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So it has been decided that ji bae dae ri will enlist next spring together? Idk if i like or hate that news because that’d mean no big bang at all for 2 years but on the bright side it means we dont need to wait that long.

You know, sometimes i look at the 5 of them and realized how much they have grown together. In the past the members were more focused on themselves as compared to the group. They did not display as much affection towards each other as they did in recent years.

But i am so proud of how much they’ve grown. The fact that they want to enlist together says it all. So they can meet the fans earlier.

You know i have always never believed 100% in the fact that idols cared about their fans but sometimes big bang makes me feel so relieved that i am stanning the right group.

Goodness i am not the best when it comes to expressing my feelings as much as I try but im just really happy for them and proud of how much they’ve grown and how far they’ve came.

Lets go together as far as we can for as long as we can

So honestly,

I saw this a long time coming, and I’m so happy it finally happened. No one needs to feel the stress of coming on rp, and being bullied by a group of people who idolize their leader who is someone who degrades people and brings them down so horrible to the point where they dont want to get on rp anymore. Some people use rp as an escape from their rl’s  To have something to look forward too and to actually have amazing friends and connections with ppl. 

For a while, I laid low because I was afraid of what Paris was going to do to me, and what information she had on my rl due to monty telling her all my personal information I told him in confidence. If she was going to tell my husband about shit (which he already knew about) or make up lies that weren’t true, or if she was going to try and contact any of my rl friends and tell them about my rp life. Or if she was going to delete my rp.me, or even my tumblr account. I surrender to her, and gave her the republic last name because I was scared if  i didnt, I was going to get so much fucking hate and backlash, and I was going to pay if I didnt do what she wanted, and same with my family, and I didnt want that. I didnt want the people I love to suffer because of a stupid last name.

When all that shit happened with roleplayrumor everyone was sooooo sure that I did it. Paris dragged me through the fucking dirt and hell and back, and made everyone believe that I did it when I didnt I had so many people hating me, and hate msgs, and these are the type of people that people admired for a while. This group of ppl who want to bring rl into it, and do all this horrible shit. Thats taking it too far. Its just rp and for ANYONE to take it to rl circumstances is crazy.

I’ve been in phone calls with paris, and shes told me personally fucked up shit about what she would do to ppl. (I’m not going to name names) For a group of people or even one person to take it to extreme lengths to threaten someones rl and know where they live, and say they are going to beat them up, or even tell them to drink bleach, or to die is so harsh. Because you dont know what that person is going through in rl. You dont know if that person is ACTUALLY thinking about committing suicide or not or is going through a hard time, and bullying to that point, and putting someone through hell like that is NOT okay because it is considered cyberbullying. Its roleplay drama, not real life drama. 

I’ve looked the other way for sooo much fucking shade that has been thrown at me because of this fear I have of her and the replacours saying shit, but tbh I’m free now. I can finally be who I want to be, and say what I wanna say and not give a fuck because I’m sooo done looking the other way, and not saying shit.

Paris Republic is a hypocrite. Its okay for her to do these things, like fatshame people, and make fun of ppl and drag ppl, but the second Someone claps back and defends  themselves its not okay?  I really hope that the people that are her friends, realize how fucked up of a person she really is and I hope one day she gets the help she needs to move forward in life and have real friends, and real connections instead of all this negativity and drama and dragging ppl to the point where she destroys innocent lives in rl. 

This group of people not all of them may not be bad, but alot of them, have done alot of fucked up shit, and bullied many people and owe people apologizes. I feel like, I along with many other people could forgive them, if they were to own up to all the horrible shit they’ve done. I dont need the apologies as much as some other people though because what Paris, and the replacours did to me, was nothing compared to what they did to other people and I’m so happy that someone finally stood up and exposed her, and spoke their mind. 

Thank you Harlem Wantmore for doing something that has been needed for a long time and coming and I think alot of people on rp can finally live their rp lives peacefully without being their rl’s being dragged into this. 

