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7/100 days of productivity 

hello again guys! so recently i’ve been wanting to do some cool posts with tips and stuff but my mind is just blank and blocked and I want your opinions! what kind of posts would you like to see? let me know in the comments below please, this blog is also yours! 

by the way guys, yesterday I was listening to a really cool playlist for studying on spotify and I found a MASTERPIECE. is the main theme song from the movie “the imitation game” and it’s just soo good, like I dont even know how to explain the feelings this song gives me. 

studygram: yangstudies

🎧 the imitation game - alexander desplat 

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Sorry, I just wanted to say I saw that video of the Goku and Vegeta game grumps comparison and was wondering if you ever thought about doing more videos like that? It's honestly the best thing I've ever scene and I don't think I've seen anything else like it. Your art style is really loved too. Happy drawings!

oh yea omg i totally forgot about that video tbh and i kept getting new subscriber notices on my email recently and i was like ‘wtf???’ and i looked and i was like ‘ohhh myyy gooddddd…’

like i mean…

and i have like almost 4k subs too???




honestly i thought it was gonna get like… 3k views MAX. i worked hard on it but it was just for fun and on a whim and its sort of silly and i really think no one was gonna actually dig it and i thought people would think its weird… but shit. 


but sorry. to your question:

eehhhhhh ooooo ahhhhh uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeee….

like. do you mean specifically to game grumps? or to make crossovers with other stuff?

if you mean to ask if ive thought of doing more GGxDBZ crossovers? then no.. i dont know???? i mean the pachinko town clip was the only clip i thought would fit guko and vegeets and the only one i had in mind sorta. there might be a few more gg moments i think might work but its been a long while since ive watched game grumps. ive been kinda on a break with them. 

but to do other cross-over-ish things in general? there was one idea i had using the audio of the actual english dbz voice actors reading scenes from movies in the dbz voices and sort of animating(?) to that. but as you can CLEARLY SEE- I AM NO ANIMATOR LOL. (sort of why i disabled comments on that video-i dont need people telling me i cant animate… i already know that lol)

but i mean…. i WOULD like to do another sort of animated( if you can even call it that) video with better art cuz ive improved a lot since then lol

i have crossover ideas ive wanted to do for FOREVER but just never had the time… until now really. so i dont know! youll have to wait and see. i cant guarantee anything.

i do really REALLY appreciate you liked it tho, and if it actually does make anyone smile then it was worth it and im glad i made it. i dont know if ill do more in the future but who knows? it might encourage me to do more?? but for now thank you for liking it! it really mean a lot.

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On representation in fandom and why we need to step up.

This post is explicitly about The Adventure Zone – I’ve seen a few posts like this going around and I genuinely think that the more we talk about this, the better people will understand the greater issue here in a fandom that is growing by the second. This is also explicitly about visual representation (in regards to race & body) coming from a white guy, so I’m going to link these posts by whitetaakosarecursed, flovvright and roswelltxt for their perspective writings, which are really worth the read.

So, there are a few points I want to bring up, and trust me, this is going to be a long one. Not all of these points have equal value per se, but I do think they’re all worth addressing. 

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I need to share this. I try to never post Reylo. I care so much about the ship but dont want the discourse on my blog. But the trailer high caused me to slip. I rebloged a post commenting that Rey and Kylo Ren's relationship is integral to the plot. literally 5 minutes later a mutual kindly asked me to tag Reylo so she can black list the ship. NBD but it was like a kick in the gut. It scares me that even after all the character development in TLJ people will still be so anti about it.

I’m sorry, anon. Some people aren’t going to like the movie, or Kylo, or whatever their dynamic ends up being, and that’s ok - it’s their right - but I wish fans would be a little kinder to each other. It’s not real, it’s just a story.

Anyway, please enjoy what you enjoy and don’t feel bad for fangirling over that beautiful trailer.

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Bucky wanted to relive his 40s! era charm when he use to take his dates out dancing, so he re-learned how to dance by watching your favorite movie Dirty Dancing. He remembered you commenting that you always wanted to do the Johnny and Baby finale dance. After methodically memorized the steps & surprised you by dressing up like Johnny and had Natasha get a similar dress of Baby's for you and started dancing his way to you. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," he whispered

please dont unfollow me , I haven’t seen it omg 

Fluffy Friday™

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Is there any final comment on why Lando is not appearing in the new movies? I've read something about BDW being in the new Han Solo movie, but why aren't there any questions being asked in interviews with the cast about thim

@starwars and lucasfilm pls answer this… idk i mean it was asked if lando will be back and billy already said he wants to come back and he;s not done with lando yet but also he already confirmed he;s not in the last jedi i really dont know why bc honestly? there’s no way lando would stay where he was and not go looking for leia after hearing what happened to han

i know he will attend Jedicon in Rio this year so i hope some of my brazillian fellas ask this… bora perguntar isso please 

apparently sausage party is out today and not only has it already made over $3 million it’s generally got about a 70/100 on various review sites and I wanna give a heads up to anyone thinking about going to see it. I read the script and it is exactly what has been produced. If you read the script you already know how garbage this movie is, but if you haven’t (don’t), here’s a few key points for you:

-all of the food items are racist stereotypes. all of them. the movie opens up with a song specifically pointing out these stereotypes. half of the “jokes” in the movie are based on these stereotypes.

