i dont want to be friends with you

i love to imagine Draco, Hermione and Harry working together at the ministry. 

I imagine it’s a lot of Draco giving a sneer to anyone that rolls their eyes during any of Hermione’s speeches.

Harry too but mostly with him if he looks at you disapprovingly they straighten up, i mean he defeated the dark lord; dont want to look like a douche and insult one of his closest friends. 

And a lot of Hermione filtering through their assignments to make sure Harry doesn’t get assigned anything too dangerous, and Draco doesn’t get anything to do with dark magic (for his mental stability). 

I think that Harry and Draco’s friendship definately takes time. But they do start with having an understanding concerning Hermione. 

It’s mostly just them warning the other when Hermione is pissed at them. 

“Oi Malfoy, fair warning Hermione was looking for you.” 

“Oh for merlin’s sake what did i do now? Did she say why?”

“No, just that she wanted to talk to you.”

“Great thanks mate, big help you are Potter.”

“Hey, im just relieved it’s not me this time.”

“You’re a little shit, you are lightning.”

And after a couple hours of Draco avoiding she (of course) finds him


“Ah, Granger. I have been looking for you everywhere. Have you been avoiding me? Potter had said you were looking for me earlier.”

“Malfoy you’re so full of shite, i saw you duck into that empty conference room when i waved at you in the commons.”

“Oh, were you down there too? Wow you know i just had such a busy morning.”

“You are so frustrating!” and she’d turn and start to walk away

“Wait, didn’t you need something?”

And she’d turn around looking very annoyed and march over to him and smash her lips onto his completely throwing him off guard.

“I just wanted to know what it would be like” and she would smile at the stupid surprised look on his face and leave him pink lipped and watching her walk away.

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so my girlfriend just broke up with me and im dead idk why im really writing this because i dont know you and ur just the first person that appeared on my dash not of my friends are online and i dont know what to do

I’m so sorry anon :( I’m rly bad at advice so here’s some from my friend:

Try to see a counselor or a therapist if you can. Taking a break from looking at the person’s things, like their blog or their fb. Don’t message them or talk to them if you don’t want to. You don’t -have- to talk to them, or stay friends with them. You can do what is ok for you. If you want to still be friends but can’t at the moment, that is ok.

Don’t feel bad if getting over them takes longer than a year or more. Sometimes it takes a long time. Practice self worth. Remember that you were a cool person before you dated, and a cool person during, and that you will be a cool person after. It’s ok to just be you.

Doing mindfulness exercises from here are good when I get into a panic attack thinking about stuff.

It’s ok to be angry, it’s ok to be sad.

Mm.. Another big thing my counselor said to me was like.. Not to believe things I make up in my head that have no truth to back them up. Like for instance thinking that my past partner hates me now, or that I was a bad girlfriend and that’s why we broke up. There is no factual support for those thoughts, winding myself up with them will only hurt me.

When I was worried about if my friends might not want to be with me anymore, or what they might say about me when I couldn’t stay friends with my past partner, my counselor also said to not think about what people might say, or might do. We can control what we focus on.

Spend time with friends who care about you and make you feel loved.

I often wonder if I’ll be worth loving to another person, like if anyone will ever care about me again. But I think - yes. me! I can be that person. And if I love me, and other people did love me, another person will love me if that’s what I want.

both of us hope you’ll be ok <3

✁ hogwarts. gc  ‘”

  heLLO YALL Its ellY BACK AGAIN with them shitty ideas!!! anyways this is like the upgraded version of vacant.net, where we kind of talk sometimes but it isnt as active as it used to be :(( anyways! i just wanted to meet new people and do something fun… so :)) 

  basically this will be a public group chat on kik, and i will be accepting people? like i mean its nothing complicated, just like… a group chat? you are reQUIRED to talk at least once a week but that’s pretty much it ( i just want friends can you not tell )

  i might not accept everyone ( depending on how many people enter? dont let this flop pls like all of my events kind of flop ) and i’ll keep accepting people like yess building up a friend group ! anyways !! have fun? and make friends

to enter :

