i dont want to be that person guh

@ anon.

Someone is considering to delete their blog, and first thing you think about is your ship? Like, personally, i think thats a bit rude. Honestly. There is much more than just “aw my ship :C”. 

I don’t want to see Kayn go either, but I’m not going to try to force him to do anything. I don’t really need your guilt tripping and such. Whatever Kayn does is his decision, although i will be very sad if he does decide to leave.

I just don’t want the only reason that Kayn should stay is because of someone’s need for a ship. It seems very manipulative to guilt me and him into this. Whatever Kayn decides to do is his decision, and I’ll respect it regardless of what it is.

That’s my thoughts. I’m not bothering to post that ask because I hate the wording you used, anon. Shame.