-the other half of the jokes are sexual. not even in a clever or nuanced way, more like middle school level “lol sex” type jokes.

-every other word is fuck I s2g

-there’s literally a point in the movie/script where the only females in the movie are abused so badly by another character that the script doctor literally had to go in and be like “woah hey maybe tone down that violence towards women there friend”

-the above mentioned character is actually the movies Mexican stereotype (a container of guac) who literally says out of his mouth that his whole thing is abusing women. that’s it. that’s his whole character.

-the food has sex. and not just for 30 seconds. for like 5 whole minutes. it’s graphic. a whole montage of disgusting food orgy.

-there’s also a lot of body horror, gore, and vore(? if it’s food being eaten does that count? I’m putting it on the list anyway bc it’s still pretty fucked up) and when I say gore I don’t just mean the food. human beings are also graphically murdered in this movie.

-there’s a rape scene. also beastiality. it’s the same scene. the main villain rapes a rat. (and it gets worse from there somehow)

-the whole thing is a thinly veiled commentary on the “futility” of religion and any people who are religious or believing of God are spineless sheeple living in ignorance.

I could honestly make a point for every minute of this movie, but I think this is more than enough to convince anyone thinking of going to see the movie otherwise. one last comment I would like to make is that I noticed a lot of the people actively supporting the movie are white men, and I believe that’s why it’s getting relatively good reviews. but don’t be misled, the movie is shit.

so if yall could please spread this around so people know what the fuck is up and hopefully don’t waste their time and money on this fucking shitstorm of a movie that would be gr8 👌

tl;dr dont go see sausage party. trust me, you don’t want to see this movie. it’s disgusting (more so than Seth Rogans other movies)

did anyone else notice that in the lego ninjago movie the people bullying lloyd are the people who tend to be bullied themselves

the Male Cheerleader

the Headgear Girl

and Pilates Guy

i dont have any comments on this tbh?? im sure theres a deeper significance but i dont really feel like delving into that right now

i just wanted to know if anyone else noticed

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Okay but the power rangers movie was so bad and the representation was so forced. Like you could tell the movie was so proud of itself for being diverse and it just didn't work because there was literally a line that went something like "4 different colored rangers. And four different colored people!" And representation is good but only when it comes across as natural and not just to get the movie a pat on the back

what do you mean it was “bad” and “forced” yeah there was a pun about colors because guess what teenagers make bad puns, along with an alien robot making an observation. plus, there is a difference between having a movie with 0 plans for a sequel slightly allude to secondary characters being queer and being like hi yes in this movie we are going to not have any romance and even cut the het romance and then set something up for next movie if we get one. there’s a difference between bait and build up and wtf do u mean it was bad. have u ever seen a power rangers tv show episode. or a superhero movie. i dont even know what you mean by “natural” you had one white person as a main character in the entire movie outside of the villain???????? i dont understand???????? what is this “natural” you speak of. esp since i’ve also seen autistic people who are very happy with how billy was portrayed as well????? and at least from what i’ve seen they worked a lot with Ludi–the Chinese native actor–with Zack because they wanted to be authentic, esp since Zack wasn’t originally written as Chinese.

Also even more, the director is Haim Saban–a jewish man.

i really don’t understand what you mean by forced it almost seemed like a satirical comment about how white the superhero industry seems to be, with it always being the white kids who are “randomly” chosen–which is the definition of satire–when you use comedy and irony to pointedly make a statement about oppressors.

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Can I have a headcanon for all the main Karasuno boys (+ Ukai and Takeda if you want and since you said you wanted more Ukai requests) watching sappy romance movies like "The Notebook" and "If I Stay" with their s/o? Any tears? Lots of cuddling? Snarky comments?? Thanks! :)

I’ve been eying this request for so long lmao 

So, I did Ukai and lEV my bb bc I don’t really know Takeda that well but if you wanted him too just send in another request and I’ll be happy to do that for ya

also, rlly sorry I didn’t post this last night! My family was usuing my computer bc theirs broke 


- Literally has to be dragged into watching sappy movies. Was probably done as an apology for being extra salty on a particular date

- Would never admit to it, but actually gets really into the plots sometimes. Like, he will unintentionally tighten his grip on his s/o during suspenseful scenes and stare intently at the screen

- Always cuddling with his s/o during the movie bc “he might as well get something out of it” right

