i dont want to be online anymore


Ok this is how its done, but I’m not sure if its helping because drawing is more about feeling to me than real anatomy. Whatever I want to draw I just observe it more and remember the detail then draw it out as I fixed the drawing in the process.

1. Sketch the basic, the pose. You can try to draw with dot (many wip online can help) for me I just go straight to this

2. Sketch the full pose with pencil, dont press too hard or when you erase it gonna be a real pain in the ass

3. Add small detail with pencil, just put it there so you have better vision of what to come. For the shoulder and the hip, you can put the bow line like that to draw the muscle and the butt better. I know its hard to understand huhu i dont know any other way to put it

4. Draw it with 0.2 mm pen, I used Marvy pen since acient time (kidding, since I came back to comic)

5. Add details for the muscle, in the thigh, the arm, the back, and the butt lololol

6. Erase all pencil lines, but dont press it you have to be as light as feather or the paper might be crushed. Then voila!

You also need to remember that Zen should be more lean and muscular than Saeran so the line for drawing him should be more thick and firm, while for Saeran case the butt just look juicy (yummm)

I know I suck as a mentor. Please look for more detailed WIP online huhu

super casual reminder

if you spot anymore leaks regarding the new gorillaz album, please, please dont listen to them. if you caved in and listened to saturnz barz a few times, its fine, i understand. you’re impatient and excited, just like i am, but the more this gets leaked, the more likely the albums sales will do poorly because hey, its all right there online for everyone to listen to, for free

and you want to support your favorite band right? it wont be very long now until a release date for the album comes, im sure. maybe a few months at the most. we made it this long, we can go a little longer.

trans children & teenagers need to be Protected tbh. seeing hateful rhetoric online & in media can be extremely damaging & leads to internalized transphobia & fear to be who u are.
if ur reading this & ur a trans person i want u to know that its okay to be afraid, & i kno its hard to be trans. its hard to find a support system sometimes & its hard to find other trans people to connect with.
but watever u do pls dont listen to hateful rhetoric spewed by cis people, they genuinely do not understand us nor do they want to understand us. what you were assigned at birth doesnt matter anymore if you dont identify as that anymore, end of story. if anyone ever tells you you’re “technically a boy” because ur a trans girl or vice versa they are wrong!! if ur a trans girl ur a girl!! if ur a trans boy ur a boy!! if ur nonbinary then ur nonbinary.
i kno how hard it is to not kno how to love yourself for being trans & not knowing how to feel proud of it, but being trans is something to be celebrated no matter How hateful someone may be.
love u all sorry this is so long & i hope ur all doing okay tonite

For the people who wants an update about me:

I wont try to kill myself anymore.. and I dont want to self harm again.

I have been feeling so much better since I got out of tumblr, I want this feeling to keep going.

I dont want to stop posting my art online tho.. I still want to animate something that makes people happy.. I want to grow up as an artist and I want to keep growing up as a person. I want to keep learning and I want to find a style for me.

I dont want you (people who has supported me through the years) to be sad bc you wont ever be able to see my art.. I know some people got smiles whenever they saw me in their dash, so I wont be away from you, I know many people discovered that datfeli was me (yep. it was me. I didnt do a big effort hiding it tbh.. What a surprise. But good job to everyone who found out..? idk im surprised,,).

I am still on Internet tho.. I dont post drawings as often tho.. and I’m watching SU again (just wont interact with the fandom by drawing shipping, or drawing so much of it,, I just will maybe draw new charas and enjoy the show’s excllent character design.) I wont get back in tumblr in a long while (idek if i will ever come back tbh) but I am in another social media: Instagram. If you find out what my username is there, youre free to ask if its me i guess. I still dont know if I will be open about it there on IG, but, still you can ask, I have nothing to hide.

Also, I’d like to give you a clue for what the account name is.. it also has “feli” on it, and atm it has 3 posts.

And yeah.. my name is Florence Felipe.. heh. also yesterday (january12th) was my bday and it was quite nice! 

I also want to mention someone: @wal-uigi, for being one of my most active followers, thank you so much for always being so nice to me. Im sorry I left,, but dont worry, Im ok, as in your dreams, and Im posting my art again. Thank you for being a loyal follower who could always agree with me, and defend me, even tho I used to have a bad behaviour in the past.

