i dont want to make this look any better

As a lesbian I LOVE stealing culture from straight men and doing everything better than them. Seriously, it makes me so happy to see lesbians taking the things that men love, one by one, and doing literally all of them one million times better than any man ever could, and looking better doing them. But for the love of god, I do not want to take golf. Keep it. It’s ugly and it’s trash and it’s not good enough for lesbians

Yoongi as a boyfriend

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  • Everyone thinks he is super lethargic 
  • boi are they wrong
  • he wants to do everything with you
  • going to the doctor? check
  • going pee? check
  • going to check the mail? Check
  • taking a little power nap? check
  • he is the definition of a snac 
  • he  looks so good in any lighting
  • he thinks you look better in the colour blue
  • he stares into your eyes a lot
  • “you have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen”
  • he makes you blush like nobody’s business
  • inappropriate touching to you chest and butt
  • your butt is his fave tho
  • he really enjoys PDA
  • kissing you on the check
  • neck
  • arms
  • hand
  • chest ;)
  • hugging you when he’s cold
  • tired
  • grumpy
  • bored
  • you visit the studio a lot with food for him
  • “dont forget to eat babe”
  • “i won’t (Y/N)”
  • you fall asleep on his love seat in there
  • he looks at you so adoringly 
  • your sleep form looks so ethereal to him
  • he takes pictures of you sleeping
  • he attac but he a snac
  • is mean to members but soft to you
  • biggest baby 
  • best cuddle buddy and lover
  • he write hella songs about you
s t a n l e y

oh, my love,
they cut off your wings
and still expected you to fly

my darling how you tried
sweetheart you almost made it

remember that first kiss? soft
soft and slow on his lips
how you cried

was that the first taste of love?

when you walked away
you left it all
love, did you wonder?

it could’ve been different
you could’ve given him your heart
and he’d give you his

but when you ran that bath
and climbed in
heart racing

you knew
it was too late
and your fear of the unknown had cost you it all

you’d left your heart in derry


lil princess (///•ㅿ•///)

the problem with performative morality on tumblr is rlly highlighted with this fyre festival shit

do u think any of the rich kids who went to that place care that you’re making a ‘dont make fun of them!!’ post on tumblr? do u think any of them come onto this site at all and are gonna feel better by seeing it? nope!! and do you seriously think you’re going to do any good by posting that? people won’t change their mind. if poor people want to make fun of the rich being scammed, then they’re going to and you cannot change their mind/opinion

there is no point if u posting a ridiculous ‘hey rich kids stuck on an island u are valid uwu/ dont make them of them uwu!!!’ post at all other than to try and act like you’re better than other people/ to literally PERFORM morality to make urself look good to others without actually BEING good

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cecil good drawer!!!!!!! am salamander but new to drawing. does cecil have any tips for drawing amphibifriends with human hands?

look at reference pictures! cecil collect hundreds of photo that are pretty and nice, and have them next to them when drawing. look at shapes that are common, look at your favourite soft boys. What appealing about them? what shape do you love? a soft round belly? a pudgy wrist? How does that feature look, how big is it compared to other shapes around it. A pudgy wrist will have a small hand, a soft belly might have some little roll or skin folds. 
Look at basic shape first (frog is round mostly but come in narrow where a tail would be, salamander is made of same soft round shapes but longer.) then add smaller shapes (limbs, eyes) then detail (hands, patterns, bumples)

start big, then do detail. do not start with detail. move towards smaller and smaller shapes. If you start with detail you will get lost.

But!! most important advise is this:
everything you draw is wonderful. keep doing a drawing. draw all the time, draw on everything. when u are learning, maybe 90% of what you draw you won’t like. But if you do 100 drawings then that mean that you have TEN WHOLE DRAWING YOU DO.
ten whole drawing you love that you DIDNT have before!
the more you draw the more higher that number is. you start getting more out of your 100 that you like. 15, 20, 50. always drawing. 