- No tears, but a lOT of snarky comments when he feels the movie is particularly cheesy, and besides, he would much rather hear his s/o laugh than cry


- Lots of hand holding during the movie??? Idk i dont see him as a huge cuddler outside of bed but like definitely wants to be close to his s/o and have physical contact

- Cries along with his s/o, not ashamed

- They take turns picking out sappy movies when they do end up watching them. Yamaguchi enjoys the Titanic

- Snacks are always a must when watching movies for him


- Literally will never ever pick a sappy movie, but wont really complain when his s/o wants to watch it

- Silently wipes away tears, hides it from his s/o

- His s/o knows

- It’s almost automatic for him to hold his s/o in his arms, and watching movies changes nothing


- Bouncy bean will not sit quiet, and talks throughout the movie, expressing every emotion that comes across his mind “But ____, they have to end up together!”

- Shifts around from cuddling with his s/o to clutching onto a blanket or pillow, lunging forward at the TV

- More often than not knocks over the snacks they have prepared while having an emotional fit, the mess goes unnoticed till the movie is over

- Silently wipes away tears along with his s/o


- Along with kickin action movies, sappy romantic movies happen to be his forte

- Will try to stay ‘manly’ and not cry, but totally lets a couple fall at the climax of the movie

- Will always cuddle up to his s/o, usually an arm strewn around their shoulders along with them both wrapped in a blanket

- Sports that ‘spoon in an ice cream tub’ aesthetic when watching movies


- Doesn’t really care much for romantic movies, but as long as his s/o is pleased so is he

- Huge cuddle bug is the small spoon when watching movies, shoveling hand full after handful of chips/popcorn into his mouth

- Stone cold, not one tear fell during any movie, If I Stay included “____ it’s really not that sad come on”

- Loves it when his s/o absentmindedly runs their hands through his hair during the movie, honestly one of his favorite parts about movie night


- Loves any kind of movie, really. Though romcoms are his favorite, some straight up romance is always good once in awhile

- When a romantic scene is playing out in front of them he will become all touchy-feely with his s/o, whispering sweet things into their ear while leaving small kisses

- Blankets draped around the two are a must

- Likes to curl up with some warm hot chocolate when watching a sappy movie, regardless of weather


- Not a big crier tbh

- However will always cuddle up to his s/o during movie night. He loves to play with their hair

- Doesn’t eat much while watching movies wither

- Honestly like 96.32% of his attention is on his s/o, maybe like 3.8% on the movie if it has an intresting plot. Maybe.


- Not really one for romantic movies, minimal complaining beforehand but will settle once they begin

- During the movie he will run his hands soothingly along their body in an attempt to comfort them, maybe even kiss their head a bit when they start to cry, smiling at the sweetness of it all

- This is like the one time he will pig out with you bc he usually has a p strict diet but his soft spot for you is also p big so

- Won’t cry, unless the movie somehow really touched him


- He absolutely loves cuddles, and will curl up under a huge blanket with them. Them usually on his chest

- Totally bawls, the both of them. A tissue box is always present

- As tradition calls, a bowl of popcorn is present. Its kettle tho

- His favorite movies are sci-fy and things like them, but sappy movies immediately follow


- Most definitely cries at sad parts don’t even fight me

- He sits side by side with his legs crossed on the couch while intently staring at the screen, a beer in hand while he yells at the characters as if they can hear him

- Blankets and pillows are thrown around, maybe draped across their shoulders

- Sometimes will ‘snuggle’ up with his s/o, giving them chaste kisses before returning their eyes to the screen


- So emotional during any kind of movie, and he will let you know exactly what he’s thinking. A talker

- When he sees the couple on-screen doing romantic things or going on fun dates he almost always suggests that they should do that, a smile taking over his face as he imagines it

- Will always hold his s/o close and in his lap

- Not really a big crier, but will occasionally if he’s feeling particularly sappy

Zac Efron Imagine

Imagine: Zac Efron - Anonymous

It was your very first premier with your boyfriend, Zac Efron. He’s new movie The Neighbors was being released. You had on a long sparkly red dress with your hair curled and pulled off to the side.

“Nervous Babe?” Zac asked quietly as you started walking the red carpet.

“W-why do you ask that?” You asked.

“Well, one i can feel your hand sweating, and two you stuttered when replying.” He said smiling.

You blushed taking your hand back and wiping it off on your dress.

“Dont worry Babe, you look great and everyones going to love you.”

As he finished saying that  couple of girls screamed wanted a picture with you both. So you walked over to them and got a couple fan pictures. Then headed over to take questions from the interviewers.

Most were about the movie, but some were about your relationship.

Everyone commented on how cute of a couple you were. As you were walking into the theater Zac said, “See, they loved you nothing to worry about.”