Things in Kpop That Need to Die
  • adding “eu” to the end of words (snakeu, speakeu, etc.)
  • “woozi is yoongi’s son”
  • “jUnkOoK oPPa”
  • claiming all girl groups are the same
  • “when someone says all the members look the same” *inserts picture of angry idol*
  • “when someone asks why you listen to kpop when you dont speak korean” *inserts picture of angry idol*
  • “when someone says anything remotely negative about kpop” *inserts picture of angry idol*
  • we get it, you’re 12.
  • Fan Wars!! What’s the point???????
  • leaking private pictures??? it’s gross???
  • only stanning 1 member of a group 
  • putting “jagiya” in non korean fan fiction
  • using korean words in every day life even though you don’t even remotely speak korean (ex: that’s not very daebak you pabo)
  • yes that is a real sentence someone has said to me
  • spamming idols posts with “daddy”
  • “im gonna move to korea i’m just so in love with the culture uwu”
  • “i wish i was reborn as a korean”
  • “im not interested in any boys at school because im so in love with my 12 korean exo oppars”
  • “im gonna audition for bighit because its my dream to make music”
  • no its not
  • you probably had no interest in music until you saw taehyungs face
  • your white koreaboo ass only wants to meet ur BTS oppars and nothing else
  • you probably dont even know what a fermata is dont come at me saying your dream is to make music when you’ve never put in effort to learn anything about music
  • “i only stan new groups”
  • “older groups have no talent”
  • calling girls group members sluts for wearing a short skirt and a bralette when y’all will faint over jackson ripping his shirt off on stage
  • calling someone racist for asking a korean how he learned english and then heading over to twitter to defend dreads and blackface on idols.
  • “kpop is my life”
  • “i cant wait until *insert underage idol* turns 18! omo im such a pedo noona”
  • stooooooooooooooooop
  • feel free to add more

I wanted to finish it for Klance week but didn’t find the time 😳 The prompt was Welcome Home so here it is.

(beware of the volume, it might be loud!)

Don’t repost

i think what most straight people dont realize is that when you’re lgbt there are a lot of time you wish everyone could know without you coming out. so you drop the slightest of hints hoping someone will get it without you having to say it out loud. which is why lgbt fans interpret some of the stuff idols say/do as a hint about them being lgbt like….. can we overanalyze? yes but we are definitely familiar with wanting to just Be who we are but not being able to so yeah…. don’t shit on fans who do this 


9 - 17/??? Gifs of Kuanlin: [On Variety Shows] 

my lazy ass promoting kuanlin better than ymc ever will

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of Koi ni Naritai Aquarium where Watanabe You is the center, I decided to upload this You-chan I drew!

This was supposed to be for her birthday but I wasn’t able to make it in time… haha… haha…

This was based off the fairy tale-themed line of Aqours acrylic keychains. You as Cinderella was so cute I decided to paint it~


okay maybe y'all don’t know what’s going on but there’s been a stupid false baseless rumour of donghyuck dating a sasaeng or some nonsense and there’s an audio clip but it sounds NOTHING like him so here’s my input on this whole fucking stupid situation

1) what did he do to deserve this nonsense???
2) there were only 30+ fansites of him before this whole situation blew up and now only 8-10 are active because the rest are resting/closing??
3) why are people so stupid to believe this rumour coming from an EGG ACCOUNT THAT DOESNT PROVIDE PROOF AT ALL

what i’m pissed about is that many people just think that haechan is savage, naughty and mischievous, and they don’t know that he is one of the most sentimental members of nct?? he wants people to tell him to be strong, he isn’t confident about his looks (because people say that he’s a visual hole WHAT THE HECK GET OUT) etc and he has such a weak heart and some “fans” just believe that he’s dating a sasaeng?? i’m pretty sure he knows that this nonsense is going on??

do y'all actually want to see him not be his usual self anymore???

next, at those fansites closing, why did y'all even become a haechan fansite if you don’t trust and support him? at the next fansign, he will obviously know that he has lost fans because which idols can’t recognise their “loyal fansites”? those who appear everywhere they go? they’re always thankful for such fansites, but no, y'all are turning your backs on him just because of baseless rumours, how wonderful lmao

he’s already underrated enough, getting hate from “fans” saying that he’s a visual hole although he’s a talented vocalist, variety king and a package full of everything an idol should have. i don’t understand why people are pitting themselves against him over this matter. if you want to leave, just leave right now, even if donghyuck is sad and as much as i dont want him to be sad, now fans will know who are the real ones and the fake ones.

to everyone else: please continue supporting our boy donghyuck, he needs all the love in this world

the most upsetting thing about this whole situation is that by edward highlighting the fact that the kpop industry is full of skinny ppl, it made a lot of ppl look at kyla not only now as ‘fat’ but lazy, naive and stupid for choosing a career where she would stand out. ppl are talking about how she should ‘focus more on school’ and that she made ‘a child’s decision’ to become an idol when ‘she should have known’ she was going to be criticised 

its just rly upsetting that ppl are now not only criticising her for her body, but for choosing and working towards a career she’s passionate about and trying to make her seem foolish for it. she’s a 15 year old girl who’s achieved so much through her talent and hard work and ppl think they have the right to say she’s not entitled to being happy with her achievements bc of her weight. many other young idols are ‘allowed’ to be as happy and proud and successful as they should be, so why isn’t kyla?

