i dont want to alone

guys real talk just for a second

i know that reaching out when youre down can be the hardest thing

either you dont feel like you matter enough or youre not sad enough or hopeless enough and you dont want to bother anyone with what you feel ‘isnt enough’. you dont want to be a bother. you dont know how to talk about it. and thats okay, you dont have to talk about it, you dont

but please, please talk about something to anyone

dont sit there and suffer alone, please dont. reach out to me, reach out to anyone and lets get through this together

an anxious boyo


I’ve only heard Junkrat say this once while I eliminated someone and it makes me wonder just how isolated he might have been back home.

Who’s they? His family? Friends? Whole community?

It makes me sad for him and the audio from Roadhog saying “Someday, I’m just gonna leave you” is even more heartbreaking because I’m pretty sure Roadie is one of his only friends. 

To be fair, though, Roadhog’s quote has only been data-mined and is not currently in the game (and may never be added), so perhaps this quote will never become representative of anything in the real lore.

How am I supposed to find the love of my life when I’m too tired of using useless dating apps and too scared to go to a gay club on my own, not even mentioning the fact that 98% of the gays in gay clubs or on dating apps just want to have s*x and nothing else. What does a gay have to do to find someone to casually kiss or cuddle with? How am I supposed to let other m/m romance seekers know that I’m gay when most of my OWN friends told me they’d never guess in a million years that I’m into bananas. Do I really have to buy a shirt that says “I’m gay. I’m single and ready to? Commit to a serious gay relationship!” and put it on risking my own life wearing it on the streets of this home of phobic country? Because one of these days I’m going to snap and just do it, I’m telling you that ladies.


“Imagina que legal você poder ir pra um lugar onde ninguém te conhece. Você pode inventar uma personalidade nova se você quiser.” “Ué, você não gosta da sua personalidade?” “Gosto. Mas o problema não sou eu.”

“Imagine going to a place where no one knows you. You can even create a new personality if you want to.” “Don’t you like your personality?" I do. But I’m not the problem.

The way he looks (2014) | Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (2014)