“Thanks Zac.I love you.” you said leaning up to kiss him. As you did you saw the flash of a camera. “forgot we were surrounded by the paparazzi.”

He shrugged to say oh well and led you to your seats.

The other night I politely asked Lala Romero why the models of her LA based clothing brand “Bella Doña” are only light skinned and she told me to look at the timeline again and not ask such a dumb question. Then her friend told me to fuck off and that the colorism issue is played out which was then followed by a fan saying “she (as in me) wants the models to look like theyre from Oaxaca” i dont even have to be Mexican to know that comment was rude, ignorant, and proof that the colorism issue in or community is NOT played out. Lala blocked me and then told the friend who said that about colorism that she loves him and they should see a movie soon. Lol. Lala prides herself on being an LA Latina with a “hood” chola aesthetic but all her models are light skinned/white passing. I will never say that the color of their skin takes away from their latinidad but if her brand is by Latinas and for Latinas, wouldnt she want to be more inclusive and represent all of us? I was very polite to her and never said anything rude or negative but I guess i got to her. Anyway i hope you guys will be able to help me spread the word about the brand. the owner is not a nice lady and seems to agree that colorism is not a present or important issue in our community. In all honesty, she basically just makes the chola aesthetic accessible to white people and cares little about the actual people she claims to be representing. i regret having ever given her my money as a darker skinned Latina but i really thought i was supporting an hermana with a cool vision.

Rtlt: thanks for your submission. Colorism is a huge problem within the Latinx community and it’s upsetting to hear that someone from our community is dismissive and unwilling to listen to any critique that points out a very colonialist, anti-black, anti-indigeneous, mentality that continues to exist. it’s a shame really and peculiarly ironic considering Ms. Romero markets to an audience that is often marginalized by the fashion industry. It would be beyond hypocritical to applaud and support a brand for pushing boundaries and acknowledging a sect that is often underrepresented when in reality theyre reinforcing the same tired, racist ideals already established by conventional mainstream fashion industry.

A Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster Mini-series

Summary: You meet a clumsy guy on the streets of Seoul, and it just so happens that he’s one of the nation’s most well-known idols….and he’s interested in you.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31 Chapter 32 Chapter 33 Chapter 34 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Chapter 37 Chapter 38 (Final) Epilogue

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Chapter 21

You wanted to hide in Namjoon’s room for as long as you could after that. Namjoon had to pass Jungkook his phone after putting his sweatpants back on, with you diving under the covers of his bed and wanting to bury yourself from the mortification, realising with embarrassment just how loud you and Namjoon had been.

‘Y/N, you dont have to hide!’ he chuckles as he walks back over to you after closing the door, going to pull back the covers and having to battle with you as you attempt to keep yourself hidden. He ends up digging his fingers into your ribs and tickling the material out of your grasp, your hands trying to bat him away as you squeal.

'Ah, Namjoon stop!’ you shout, and you figure the only way to get him to stop would be to pull him down beside you and climb on top of him- although when you’re straddling his waist, staring down triumphantly at him and you see his gaze not on your face, but travelling down your still nude body, you realise this was probably not the best idea you’d ever had.

'I dont particularly like being submissive, kitten….but if you want to do the cowgirl position we could always give it a-’

'Yah! How can you still be thinking about that when we just got caught by Jungkook?!’ you ask, falling to the side of him and lying on your front to at least partially cover your dignity, rolling your eyes when he turns onto his side to face you.

'Have you seen yourself? Its hard to think about anything else when you’re laid next to me wearing nothing.’ he murmurs, trailing two fingers whisper light down your spine, making you shudder against his touch and curl your arms and face into the pillow in front of you.

'What do you mean have I seen myself?’ you ask, turning your head to look at him and smiling shyly as you shamelessly fish for compliments, seeing him smirk at you as he grabs your arm and pulls you back on top of him once more, looking up at you consideringly for a few moments before speaking.

'Your hair is the softest thing i’ve ever touched and frames your face perfectly. Your cute cheeks rise up when you smile and make your eyes sparkle when the sunlight bounces off of them. Your eyes are bottomless and I barely have to ask you anything about yourself because they tell me every emotion you’re feeling when you’re feeling it- you’re like an open book.’ 

‘Your smile is adorable and your slightly crooked bottom teeth always make me want to kiss you so that I can run my tongue over them just to memorise what they feel like. When you’re wearing your glasses I find it ridiculously difficult to hold back and I get turned on by just picturing you wearing them. Your body is honestly the most perfect thing I have ever seen- ever felt. The way your shoulders are a little wider than a normal girl, the way your thighs look when they rest on mine, your tiny feet which I swear are dwarf’s feet, but match your tiny hands so it just makes you look that much cuter and more beautiful.’

