i dont want to stop being sick anymore


Can we please stop treating asexuality like a disease? Were not fucking people who are sick and need to be cured. we dont have to have sex to suddenly want it. you’re not the acceptation, the holy one, the one to cure us. you’re not fucking special. Just like bisexual people aren’t suddenly straight for dating someone of the opposite gender, we’re not suddenly ace anymore because you force us to have sex. it doesn’t work like that. im so fucking tired of people assuming im broken because i dont want to have sex. im so fucking tired of being told to find the right person or that maybe in 5 years i will change my mind. im so fucking tired of not even being acknowledged as a sexuality because “how can you have a relationship if you dont have sex?” its bullshit and im done. either accept the fact that im ace or dont fucking date me if you’re gonna force your “love=sex” bullshit onto me.