i dont want people to get mad because im putting spoilers

why tog is shit

bc apparently there are still ppl trying to defend this series, here’s a list of just a few reasons why tog sucks (( ps: i am not hating on sjm ok?? calm urself i have n o t h i n g against her,,, just the books ))

edit: THIS POST IS A MESS. i wasnt gonna post it bc 98% of it is probably unintelligible, but so im sorry if u wanted an actual solid argument and not me just hella salty. my intentions aren’t to offend or shame anyone into having a certain opinion, these r just my thoughts n feelings on certain distasteful aspects of the books. this list is very unorganized as i suck at putting my thoughts into words & i didnt think anyone was actually gonna read it. so keep that in mind. thanks!

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Listen to me. Listen. Listen. If you havent even played the game thats okay read this anyways, I have a point about straight culture
Okay here’s what i gotta tell you, straight people culture exists and here’s what it means.
Its straight people finding the one game where you’re borderline predetermined into a girl on girl relationship.
Seriously guys this is it. This is the ultimate example of straight people shit, straight people culture, lemme tell you.
There’s this game that is basically a linear story, minus a few smaller choices that you can switch up.
You can choose whether you want eggs or Belgian waffles but okay this is not the point.
Listen fellas. This entire game is pushing these two girls together, as i said its a linear story, it’s fated.
It’s fated. The chemistry is undeniable. Your character spends almost the entire game WITH this other character, this other girl. It’s very very very clear from the beginning that they are meant to be love interests.
Okay so here’s the thing guys.
There’s a random dude in the background you know? A dude. He’s not the worst dude ever considering. He’s pretty nice, and I kind of like him as a character. He has this crush on the main gal. And I mean a BIG OL crush. Guys I mean he’s texting her 20+ times a day whether she answers or not, he doesnt give a fuck he is texting and always going in for hugs and just being a loser who has this puppy crush.
The thing is, you know what. Random dude pops up on screen maybe once per chapter for a few minutes each. He is clingy and nerdy and he and this main girl have no chemistry together at all.
Let me tell you this girl doesn’t want that dickie unless you force her to interact with him via decisions.
Because this game is what i thought was revolutionary ive just been playing through totally business, looking for my lesbians. He does his weirdo puppy love thing and straight up stands up this other girl who likes him, who he had plans to go to the movies with, and asks the main girl to go with him instead. Are you hearing this? He had plans to go with a girl who really liked his ass and then he told her he was going with his puppy love instead. He ditched her.
She was stressed.
Let me specify again that Max shows no instinct reaction to his advances. She DOES NOT make any moves with Warren that the player doesn’t forcefully initiate. He shows up once per chapter at best. Look there is no TIME for them to show chemistry, she doesnt hang with him, she barely texts him back, this girl does not go outta her way to be around this dude. She aint trust him with her secrets until she has NO ONE else to tell, and she tells him outta desperation because she needs help. She told her girlfriend EVERYTHING immediately, she and her girlfriend are together almost 24/7 in this game im not even being dramatic.
You got straights in forums sayin that their first kiss was just gals being pals, I cant make this shit up. You got straights saying that its just friendly kissing and hand holding and flirting, theyre bffs theres no gay.
They have a passionte fucking kiss in the last chapter guys, she and her girlfriend, passionate, mouth on mouth, hands cupping face, love.
As I said, there are parts to this game that are linear story. THAT kiss is linear, you cant get away from that, nor the love confessions at the end. You dont have to force the main to kiss her, or profess love, you dont choose it, the characters do, that is linear. Their love is the endgame.
The dude? You gotta manually accept his date offers, the ones in which he stands up the other girl he had, if you do. If you accept all his offers and push your main girl into him in the few scenes they have together, okay lemme tell you, you do have an option to kiss him. You have the option. No i love yous or anything else, no main character feelings, just, you make her romance him.
Okay im not dragging him yet he’s okay as a person other than standing up that poor girl- but lets just say, this badass bitch main girl, little tiny pixie angel, she has this really brutal nightmare and in that nightmare she’s haunted by everyone that has caused her issues.
This shit is just a nightmare, this is going on in her head, so its not really anything you can hold against him personally.. But listen guys. Listen fellas, this part in the nightmare she’s running from people. Aka the school principal who was bullying her at the beginning, a janitor who you can have a minor conflict with, a security guard who harasses her, a fucked up guy who terrifies her, and a teacher who’s actually fucked up smh, you’ll know if you play. and this guy. This clingy-ass straight guy, who is inherently a good guy for the most part, but… Look he is super clingy and the game makers are SELF AWARE of him and his almost weird tendencies. Listen guys.
I mean to say. She has an actual nightmare about him where she’s hiding from him as he stalks her through rows of lockers sayin really self aware shit.