'Your confused yet feisty expression when I crashed into you that first day, and the way you refused to admit you were hurt because you were staring at my hair so much that you couldn’t look away to see how you’d scratched your arm pretty badly on the wall. The way you looked on that first night I brought you back here and you’d already made yourself at home, laying across my bed waiting for me, like you were meant to be there- blending into the room effortlessly, yet being the only thing I could look at. How big your eyes got when you came to our concert and realised who I was for the first time, and the pouty, frustrated expression you’d given me when you’d finally reached the table at the fan meet and you scolded me for not telling you.’ he says chuckling when you frown at him, but he simply ignores you in favour of picking up your hands and linking his fingers with yours.

‘The way you put up with all of my sarcastic comments and the shit that I say when i’m nervous, or trying to be cocky, or just so absorbed by you that I blurt out whatever is on my mind. Your neediness when you’re horny and the way you’re always so considerate to those around you; so shy with the other boys, even though when you first met me you couldn’t stop flirting even if you tried!’

'Your embarrassment at being caught having sex with me by a boy- who although may look young and innocent- watches the most porn out of all of us in this dorm!-’

'Noooo, Really?’ you gasp, widening your eyes in disbelief, but grinning when he shakes his head and tickles you again, rolling you so that he was hovering over you, a fond smile on his face as he looks down at you.

'I’m trying to tell you something important.’ he complains, mock glaring at you and you tilt your head sassily back at him.

'Well if you were talking sense then i’d-’ You’re cut off when he drops a quick kiss to your lips, silencing you with his mouth and smiling cockily when he draws away slightly to finish speaking.

'What i’m trying to say, is that there are so many parts of you that I love and that I dont think i’ll ever get enough of-  but I want you to see them too, so that you can realise just how amazing you are and how amazing I think you are, because to me…you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever met.’ he finishes, his words becoming quieter and softer as he comes to the end of his sentence, staring intently down at you as he watches you process what he’d just said, your mouth becoming dry as you try to think of something to say and your eyes water with the overwhelming emotion you hadn’t realised had built up in you as he had been speaking.


'Hyung, I’m sorry to interrupt again, but Jimin wants to know if you two want to play on Mario Kart? And he said he wouldn’t give me my phone back until I came to ask you.’

Jungkook’s voice floating through the door again makes you smile as Namjoon’s head falls against yours, an exasperated sigh escaping him and the interruption gives you a minute to regain control of yourself, your hands subconsciously reaching up to smooth down Namjoon’s sides as he answers Jungkook.

'We’ll be out in a minute.’ he calls back in korean, his hands capturing yours and pulling them up to his mouth as he sits up slightly, kissing them each individually, before he leans back down to drop a kiss to your lips, his mouth lingering meaningfully against yours and his hands coming up to cup your jaw delicately.

'I’m sorry if I came on too strong.’ he murmurs, and you realise he thought you had been quiet because you were scared and overwhelmed by what he said, making you quickly slide a hand to the back of his head to pull him back gently by the nape of his hair.

'You weren’t too strong…I just, what you said was very sweet…and I’m not quite sure how to tell you how I feel without sounding like a complete idiot and ruining the moment.’ you say quietly, blushing as you two of you giggle breathily.

'I think Jungkook beat you to that.’ he murmurs, grinning and dropping one final kiss to your lips, before getting up from the bed and pulling you up with him, smiling and sighing happily when his eyes once again travel over your body, sparkling when they reach your eyes and see you looking back at him questioningly.

'If we’re going to play Mario Kart with the guys, you’ll have to put my shirt back on.’ he comments, walking across the room to pick it up and throw it to you, before digging around in his dresser and pulling out a pair of his boxers, throwing them too you also.

'Because, I dont want any of those boys getting any ideas.’ he murmurs in explanation when you raise an eyebrow in confusion, proceeding to grab a top for himself and slipping it over his head.

'Well now that I know about Jungkook’s adult movie viewing habits, I should take extra precautions!’ you tease as you get dressed, chuckling when Namjoon pulls you towards the door once you had the clothes on, stopping to kiss you passionately before the two of you walked out.

'Namjoon?’ you ask, stopping him before the two of you make it to the front room and you smile shyly when he turns to look at you with raised eyebrows a sincere smile on his face as he waits for you to go on.

'I think you’re beautiful too.’ you whisper, forcing yourself to keep your eyes on him as he registers your words, his dimples appearing almost instantly, making your heart do backflips in your chest.

'Can you two stop being so mushy and come and play Mario Kart? I’m losing to Jin-hyung and I need someone to beat his ass!’ Jimin calls, his question being followed by a loud 'OUCH!’ and you grin as you squeeze Namjoon’s hand happily, before proceeding to walk into the front room, where the two of you ar met by the scene of Jimin with Jin sat on top of him, his arms bent in a slightly awkward position by Hoseok, and a fiercely concentrating Jungkook who was staring at the T.V intently, Namjoon’s mutter under his breath only making you smile wider.

