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Casual Sidon in a tank top 😍👌🏻

I made this with my own two hands and I still can’t believe how ridiculous and annoyingly pretty I designed this man.

I really tried to do “casual” again but then the eyeliner happened and I couldnt stop myself. Nothing is casual about sidon anyways so I’ll give myself a B - and a pat on the back for effort.


Stardew Valley Art Dump Part 1!!!!! After cleaning up my art folder I realized I had so much SV art I never posted so here are a few!!! I kinda wanna finish a few of them ;o; The pics have their own captions for what I was thinking when I was drawing them! Please excuse me if I accidently repost any drawings without knowing :8

which character should you fight (ft. Gen 1 FE:A dudes)

Winner: You
look at this guy. look at his fashion choices. look at his nerd-ass lying on the ground in the smash trailer. someone needs to set this boy right. you may incur the wrath of everyone you dont want to fight but hey. do it for us. do it for all of humanity. (warning: he may try to marry you after. or before. or during.)

Winner: who do you fuckin think
why would you even think about fighting frederick why would that thought ever cross your mind i mean 1. have you seen him. he has grown ass men and seasoned warriors on their knees praying, tears or sweat - fuck if they know - dripping down their faces just from his workouts. he’s the one who has to carry the bullshit of an entire kingdom, including his lords. 2. it was his ass that carried your slovenly ass through the first four chapters of lunatic/+ so how about you show some fucking respect. get fredereckt

Winner: You
are you kidding me? punch him in the crumpet. take his tea and pour it out in front of him. you get some on your clothes? no problem, rip his godforsaken cravat off and mop it up. if you’re a girl you might get away with it. otherwise he might fuck you up. who cares, it’s worth it.

Winner: Stahl
fighting him will accomplish nothing. you’ll go up to him all ready for a tussle and he’ll glance over at you with a sleepy lopsided grin and a “oh hey, what’s up?” and that’s it. you’re done. you’ll lose all will to fight. his chill is contagious. and if you do somehow retain your fighting spirit? he’ll knock you flat on your ass. probably apologize too. it’ll be embarrassing for both of you. i mean the dude was trained by frederick after all. but i mean he’ll probably help you up and offer you food so idk. if you’re starving go for it.

Winner: 50/50
look, i know what you’re thinking. look at all those muscles. the dude is ripped. fight him anyway. do it. he’ll probably forget his axe somewhere so you probably wont die. fuck him up. someone has to for the abomination that is “teach just got tenure.” Let him atone.

Winner: Depends
If you aren’t a girl, you will be sliced into pieces so thin tharja might mistake you for her mesh body suit. if you are…. i mean you can try, but he’ll run. you can win if your cardio is good enough. go. chase him. Be Free.

Winner: You
okay he’s the nerdiest of nerds but he’s also a fucking child so. idk man you can fight him if you want but what’s the point. if anything getting beat up by you will fuel his teenage rage and he’ll keep it stewing inside himself until he’s big enough to fight back and then you’ll have to deal with years of pent of rage and a napoleon complex but on a full sized being and no one wants to play therapist in a scrap. it just isnt worth it. i mean unless you’re like itachi uchiha then by all means go ahead

Winner: You, but only with careful planning
ok so gaius isnt the toughest cookie, but he doesnt want to fight and he has access to the assassin class and i dont know about you but in my experience fighting assassins is no bueno. you get one punch in maybe if you’re lucky and take them by surprise but then youre dead and you cant fight for shit anymore. BUT if you take all his candy, his blood sugar will get low, making him weak and agitated. this is the optimal time to fight him. make sure he knows you’re the one who stole his candy. make sure he can smell the sugar on your breath. note: he may not spare your life if he gets the upper hand.

Winner: Gregor, but you win friendship
i’ll be frank, gregor will beat the everloving shit out of you and there is nothing you can do about it should you choose to fight him. he’ll do it laughing and smiling, not even realizing he broke three of your frail ribs with one pulled punch. but he will absolutely take you out for a round after and exchange drunken stories with you. so fight him. even if he refuses, pay him to fight you. he cant say no to money and nothing is more valuable than fire-forged friendships.

