i dont want to go outside there are people out there


so some people might get offended by this but i think it needs to be said… we are all so proud of harry we are excited and nervous and i know most of us are going to go see the movie in cinemas… i know this is his first acting role, but remember there are many other actors in this film that other people, who dont know or arent a fan of harry, are wanting to see or they are just wanting to watch another masterpiece that is a christopher nolan film… i want to ask that when harry first appears on that screen PLEASE DO NOT SCREAM OR CLAP OR DISRUPT THE MOVIE FOR OTHERS!!!!!! i know it will be hard as we are so used to being able to express our emotions when we have seen the boys at concerts, but this is different. this is a movie, a movie that many people are going to go watch and i dont want their opinion of harry acting to be tainted by people screaming every time he is on screen i honestly think it could damage his reputation of wanting to be seen as a serious actor and not been cast to draw the one direction fans. by all means be excited and happy to see him in a film, i know i am freaking out right now, but when you are watching the movie just remember we want people to appreciate harrys talent and not dislike him because there were fans who screamed and clapped when he appeared on screen… 

ok, i hope this doesnt make anyone feel attacked, i just think this is a message we should spread around before dunkirk hits cinemas. feel free to disagree and disregard this, but i do think it is important!

welp here i go again  -following spree-

i really need to follow more people my dash be dead

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ok you know what? i’m going to talk more about it

i dont think homestuck is the “pinnacle” of representation honestly, while it’s highly important for being the ‘coming out’ fandom of a massive number of teens it hasnt exactly crossed many barriers or taken many risks or even given quality to the “representation” it has. i dont think a bisexual species is that Progressive as that isnt the same as human bisexuality, though i do think its fun to have a normally bisexual species that is just chill about it all.
sooooo, realistically, HS itself probably hasnt made a lot of people be ‘less homophobic’ or done much to normalize gay stuff. it absolutely wasnt intended to either, outside of maybe 1 convo in the whole comic. it isn’t groundbreaking. 

therefore pretending that arguing about character sexualities is worth much at all in the grander scheme of things is a huge lie.

but that doesnt mean that gay groups in the fandom that want to interpret things in such a way that they can relate to are being foolish. 

like, in this specific argument, it was about vrisrezi and people interpreting them as gay and this being “bi erasure”. you know what? if you relate to them as bi, good on you. thats nice. personally i dont think either of them have done much for “bi-ness” in the comic, so im not strongly attached to that interpretation. but maybe that’s just me.

then when other people see it differently, or think its more valuable and cool for them to interpret it as - especially for vriska - something akin to a struggle with compulsory heterosexuality? when this has more touching symbolism related to the canon content and does not really undermine the “bisexual” interpretation, when it almost makes more sense considering vriskas superficial straight relationships but far more passionate gay relationships, whats the problem with that? these groups find it relatable in a way that imo is far stronger than i would find the bisexual interpretation, as humanity isnt a bisexual species and the canon content doesnt give a fuck about that side!!!

same goes for terezi to an extent, shitty straight relationships while shes obviously Over The Moon for a girl. sadly TZ isnt shown having any biromantic tension with anyone at all outside of what we scrutinize with vriska, so the bisexual “canon” interpretation also has little value to me outside of, like, 1 ship i appreciate and also a goofy little convo w dave about jane on the lilypad (which could be interpreted as gay anyway).

point goes, i dont see this interpretation as taking ANYTHING away from me. i actually find the gay interpretation far more relatable than the bi one, because it more closely resembles my own experience w identifying my sexuality.

anonymous asked:

Did you leave the fitness Industry because it's disordered or because you weren't appreciated? I think it's sad that people look up to girls like Aubrey who have to go on a walk outside when they find out their gym is closed. Fitness people are supposed to be healthy yet are the most disordered out there. Is that why you left?

yeah, i realized the industry wasnt what it looked like once i becamea part of it. i lost my love for exercise and my body. companies tried to take advantage of me and made empty promises they never followed through on because all they cared about was who hadmore followers to help them make money. i realized these companies arent actually working behind their missions they claimed to have. i realized how many people dont care about their followers who look up to them and just want their money. it all made me forget why i started in the first place.

707′s call in day 10 in the night/evening

Where arou you? You were sitting still beside me now.

>Maybe its too dark for you to see me, im here

Oh there you were. Were you just looking aroud?

>I was near the door
You want to leave? Dont go outside yet. If its too frustasing. I’ll go out with you later.
Lets stay inside for now

Is it okay here? I know its not the best place. But i chose it bec its quiet and people rarely come…
but it doesnt suit someone bright like you.

>Its cool. I feel like we’re in a movie
Thanks for saying that. But be careful. Its an old building so you might get hurt. I’d like to turn on the light more…
but people will know we’re here then.

>I’m scared. Be here with me
Its dark right? I’ll be right there as soon as i finish taking care of this. Im sorry im just working and not talking to you

I want to care for you more, but this is such an emergency. I have no choice

>Then express your feeling towards me.
Can i be really honest?
You cant even imagine how much i love you now. As an extreme example… i can die for you. Thats why im here.
And even when i died, i want my soul to remain here next to you… without you, i would never have had hope…

I am not afraid to die for you… im only afraid of you forgetting me.
I always hoped never to be remembered, but now i’m so afraid to be forgotten… by you

>Stupid. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together and diie. Im never gonna leave you alone.
Hahaha.. i really hope so. Nothing’s ever worked out the way i wanted it to.. but i hope this one does.