'Welcome to my world.’


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Hey if you dont mind me requestin this could you draw mullet Stan and older Ford cuddling while watching a movie or in bed. I feel like Stan would crave affection each night just as a reminder that Ford is there with him now and everythings okay.

thats so cute omg… i love them just being absolutely adorable and cuddly while they watch a movie, maybe they’ll comment on it and try to dissect it and gosh… gosh i want it

but also them completely ignoring the movie for each other is also Good

monsta x react to you gettting hate from fans

anon asked: Monsta X reaction to whenever someone is being mean to you? Like another idol or someone like a crazy fan? And they make you cry?

sorry for the wait enjoy!

shownu: you told shownu how you were getting hate comments on your instagram and he just stared in shock. when you started to cry because of the ugly comments shownu immediately hugged you and said “why would they do that, if they were true fans they would support us.” he kissed your forehead and said “its okay jagi they are just jealous because of our healthy and beautiful relationship.”

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kihyun: he would be shocked at the words that came from your mouth. he would tweet to all the monbebes saying hi mon bebes i know alot of you are upset with whats going on between me and (y/n) but i want you all to know that you shouldnt be mean to her because she is the nicest person i have met:) he would hold you and caress your hand but when he saw you crying he would get mad and punch the wall because someone hurt you.

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wonho: when wonho walked in on you crying he asked what was wrong you showed him all the hate you got, he got angry and told you not to worry and that he will take care of it. when he went live on the v app he said “hi mon bebes i know about the issue with (Y/n) well i want everyone to know i still love you all but this girl is very special to me so please if you send hate dont send it to her, send it to me.”

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hyungwon:  you ran to hyungwon in tears of all the things people were saying on social media. he was laughing at something he saw but when you ran in and hugged him with tears falling down your face his face immediately dropped. after a while of explaining what happened he immediately went online and said “mon bebes if you dont like my girlfriend (Y/n) then dont look at her or dont talk about her because only true mom bebes would support me and this beautiful woman”

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minhyuk: when you and minhyuk were watching movies you started to tear up and when he asked if the movie was to sad  you told him it was something else and showed him the ugly and rude comments. he yelled and grabbed your phone scrolling through them saying “YAHHH HOW CAN SOMEONE SAY THAT ABOUT A BEAUTIFUL MAJESTIC FUNNY AND TALENTED WOMAN THOSE PEOPLE WILL PAY!!!”. before one of the concerts he said “ i just want to say something before we start, my jagi has been receiving hate and i just want to say IF I SEE ANYONE LAY A FINGER ON HER I WILL NOT HESITATE TO GET YOU KICKED OUT OF HERE…. im sorry for raising my voice but please respect my jagi.”

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jooheon: when you asked jooheon to give you your phone he turned it on and saw it was open to your comment section and he saw all the rude comments. he asked you about it and when you started to cry he pulled you close and said “well jagi you know what f*** them your beautiful, smart, a great kisser, talented, your voice is like silk and your hair is so soft so those people cant compare to you, okay gorgeous”

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i.m: when you were walking with i.m to his room so he can get ready for a fan signing you told him what was happening ,he tried to stay calm and just said “ no no no that wont do, thats not right.” when you reached the room he kissed you and said “ ill take care of it”. when it was time for the signing he came out and said “ hi hello i just want to say that there has been issues with (y/n) and i didnt think it was right for people to say that to such an amazing person” he called you up to the stage and said “ i love her and mon bebes but if you cant support us that shows me the true person you are”

