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newsies + birthdays


  • it’s essentially a 12 year olds party
  • theres a bounce house and copious amounts of candy
  • they play so many games like tag and manhunt and they probably have a water ballon fight
  • theres a piñata that spot breaks by roundhouse kicking it
  • jack eats approximately 47 pixie sticks 
  • there’s karaoke


  • this damn kid forgot his own birthday
  • jack woke him up singing happy birthday and davey went “who’s birthday is it”
  • jack takes davey to a museum and davey spends the entire day dragging jack around the different exhibits. 
  • after, they go out for dinner with everyone and then come back and watch movies
  • the night ends with jack and davey cuddling
  • it’s simple but davey loves every second of it


  • the gang goes to a theme park
  • race drags spot on all the rides and spot wins him a giant stuffed giraffe
  • jack throws up in a trash can and it was race’s favorite part
  • race spends a lot of the time in the arcade playing ddr against spot. they both suck
  • race makes spot go on the horror themed rides and spot spends the entire time hiding his face in races neck
  • they go on the ferris wheel and make out
  • jack is The Best at the games and wins like 15 prizes 


  • the gang starts out at a bar 
  • jack sings karaoke there
  • after that they go to see a stand up comedian (idk why but i picture them seeing john mulaney)
  • the comedian is really fun and spot has tears streaming down his face from laughter
  • after that the rest of the group goes home and spot and race go back to their apartment and race cooks spot his favorite dinner (tortellini in alfredo sauce)
  • spot loves it so much because as much as he loves his friends he needs time with race


  • cructhie doesn’t want to celebrate because he doesn’t want people to go out of their way for him
  • obviously the gang doesn’t listen and they throw him a huge surprise party
  • they decorate jack and davey’s apartment with an excessive amount of decorations 
  • jack got him a bear with a crutch and crutchie cried for approximately 15 minutes because he’s never got such a great gift
  • everyone gives crutchie a 5 minute hug because what would they do with out him

ok yikes i made these the other day and i wish i drew them better but i still love them so LMFAO WHILE my bestie and I are chatting I wanted to see if anyone had some Klance or just Lance or Keith ideas or requests??

I wanna start drawing the two more and I really need practice (the sketches above are my first real attempt at themkelrej) but im not really sure what to do with them?? We’re gonna try and throw some HCs around but i’d love to hear from you guys! Just message me in my ask box or reply if it lets you??

A Birthday You’ll Never Forget

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Request: Hi! It’s me again, I was wondering if you could do a Mark x reader where it’s the readers birthday and Mark is really excited because they have been dating for a while and he proposes? It’s my birthday today so yeah, plus I need some fluff in my life! Thank you, mwah!

Summary: It’s Fem!Reader’s birthday and she doesn’t want any presents, of course boyfriend Mark doesn’t listen as always.

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for the little hiatus, I meant to write ahead over break to have something to post when I started school again ut my procrastinating ass barely got around to doing her homework, much less writing ahead. Also, you guys dont understand how long it took me to find this gif? Like 15 minutes of just me scrolling through different variations of the markiplir tag smh. Anyway, hope the wait is worth it! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1293, I restarted this like 3 times why is it not a million words long

Request some more chickadees! I love writing for you guys, even if it does take me a while sometimes.