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- follow me? maybe? you don’t have to exactly

- kik is REQUIRED

- send me an ask with your name, age, timezone and hogwarts house

- be a hp / multifandom / myth / aes. blog ( this is basically a hogwarts gc? but you don’t have to know hp to join ;D )


- if this doesn’t get 30 notes i’ll delete the post and the gc :))

someone: you can’t just take the characters and ignore canon? like, canon is where the characters are from, you can’t just be a fan of the characters completely detached from canon

me: *running away with my arms full of ooc characters and ships that make no sense in canon and obscure headcanons and theories* you cant catch me im the gingerbread man

i was gonna draw this but uuuuuuuh im lazy so consider this concept:

firi and inien have been dating for a little bit, and theyre both rlly happy with each other. however, before one particular date, inien calls firi like “hey look, my one friend/roommate Colvin has been REALLY down recently and i kind of dont want to leave him home alone or he might watch sad movies all night and ill come home to him crying…. do you mind if i bring him along?? do you have a friend that you can bring so it can be like…. a blind double date???” and firis like “oh of COURSE he can come; and i have the PERFECT friend :)”

the day of the date shows up, and inien brings colvin along like “ok so my amazing gf brought you a date so at least give them a shot, i trust firi’s judgement and-” but then they see firi. and at her side. is a Massive Ten Foot Tall Bug Monster 

and firi just smiles wide like “hey inien!!! hey colvin!!! this is my friend, narn!!!” and inien is just like. oh my god. oh my god. i forgot that my girlfriend is also Fucking Weird. oh my go. this is the worst decision ive ever made in my entire life. and she slowly looks over at Colvin to see just how disgusted he looks and he’s……. hes blushing Really Hard

in the end, narn and colvin have a Very good time together and Firi is grinning widely for them and inien is really fucking baffled but at the same time she cant bring it upon herself to be surprised  

Commissions are open

They have always been open but what ever

Well the money from this will be going to my friend Jae, I’m not going to tag his account because I’m worried about giving information about him and stuff.

Let’s just say, he has some health problems, and not a lot of money.

He is actually transgender, so I really really want to help him with getting food and a proper binder that doesn’t hurt him.

If you want to buy one, there are examples in the “my crappy art” and “Ohh ahh pretty glow” tags.

Message me for prices!

Some money may also be DONATED to Sai-Shou. I would not be buying commissions I would DONATE the money.

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a - age: im 14 .  a fetus

b - birthplace: north carolina,, we moved when i was 5

c - current time: its about 4:56

d - drink you last had: i think?? orange soda??? i dont remember

e - easiest person to talk to: my super bestest friends;;; and .  my bf

f - favourite song:  ghosting by mother mother

g - grossest memory: ummmm when i saw a silverfish run under somethinf when i was like 12 thoSE ARE SCA R  Y

h - horror yes or horror no: uh depends on what its on like the paranormal stuff???? YEs

i - in love? y-yes

j - jealous of people?: not a lot ??

k - killed someone?: nah

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: nice

m - middle name: lee

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: uh.  to be friends with all of the moths in the world

p - person you called last: i think it was a discord call

q - question you’re always asked: “can you draw me?”  im.  bye 

r - reason to smile: MOTHS!! fluffy cats… warm hugs. . roses and other smiles

s - song you sang last: uhhhhhhhh ghosting by mother mother

t - time you woke up: i dont know??? way too early

u - underwear color: pink;;

v - vacation destination: hgfjshgfk i wanna go somewhere Snowy

w - worst habit: picking my lip.   ouch

x - x-rays: ok

y - your favourite food: sushi..   and mashed potatoes with grav  y

z - zodiac sign: im a libra :000

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a - age: i am a Young Kiddo…. only 14…

b - birthplace: around the middle of england!

