. this is so helpful when a) im reading it again later and b) when we are discussing a passage in class
  • buy used books. it’s cheaper. until it happens to u, u do NOT UNDERSTAND how EXCITING it is to get a book that has highlights and underlines in it ALREADY. DUDE. my work is basically DONE for me. now take that lightly, bc often different ppl will highlight different pieces of information. however, it is helpful.
  • look up summaries. do not simply rely on cliffsnotes and sparknotes, esp since professors are very aware of these. google “title of book, summary, chapter notes, whatever youre looking for” and use the blog posts, the book reviews, the papers that come up. does this method probably take a bit longer? maybe? but it’s easier on my tired brain.
  • if you don’t have time to read your textbook one day and really want to, read the introduction and the conclusion to the chapter, or the first and last sentences to the paragraphs. it’s not great, but it’s something.
  • like your lectures, note definitions, conclusions, and helpful examples, as well as people and dates. if i’m reading literature and i’m deciding to be a smart student i will keep several logs as well. these logs will make it so. easy. to study for your exam:
    • updated character lists, including name, relationships, and anything defining and important
    • scene/chapter summaries, just a sentence summarizing what happened where
    • any quotes or themes that stand out
    • i highly highly highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of the well educated mind for note taking on a range of genres. this is what i had to use through high school and while it’s involved, it’s incredibly helpful.
  • if you’re going to have to cite your notes, note the page number in the margin every time you flip the page
  • the biggest issue i have with reading is when and where to do it. before or after class? always ask your professor if they do not tell you. where in your notebooks? i always do it on the next blank page bc leaving space stresses me the fuck out. make notes on the top of your pages of corresponding lectures/readings. 

for both lectures and readings i really really really suggest either having something to drink or something to snack on (think fruit, loose nuts, m&ms. small loose things rather than things u bite? idk they just last longer?)

okay i hope this was somewhat helpful even tho it’s an incredibly longwinded post. it seems like a lot, but the reality is that while i take a lot of notes, i don’t make them complicated, i don’t have rules, i just do what feels right in the moment. they’re not at all stressful. just take it easy and do whatever works for you :) 

if anyone has other tips, feel free to reply :)

i fuckn love them
its based from a fanfic i read
they were at 7/11 at 1 am and like michael my dorky babe was trying to flirt with him
they got kicked out tho cuz i mean the worker thought that they were planning to somehow sleep infront of the 7/11
idk i really love them

also i am struggling so much i have finals this monday and i just dont want to study
the only reason why i made this was because i really didnt want to study
god please have mercy on me

Apoligies for the lack of story-posting

Hey guys sorry for not being able to post at all in the past few months, i know all of you are waiting for your requests to be done, I’m really sorry for being super slow and not being able to publish content consistenly and the reason for that is my upcoming USMLE exam (for those who dont know what that it is, it is basically an exam to earn a license to be able to work as a doctor in any english-speaking country) so studying for that is literally killing my brain cells. Just wanted to let you know that this blog is still active and I will do my best to post juicy smuts for you guys so please dont get upset with me :) I hope you will enjoy what I do post next!

anonymous asked:

Trigger warning... So i need help or to just express myself to someone. So im in school and im doing rlly bad at it like 50s and 60s bad and i dony have any motivation to do my hw or anything and i ask my friends how they are able to do their hw and what their motivation is and they say that they want good jobs or dont wanna end up homeless or something and i dont want that either but it doesnt motivate me or anything

(part 2)and that i barely can keep putting on a good face cause i recently had a test that i studied rlly hard for but got a bad mark.i think the reason is because i dont believe that ill live up to that point like that ill kill myself but i also want to have good marksand im trying but i just cant do it and i have strict parents and still that doesnt help.

(part3) i only have little things keeping me going rn but i just dont know how to force my self to work cause ive tired so many things but none of them helped and im just so tired. And i just dont know what to do anymore

1. I feel personally attacked right now because of how fucking hard I relate to these asks. 

2. I’m really really really sorry you’re going through what you are. I know what it’s like to study really hard for a test and fail it. I also know what it’s like to have zero motivation to do school work- I’m with you there right now. 