Winner: Libra
why the fuck do you want to fight the priest. fuck fine, you know what? fight him. see what happens. he’s the only one who will pray for your immortal soul while you bleed out. but guess what, jackass? the gods are gonna see you tried to fight a priest and they’re gonna send your ass to the void anyway

Winner: ???
man fuck i dunno what this guy’s deal is. on one hand he’s a dark mage genius who was raised by wolves and then sent to a horrific boarding school/orphanage making him literally the stuff horror films are made of. on the other he can be a pretty nice guy if you’re his friend and he’s kinda fucked up so he might let you win. his crows will probably peck you to death either way though so its a lose-lose situation.

Winner: Basilio
same deal as gregor, except basilio is hard-mode. he might accidentally kill you while you fight and his friendship is an even rarer flower. you gotta be charming. you gotta be smart. you gotta be somewhat strong. but if you do manage to get your ass beat and stay alive in such a way that he wants to grab a pint with you, take that beautiful budding friendship, hold it close to your breast and never let go

Winner: You
he’s by far the sorriest character you get at recruitment. if it weren’t for that pot on his head, a feather falling too hard could kill him. but he’s a farmer that works day in and day out just so his village can survive. do you really want to fight the paradigm of the wondrous and wholesome rural life we should all aspire to? you capitalist pig.

i hope i didn’t forget anyone

Trying to sing all of the parts to Hamilton at the same time
  • Alexander Hamilton: ALEXANDER HAMILalexander hamilton WHEN AMERICA SINGS FOR yoAmerica sings for youuu never back down you never learn to take your TIIIHIIME OHHH
  • You The Schuyler Sisters: cause i'LOOK AROUND LOOKcommon sense by THE REVOsome men say thatNEW YORKyou want a revolutionLOOK AROUND revelation
  • Farmer Refuted: CHAIOS AND BLOODSHEDalready haunt A SOLUTION DONT LET THEM LEADand what about boston look at the ASTRAY and you talk about CONGRESS DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME
  • Helpless: OOOOOOO hey hey I DO I DO I DO I DOOOO HEYYYYY hey hey OOOOOOOO hey hey I DO I DO I DO I DOOOOO
  • Satisfied: A TOAST TO THE GROOMto the groom to the groom to groom TO THE BRIDE to the bride to the briaiaiiadebriaiiaiade FROM YOUR SISTEEEEEEangelicaahaangelicaaaa WHO'S ALWAYS BY YOUR SIIIIIby your side
  • The Battle of Yorktown: the world turned upside down down down download n downFREEDOM FOR AMERICA FREEDOM FOR FRANdown down down doGOTTA START A NEW NATION GOTTA MEET MY SOdown down down WE WON WE WON WE WON the world turn upsiiiiiiiiide down!!!
  • Non Stop: I INTEND TO PROVE BEYOND THE SHADOW OF THE DOUBT WITH MY ASSISTANT COUNCIco-council hamilton sit down our client levi weeks is innocent call your first witness in thats all you had to saOKAY ONE MORE THING
  • Cabinet Battle #1: no we need this plan we need blod stroNO YOU NEED TO CONVINCE MORE FOLKSjames madison wont talk to me thats a non starAHHH WINNING WAS EASY YOUNG MAN GOVERNING IS HARDER
  • Take a Break: TAKE A BREAKhey our kid is pretty greRUN AWAY WITH US FOR THE SUMMER LETS GO UPSTeliza i've got so much on my plaWE CAN ALL GO STAY WITH MY FATHER
  • Election of 1800: OOOOOHthe people are asking to hear my voicOOOOOOOH the country is facing a difficult choicOOOH but if you were to ask me who i promoteOOOOOH jefferson has my vote

Ks said he wants to live quietly in a farm and be a farmer and I can’t but think Ks and Ji living in a farm in a little town when they retire from the idol life and just farming together with mongu, jangu and janga running everywhere, eating dinner together and laughing remembering good memories of their youth, kissing each other good night and live their love and lifes peacefully.