Everything you draw is good if you have done it. If it’s not perfect? that ok! if you not like it say “i will give myself another 5 mins but after that i will leave him”. If it not working, move on. draw a new one. If that not working, give 5 mins to work on it some more, then move on. Biggest mistake is to stuck on a one drawing you dont like for hours and hours and hours. better to do 20 sketches you dont like and then work for hours on the one you happy with out of them.

the secret no one tell you is that everyone draw things they dont like. all the time. But you don’t see the ones they throw away. it make it look like the artists you love only do good things bc we only want to show you the ones we love. but everyone mistakes, everyone always learning. any drawing you do is good because you done it, and having an imperfect drawing in your sketchbook is still better than having NO drawings in your sketchbook

So draw draw draw! and then pls show a cecil i love seeing all the arts!


So you’re a guy and you don’t have abs. Maybe your short and small. Guess what? That doesn’t matter. You’re a prince. You’re a god damn king. Guys are so cute. Maybe you don’t want to wear tank tops because your arms aren’t fucking ripped. Maybe you have a big tummy. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t, I swear to God. To all the girls who make comments like, “tall guys 😘” stop. Fucking stop. Short guys are fucking adorable and sexy. Guys with tummies are sexy. Maybe you don’t have the biggest dick. That doesn’t matter to someone who likes you. If someone likes you, they’ll love you for you. All the girls who say degrading g stuff to guys, stop. Maybe you don’t have a chiseled ass jawline and cheekbones. Maybe your not bronze. Maybe you don’t play sports. Maybe your pale. Maybe you have stretch marks. Maybe you have a big forehead. Maybe you can’t grow facial hair. Maybe your teeth aren’t straight. Maybe you don’t like your hair, your face, your nose. You look flawless and you deserve the world, handsome. 💗💗💗 You dont want to wear that muscle shirt because you have chubby arms? Why do they make a size XL if your not supposed to wear it? If it comes in your size, if it fits on your body, you are allowed to wear it. WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT. You are a sexy handsome king. I want you to feel better about yourself. Don’t be sad about the way you look. Please. I’m here for you and I don’t want to see any boy sad because he doesn’t look like the aesthetic boys on Tumblr. Much love, cutie.

alright, hey fuckers sounds like some of you need to be reminded of a thing. 


grow the fuck up. if you want to find the source, find it, fine, enjoy their content from afar. dont be childish and interact. dont tell them to kill themselves good god man.

if this isnt any of our followers, good. thank god. that is not the community i had intended to build. we do not post to harass anyone. that’s why we censor URLs. we dont want to encourage people to go looking for the source out of malice. if you do, that makes you the offender. you’re awful and should feel bad.

enjoy our posts. enjoy the cringe, the support, the art, the pets, enjoy it all. but dont go looking for people to hurt. these people dont deserve that. nobody deserves to be told to kill themselves. nobody deserves to be threatened. nobody deserves to be attacked. if there’s a chance they will change in their later years, they dont deserve to look back on being told to kill themselves. 

and not to mention… do you really want to hold the burden of being the reason someone killed themselves on your hands? do you really want to be investigated for instigating a suicide? do you really want to go to prison for that? anonymous doesnt hide you, you guys. your message is still connected to you via IP. you’re still linked to that message. 

do you really think you can carry that weight?

dont be a shitty person. that’s not what i’ve built. that’s what we are here. you’re better than this. you know that. so start acting like it.