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Preferences # 14: He Got Jealous
  • Brad: I always wonder what was going though his mind, and why he did the things that he did. He always loved to go party and simply have a good time, he always thought that I would be waiting when he returned. I started to get tired of always waiting and I knew he hated it when I went out and partied. If he wanted to play that game well, I could as well, one night I decided to go to the club that he always went to and decided to party like he did. “Whoa, why is she here?” he asked. “Looks like to have a good time” Tristan said. “No way” Brad said as he made his way down to where I was. By the time he got to me, I was already dancing with someone else and the jealousy started to kick in. “Hey, ” he said. “Hey Brad” I said as I continued to dance with the guy. “Hey, Stop” Brad said as he pulled me to him. “Excuse you, ” the guy said. “Yea excuse you, ” I said as I went back to the guy. “Ok, you made me jealous you can stop now, ” he said. “I can party as well, ” I said. “Yea with me, ” he said as he pulled me up to the VIP area. “Brad!” I said. “Just stop! I want you with me, ” he said. “Why? You never wanted to party with me before” I said. “That’s not true, ” he said as he placed his arms around me. “Your just jealous thats all” i said. “Well yea but i love you and your mind” he said. “Im always yours Brad but im tired of waiting” i said. “Im sorry” he said. It seemed like once he got a dose of his own medince he didnt do it anymore, when he went to out i was right by his side and we partied as a couple.
  • Tristan: I always knew how to get my way with Tristan and sometimes that was a good thing, but at times it could be something bad. I also knew how to make him jealous and I loved it when he got that way because he was so cute. “Tristan im going out, ” I said. “Where?” he said. “Out to lunch with my ex” I said. “Wait, what?” he said. “I’m going out, ” I said. “Why with him?” he asked. “Because I want to, ” I said. “Hey now, ” he said as he pulled me close to him. “What?” I asked. “I’ll take you out to lunch” he said. “But i have plans babe” i said. “Come on” he said with a pout. “Tristan come on” i said as i tried to pull away from his grip. “Baby stop” he said. “Stop what?” i asked. “I dont want you going out” he said before kissing my lips. “and why is that?” i asked. “Because i love you and im your boyfriend” he said. “i know all of that” i said as i looked at him. “Please, i can take you out to lunch” he said. “Fine” i said as i looked at him. he grabbed my hand as we left the apartment, i loved it when he was jelouse because he got more adorable.
  • James: he loved to hang out with his friends and I wasn’t a stranger either, I adored his friends so I hung out with them as well. “What we do today babe?” I asked. “We are going to Brad’s pool party” he said. “Sounds fun, ” I said. We left the apartment and walked across the street to Brad’s apartment where everyone was already there. “Hey guys” Brad said. “Hey party!” James said. “Yes a party” Brad said. We all went out to the pool where everyone was at and just started to have a good time. I started to flirt with Connor just nothing harmful just a little playful. “James is so lucky” Connor said. “Yea, I guess he is, ” I said as I kissed his cheek. “You’re amazing, ” he said as he pulled me close to him and hugged me close. “Hey now,” James said. “Hey babe” I said as James pulled I closed to him. “You’re mine, remember, ” he said. “Babe calm down we were just talking” I said. “Looked like more, ” he said. “Of course not, ” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Just know your mine” he said. “Babe just calm down” i said as he pulled me close to him. “I love you” he said. “And i love you” i said into his ear. “i hate when they are all over you” he said. “babe listen to me ok? no one will take me from you i promise” i said. “i know that” he said. for the rest of the party James kept me close to him and i didnt mind because when he got jelouse i thought he was adorable.
  • Connor: when he got jealous he got more protective and cuter and I just couldn’t help it. “Oh Connor?” I said. “Yes babe?” he said. “Come watch a movie with me, ” I said. “Sure babe, ” he said as he made his way downstairs. We snuggled up on the couch as the movie started to play, he loved to watch chick flicks with me so he didnt mind. “Wow look at that” i said. “What?” he asked. “look at that body” i said. “hey now” Connor said. “he is so damn hot” i said. “what about me?” he said with a pout. “Look at those abs” i said. “Im done” he said as he got up and went upstairs. I followed him and grabbed his hand pulling him towards me. “I love yours better” i said. “Why you saying all of that” he said. “Babe your the one for me i promise that, its just a movie” i said. “But thats what you want i cant be that” he said. “And i dont want you to be that baby i want you” i said. “but” he started to say untill i kissed him softly. “I love you and that wont change that” i said. “i love you babe” he said. “i can dream but i have the real thing in front of me” i said. “Really?” he asked. “Yea really i have everything that i have with you” i said. “ok good” he said. Even though he hated the idea he would still watch the movies with me but i didnt make the comment to make him jelouse anymore.
The other night I politely asked Lala Romero why the models of her LA based clothing brand “Bella Doña” are only light skinned and she told me to look at the timeline again and not ask such a dumb question. Then her friend told me to fuck off and that the colorism issue is played out which was then followed by a fan saying “she (as in me) wants the models to look like theyre from Oaxaca” i dont even have to be Mexican to know that comment was rude, ignorant, and proof that the colorism issue in or community is NOT played out. Lala blocked me and then told the friend who said that about colorism that she loves him and they should see a movie soon. Lol. Lala prides herself on being an LA Latina with a “hood” chola aesthetic but all her models are light skinned/white passing. I will never say that the color of their skin takes away from their latinidad but if her brand is by Latinas and for Latinas, wouldnt she want to be more inclusive and represent all of us? I was very polite to her and never said anything rude or negative but I guess i got to her. Anyway i hope you guys will be able to help me spread the word about the brand. the owner is not a nice lady and seems to agree that colorism is not a present or important issue in our community. In all honesty, she basically just makes the chola aesthetic accessible to white people and cares little about the actual people she claims to be representing. i regret having ever given her my money as a darker skinned Latina but i really thought i was supporting an hermana with a cool vision.