3. If you need any help I’ve gotchu, I don’t know how but I’ll do my best to help. 

4. Please god do not kill yourself. And if you’re having suicidal thought please, please, please talk to someone. Even if it’s me. Triggering material or not I do not want you having thoughts and feeling things like that. Talk and discuss it, understand it, and fucking kick its’ goddamn ass.

5. Try your best in school and don’t fret your grades- they’re not everything. Neither is education. Little known secret, yes college degrees look awesome, but you can go out and get certified in different fields without going to college. Or if you’re creative you can have an etsy shop or sell shit on ebay. You could write a book. Work for a nonprofit organization. Volunteer at any of your local homeless shelters/pet shelters/food kitchens/any places that needs volunteers. Get certified and be a substitute teacher. Become a plumber. Be a Youtuber. A musician. Have a farm or even a garden and sell food at your local farmers market. You can do anything! You just need to find that one thing and you’ll be there. 

6. Don’t force yourself to try to like something. You’ll know it when you find it. You’ll know you like it. You’ll know you’ll want to do it for the rest of your life. And if you don’t then who gives a shit what other people think. Go out and live your life how you want to live it and be as happy as you possibly can!

anonymous asked:

hello!! im sorry if this very triggering/ranty, but im a closeted arab lesbian with a quite homophobic family, im very young so i still depend on my parents so i dont know if i can come out. my "set plan" was to come out after i move out to college or something but whenever i hinted at it my mom kept yelling at me on how i cant move out until i marry a man and that she'll call the cops on me. i dont know what to do anymore. i think ill kill myself after i finish my art projects.

Well hold up, let me tell you something I learned from experience. Things don’t always go the way we want them to, but that doesn’t mean they’re going wrong. You just have to find another way to get to what you want (which in your case is being out and comfortable). 

You can try to study abroad, apply for scholarship, you can tell your mom that you will be back it’s not “moving out” but then you’ll figure out something. I know it’s a tough situation but please keep trying. We love you!

Stay Strong!

bestythesmalls said: All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy….then he goes crazy and tries to kill his family in a snowed in off season hotel. Dont let kubrik’s shinning happen to you…we just gotta fi d your inner fun. Trust me! Ditch the cardigan, borrow ypur dads swim trunks and meet me in the yard. We are gonna play kiddo! Then we study more if you want


Oh man, I remember when the twins showed me that movie! I had nightmares for a week! I guess that was a cautionary tale, huh? I don’t know how dad will like me borrowing his swim trunks, though…

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Hi ! I need some real help. My exams are coming and i don't know how and why i don't have motivation for NOTHING. It has been 2 days and i don't want to do anything and even if i study , i just push myself. Zero motivation, zero desire. Any tips for getting back on the track ? (btw i was doing good when i was feeling like studying)

Hello!! SORRY THIS IS SO LATE (;﹏;) omg dont give up we aRE HERE ok here are some of my tips and i’ll link you to some posts okay! (^v^)



  • you have to check yourself from time to time and ask yourself why are you doing this? studying, why am i studying? for my education and for my future and for myself so always remember that this is for yourself. you are studying because you want to learn and not because it is a job that you are forced to do and love everyday, no. school is here to teach us not to force us to do things we dont love
  • by the wise words of justin bieber..im joking dont kill me…but yes, love yourself. forgive yourself. we all have that phase where we just ask ourselves like why am i doing this & we have no desire to study but if you love yourself enough, and you want to prove yourself that i can do better than this you will achieve great things 米^-^米
  • i know your exams are coming in and yes maybe its a bit stressful but its okay to relax and just do nothing sometimes i mean life is already tiring as it is right and being a student and more is super uGh why so you have the right to just rest but you can always use your time management skills & find something you love to do right before you study will motivate you 。^‿^。
  • here is my tiny masterpost on time management if u want it
  • you are studying for yourself, forgive yourself, make yourself proud & manage. do not force yourself, try but do not force okay? take care please! ヽ(´∀`ヽ) feel free to drop by and message me!
5SOS Preference : Another girl likes him and you flirt with him in front of her