c - current time: 20:57 or 8:47pm

d - drink you last had: water.. slurp

e - easiest person to talk to: MY FRIENDS esp my two irl best friends 

f - favourite song:  at the moment its probably pork soda by glass animals

g - grossest memory: UM most recent one i guess is when i was walking to my next lesson and a bird pooped on my bag -____- disgustening

h - horror yes or horror no: IT DEPENDS! i dont mind gore and stuff but i rly hate jumpscares

i - in love? do my friends and/or jade harley count because if so then yes

j - jealous of people?: yes,.

k - killed someone?: n o skfgghjhkj

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: try again buddy 

m - middle name: brooke!

n - number of siblings: 2! a little brother and an older sister

o - one wish: UM i really want to date someone tbh? anyone i want that Sweet Fulfilling Relationship

p - person you called last: my sister

q - question you’re always asked: irl its usually “why did u cut/dye ur hair :^/” becaus e i wanted to susan

r - reason to smile: my friends,, fiction in general uh,, sleep, birds and lizards!

s - song you sang last: dskhdklkl big fun from heathers 

t - time you woke up: 6am -__- school is big heck

u - underwear colour: jkdhdskjdhkkl black and white whnat is this question

v - vacation destination: honestly? my own bed

w - worst habit: skin picking!!!!!!!! and biting my fingernails

x - x-rays: uh what,

y - your favourite food: shit dude it depends on my mood sometimes its like… pasta,,, other times its something else i cant answer this very well -___-

z - zodiac sign: cancer! im a july kid

im not tagging 20 mutuals bc i cant remember much off the top of my head buT!! @thegreatandhorriblememelord @pagez @angelwithdaddyissues @ibukiukyo

i dont wanna be extra but

ok so if it was never real…ever. Then, what if C was the only one falling in love? And L never wanted anything with C (which is not realistic bc if you like girls you would fall for C, like have you seen her?? shes dead gorgeous). So anyways.

Then this tweet would make sense (even more than it already does)

Bc she fell for her friend, but she rejected her.

And then this would also make more sense.

I randomly listened to this song today (its weird ik) and its like the lyrics have a new meaning now.

I mean, im trying to see things from C’s perspective or just trying to figure C out. But honestly i cant see C talking about love and relationships and associating other person to that other than L, its just, it doesn’t make sense. Like i DARE you to tell me ONE person that could be the person shes talked about (not exactly talk but you get it).

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So do you not read nsfw fics? Because I'd love to send you a link to my work (the first couple chapters are not sexual at all, totally general audiences), but it's rated at either mature or explicit for later chapters and I wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable.

i do read nsfw fics, but very, very occasionally, and even then im rly picky with them so that i dont get uncomfortable sdkjfhksdhfa sorry friend

i guess it depends on how the smut scene goes??? idk huhu im sorry friend 

I walked to the post office to return some tshirts i dont like then i walked to a kitchen shop to see if i wanted anything and i saw an old friend from primary school working there and he gave me like idk 50% off maybe. All i got was a 10L tupperware tub and a large steel mixing bowl. Then i walked home and had 2 minute noodles and me mum and frankie went out in the back lane so frankie could have a run. Then i walked to the supermarket and got flour milk and yeast and tonight im gonna start making bagels. Happy friday to you

i cant get these thoughts out of my head so im just gonna vent and say what id say if i were allowed to talk about it to em

i understand youre , hurt and needing space and time. i totally get that trust me

i dont mind it at all really, and im perfectly content being friends with you, youre already a really great friend to me. i value you so much

the last thing id ever want, is to make you feel bad or burden you with something like a stupid fucking crush when youre obviously not looking for anything like that

but i do have a crush on you, and it does make me feel things. mostly, you purposefully distancing yourself from me and, saying it so bluntly really. hurt

i get your reasoning but, the way i am it just. i dont know how to put it into words…

someone i care deeply about, not wanting to be….around me? not wanting..things from me when im. so willing to give, unconditionally, with no motive other than its you and i want to?