Blushing naked Mukamis ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thank me later…

Bee and Puppycat Themed Asks
  • Bee: Do you consider yourself to be a put together person?
  • Deckard: Do you cook/bake well?
  • Puppycat: Are you introverted or extroverted?
  • Cass: Do you have any siblings?
  • Tempbot: What is your dream job?
  • Cardamon: How is your relationship with your parent(s)?
  • Toast: Dumbest thing you've fought over?
  • The Farmer: What was your biggest sacrifice?
  • Sticky: Do you have any pets/want any pets?
  • Cats: If you could be any animal, what would you be?
  • Food: What is your favourite recipe to make?
  • Beach: Do you like going to the beach?
  • Leather Jacket: How edgy are you?

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Do you know what breed/mix thistle is? She's absolutely stunning

Hi anon!

tldr when describing her I just say pig dog or bull arab mix which is good in casual local conversations. Very popular unofficial type of dog down here.

if we really want to get into it, she’s had an embark dna done which didn’t throw out many surprises except in sheer numbers

BAM, a pig dog


Pictures from Rey’s Survival Guide. Where we again see the theme of her seeing beauty in what is not beautiful, but also seeing solutions and fixing things once broken…. 

i know this theory has been posted before so I wanted to explore it some more (apologies because I dont remember who originally posted it…) But, as a Reylo shipper, obviously I look at this and wonder if the way our heroine makes her living is reflective of what importance she will bring to this trilogy. Such as Anakin, being a slave, only to be a slave once again to his “master” Palpatine. How did Luke’s existence as a farmboy come out in his destiny? Well, he was a farmer, a creator. if he was a butcher or something more brutal I would think otherwise, but he was a child of the soil. moisture farming is in a way creating life, its wholesome; finding sustenance out of a dry, dead desert land air. Finding meaning in what was once dead. Who could think of Luke in any other way other than “wholesome” and giving back life to what was once believed gone?

So Rey, fixing broken things, seeing beauty in other ugly things, feeding an aggressive monster and making friends with him in Forces of Destiny, could we be getting subtle clues about our heroine and her relationship with Kylo Ren and Luke? Both broken, the whole Skywalker family, broken. Could she help fix them by first seeing the beauty in them? The answer to these questions is “Yes, Obviously!” There are just so many instances in canon leading us to see this part of her, I find it impossible to say that they are not consciously leading us to see/expect this as her role. And who is most broken in that family, who is most ugly and needing to be loved? Kylo Ren!  Add that to the beauty and the beast imagery..well damn, we got a whole new reason to ship Reylo!  

hal: look i brought home a bunny

cole: you are upset because he said no

hal: cole, we’ve talked about this, i dont want to think about solas anymore, i hate him, please, ill cry, ill just fall on the floor and cry, please dont do this,

cole: the farmer said no, not my radishes, and shoved you away with a broom, but you were strong. you made it. and here you are at skyhold


hal: u were talking about the bunny

cole: [takes bunny] there are radishes here. I can give you some, but not too many, youll get a belly ache

hal: [weeps]

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Just like.. the arguments both Vegans and non-Vegans have against each other in general.

thats kinda broad so i guess ill do the ones i see most on here. well first off, vegans on here act as if veganism is super accessible. like yes there is ways veganism can be much cheaper than non veganism but its difficult to get that when u dont live near markets or really like beans and lentils and rice say. and its a different story if u mainly eat fast food bc thats much cheaper, im referring to people who buy milk and steak which are very expensive. also ppl w health problems cant always go vegan. im anemic and thought i needed meat for awhile but i found out i can get more in veggies, but i get the not being vegan bc of health problems bc i was in that boat for awhile. i have a hormonal disorder so veganism has helped w that a lot bc dairy has a lot of hormones in it. i view veganism as a personal choice 