Ashton: “Ashton!” You squeal and jump onto his back and he smirks back at you. “Hey there sweet cheeks, whats up with you today?” You get down from his back and grin, pulling out a pair of tickets and handing them over. He takes them cautiously at first then breaks out into a full grin. “No way. How did you manage this?” You switch your feet and grin. “I have my ways.” “Come here!” He says and spins you around in a circle and kisses you, only pulling back when you hear a soft voice from behind you guys. It was Gemma. “Ashton?”

Luke: You walked into the classroom, seeing Luke talking to the girl who had a way too big of a crush on him. You sat on his desk and grinned, ignoring the other girl who might have mentally been sending death your way. “Hello Lucas, my mother would like to know if you and your family would love to come over for dinner.” He nodded. “Sure , but what about after dinner?” You shrug your shoulders. “I don’t know, maybe we can watch a movie by ourselves or play some video games, its up to you.” Luke pats your thigh. “I’ll be there, by the way no chick flicks, i dont want you to laugh at me crying again.”

Michael: You sat in front of him, your eyes closed as he played with your hair. “Remember when i did this when we were little and you thought i was trying to kill you?” He laughed and so did you , sitting up and pulling away from him, enjoying the breeze that soared through the park. “Yeah, those were simpler times, wish we could go back at times.” He nodded. “Very very true.” “Michael?” A high pitched voice screamed and Michael groaned. “What Abigail?” “Why are you with her? We had a study date.” Michael grinned at you. “Oops it seems that i forgot.” You smirked back. “Want her to go away?” He nodded and you put a hand to his cheek. “Kiss me, send her running.”

Calum: Calum and the other boys entered your place of work and you went over right away to take their order. “What’s it going to be today boys?” You ask cheerfully and only then notice the girl sandwiched between Calum and Ashton. “And girl.” You mumble and they all, not including the girl, smirked at you and Calum out his menu down and gave you a knowing smile. “The usual babe .” You smirk back, playing along with his game. “Baby, we cant risk my boss seeing us again , the last time wasn’t fun hearing him yell at me.” You pouted out your bottom lip and the girl had enough. “You’re an ass Hood!” She left and you sighed at Calum. “Stop bringing girls on dates when you don’t want to be on a date with her, i really don’t know how much longer i can play the game without consequences.”

Good guy gone bad. (Harry styles imagine)

For tiera-a-a-a

Sitting in maths you span your pen around with your fingers. Maths wasn’t exactly your favourite subject, in fact, school didn’t interest you in the slightest. 

Your maths teacher had created a seating plan meaning that you had to sit next to Harry. He was such a fucking bore. His long hair was always tied up in a bun, and his glasses were so geeky it was unreal. He always wore a button up shirt with a sweater over the top and chinos. He was such a geek.

But, the one good thing about sitting next to Harry was this. You could copy off him anytime you wanted. He was too shy to tell you off for it.

Like now, Miss Howe was making you do a 20 question test and you didn’t have a clue, so you nudged Harry in the ribs, an action he was used too. He then moved his answers towards you so you could copy them all down. He was good for some things.

Miss Howe then set you all off on a task that was in the textbooks, how boring. “So Harry” you spoke slowly. “What are you doing this weekend?” you asked. “Just, erm, going out with my friends… to a party” he said whilst scribbling answers down. You couldn’t imagine Harry partying. It just didn’t seem right for him. “I’m going to a party too, i might see you there” you joked.


Now when you told Harry you might see him at the party over the weekend you didn’t think you actually would. So when you walked outside to get some air and caught the curly haired man smoking you were fairly taken aback. “H-Harry, is that you?” you asked in disbelief.

Harry span around on his heels and stared right at you. He was in a short sleeved button up shirt which revealed his large collection of tattoos. His shirt was unbuttoned down his torso and you caught a glimpse of his swallow tattoo. His hair was let down in messy curls and his glasses were none existent. His skinny jeans made his legs look to die for, and he had paired this assemble with tan coloured boots. He looked like a sex god.