it hurts, i feel, rejected, and not in the i was turned down for a relationship rejected

a different kind, bpd kind.
it really hurts, ,,….

things i have observed about different fandoms

Harry Potter

  • your hogwarts house is more important than your name
  • so vast?? so old??? scary, kind of.
  • really old classic fics
  • used to have ship wars like all hell, and kind of still does??? but not really??? it’s better now
  • every other fandom has a harry potter au.
  • split into different sects that are practically whole different fandoms. there’s the marauders fandom, the golden trio/canon era fandom, the fantastic beasts fandom, the next gen fandom – they’re all like little umbrella fandoms under one great big potter net.
  • no one’s favorite character is harry potter.
  • they don’t talk about the cursed child.
  • will never die.


  • holy shIT this fandom is a minefield
  • a lot of teenagers??? like??? a lot???
  • an alarming amount of smut fic
  • i dont know a lot of this fandom is really immature and there are so many ship wars?? like??? 
  • ignoring actual historical material in favor of coddling your favorite character
  • the dub is one of the most quotable things i’ve ever seen
  • hetalia is very much a starter anime. a lot of people get into this anime as like a gateway drug and grow out of the fandom later on.
  • lots of bad fic, with rare absolute GEMS thrown in.
  • some fics are beautifully researched, intricate, historically accurate, and amazing. so much potential for fic in this fandom.
  • george devalier.

Les Miserables

  • frENCH
  • the main character is jean valjean
  • much of the fandom does not realize this.
  • les amis are love, les amis are life. jean valjean?? who??? javert??? who’s that?? fantine????? WHO THE FC U K
  • emerges from the deep once every few years when a movie or something else comes out.
  • The Movie Musical shot the fandom to new heights and launched a new era, but now has mostly calmed down???
  • also will never die. been around since 1862 and still going strong.
  • used to be eponine stans (eppyboppers) who hated cosette??? and usually shipped eponine with marius or enjolras. thank god that’s over.
  • literally everyone ships E/R.
  • even the actors ship E/R.


  • no
  • nOOOO
  • dying??? (hopefully)


  • oikawa tooru is universally adored
  • pretty much everyone ships the same things?? like obviously not, and there are so many great character dynamics and rarepairs, but ships like bokuaka, iwaoi, kagehina, etc. are so ingrained in the actual canon that everyone ships them a LITTLE bit, even if you ship the character different ways too.
  • you can ship anyone with anyone. literally. go fuckin wild.
  • everyone has normal hair except for the one owl guy.
  • incredible aus.

Yuri!! on Ice

  • at this point 90% of the fandom is just screaming over any new content they get b/c it’s all so great.
  • everyone under 20 gets shipped with yurio, and every one of these ships is somehow controversial.
  • fandom swings back and forth between wanting JJ to die in a fire or being ready to protect him to the ends of the earth.
  • sala or sara??? nobody can decide??? (spoiler alert: it’s sara, that’s a real italian name, sala is the word for living room.)
  • even the people who despise the dub can’t hate it THAT much
  • at one point the fandom hated chris, but now he’s just kind of the weird overly sexual uncle at the family barbecue
  • giaCOMEtti
  • kubo-sensei is a goddess

Yuri!!! On Ice - Yuri Plisetsky & Otabek Altin Aesthetics

note: these two are honestly friendship goals tbh?? i want me a friend like otabek. also, im taking YOI requests: more info

