i dont want to be accused of stealing

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so I work at a membership store , pulled up a ladys cart, and a DVD movie was sticking out of her purse. I asked her if she had payed for it yet and she like snapped " Of course I didn't! I didn't want it to get ruined! Are you accusing me of trying to steal something? I just put it in there so it wouldn't get ruined! Dont accusing me of stealing! "and i was like bitch okay you didn't put it on the fucking line or give it to me and i was just asking holy fucking shit

I dont think Archie’s jealousy is romantic in nature, but I think he is deeply affected by the fact Betty gravitates around someone else now instead of him. It is all going to be about him realising he is losing his best friend in a way he didn’t have to picture until now, after he turned her down.

So I have a feeling that what Archie does to tick off Juggy in the homecoming episode is not hit on Betty or kiss her, mostly because I honestly believe Barchie’s boat has sailed for good whitout them
in it, but it will probs be something about the affect Jug is having on Betty as a person! I can see Betty getting more confident on her own skin, probably showing more of her true self instead of the maked up “perfect girl next door” sweet Betty, and Jughead will have a big part in it because of all his love and support. Archie will rebel against it because the only thing he is certain right now in how “perfect” Betty is.

I also dont think the writers can cross a line and break Jarchie beyond recognition by having Archie trying to steal Jug’s girl. That’s unforgivable so It must be something that they can mend.

So I think Archie will either doubt Betty’s attraction to Jug, saying something stupid like it is only because he turned her down or Archie will accuse Jug of being a bad influence on Betty which Jughead will overhear it. That will certainly feel like betrayal to him and something that will piss him off to the point of wanting to leave Riverdale but at the same time something I see Archie profusely apologising and being able to mend in the future.

I hope I’m right because seeing Archie trying to make a move on Betty will suck big time. Lets not go there!!


I never wanted to involve this community’s fu.king drama but i really want to say a few things with my sh.t english.

I had a 14 years old follower for a long time. She kept asking me things about recoloring,using the programs etc. I was helping her with the basics of sims studio program and photoshop. Surprisingly she learnt very quick even started to edit meshes.

She started to get anon hate for sure.One day she sent me a link. That is how i learnt about ‘’simsecret’’. There was her post. And i kept reading the comments there, written for other people also . All was like ‘’ what an ugly sim ‘’ , ‘’ I dont want see your sh.t in my dashboard ‘’ , ‘’leave this community, we dont need you’’ , ‘’ you are a thief ‘’ etc…. 

She was really upset. She was accused of stealing and not being original. Yes i know she took examples from others work. But come on guys what is the big deal. Just a kid trying to learn how to create something.  Although i kept trying to cheer her up, she deleted her tumblr and gone.

NOW. There are some groups in this community. Children around 12-16 years and also grown ups 20-35 years old. If these are written by the children i can understand (NOT SUPPORT) because i know how children can be cruel to each other at that ages. I am 30 years old. I am old enough not to care what other people say or think. But children cant do that. They just want to have a place at somewhere , want to be appreciated and approved. They just build a world for themselves here. They really care what other people think about them. So kids, just dont do that. Believe me breaking little hearts is not good. And you will meet with karma someday. 

And if we face the other side… If all of these shit are written by grown ups…Stop accusing little people for stealing your job. They are just trying.

No no i wont try to teach you. Because it is too late for you.I really dont wanna live in a world with you. I cant even understand how you live with yourselves. Only thing i can say to you is ‘’ I HOPE YOU ALL GO TO HELL ‘’ . But before that please unfollow me. Because i will really be more happy with 50 - 100 friends following me instead of 2000 people with dirty hearts.

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uhh idk the situation entirely but I don't think your art is similar enough to 94mlk or sarlis to accuse you of copying or stealing or being unoriginal. i love your art it's so cute and their art is cute as well, but if you guys happen to have similar styles or you drew inspiration from others, that's fine! many people on tumblr have that sort of art style tbh i see it all the time. i dont think its a big deal as people may think.

thank u for this ;o;

yes! even some of the artists i follow kind of have a similar styles to each other but they nver get called out?? their arts good as heck tho not bringing them down

and what can i do if my styles are similar to other artists??? change them every time i get asks about it??? i might as well quit sharing my arts online jdkfjajfdas fml

ps i admit my recent styles are kinda similar to 94mlk after i went through their blog and i apologize if u think it looks the same but sarlis??? really??

So I was watching the FML Roommate Quiz on Joe’s channel, and I decided you all needed to hear my filthy thoughts… and what better way than a jaspar video analysis, hey? This was inspired by @alraune315 ’s wonderful analysis’ and encouraged by @suggleestylinson @yesimawriter xD

The video begins with this…




Joe: We’re reunited at last

Yep, they’re reunited at last, and so be hAPPY to be and imsobbing theyre literally falling over each other and cantstop hugging and  laps and kisses and ijuscant 

YOU DONT BELIEVE ME?/! ?? Then pls explain this :)

Joe: Oh sorry, if I just dribbled on your face there

Caspar: No, I like it.

okay caspar, okay, that’s okay, completely fine, so normal.

Joe:  Sit up Caspar, we need to finish this video

(can i just pls quickly point out that joe said this in a very hasty manner) 

oh right joe, is casp making you feel things and you just want to make it quick so that you can,,,,,,you know…………………do things?? after all, you have been reunited after ages….


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