i dont want to make this look any better


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i didnt search or download anything i did however resize the pics because i felt like it looked better? anyways

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You have a near perfect looking body yet here you are crying about wanting to lose weight 😒 makes girls who actually have a reason to cry about it feel even worse

i have the right to cry about my body as much as the next person. any girl with any body type can hate themselves for multiple reasons. i’ve edited my photos. i’ve made my skin look smooth and the colours brighter. i’ve edited my face shape, as well as my body even. why? because i want to feel better about myself. but it doesn’t work. other factors like my ADD, body dysmorphia heck even my depression thats coming back all has to do with it. like idek what to say. let me vent. let me die bro

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56, 77, 86, 121, 139, 136!

56. Why does pizza come in a square box?

It’s easier to stack and store, duh :P

77. Do you care how other people see you?

I am the human embodiment of the expression antes muerta que sencilla (better dead than plain-looking) so I think so, yeah

but at the same time, i dont care what you think of me (if that makes any sense lol)

86. Any upcoming concerts you want to attend?

Nope, I did not enjoy the last one I went to and do not intend to go to anymore :/ 

121. What are you excited for? 


136. Last book you read? How was it?      

Ender’s Game and it was A-MA-ZING!!! 

139. Have you ever been caught sneaking out?

I have latino parents, there is no way i’d attempt to sneak out

Thanks for the questions!! :D

i beat myself up over not being good enough for my gods all the time, that im an awful person and that i dont see why they would spend time with me at all, and that they could just go and find someone better.

but thats not the point. theyre not going around looking for flawless beings that never do anything wrong. they want to see me learn, and change, and grow. they want to be with me on my path and they want to help me overcome problems and be there for me when i need it. im not supposed to never make any mistakes, im supposed to be a flawed human being.

theyre not here because they expect me to be perfect, theyre here because they want to be with me on my path.

we walk this path together, and theyre allowed to see me trip and fall and get stuck. and they wont just leave me behind for that.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Vriska Serket really did take responsibility for her shitty actions by bringing back Tavros and Equius as sprites but she still refused to fix any other problems caused by others implying that she only tried to redeem her actions to make herself look better and has no interest in doing good things for other people and it also seems like she's still manipulative by the way she spoke to terezi and then she tried to say davesprite is dead which is quite possibly the worst thing any homestuck character has ever done
When it feels like you’ve been sad for an eternity you often tend to stare at happy people that smile and laugh… & it makes you wonder.. How does that feel? How does it feel to really smile? To wake up everyday excited to live? How does it feel to really laugh & not have any self concious body issues that literally stop you leaving your front door? How does it feel to not know the other side, the dark side? To not know depression exists? & then as sad as it may be i look at them and smile, saying in my head its okay.. Im past the point of wanting to get better.. I just want none of it exist. I dont want to exist, that way sadness and happiness dont. And as sad as that may be to some.. The thought of it to me is ever so comforting.
—  Elizabeth.F