>I’ll remember you forever
…Yes, please do. Id want to live a day more just to be remembered by you
As much as i was forgotten by so many people.. i want to be remembered.
Remember that i am not an illusion… i live inside of you

>I love you
Wow… my heart just stopped… i was thinking that and you said it first

>There’s something i want to hear from you, and it starts with “I”

I love you, today… tomorrow… forever and ever…

As difficult as it was for you when i kept pushing you away, i’ll give you that much, no, much more love

I’ll care for you and love you. I love you.. my love is so big that even the word love cant contain all of it.

I love you. I’ll love you forever.




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could you explain whats so bad about love triangles? i really dont know

98% of the time they are written horribly, and usually at the expense of the involved girl(s). I can count the number of not-straight ones I’ve ever seen on one hand, and fail to see the appeal. If one really doesn’t want to choose, it’s not like there aren’t options outside of the triangle.

In the odd instance where they are decently written, both choices actually seem like possibilities (because sometimes, the author is so massively biased its really obvious who is going to “win”)…. there’s still no reason given for why it has to be a CHOICE? Like if all 3 people involved get on well enough, then they can just be poly, no drama needed. These things always resolve like…. “and she chose boy 2, and boy 1 went to live out the rest of his days as a sad mountain hermit.”

I guess ultimately most people just find them boring and cliche, because they always follow the same format. If more of them ended in the way the Korra-Mako-Asami one did, I might have a different opinion.

❝  T h a n k   y o u ❞

‘Well, you saved my life twice… I just had to do it’  replied Vanya.

‘People do not always do what they must’ Aramil remarked with a feeble voice.

‘… It was also what I

clever ways for artists to incorporate their signatures/logos into work that dont detract from the image because trust me I know that feel of not wanting your art stolen but also not wanting to upload shitty low res with huge watermarks:

-signs, posters, background imagery ect. make your signature the name of that fuckin restaurant in the bg, see people try to claim the pic as theirs and laugh.
-if it’s a cute and generic enough symbol that you can slip it into every picture on objects in the bg and dumbasses think its part of the image so if they steal you can easily point out that its your motif
-on clothing, such as waistband of underpants or even as the slogan on a shirt if you’re just drawing people chilling
-as graffiti on things in the bg
-scrawled into the dirt or sidewalk like you just happened to pass by the scene and leave your mark
-in monogatari there is an animator who writes his entire name out with the fence stakes outside of the school they go to. its incredibly jarring but kinda cool.

the problem with a simple initial at the side is that people can (and will) crop it out if they want to claim it. A watermark, likewise, makes the image a bit unpleasant to look at, and lends to obnoxious people (me) not wanting to reblog (which as a artist I admit is dickish because I totally understand the need of watermarks). to me a watermark is good for putting on a commission thats in progress so the person can’t take it without paying you (this happened once. enjoy your shitty tentacle porn with ‘pndr’ repeated on it 10 times you con artist) but in terms of displaying your image it can really detract from the overall feel, so unless you really are facing a lot of troubles with art theft I think it probably does more harm than good

holy crap guys. don’t fucking wait outside of a band’s hotel room. the hotel itself? not as terrible. but imagine you’re getting ready to go about your day, you walk out of your room, and then WHAM BAM THANK YA MAM, there’s a group of people just. staring at you? and expecting you to be nice and cordial despite the fact that they followed you to your room and probably waited outside of it for a while. kiiiinda creepy. for a person like Gerard, who has stated that he gets socially anxious easily, that’s the equivalent of being asked to give an oral speech in your nighties when you haven’t prepared; it’s just not cool. if you want to meet an artist, wait outside of the venue after the show. try to catch them and talk to them when they’re prepared for it. not when they’re walking out of their friggin hotel room.


this was the best day of my life. i can easily say that. i got to washington dc at 3pm and it was raining so my hair looked horrible. i waited outside for about an hour before going and waiting by the stage entrance. waited there for a while more then a red mini van pulled right into the driveway and i looked in the back window and saw dan. i waved and he waved back and i started crying because i was so freaking close to them and i just wanted them to come out of the car so i could give them the biggest hugs i can. but they didnt i hope they got my telepathic hug instead.

the actual show was incredible and my friend and i were singing along to a muse song before it started when dan tweeted that tweet and i almost cried again because we made him feel something. i screamed so loud so much and my voice is probably dead but i dont really care because they are amazing. i met so many internet friends and bonded with people while waiting in line bc dan and phil bring people together.

it was the biggest crowd i had been in in a long time and i didnt have a single panic attack because i never feel safer than when im with them. i didnt get to give them my letter that ive been carrying around for so long but thats ok.

thank you so much dan and phil you make me feel like i can do anything in the world. you make me laugh and cry and feel every emotion possible because i love you so much. im so proud of how far you’ve come and i hope to be able to hug you soon.