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your response to the ask asking why you don’t have your picture with taylor as your icon is actually the sweetest thing ever. i personally don’t think it would be rubbing it in and your pic with taylor is soooo cute. but the fact that you think that is so thoughtful and you care so much about others. you’re such a genuinely kind and thoughtful person

I dont know, like I just think it would be so upsetting for someone who hasn’t met Taylor yet (especially since she’s meeting sooo sooo many) you would just feel like the odd one out… even when deep down you know there are others like you. So idk, me not having my icon is like me saying “hey, im just like you. Im not any better just because ive met Taylor” because let’s be real… in this fandom it can get like that at times and I dont want people looking at me differently just cause ive met her?? Idk my brain makes no sense

someone once told me that if people wanted you to speak better of them

that they would “have behaved better”

and most days I want to let loose like a canon, because there are people who have hurt me and I dont believe they have considered it for another second. But then I wonder what vengeance looks like on me. I remember how shallow it makes me feel- I remember that calling someone one on their inconsistencies won’t make mine any better- it won’t make mine less noticeable nor will it stop someone from my past writing about me that doesn’t exist anymore. 

truthfully, it doesn’t matter if healing isn’t attached to it.

Accidental possesion, part 2

Part 1:                 http://m2mbodyswappingandmore.tumblr.com/post/155775740341/accidental-possession

The moment I snapped a photo and ran to his bedroom. Threw all my clothes off and set on his couch. I grabbed my new cock and immediately jerked off that rock-hard piece of meat.

“Fuck yeah. Faster my big brother, faster!” I shouted looking at my quickly moving hand. I put on his sunglasses because I think they make him look cool. I spent the entire morning jerking off, making hilarious faces in the mirror and trying out his outfits. I got an idea to go out and enjoy this new body. I put on his hoodie and a grey shirt. The worst idea was putting on his boxers, because I had to hide that beautiful cock, that I miraculously gained that morning. I put on his black boxers and brown shorts. Sure, I could go and take the car, but I knew that a disaster might have happened, because I didnt know how to drive a car. So I decided to take a bus. “Why the hell not?”

I was sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus that would take me to the town. I took out his phone and snapped a picture.

Just look at him. Looking great as always, but with me in control. Everything his body does is because of me. I possessed him few hours ago and I already shot so many loads of cum, that I even lost track of counting. The bus stopped and I got on. I sat in the back. I got off and decided to visit my brothers friends. Few of them just came back from Syria and I wanted to know, if any of them would like to make up with me looking like this.

I texted Ryan: “Hey douche, want me to come over? :P :* “

Few seconds later he answered: “Hey Patch (My brother hates that nickname), I am not home yet. Just came out of the spa after solarium, looking even better :P but not for you, pussy. Need to keep bitches coming at me. Will be there in five. The key is hidden under the flowerpot. Dont mess the flat perv! :D “

Amazing, I can even surprise him. Maybe I could be able to seduce him. I entered the elevator and felt and urge to take a photo. But I decided to take a hot photo and send it to Ryan.

I sent a text “Wanna suck me big boy? :* “ encrypted with the photo.

He answered: “You are acting like I have never seen it. I already told you bro, mine is twice that big. Yours is nothing special, so stop showing off. Be there in a minute…”

What an idiot. I am going to make him pay for this stupid shit he is texting me now. I entered the flat. “Shit that’s a filthy place.” 

Text came with a photo of girls ass: “Hey I will be late a bit. Got to get this girls number. Just look at that ass. I will try to persuade her for threesome :P “

I sent him photo of my butt. “Mine is better, hurry :P”

In the meantime I decided to clean the flat It looked much better now. He was still nowhere, so I explored his wardrobes and found his uniform. “Damn, would be amazing if he would fuck me in this”

Then the doors unlocked. “Hey jerk, I didnt get that number so I think you could be my whore for the rest of the day” said Ryan entering the flat. “

I quickly took of all my clothes and pointed my ass towards the door.

“What the fuck dude? I was just kidding. What is this supposed to mean?”

I got up and looked seductively. “Come on big boy, dont pretend like you dont want to fuck me. He looked shocked, so I rushed in for a kiss. I closed my eyes and quickly leaned for a kiss, so that he couldnt dodge. The moment I touched his lips I felt that just like earlier. I thought I would vomit. I opened my eyes and saw that I was standing above my brothers unconscious naked body laying on the floor. 

“What the fuck?” came out of Ryan’s mouth. I need to find out what is going on.

