i dont want to be dismembered

Rant about recent Mystreet Comments

NOTE: Since the last rant I did ended with a ton of witch hunting and threats, I just need to say this, DO NOT TRY AND “FIND” ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. Witch hunting is disgusting, and the fact some of you sent threats to Jess and Jason last time was gross af and it didnt need to happen. So if I find out ANY of you have witch hunted these people down, I will NOT be happy. 

Last time I did a rant about Mystreet everything went way out of control so I’m not going to be going to deep about the series anymore.  

I’m not going to go into things such as “Omg it was everyone’s fault!!” because I don’t have time to go down that rabbit hole. I’m mainly here to rant about the comments on the recent Mystreet Episode; “The Break-Up”

If you all don’t know what this episode is about, Basically to sum it up everything that has happened leading up to this, Gene was getting suspicious of Zane getting “to close to Aph” and basically complained to Aaron. Aaron ignored him, His family got involved, MIchi blackmailed his sister about “Aphmau tripped and Zane caught her”. His sister showed him the picture, he THEN go suspicious. Cafe’ got burned down by Ivan, Aphmau assumed it was Aaron, Aaron is super emotional unstable at this point and is like “I need to go home” and they basically “break up”. 

Now normally I would be ranting about Mystreet but I’m honestly not interested in this series anymore, its the comments that bug me. 

Now before I show you some of these comments, I DO NOT want to see ANY comments about how “Omg they’re just kids!!” because that excuse is so stupid, you wanna know why? Because if your CHILD is online and is saying things “OMG MY FICTIONAL SHIP IS SINKING SO I WANNA KILL SOMEONE AND RIP OUT THEIR LUNGS” then idk, maybe you shouldn’t let your kids online.


This probably the MAIN comment on this video, the whole “omg aarmau is sinking so I need to kill Michi!” Like, I feel like I dont even need to EXPLAIN why these comments are messed up, and this isnt even one the worst ones. Just look at this next one: 

Do you see how psychotic these people sound? They are SO defensive of their ship they make comments such as “ILL RIP OUT YOUR LUNGS AND FEED THEM TO YOU” over a friken FICTIONAL PAIRING AND CHARACTER. Oh lets not forget the “Am I right guys?? :D” because ya know, you’re supposed to agree with that comment about this person wanting to literally dismember a fictional character from a minecraft series on youtube. Let also not forget the constant “MIchi is such a hoe!!” because that just makes things 10x better. 


I needed to just put this one in here because it honestly makes me go “???”

You all have to understand while yes, Aarmau is based off Jess’s and Jason’s real life relationship, just because a FICTIONAL pairing “breaks up”, this does not mean that their real life relationship is affected. Just putting that out there real quick since this is a common comment on this video. 


This is going to be the last comment I comment on because this entire thing is just gross and I want to be done with it. I know I am complaining about Aarmau shippers taking things to far but there is also a few “anti-aarmau” people who are taking things way to far. I’m not “pro aarmau” or “anti aarmau”, Im more “I dont really care for it anymore”, but this does not excuse these comments. Saying things like this makes you no better than the Aarmau shippers who are saying “KILL MICHI THT HOE”. 

This isnt the first time this has happened with one of Jess’s videos tbh. This has happened with Zane (ie. Kill zane!!”) Katelyn (shes getting in the way of my aphmau ship!!!), and even other ships as well (ie. Zanvis, Garmau, Laurmau, etc.), I think its just gotten out of hand and its just beyond disgusting. 

I also want to state this: If you are sending Jess and Jason death threats over Aarmau “breaking up”, I will not be afraid to call you out. Death threats are disgusting and you could go to prison from sending them, so think twice before you type something. 

Anyways, I’m done. Like i said before, I wont be commenting on the whole “its everyone’s fault they split up” thing because its exhausting and I have studying to do, so see yall later. 

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How can I handle a conversation with someone when all I want to do is just turn around and walk away?

buddy. usually i do just turn around and walk away.

but if you really have to stick around, and you have to make nice about it, start planning all the tiny little pranks you could pull to make their day be subtly terrible. you dont have to actually pull them. just plan. nothing big. no dismembering. just decaff coffee in the morning. letting half the air out of a car tire. the wrong condiments in their packed lunch. get creative. get sneaky. 

get into their life and ruin it. just a little

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okay well you asked

  • Their ringtones for each other - the “jaws” theme and the loser sound from the price is right. you decide who uses which
  • Their FB relationship status - divorced
  • Whether they are addicted to couples selfies - yes, they have an instagram dedicated entirely to couples selfies of them menacingly eating ice cream
  • Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together - they dont have friends, just terrified acquaintances and mortal enemies. and anyway even if they did acquire that quaint human invention, “friends,” i can’t really see anyone being thrilled that they were hanging out. it’s like mothman hanging out with the chupacabra, trading details on how best to dismember livestock and frighten people from west virginia, but they’re doing it over delicious lunch dates. you just don’t want that
  • Who overshares intimate relationship details - neither of them because they both only speak in vague, threatening allusions and villainous asides
  • Who steals the other’s clothes - oh fuck, i don’t know. tbh i think the raccoon dumpster king doesn’t let anyone touch his stuff and i’m not sure if fuuma actually has material possessions or if he just like. clothes himself in creepiness and broken dreams
  • Who’s the PDA fan - im fuckin. can you imagine. cities would crumble
  • Who proposes - seishirou, with a ring pop. and then they blow up an orphanage or something

You know, after thinking it, Sun isnt being an asshole. Or at least an  asshole without a reason.

He is being realistic. He knows they are all out of their league. He knows Ruby and Weiss rushing to find Jaune and Pyrrha could have ended up with them dead.

And he was right, Ruby and Weiss could have both died had it not been for a literal Deux Ex Machina. For him it was a hopeless situation, the girl she is dating was gravely wounded, one of his friends was dismembered and the other 2 girls want to go on a suicide mission?

Of course he going to call them idiots when everything is going to fel and they could have ended with 5 deaths instead of 2-3.

I admit it was a gigantical missed chance to give SSSN some kind of ‘‘redemption’‘ (that they dont need) in the eyes of 85% of the fandom by following Ruby.

Even then, I have to admit at least Sun got some characterization out of this: he is probably someone who had a hard life and has way more in common with Blake that most of the fandom believed. He probably learned to be pragmatic the hard way.

But yeah, Sun is the one bashed while Blake’s cowardice gets regarded as ‘‘interesant flaw that makes her human’‘.