You see, you had always had a slight crush on Harry, but you never wanted to tell anybody. Besides, he didn’t seem interested in girls. All he cared about was studying.

“Yes, its me” he spoke, taking you out of your trance. He then took a drag from his cigarette and exhaled out in front of your face causing you to cough. “Sorry love” he spoke taking a step back. “It’s fine” you replied.

“You look so… so” “Different?” he finished the sentence off for you causing you to nod. “Yeah, i dont really dress like this for school, my parents would kill me.”

“You don’t speak either” you replied causing him to shrug. “The nicotine gives me a buzz, i dont know? Plus, people generally laugh if i do speak so i just tend to not bother babe” he replied whilst taking a final drag.  Babe, he just called you babe. You nodded cautiously.

He then threw his cigarette onto the floor and stubbed it out with his shoe. “Are you coming back inside so i can get you a drink?” he asked. “Sure” you replied following his lead back inside and towards the bar.

“What would you like?” he asked. “Erm, vodka and orange please” “Can i have a vodka and orange and a coke please?” he asked the barman. “Not drinking?” you asked. “No, my parents would kill me if i came home drunk. They dont like me looking like this really” he replied whilst paying the barman. “Why whats wrong with it? I think you look good” you smiled. “Thanks” he laughed. “No, they think it makes me look rough. They think i cant look like this yet still be academic.” “But your really clever. And it doesn’t matter that you look like this” you spoke confused. “Try telling them that” he passed you your drink.

“So how come you dont come to school dressed like this” you asked skeptical. “Because if i did people would suddenly start sucking up to me. Girls would suddenly be interested all because my image has changed. And i don’t mean you because you have always been nice to me which i’m grateful for” he smiled. “I do copy your work though” i giggled. “I dont mind” he laughed back.

“You could tutor me if you like. I am pretty bad at maths” you winked. “Oh really. And where would i tutor you? My mum and dad would go mad if i brought a girl back” he replied whilst sipping his drink. “You could come to mine. My parents are always away on business trips.” “Fine, i’ll tutor you” he sighed then smirked at me causing me to smirk back.


“There’s a lot of girls eyeing you up Harry” you spoke whilst sipping your drink. “Well its a shame i’m only interested in one of them” the tall figure huskily whispered down your ear, causing shivers to make their way down your spine.

“Really. Who’s that?” you asked, playing along with his little game. “You” he replied whilst kissing and sucking at your neck creating a feeling that was causing you to go weak at the knees. You grabbed onto the bar steadying yourself. “Harry” you breathed. “Yes kitten” he continued to leave marks on your body. “We cant do this here” you whispered. “Well where can we go baby” he asked.

You had a free house due to your parents being away so you hungrily pulled him towards the exit of the club. “Someones eager” he laughed. “It’s your fault’ you whined whilst clambering into a taxi, and action which portrayed the desperation that evolved both of you.

You shouted your address to the driver, but it all came out in a jumbled mess due to the spell which harry had cast upon you. God you wanted him so badly. This side to him was turning you on. His hand hungrily ran up your thigh whilst you fidgeted in the back of the taxi, desperately wanting to take things further however, you knew this was impossible due to the drivers eyes being fixated on his rear view mirror.

“What has gotten into you Mr styles?” you asked and looked at him. “I’m always like this, just only few people know” he laughed whilst sucking at your neck once again. You were in for a long night.


Walking into maths class on Monday morning you felt nervous. You had buttoned up your shirt in order to hide the evidence of yours and Harry’s weekend events. Sitting down next to Harry you stared straight at the whiteboard.

Moments later you felt a cold hand on your thigh under the hem of your dress. This caused you to gasp and look at Harry. Your eyes connected with your green ones before he leaned in and whispered in your ear. “We on for our tutoring session tonight?” he asked. You gulped and nodded in response. “Good” he replied before removing his hand from your thigh and beginning the work that was set on the board.

Maths class just got a little bit more interesting.

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