Part 3:  https://m2mbodyswappingandmore.tumblr.com/post/159675222396/accidental-possesion-part-3

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Okay this may be obvious but where does this blog stand on the ace exclusionist/inclusionist discourse? Asking genuinely as an ace inclusionist (who is also a nonbinary lesbian before exclusionists jump on that mode of attack). Its something that keeps popping up on social media and its been super upsetting so if y'all could verify the stance that would be cool.

We´re inclusionist of course but we dont engage in arguments with any exclusionists/aphobes since it´s pointless to argue with them + we want a rather discourse free blog here since it´s a safe space for aspec people

I know it´s upsetting, try to not look too much into the tag, I think it´s kinda calming down, give it a bit more time and they´ll probably realise they have better stuff to do than spout hate and negativity. And whatever you do don´t engage in conversations with exclusionists since it´ll most likely make you feel down

- Mod Paula

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You post more on your nsfw blog then here...why?

Because this blog feels more like an obligation and less like a place for me to express myself if im being honest. In general, the things i want to talk and draw about have no place here; its why ive reactivated my remlit account, its why im on my nsfw blog more, its why im making ANOTHER blog dedicated to aus unrelated to ghoul grumps.

I started out loving making content for this blog because it was my introduction into interacting with people on a larger scale. But as my depression got worse and other personal shit happened, it became more of a task to keep up with this blog. I have a very strict policy on interacting w minors on my nsfw blog and because of that strictness, im now even more detached from them than i was before. I personally need to separate all of my content in neat lil sections and right now, bc i have the freedom to explore nsfw stuff (something im still getting used to), all of my energy goes there.

Theres also the fact that i have commissions, something I definitely DID NOT have when i first started here. I have other art and obligations that take priority over this blog and id feel bad about neglecting them. I have a SHITTON of asks piled up on this blog and I dread going through that inbox everyday. Tons of asks that i want to respond w actual pictures but i have zero motivation to go through with it. And it piles up and up and up until i dont even want to look at it anymore. It makes me feel guilty about starting any possible pictures when theres so many people ive already ignored.

Then theres The Discourse™ that i want to talk about because it personally makes me feel better to see if other people relate or understand me but instead I have people treating me like a fucking child, and since then, ive refrained from stating my opinions. There are people in this fandom im no longer talking to and bc this community is so tight knit, i would rather stay on the downlow and pretend its not an issue than risk getting spammed with messages on why im not talking to so n so.

Tl;dr this blog doesnt make me nearly as happy as it used to. Depression/Anxiety has made me more and more miserable and i can express myself more on my nsfw blog than on here. I will still produce content here but i honestly cant tell u when it will happen. I dont know if your were just curious or if you felt entitled to understand why im putting more effort in places you dont think deserve effort but theres an answer for you nonetheless.

When it feels like you’ve been sad for an eternity you often tend to stare at happy people that smile and laugh… & it makes you wonder.. How does that feel? How does it feel to really smile? To wake up everyday excited to live? How does it feel to really laugh & not have any self concious body issues that literally stop you leaving your front door? How does it feel to not know the other side, the dark side? To not know depression exists? & then as sad as it may be i look at them and smile, saying in my head its okay.. Im past the point of wanting to get better.. I just want none of it exist. I dont want to exist, that way sadness and happiness dont. And as sad as that may be to some.. The thought of it to me is ever so comforting.
—  Elizabeth.F

Not parallels but contrasts

Incompetence shouldn’t be rewarded with blind loyalty is what we hear Varys say to Dany. It’s ironic considering her incompetence has been always regarded with blind loyalty. Or either GoT doesn’t bother to show how she has been micromanaging things in her kingdom as a queen. Is this a bad writing or the show wants to portray her as this god-like figure? How is she feeding and sheltering her 100k army? What are her dragons eating? How are Unsullied and Dothrakis living under same roof? She is the mary sue of got there is no doubt in that. Why don’t her people question her?We only see opposition questioning her which is portrayed as a blasphemous act. Or they only question her but don’t take action on it? Tyrion and Varys talk about how she needs to kept in line again and again but do nothing about it. If you think she is incompetent why tf would you support her? How is she any better than previous rulers if their hand have to do all the work? Tyrion whose brother got shamed all his life for killing the mad kind & ending the tyrant dynasty wants to re-establish it with improvised version of the same dynasty and is applauded for it. I rolled my eyes so hard at his Westeroes conquest plan. They dont want to conquer Westeroes by burning people (kudos!) but by starving local people???