bts personality analysis: taehyung

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

i found it quite difficult to nail this analysis down - this is the only member i actually had to plan before writing. taehyung has a personality that kind of confuses me because he is everything all at once. he is such a big character that i dont think i could possibly understand him wholly; and understanding is what i do best. i think what makes taehyung so big is his lust for life. he is curious and he doesn’t hold back. he has no qualms when it comes to judgement. taehyung is dynamic. he is so entertaining to watch and thats what makes him so popular. people want a taste of the zest he has, they want that to be as bright as him. but they cant, because taehyung will always be the star of the show and he doesn’t even try. he will always be one step ahead of everyone as they try to catch up but he isn’t a conformist, he is a trendsetter. he does things that arent mainstream and his singularity will bring copycats. thats just the type of person taehyung is. 

i dont think thats the only reason why taehyung is popular amongst idols or why he has so many friends, i think he also has a knack for communication. it is natural to him which makes him seem more charismatic and his energy will ultimately empower those around him. taehyung has so many big ideas because his mind is always whirring and because he has his own language, inadvertently persuades whoever he is with. he has the power to inspire who he is with just with his words. taehyung also brings out the best in people and i think the fact that he is humble is why he is likeable.

taehyungs mind never stops and is always filled with thoughts and dreams and this curious nature brings him to be fascinated by small things. this fascination is why taehyung is so observant and why he seems to just watch over sometimes, eyes glazed over. he is so lost in his own thoughts that he has left his body to live in hise mind. but this endless stream of thoughts could be considered both a strength and a flaw. a strength; taehyung knows himself and his thoughts like the back of his hand, he is interested in things and this curiosity is his drive to try new things. a weakness; taehyung is highly emotional and is very in touch with his own emotions so being in his own head could lead to negative thoughts and create unnecessary insecurities. 

taehyung has a need for independence, he doesn’t like when he has to rely on someone. you see this when he brings up hold me tight, of course, he is proud. but i think he is just reminding others that that is his own work. his. independently. he likes when he has credit and when people acknowledge this. taehyung feels as though rules are restraint and would much prefer to be set free. he likes to be seen as independent, he wants to be seen as someone that can do things for himself. but, unfortunately, taehyung has assigned himself to the kpop industry where independence is a desire that wont be attained. this would stress taehyung out and i can see that taehyung would possibly be sad in his position if it weren’t for his other members.

i think that taehyung really does look up to jin as an older brother and has a great amount of respect for him and ive noticed that he always laughs at jins jokes!!! a+ concept!!! yoongi and taehyung are a fun pair to analyse because they are so different; yoongi values realism and taehyung values optimism. they both see the world in juxtaposing ways and thats why i think that they would be a good pair since i believe that opposites do attract. hoseok and taehyung are strange because as much as i love their interactions, they both seem too intense for each other. both of them have such strong characters that i feel like they can only be around each other for a certain amount of time before it drives either one insane. namjoon and taehyung are cute!!! namjoon has a soft spot for cuteness and i think thats why tae and him are so close. taehyung loves to listen and namjoon loves to talk. good combo. jimin and taehyung are also one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because they seem to understand each other. they have this deep brotherly bond that they have formed over the years and i think its a really important relationship for jimins psyche because taehyung understands jimins personality better than i think anyone else does. its really beautiful to watch them interact and hear their inside jokes. taehyung and jungkook are another one of my favourite relationships because jungkook can keep taehyung on his toes and thats what taehyung needs, he needs someone that can keep up with him and give him a run for his money. he loves the competition and thats what jungkook brings.

kim taehyung - enfp/capricorn. pioneer, zest, curious, character.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon ; park jimin


believe me i have PLENTY of beef with captive prince but auguste…….auguste auguste auguste….never met the guy but oh boy, 

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kpop journal ideas

ive seen that recently many of my mutuals started making bullet journals and recently i made a kpop one so i wanted to share some ideas so you can all use them!!

my kpop journal

1. birthday pages

- if your bias or just a member you like has his/her birthday dedicate the page to them! write down wishes or reasons why theyre great

2. produce 101 

- if you watched it you can make a list of your favorite contestants and some details you remember about the show

3. episode counter 

- korean drama fan? you can write down which ones you’re watching and mark which episodes you already watched

4. korean shows 

- it’s the same thing with drama, keep count on your episodes

5. playlists 

- weekly or even daily playlists of some of your current favorite songs are a nice wait to keep track of how your tastes change 

6. lists 

- it can be anything, list of your favorite groups or vocals or even performances

7. korean 

- i know many of you try to learn korean so why dont you dedicate some pages to useful language or some vocabulary 

8. concerts/events 

- if you went to any concert or an event with kpop idols then write your thoights down, how was the experience? thoughts on their outfits? and stuff like that 

9. new groups 

- if you want to get to know some group then make their profile! use pictures to remember their faceta and write down their position or some faceta about each member 

10. imaginary group 

- this is a really creative one, think of a new group, think of their debiut date, entertainment, concept or even music videos 

feel free to add some more ideas!!