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– Rtlt: (thanks for your submission. I’m reblogging as a quote because it’s cleaner and easier to digest.) Colorism is a huge problem within the Latinx community and it’s upsetting to hear that someone from our community is dismissive and unwilling to listen to any critique that points out a very colonialist, anti-black, anti-indigeneous, mentality that continues to exist. it’s a shame really and peculiarly ironic considering Ms. Romero markets to an audience that is often marginalized by the fashion industry. It would be beyond hypocritical to applaud and support a brand for pushing boundaries and acknowledging a sect that is often underrepresented when in reality theyre reinforcing the same tired, racist ideals already established by conventional mainstream fashion industry.

Okay, Harry Potter fans. I have a question for you, that I’ve never been able to get a proper answer to, so I’m going to see if one of you have one.

Why does so many people talk about wanting a Marauders movie/tv show?

With Fantastic Beasts coming out, I’ve seen more comments about this than ever. Along the lines of “Why would you make a movie about this instead of the Marauders?” or “Not interested, tell me when they make a marauders movie instead” or “Doesn’t JKR get that all we want is a Marauders movie??”.

I have never understood it. 

I dont’ undestand this need for a marauders movie. I just don’t. (Only way I could ever see it work, though I still wouldn’t want it, would be if the main character we followed was Lily Evans, but I’ll get to that later.)

Firstly, I don’t get the need to see that story. And secondly, I don’t think it would work. Both story wise and production wise.

Like, I get that the Marauders are popular in fandom, I do. I like reading funny headcanons and see cool fanart, all of that, Remus Lupin is one of my favorite characters. But having the marauders as the protagonists for a movie or a series? No. No way.

I think I can pinpoint what’s putting me off the most. You’re supposed to be able to root for your protagonist. Even if they’re occasionally villainous (like say, Black Sails), you’re supposed to see where they are coming from.

Fact is, the marauders, or at least James and Sirius, with the others also tagging along, where not very pleasant people for most of their teenage years. We know and are told that developed and changed, in different ways, later, and that’s great, it shows character growth and complexity. But to have series about James Potter, year 1-6? Why? I just don’t see the appeal.

“Yay, here we have the marauders, they’re spunky and funny and pull pranks on the teachers and are really good friends. They’re also bullies/goes along with bullying, James cheered on by Sirius humiliates a boy in front of his entire class, and suggests that Lily should date him to get him to stop.” 

I’m sorry, but no. No no no.

(“But what about something that’s only their seventh year-” shhhhhh. No. Like, you don’t just get to ignore the bad things a character did to get your fanfiction on screen. I think that’s doing a disservice to some very complex character work and a fundamental theme of the HP franchise - that people can change.)

First Wizarding war? Sure. But that’s still, I think, a story that’s already told. We know so much about it, we know how it begins and we know how it ends. There’s no story to tell there for me. Also Remus is not really around, and we would get no background for the characters. So that doesn’t get my interest either.

Like, the marauders were bullies. There’s no getting away from that. They were greatly supportive of their friends, and that’s a good quality, and they were almost all of them, good people in the end. But no matter what your opinion on Severus Snape is, what they did to him was horrific, and contributed to the person he became later. Besides, even if you don’t give a shit about Snape (which, seriously, even Harry who hates Snape was horrified about what happened), that’s not a pleasant way to treat Lily, that’s not a pleasant way to treat anyone. And it’s implied that they bullied other people too, but I guess that’s just ‘haha funny pranks’. 

And like, moving away from that, I just don’t see what the story would be. Them hanging out in school? Isn’t that what fanfiction is for? Not in a bad way, just like, that is what fanfiction is for, isn’t it? I just don’t get what people want out of it. 

Besides, a lot of you seem to hate whenever JKR adds something to her work that doesn’t go along with your headcanon. And I get that, even though I think people can be a bit too aggressive about it at times. But would you really want for more ‘canon’ information about the marauders? When there’s like, so much headcanons and fanfictions already? No one’s going to be pleased. With for example Fantastic Beasts, we’re getting a fresh start with an almost completely new set of characters.  

The only way I could ever imagine a Marauders tv show (and I am completely scrapping the movie idea. What would the plot be? The conflict?) working, on a theoretical level, is if Lily Evans was the main character. Seeing her struggle with her sister, with becoming distanced from her best friend who’s moving closer to dark magic, with a more bigoted magical society, seeing her interact with the marauders, slowly getting to know them better much later, etc, now THAT could be interesting. I’d still not want it, because I think that’s story is already told in the Potter books as much as it could be, but I could possibly see that.

So, what I’m wondering is - what is the idea of a marauders tv show or movie that you all seem to have? Because you can write fanfiction all you want, that’s great, but the image of the marauders presented in the books, are not something I personally could stand behind and follow a story for. 

(I hope none of you take offense to the fact that I’m putting this in the tags. Because I am genuinely curious. I think the marauders are interesting characters. But I don’t see the appeal of shouting for a movie of tv show. And I want to know other perspectives of that.)