Grey Worm and Missandei simply exist to make her look good. Missandei’s story revolves around reciting her long ass titles. Grey Worm’s story revolves around leading the free army for her. Dothrakis don’t even have characterization. They are just some savages that follow her around (Nice representation of POC here). How did they overcome their fear of sea? How are the freedom loving people okay with being limited in a pretty kingdom? How are they okay with her burning their holy place? How did they discard their century long traditions and habits so easily? I’m pretty sure they are going to fight without warm clothes or armour in the winter too because they are inhumane enough to not feel cold or because the show doesn’t care. Her journey has been everything that iron throne stands for.

On the other hand we see Jon bleeding to death for trying to make peace between Wildlings and Night’s Watch. We see the crows warming upto him. We see the bond form. We see his people question his decisions publicly. We see his people trying to overthrow him in his absense. We see him earn the trust of wildlings bit by bit. They didn’t place their trust in him only because he died for them. It goes long way back. They didn’t immediately join him to get Winterfell back. Their loyalty wasn’t an act of gratitude. They dont kneel to him yet he has made a place for them in his home and council. He wasn’t named as KITN instead of a true born stark because of his name. He wasn’t rewarded for his name. So he wouldn’t stay as KITN simply bc of his name. Again, him being choosen as a king wasnt an act of gratitude. His journey has been everything that stands against the iron throne.

J/D journey isn’t a parallel but contrast. They have been placed in somewhat similar situations and shown how differently they take action against it or for it.

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oh hoho you think youre funny dont you

13-“Kiss me.”

“HAHA SUCK IT!” Felix shrieked as he destroyed Jack’s character. He was basically just button mashing now, and Jack was beyond frustrated with the game they were playing. 

“I hate you!” he yelled, throwing his controller at Felix for the sixteenth time that day. Felix yelped, throwing it back. 

“I can’t help it, I’m just amazing at this game.” he laughed, “What do you want me to do about it?” Jack thought for a second.

“Kiss me.”

It went dead silent as the words spilled out of Jack’s mouth. They looked at each other, cheeks burning. 

“It’s not gonna make you any better at the game, but consider it done.” Felix said, a smirk on his lips. Before he knew what he was doing, he was grabbing Jack’s waist and pulling him into his lap. Jack could feel his cheeks flame as he looked down at his friend. 

“W-wait, really?” he asked, fingers pulling at Felix’s shirt. Instead of replying, Felix pulled Jack down by his collar and kissed him. Jack could feel is friend’s other hand slide down to his hip and he let out a little whimper. 

Felix pulled away for a second, afraid Jack was upset with him. “No..don’t stop..please.” Jack mumbled. “Kiss me again.”

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I think i know what post ur taking about. The full post says "an 18 year old dating a 14 year old = not always legal, but not pedophilia" it probably said this bc that would be considered ephebophile not a pedophilia. (i want to be a physiologist so i just....you dont even have to post this)

look i see where you’re coming from, but the legal part of pedophilia does not make any distinction between pedophilia and ephebophilia (though sex with a minor under the age of __ is a different crime, but i’m not getting into that rn) and being attracted to young teenagers as an adult is not any better even if it has a different word. there’s a reason that the age of consent is what it is and there’s a reason why 18 year olds and above should not date anyone younger than them by more than a few months, and it’s because psychologically, you are at completely different maturity levels

My Experience with the Zodiacs (Pt 2)