I know there’s a lot like them, but I hardly remember many names of many people, I have some of you in mind, but I cant remember the exact url, so i cant mention you,, im sorry.. but you gotta know that I love you, and I want to thank you for being there for ne when I needed you.

I dont know what else to type, so, bye, and thank you all for understanding. I might have forgotten something, but if i remember, Ill type it in a new post.

anyone have any directional advice for exploring the unconscious thats not jung, something contempory, feminine?? Idk.  On the path to strip away a lot of what is not me and find something inside of me thats transcendental??? I dont even know if i believe in a soul …. but exploring in this way feels curious so I want to. I know I often say I dont believe in free will but I still try to practice magical thinking maybe because of something pragmatic but sometimes I still feel the pull of the unconscious and I want to explore it and find languages to describe it but I just feel confused. I havent felt comfortable finding images online anymore…I think that was how i explored the unconscious b4 but it just doesnt feel like me anymore or It lost its effortless natural feeling for a few reasons and I dont feel drawn to it as much. I hardly make art anymore either… I know I will again but Im not there yet and Im not sure I want to make art for the time… temporarily. I think its healthy to change attitudes and habits in life so that you can look closely at them. I have been consumed with finding images, and posting art online for so many years Im curious what its like to not do those things. what will i learn about myself? 

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hey i just sent a ask about how much a hate my father and im really sorry. im a emotional reck and honestly i have idea what the fuck im doing anymore once again im really sorry man. like dont hate me please

I won’t, it’s fine. I’m just sorry that you have to be in this situation enough for you to want to express this online I’m… so sorry.

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Grew up together with her since we were 4 because our older siblings were dating at the time. She always has my back, and ive always got hers. And dont get me started on the whole “a boy and a girl” can’t be best friends because were living proof and arent really compatible. I mean I did get matching necklaces for christmas, but thats more of a friend thing! here’s a picture of us. 

Online besties that are really amazing/inspirational: @steinfeldofrph @elliotfofrp  @astraeawrites @euphoriarpc


- Getting more and more overweight as these college years pass, and wont find a job or get cast because of it. (actor)


-  That my graphics/blog  dont fit in to the rph aesthetic anymore.


-None. But kinda want to get a semi-colon on my arm somewhere. 


-Theyre blueish-gray and its seems to be the first thing people notice when they meet me. “ You have such beautiful blue eyes..etc.” 


-Shaven: Seventeen - Eighteen ( due to the acne i cant get rid off) 

- Unshaven: Twenty-One. 

spell out your name in my ask omg do it

i really think that social media fed my mental illness like i was bullied really badly so i resorted to presenting myself in certain ways on like. myspace or quizilla or whatever as a coping mechanism lmao and it would actually influence my real life personality and since it was so intertwined with my identity i started relying on it solely for validation and confidence

and then after i graduated from high school i didnt really do…anything for 2 years except stare at the wall and make posts about how sad i was all the time, and during that time i got a lot of attention online bc i was constantly posting selfies and stuff but now that ive started trying to like. Move the fuck on with my life im not getting notes on selfies and posts and stuff anymore and thats totally fine!!! thats good it means im growing!! and when i think abt it logically i really dont care at all but theres still a part of me that automatically wants to turn to the internet for that sort of acceptance, and i think that i might always have to deal with that


also i just want to say, i have absolutely no idea who the “friends” on my blog back then were and honestly thats kind of scaring me. because like, all of my online friends told me they were cutting me off forever so i dont actually? have any friends anymore? so whoever that was, its kind of scary to me that someone im not even friends with at best and is my enemy at worst was on my blog. i didnt find anything like messages being sent but just in case there was any unusual activity on this blog in the past couple days while i was gone, could you please tell me? thanks

I came out online before i got signed - I was about to be signed and i was like i dont know how my record label is gonna deal with this and before i get into any contracts with anyone i gotta take care of myself and this was something that i really wanted to do so i didn’t tell anyone, i just uploaded the video and expected maybe an email the next day to be like ‘hey we’re not really interested anymore’ or whatever. Instead i woke up to a congradulations email from my record label and we haven’t looked back since
—  Troye Sivan talks musical career

i’m sorry everyone.

but due to personal family situations, i can’t go online anymore. even if i really want to, especially since going online helps me relieve stress. but it turns out, if i don’t do this, going online in the future will be impossible.

ill still have access to twitter and discord thanks to my phone, but those are the only places you can reach me.

thank you and im sorry.