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would you happen to have anything from the concubine au that you wouldnt mind sharing? just some facts or tidbits would be awesome even if you dont want to post a wip. im super exicted for this au!!! (will it be multi chapter, or have its own series?)

wtI*cracks knuckles*

Anon, I am sooooo glad you asked. 

It’s actually changed quite a bit from its earliest incarnation. No one is a concubine any longer (there was some dub con I didn’t want to deal with?). Instead, Lafayette is a Prince that ascends the throne, who falls in love with one of his father’s servants. Fast forward a couple of years, and the servant is now the King’s secret lover who lives in a small collection of rooms. When the King brings a scholar to live with his lover as his tutor, they all three fall in love.

Too bad Thomas, the King’s bitter half brother, is lurking in the shadows. When he discovers the King’s two secret lovers, he kidnaps them for ransom and as a bargaining chip to get the King to step down.  

It’s written in a very flowery, very over the top style. I am putting a preview under the cut for anyone interested:

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Hi! I have a question about your art. It's very realistic and the colours are beautiful, but I was wondering if you use people's faces straight from references or if you just know how to draw realistic faces. Could you give me some tips please? <3

Hey there! Im actually making a tips post, so Ill let you know when I have that up (ill finish it tonight probably). But I thought I may as well just answer this question now since I feel like a lot of people ask it. 

I know how to draw realistic faces and knowing that can get you extremely far proportion wise. However, painting becomes another story. Since I paint realistically, I dont care who you think you are, unless youre some prodigy, have a photographic memory, or the reincarnation of Michelangelo, youre not going to be able to make that face look ‘realistic’ and alive without looking at a live model or a photo reference. (We can argue that photo references sometimes look stiff)

I DO use references and i keep them off to the side when I paint to refer to and draw colors from. I do this because I’ve noticed that when i paint and when I look at paintings that people try to do realistically, they end up looking really flat. 

Human skin (and any skin really) is not one tone. It has several different colors in it that shift and vary. (One artist who was a master at tones of the skin was Lucien Freud)

When I started painting digitally (which was just this past april-may), I would use a background color, draw ontop of it, and then add in highlights: 

Well, that obviously didnt work out so well. So to fix it, I started with a background color, then a base color for the skin, hair, clothes, etc, to see if that helped. I did this most specifically with my Captive Prince paintings and my Manon painting:

Then after more revision, I realized that the base color made the painting look even MORE flat. So, to fix this I decided to take away the base color and leave the painting as is. I did this with several Laurent (from captive prince) paintings. In fact, all of them. By removing the base color, I felt as if I added more depth to the figure by making them sort of ‘stylized’ because i removed the base and realized I didnt color in all of the skin, so it left the background peaking through. 

Then, I revised some more. Realizing that I did like that method of using a base color and taking it away (and I still would like to use in the future), It wasnt working out too well with everything. Many of the background colors clashed with the color of the models skin and it made the painting process extremely straining on the eyes:

Thats when the black background came in and the method that I use when I paint traditionally. I started this method most specifically with my first feyre painting. Quickly though, I realized I no longer wanted to deal with a base color: 

I would sketch out the figure then start from the nose, eyedropping color from the model/reference, paitning it onto my sketch and branch off from there. (unfortunately I dont have any real examples besides this since I work primarily on three layers - background color, outline, and then skin - hair, etc. But here was the best I can find since it’s the most recent and I had the nose i a separate layer for some reason. I also started accidentally paitning ontop of my drawing so… I cant show you the two separated either)

Now when i eyedrop, I do it because of the tones in the skin. If I were painting traditionally, I would do the same and pay attention to what colors im mixing. Since I’m painting on the computer, i dont really have the liberties of doing that. And I dont know anyone that can pull up the palette of colors and find the exact colors that they need manually. So anyone that shits on eyedropping doesnt really understand what it does for paintings like the ones I do.

Im going to make a more in depth tutorial on how I draw portraits to then paint over. I can also do a traditional, oil paint and canvas type of tutorial if you all would like to see that as well (let me know though since Ill be painting for my thesis and I want to know in advance if I should record any of it). 

The real advice I can give here though is just to practice. If something doesnt work out, scrap it and start over. Work and rework until you get it right. I mean, just a few months ago I was painting like this 

and now Im painting like this

(Thats not a joke. Thats the progress Ive made just over the summer from constantly working and reworking my processes and paintings. Also by paying an eye to detail and being PATIENT.)

Now whats funny is I dont paint like this traditionally at all lol. But, I think being able to draw a portrait comes in handy though so for an in depth tutorial, just check back in a few days. I hope these are helpful tips.. I dont really know if theyre tips. Sorry if I went off on a tangent, Im not good at explainint this stuff.. lol!

Let me know if yall want to know/see anything else!

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Im feeling real low tonight. I just feel like ive missed my chance to be noticed by Tay. Like Ive been obsessed with her since day one but still I havent met her or even gotten close to seeing her. I dont know what to do to keep my hopes up. I know you probably have your own problems to deal with and I dont want to be a burden and load you with this too But, i just cant hold this in any longer. I miss her like a a chance Ive never taken. And I fear that we will never meet.

Babe!! That’s totally normal to feel this way. I promise you it’s not too late. I’ve never met Taylor either, but when I get sad about it I know she’s trying her very best to meet every fan possible this era she even said it herself! I don’t think the secret sessions/package situations are the only thing taylor has up her sleeve this era!! I think she wants to meet you just as much as you want to meet her :) I promise love just keep your head up and try to be happy! As for noticing you on here, I see new people getting followed every single day! Just be patient! I never ever thought I’d see the day! I waited so long and posted constantly, but one day she decided to follow me mid history class! I know you’ll be noticed eventually just keep trying ❤️❤️ p.s. You are never a burden to me!!