Lo put me in the mood to be bitter so here is my experience  🍋👀

OPINIONATED BUT FUNNY HOE [Aries]: I fuck with you heavy! Your hella funny, know how to have a good ass time and your so cute IDK what it is! You guys are legit the definition of ‘Looks like they could kill you but is a cinnamon roll’. BUT you guys got a nasty temper and I don’t fuck with that… Remember You’re not always right.. now sit the fuck down and stop yelling 

 [Taurus]: You’re almost impossible to befriend like I GET IT YOU GOT YOUR SQUAD BUT CANT A BITCH JOIN ??? DAMN…  Stop being so damn stubborn and stop pretending your chill bc we all know about 95% of the time y’all are doing the most tryna get attention while saying you hate attention…and y’all are so damn materialistic, like why do you have the need to tell people not to knock your iPhone 6s rose gold 64G down like we get it you got an iPhone with a lot of GB chill nobody cares … And why are you guys always rich? or have rich ass parents? like whats up with that ? … 

Gemini]: Whenever I meet a Gemini I always tell myself to chill because my Libra moon doesnt want to judge you for being a Gemini… BUT YOU ALWAYS PROVE ME RIGHT. Y’all can’t keep a secret to save your life (Unless you got those loyal ass signs in your chart and your gem isnt dominent …) AND YALL ARE ALWAYS FLIP-FLOPPING! HOE PICK SIDE/OPINION! I could dead ass be quoting you about smt you said 5 sec ago and you would dead ass deny it. I don’t even know why you do that… Like is it because you know you’re fucked and can’t find another way out OR are you just bored … 

EMOTIONAL HOE [Cancer]: STOP.TRYNA.BE.ME.BICTH. I’ve met two types of cancers. The one that is super sweet, super caring, smokes to much weed, always down to chill, deep asf and sensitive AND the bitch cancer that plays the victim who has the stolen personality (that is basically from some tv show character they recently watched) … But you guys are loyal asf to the people you love. When someone you love gets hurt you basically turn into Scorpio  and YOUR SO SCARY WHEN YOU GET LIKE THAT OMG 

GLOWING HOE [Leo]: WE THE BES!! you’re hella funny, always looking flawless and ofc the best sign EVER! BUT some of yALL leo’s are to wild…The Leo’s I dont fuck with are those bitter ass Leos who can’t shine with their friends…  if WE are friends WE shine TOGETHER!!

‘DONT TALK TO ME’ HOE [Virgo]: Lol I don’t talk to y’all, I don’t look at y’all and y’all better stay the fuck away from me you fake ass, critical ass smh… if I wanted to be criticized from 7:00-16:45 I would spend the day with my mother…But you always make me work harder.. so I can beat you at what your best at so you can stop bragging…

FAKE FRIENDLY HOE [Libra]: I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never actually been real friends with any Libras or smt but you guys are hella boring, the only shit you talk about is past events where you had fun… But you guys throw the best parties so I stay fake friends with y’all AND YALL GOTTA STOP PLAYING PEACEMAKER YOU KNOW DAMN WELL YOU LOVE THE DRAMA STOP FRONTING…

SCARY AND COMPETITIVE HOE [Scorpio]: I always have amazing conversations with you guys… I’m lowkey afraid of you tho … I’ve met two types of Scorpios …  the one who’s an amazing friend, supportive, dirty minded and loving and the scarier version of a stereotypical Leo whos all  "ME, ME, ME, ME" lIKE STFU we don’t care AND when it comes to something you want, you don’t GIVE A FUCK you will run everybody over to get ahead (Unless you REALLY care about them) 

[Sagittarius]: Whenever I read about Sags they are always described as wild and shit but all the once I’ve met have been all proper and ‘I’m too good for everybody'… If someone doesn’t fit their imagie they don’t hang with them… They are so judgmental, and they are really just the honest and meaner version of Libra tbh (except your actually funny BUT YOU GUYS SAY MEAN SHIT OUT OF THE BLUE LIKE STOP MAKING ME WANNA FIGHT YOU) Idk if I’m the only one who has met these types.. and why are you guys always changing your opinion? like are you okay? is it hard sticking to your own opinion when nobody else agrees or ?