Please stop blaming western fans (RANT)

Okay. Recently on YouTube, instagtam and tumblr I have been seeing a lot of hate on western fans. I am not saying we aren’t guilty. But what I don’t like is when I see rants that say ‘this is because of the international fans’ or that this would have never happened if they never went to America or so and so. I can say that I am a black British fan and I have never sent any hate, never posted anything sexual/inappropriate on any of my bias social media and I treat them with respect. Most of European fans will never even get the chance to see their bias live , so to have some of the Korean fans automatically blaming western fans for every bad thing that happens is , what I feel like unfair. It’s that small 5% of fans that do stuff to upset our idols not just western fans. That small 5% can contain Korean, Japanese , American, British, ANY FAN TO BE CLEAR. so please stop automatically going to attack western fans for anything bad that happens , because 1) it’s unfair and 2) you guys are taking away more of the chance of that certain bias to come visit western countries. Thank you for reading this I just really wanted to get this point across because I feel as if recently international fans have been getting so much more hate than Korean/Chinese fans. Let’s all just love each other , be respectful and love our idols in peace Kay? AND JUST IN CASE YOU DONT GET IT. SASEANGS CAN COME FROM ANY COUNTRY AT ANY AGE AT ANY GENDER. DONT JUST ASSUME IT HAS TO BE A CERTAIN TYPE

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dear the people who asked for jungkook during jimin’s birthday vlive

fuck you

Why is it acceptable for idols like Jimin (BTS) to have chubby cheeks and big thighs. Why is it acceptable for Chanyeol (EXO) to be round. And all their fans BEGGING ON THEIR KNEES when these idols lose weight to gain weight again so they can be chubby and fat and cute like debut.

Why is it acceptable in Edward Avila’s eyes to go on about Wonho and the other members for being T H I C C and hot (especially since he doesnt even care about MX, just Wonhos body)

Why is it that when a female idol with thicc thighs is okay, aslong as they have a petite and thin body And it’s a major turn on and its hot!!!!

But once a female idol with a little extra weight then her other members steps onto the stage with rounder thighs and a rounder belly, it’s wrong and she needs to lose weight. I don’t understand. Is it a BG Thing? A GG thing?

Send me hate if you want but this is wrong. Kyla (PRISTIN) is perfect and whoever says otherwise is a complete hypocrit. That’s completely wrong to bash a girl in her teens for having a little more weight, and excluding her from the group and kpop.

**EDIT** Dont get me wrong. I love idols with more weight and chubbier cheeks. And im not bashing BTS, Monsta X, EXO and any other group for losing/gaining weight. These are just simply put in as examples.

What do famous people think about Brandon Flowers
  • Robbie Williams: The Killers sound is unique and I think Brandon Flowers is one of the best songwriters on the planet.
  • Tyler Joseph - Twenty One Pilots: You know what, I want to be the next Brandon Flowers.
  • Imagine Dragons: Always making Vegas proud.
  • Paul Banks - Interpol: He's a great great singer.
  • Nick Jonas: Brandon Flowers of the Killers is really talented. Would love to work with him one day.
  • Mike Posner: Hey Brandon Flowers ... I just wanted to say I'll buy and listen to anything you do.
  • Nick Petricca - Walk the Moon: I had this strong sensation of like being at church and Brandon Flowers is like our direct connection to the lord. (...) We got to meet Brandon Flowers when we played a gig in Vegas. I got to talk to him and tell him that his band was the band that made me want to be in a band.
  • Tom Smith - Editors: Such a soft spot for everything Brandon Flowers does.
  • Van McCann - Catfish and the Bottlemen: Brandon Flowers sent me an email a while ago because we covered one of their songs in Australia and he said he liked the cover and I was just major buzzing off that. He’s inspired most of the songs in my head.
  • Dallon Weekes - Panic! At the Disco: Idol? dont know. I def have people I admire. Brandon Flowers. Hes a musician/Mormon/family man and pulls it all off. I try to.