however…. theres an argument on here that is based entirely in ignorance. first off, there are a lot of annoying vegans that only care about the animals and not people. so yes, i see when people say “ok congrats on not eating meat and dairy but quinoa is extremely damaging and the people growing it are treated badly” and i agree because it is true. but… u realize… feedcrop needs to be grown by people too… and u realize the majority of the feedcrop is grown by children in countries where starving is an epidemic (83% of them iirc) and then brought over to western countries so animals in factory farms eat them.. and then we eat those animals. and i see people say “well, people picking the fruits and veggies for americans are treated awfully” and thats entirely true as well. but… non vegans eat fruits and veggies too? like i dont get the argument here bc u literally fund both? and so do workers in slaughterhouses there is literally frequent and common cases of physical and verbal abuse inside of them in america, and a large percentage of them end up with lifelong injuries that often wont be treated bc there isnt many benefits from working at a factory farm. i live near a farmers market and often buy fruits and veggies in bulk bc its much cheaper and locally grown and usually its small business and is sold by the people growing and picking them. 

basically i think a lot of vegans dont give a fuck about people, and thats awful, but i hate when non vegans say shit like that bc u fund both industries. its very important to highlight vegan’s hypocritical points but if you have fruits and vegetables and meat and dairy you are funding both of these industries. as a vegan myself i believe people should eliminate as much cruelty as possible from their diets. and theres really no ethical consumption under capatalism but there IS ways to eliminate a good amount of cruelty towards both humans and animals. i look at it as a “do as much as u can” sorta thing. some people can do more than others under a variety of circumstances, i just think even a little effort can go a long way. and im not even gonna highlight the environmental damage that factory farms do. like i dont buy diamonds or eat quinoa or almonds because i want to practice what i preach and i try to buy from farmers markets and small businesses as much as i can. and once again. im not saying you have to go vegan! absolutely not. but im saying if you are funding both industries, you probably shouldnt be throwing people under the bus. you can 100% acknowledge the harm of both industries and not be vegan

this got long sorry


Did some super quick doodles. Andor crying face in this style brings a smile to my face. Ianite being super cheeky with her double pistols minus a wink… And then SUDDEN FEELS when we see a more delicate side of the beloved lieutenant Al who does what he can to protect his family. Al why didn’t we learn all this in the stream, why was your side of the story so hidden in the subreddit. Is your family dead now, pls tell me they didn’t kill off your daughter. And then Sparklez’ guilt. I want the plot to move forward badly now ; 7 ;

@scottmcallss ok so!! theres a lot of levels to this but basically peter once said that one of his biggest goals is to be famous, SPECIFICALLY by becoming the bachelor. hes applied to this show not one, not two, but THREE TIMES. this man is clearly a longtime fan of the show, so why the HELL would he not be comfortable with proposing within a short timeframe? he KNOWS how this show works and hes tried being on the show far too many times to not be ready for marriage after 2 months.  he was upfront with rachel about not being ready, BUT like rachel said, he kept giving her just enough hope for her to still keep him on the show. he wanted to be on the show long enough to be up for bachelor consideration, he always knew he wasnt gonna be the one chosen. like how you gonna say “i dont wanna marry you just yet” but then go on and on talking about moving in together and trips to the farmers market, etc??? couple all that with the fact that he never seemed nearly as interested in her as she did in him. peter didnt even say he loved her until he knew he was possibly up for elimination during hometowns…that shit was suspicious lol.  rachel said in her access hollywood interview that she felt manipulated by him, and tbh I believe her. she wouldnt have said that unless some shit rly went down. and its so sad bc now most of the fanbase hates her for being a little bitter to him, but like knowing what I know now of course she was!! like I said, peter got what he wanted. hes got tons of stans now, his business is booming, and hes probably gonna be the bachelor. he got all this while playing the victim smh. it just rly sucks that she had to get rid of eric for a snake lol