//please do not claim as your own. if you see your photo and would like for me to take it down, please tell me!// please do not repost without permission //

no offense but i really need more rp partners who are my friends like..  dont get me wrong i love all ships nd stuff but its always better when you’re friends with the person anD I want a friend who i can join rps with and have multiple ships with and be clingy w/ and try out new rp things with (for instance fl/rp or indies) and !! i just want a rp partner i can send memes (actual memes , not ask memes but ask memes are great too) to and just become close w/ and have the best greatest ships and i’m rambling but i want a tumblr friend who i can spam w/ stuff about our muses ( or smth ) or just spam w/ anything !! like !! i just want friends where we can play lame games 2gether and watch movies and have a hella emotional and cute plot at the same time i and i want ships where i can send ask memes !! and make moodboards nd cute playlists and other stuff and we can have tons of cute ships and- ,,, wow okay , i got carried away so my grammar in this post is bad but .. come b my friend or ,, just plot idc

im extremely tired of people being like…’dont end a friendship just because of a political disagreement’ and applauding people who chose to ignore their friends’ bigotry

like its not like we’re disagreeing over ice cream flavors here. there are people who literally want the death of others, or at least the denial of their basic human rights, so fuck no im not going to just overlook that?? i dont need shitty people like that as friends, and it’s not the ‘mature’ option to ignore blatant racism/sexism/homophobia/insert whatever you like here

ignoring that shit has only ever helped the side of oppressors and made life harder for minorities and fuck you if youre a part of that

i hate when people on tumblr just say shit like “just surround yourself with positive people!!!! dont keep negative people in your life!!!!” like it’s not easy to just drop friends you’ve known for years and magically find a new gang of friends that you can trust so stop making it sound so simple

List of thoughts jack probably had through the years about Eric Bittl

Year One
•He’s frustrating
•oh but he actually wants to get better
•good at hockey but i started off calling him bittle I cant shorten his name now
•pleasant kid
•its cool that more people of the lgbt community are getting into hockey, or at least being open about their sexual preferences
•do you think he would want maple syrup from uncle? Or honey from uncle with bees? Ill ask (proceeds to get into hour conversation about honey vs maple syrup) uh… i still dont know
•(during the summer) uh i miss bittle. He was cute. I think i kinda like him in the romantic sense but maybe i just miss him too much. Even if i did like bittle, who can blame me. Also i shouldnt act on it, hes a teammate and friend and i cant ruin a freindship again this way

Year two
•bittle is really sweet
•bittle would make any boyfriend of his happy, like look at these pies and hes athletic so his legs look so good and his face is cute. I hope his future boyfriend treats him well or the SMH team will have something to say
•bittle looks so good for the camera hes like an angel. A little southern angel.
•senior year is a bit daunting but at least my friends are here and i have bitty’s pies. Im going to miss them. One step at a time though jack.
•i regret yelling at bittle last year its been a while and were friends now but i mean i can make up for it by taking him out for the sugar coffee he likes i suppose, no other reason for taking him out more than shitty
•his legs are so good (x500)
•aw he still isnt used to the cold here bits, my jacket.
•i want to kiss him. Oh wow what an impulsive thought jack keep it together youre probably horny and hes gay but hes a teammate. Hockey over ten minutes of pleasure as mom always says
•im gonna miss bittle i cant believe this is happening oh no… i would give up hockey playing to be by bittle for another year.. oh no i love him and i didnt tell him

Year three
•i love him so much
•bits looks so good in this kitchen.. and in my room…. and my living room…(etc)
•I LOVE HIM (x9999*10^9999999)
•should i buy him these butt shorts or send him a link- oh wait oh my god bitty butt
•im a bitty butt man

the reason people like reaction videos is because it’s some of the same thrill of showing a friend a funny video and wanting to see if they think it’s funny too.

the reason we do this is because when we see other people laughing, the empathetic part of your brain makes us want to laugh too, sort of like how you yawn when you see other people yawn. the release of dopamine that the laughter causes gets us closer to the same amount of excitement we had when we first saw the video, like watching for the first time again.

reactors usually try to act really personable and friendly so we can establish that friendship-connection, if only artificially, for the duration of the video.

so shut up and let me watch my reaction videos in peace, i dont have any friends and it’s a guilty pleasure.