love you

Ive been in this hobby for so long, but now Im going to go to my first meet up. Ill be travelling by plane since there are no meets in my area. All my life Ive been keeping my doll hobby a secret, I dont even acknowledge them in my life outside and to now come “publicly” as who I truly am makes me sick to my stomach. I would honestly feel nauseous whenever I think of the meet up and think of cancelling it altogether, but I truly want to experience it for once in my life, instead of looking at pictures. I dont fit the doll owner stereotype, Im a very masculine, preppy, 26 year old male and I worry I will stand out or do something that would make others feel uncomfortable - Ive seen the confessions here, and it doesnt help that my dolls style is possibly too feminine - frills, lace, pinks and glitter. I worry about what the male companions of the people Im meeting think of me - even though it shouldnt really matter - but Im worried to be seen as a lesser, to be made fun of publicly or sneered at. In all honesty, Ive been picked on and beat up constantly in school and back home for having “feminine” tendencies, so much that Ive learned to keep it a secret and hide all traces of it. I dont even communicate or share pictures online, I only lurk. I dont know anyone there personally, which is what calms me going to that meetup.


Just because someone has a muse that may appear comical on the outside, that does not mean they don’t have other feelings, issues, thoughts, etc.

Just because you may know the muse to be nice to others, it does not mean they will be nice to you, or that they have to be nice to you. Muses build different relationships with different people.

If you are afraid of confrontation/cannot handle it OOCly, then DO NOT START IT ICLY. Not all muses and muns will back down just because you’re upset. If you don’t like a muse being mad at you, don’t piss them off. If you don’t like arguing, don’t argue.

If you piss off my muse, I will not drop it. I will not let it go. I will not magically make him happy and friendly just because you were upset OOCly because he called your character an asshole and said he wanted to kill them. If your character is in that situation to where my muse is blinded by anger and physically attacking them, then you have to deal with it.

“But I don’t like doing that kind of stuff!!”

Then simply, do not engage. Do not start things that lead to such events. Don’t piss off the other person.

“But that’s boring!”

Then have your character deal with the consequences of their actions.

My muse is a man that has killed people. He has killed people with his bare teeth. He has killed people with arrows. He has killed people with knives. He’s choked people to death. He will not back down when he feels his life is in danger or if he feels threatened.

You are not an exception because you are nice.

What if....

….you heard yelling outside your window. It was the middle of the afternoon, dont these people know you’re sleeping? Rude. Anyway, you try to ignore it then you realise its your name. They are shouting your name. You of course know who ‘they’ are but you are trying to master the art of ‘ignorance’. 

After 5 more minutes, and many many arguments between them and your equally irritated neighbours and their dogs, you open your window.

‘THERE IS A MEWTWO. A MEWTWO. LET ME CATCH IT!!’ - Mark jumps and waves excitedly. 



‘THERES A MEWTWO?’ A distinct Irish voice cried.

‘No. Both of you. Go home. Brush your teeth. Go to bed. Jack you may want to figure out how you got here from Ireland.’

‘I swam. There was a squirtle’ He smirked

‘Thats nice. Its still no.’

They both sulk off into the distance. You smirk. There was no longer a Mewtwo. It belonged to you.


Fans going to GOT7‘s concerts..

or ANY concert for that matter…DO NOT POST PICTURES OF YOUR TICKETS ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA!! Weather you are just excited to share the news or trying to sell your tickets….people can easily copy the bar codes on the ticket and print them on their own homemade ticket! .. That would let someone else into the concert while the real ticket holder gets shut out!!! i have seen waaaaaay too many IGOT7’S posting photos as proof while trying to sell them…you can show proof just black out the barcode and the sales conf number!

I was unsure if i should post about this becasue i dont want to give dishonest MEAN ppl ideas..but im hoping this will save someone the heartbreak of having tickets stolen ….i went to a concert a few years back and my friend was a victim of this and it SUCKS.  

i think its really important to make bad and reckless decisions sometimes and i dont mean the kind of decisions that result with you going to prison or ruining somebody elses life forever but like the kind of decisions everybody else tries to talk you out of but you know you want to make. 

im the type of person that gets talked out of decisions i want to make a lot bc the people around me dont think theyre best for me. and sometimes you should just make the decision anyway, make a plan for what youre going to do if and when you fall on your ass, bc youre going to be so much happier doing it despite everybody telling you not to instead of wondering what it would have been like if you had done it in the first place. 

idk, maybe this isnt the right advice for everybody, but for anybody out there that this resonates with, its for you. ive been making a lot of choices for myself despite outside influences, and its just a part of growing up, and maybe this was an obvious thing for everybody besides me, but i let my anxiety of how people would view me or my fears of people not liking me prevent me from making decisions that i wanted to make for a really long time and lately i just havent been giving a shit and making questionable choices bc its REALLY what i need to be doing right now.

 i quit my job bc it made me feel like dying everyday, im planning on moving out soon, and ive been spending a little more money than i usually let myself. im kind of just in this stage where im disorganized but im happy. im figuring myself out on a new level. im becoming a little more independent than i thought i would. and it feels good