NO SOUL AND SARCASTIC HOE [Capricorn]: I’ve never met a Cap man that I’ve liked… Your (Male Cap) will do anything to get to the top like chill stop using people like that damn get a soul. CAP GIRLS I FUCK WITH YALL! You guys are so sarcastic and mean AND I LOVE IT. You guys are so funny and you never really try to be funny. AND y’all keep me in check so I don’t get to full of myself.

FAKE DEEP HOE [Aquarius] : Stop talking I dONT CARE… Fake deep ass bitch smh. You guys will learn smt about smt that legit NOBODY ELSE KNOWS and talk as you you know everything about it and the second someone corrects you or tell you that youre wrong you turn into Taurus and become this stubborn/bitter ass person.. AND STOP BRINGING UP SHIT FROM 83 YEAR AGO MOVE ON IT WAS NEVER THAT DEEP..

REAL AESTHETIC HOE [Pisces]: You guys are so damn cute! Like Lo said, your everything Aquarius wishes to be. You guys are awesome I like you guys… Some of y'all are hella fake tho lol.. why can’t you take responsibility for your actions and admit shit is your fault? like some of y’all gotta grow up damn..

Lo’s experienc

- Anaïs 🏃🏾💨

FF XV React: Comforting you after having a terrible nightmare

Suggested by: transientblueseraph and one Anon-chan

I hope you enjoy! This is so cute-it gave me cavaties! ^_^

Noctis: Hey! Hey! *shakes you awake as gently as he can* Calm down, you’re ok. C'mon breathe in *breathes in with you* and out. Repeat. There you go, you’re ok. *starts to rub small circles on your back* Whatever you were dreaming about, it cant hurt you. I’m right here to protect you anyway.

Gladiolus: *you jolt awake from your nightmare and right into Gladiolus’s arms* Oof! At least you saved me the trouble of having to wake you. Hey- *notices that your shaking, and holds you gently* Hey, you’re ok, you’re alright. Shh, if you need to cry go ahead. I wont tell.

Prompto: *you wake up to Prompto holding you* Ah! Holy crap, you scared me. I was gonna go get Ignis for help. You’re ok now, but you must have been dreaming something awful. *you clutch your pillow, and he takes it away to hug you* I’m better than any pillow, hugs are better too. Dont you worry, I’ll make sure you dont have anymore scary dreams.

Ignis: Are you alright! I heard you scream an-A bad dream? *comes over and sits in your bed* Do you want to talk about it? No. It’s probably best not to remember it. *notices your hands shaking and takes them in his* Would you like me to get you something warm to drink? No? Then, how about I just stay here until you fall asleep again. I’ll wake you if it looks like you’ll start having a bad dream.

Cor: Oi pup! Wake up now! *your eyes snap open* Finally, I-whoa! *You suddenly cling to him* Pup-hey now, listen. *kneels down beside you* You’re awake now, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. Ok? *you nod and he gently ruffles your hair* You need me to keep doing this until you fall asleep? Just kidding. Only if you want me too.

Regis: There now *sighs* you’re finally awake, thank Etro. Easy now, *has you lie back down as you were getting up and holds your hand* still your heart. Let it recover. Whatever it is that you dreamt about, it cant follow you here. Alright? *smiles gently*

Cidney: Hey! Hey! Hey! Wake up! Oh thank the Gods, what awful thing were you dreaming of? Oh nevermind! Easy now, deep breaths, look at me! You’re awake y'hear? I’m real. *takes your hand in hers* See? You’re ok. *embraces you and gently rocks you back and forth* Just a dream, a silly old dream.

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i really want a print of yours for my dorm but i’m deciding between everything because they’re all so wonderful, any suggestions ?

*looks at my own stuff in raw annoyance*

I think you shouldn’t..ask me that