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we all went swiming and we all drown// tie me up and then just leave// do you take sugar in your coffe at 3:46 am??// i dont know the colour of your eyes but i hope they’re blue// did you mean what you said last night?// we talked last night??//the drugs sometimes kick in weeks later// like when i close my eyes and i see a faceless smile// sometimes i laugh at things that make me want to cry// sometimes i appericate the things that destory me// scratch that.. i always appericate the things that destroy me// run until my lungs catch fire and my whole body burns// i like kissing people that i would never fuck// i always say I’m not going to get that drunk right before i black out// and i always say it wont bother me but it still wil// break my bones to see if i have any// break my heart to see if its still beating// i should call my doctor// call me later // sometimes i wish i didnt care about anything so i could become a druggie and live with purpose// getting high is a purpose// its like falling in love with a feeling// i do that a lot// there is good in everyone// hell isn’t below the earth, its stuttley mixed into everthing you love the most// if you love things after their expiry date you will get sick// best before… yesterday// best before… last week// best before… last year// my trash can is empty because i dont use things just to throw them away// yours is full// angels and demons fuck a lot its just sience// i dont want to be someone else i just want to change everything about myself//weed left me confused so i started popping pills// i lost 4 hours yesterday// must have misplaced them// i wanna sell my soul but the devil wont buy it??// does anyone have a used phone case that will protect me from seeing things i dont want to see// like how lonely i am// did you do the math homework?// i dont really want to stop being 16// mom please dont touch me right now//i like noises that make it impossible to hear anything// i like pain that distracts me from other pain//i like songs that have feelings attached// i like ugly people// i like faceless people// i like people who dont like themselves// i like people who dont know how to like// i don’t know how to like// I’m not going to fuck you//… right now// why do people say goodbye BEFORE they leave// why didn’t you say goodbye before you left?// Why did you leave?// what do you want to do after high school?// not this// throw me a shovel because I’m so fucking stuck// light a match and drop it on a pile of everything i used to be// add gasoline //
—  Not everything

im supposed to be doing my research paper but i somehow ended up starting a tokyo ghoul x me!me!me crossover and im laughing so ha r d

dont expect the completed gifset anytime soon i have homework -cries-

EDIT: here it is!


Heyyyy everybody! Just wanted to update you lovelies on whats goin on<3

☆Aghhhh as much as i wanted to do all the prompts for shallura week, i just dont have the energy ymy ( i might just do my faves??)
Actually, besides shallura week i don’t have any energy to finish anything?? ( im atleast trying to doodle a little even if its just lines and shapes and doobles of people
I’ve been working fulltime ( if not a little overtime??) at work lately, so when i get home im just really tired X’D
I will also be starting college on the 30th. It will be part time, but i’m sure it will be just as tiring during the day, plus homework and my job (;;xㅅx)ノ”

☆not that important but i deleted my sideblog and miraculous moves blog, please don’t get the wrong idea!! I love love LOVE what you guys have done from cosplays to fanart to fanfiction for my AU ymy♡♡♡ i still cant believe your kindness, and how much it affected a whole fandom???? Like wow!!! So please i really do treasure everything you’ve made, and as long as you tag me in the stuff i’ll always be able to look around and admire your work♡

☆ special reminder to check out the Harvest crusade at the Angel’s stadium

☆ holy cR A P THERE ARE 22,000 OF YOU LOVLIES FOLLOWING ME HEY HI HELLO THANK YOU???? TELL ME BOUT YOSELVES SORRY IF I EVER COME ACROSS AS COLD IM ACTUALLY A HUGE TEDDY BEAR ( well a silly pug but people call me marebear lol) i’ve fantasized over having a lot of followers but i cant believe it actually happened ;;;v;;;<3<3 thanks you guys<3

✧・゚:*☆Thanks for reading!!☆*:・゚✧

teen wolf femslash week 
     ↳ day five - rare pair - erica reyes/laura hale
AU where Laura Hale never came back to Beacon Hills and she owns a diner in NYC near some of the NYU dorms. When Erica goes to NYU for college, she starts hanging out at Laura’s diner a lot while she does her homework, and slowly but surely they fall in love. 

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Hey,I am 15 now and in 9th grade. i want to start learning and making my homework really good because I want to focus on my future. Last year I didnt learn at all and in a strange way i didnt fail the year. But now I want to make a change I only dont know how to learn and get started because I never really studied, it was always easy for me to take tests without learning but now it is getting harder and harder. Do you have some tips? (Im sorry my english is not that good Im from the netherlands)


I hope this helps!!