That says to me very clearly that on some level of consciousness, main girl is AWARE and fears his clinginess and his feelings for her.
She finds his locker in this fucked up locker okay? She finds his locker and opens it, and theres a fuckin doll of herself staring back, and a bunch of photos of her, including the words ‘MY MAX’ in red ink.
U know the shit he was sayin was like ‘You can run, but you can’t escape your white knight.’ and like making fun of her girlfriend like ‘who’s that blue haired freak? you need an alpha male to take care of you’.
Like shit man thats fucked up. They’re friends in her real life but yo when your subconscious is giving you nightmares about him tracking you down saying nasty shit you know he’s too clingy 4 you.
your brain doesnt give you that for no reason, and i mean this nightmare was lucid. This was very lucid. This nightmare was reflecting every single fear Max had back at her, this shit was very aware,
it wasnt some bizarre dream that had no relevance to her real problems. It WAS her problems.
oh also okay you know what?? literally another part of the nightmare was her seeing her girlfriend with multiple other people, kissing, posing, etc. Her nightmare was her losing her girl to some other girl or guy.
Bruh. Bruh. Come on, i mean the end of the nightmare was her reliving every good moment she’d ever had with her girlfriend 2, it was her on memory lane, unable to find Chloe while remembering every good moment they had.
Lemme tell you this game is so gay it doesnt know what to do with itself, look fellas.
What my point is here, this is straight culture. Straights play this game, the one game with canon girl action, and they direct the character to the lonely guy who texts Max 20 times a day. they take screenshots of those 20 texts and they post bout how cute it is some shit like
they go on forums and post that the ‘I love you’ was gal pals. They go on tumbls and highlight the few moments that the main even interacted with the desperate dude
They screencap that chemistry-less, dry shit and they go ‘awwwww’
like guys why do they gotta find the one game where the story is all about two girls falling in love and facing several issues together. why they gotta find that story, and go and ship the main with the ONE obligatory straight dude who spends the whole game crawlin up her ass
you know unless u shove main girl at him the few times you see him and accept all his advances it doesnt even give you the option to kiss him.
It only gives you that option defeatedly if you’ve spent the whole game tryna hide your lesbians because the makers are self aware that the straights are lurking in the fanbase
Okay this is a long ass story and rant fellas, let me summarize why I’m mad. I’m not mad because the writers caved and let these straights have their way with a ‘kiss him’ option in the last chapter. I could be pissed. Because of the hours of time spent developing this girl on girl relationship and showing them falling for each other. I could be mad because they just caved last minute. but im not. they gotta cater to the heteronormative side of the fanbase. If they didnt give that option we’d have a riot = to the riots caused by your fav sports team losing the superbowl where they flip cars and shit. you know the straights would be offended and say that straights are oppressed and all that weird, delusional whatsit. Boycott or demand their 15$ back. idc let them have their pity win
I’m not mad that the straights are going around saying that these two women making out are gal pals.
Im not even mad that the straights don’t acknowledge that this dudebro is bad for badass main bitch, to the point where her subconscious refers to him as a white knight who just wants her for her body to perverted, extreme lengths. I’m not mad about that. They put him on a pedestal and say he’s perfect for her while pointing out the girlfriend’s flaws (and yes she has some biggies). NBD. I’m not super mad they clearly have a straight bias, erasing all the negativity from the hetero-hell ship and boosting the negativity of the canon gay ship to make it look like hetero = healthier. (Im more bitterly disappointed about this onee)
I’m kinda mad because lemme tell you, friends, this is the one game i’ve played where the predetermined endgame love is between two girls automatically.
I’m kinda mad because of the fact that straights have found this one godsend, and then they all force the straight option.
I’m mad because i finished my game and the percentage of players who kissed the dudebro was 66% and rising. Over half of the fanbase ships her with this dude who appeared for less than 30-overall minutes in the game. This dude who just kind of.. has an awkward crush and gets touchy and clingy and irritating sometimes hot damn.
Half of my fandom ships this weird ass, fake, forced ship instead of the endgame.
Why? Lemme tell you. Because the canon is two girls.
The guy doesn’t need to have chemistry with the main girl, or on screen development, he doesn’t need to do anything special, he doesn’t need to fit any standards aside from being a cisdude who wants to dip dick with the main girl. Legit. That’s the only standard, he’s the obligatory male ‘option’.
And 66% of players, playing a game with canon girl on girl love, found the one straight dude and went out of their way to ship the main chick with him, ignoring her girl feels.
And that is straight culture. Taking over anything remotely lgbt in the most subtle way possible. Finding heteronormativity in the gayest of things and broadcasting it to drown out the gay.
Homophobia isnt just direct insults and physical abuse anymore. Its subtle efforts to draw attention away from lgbt media by making it straightwashed. It’s finding the straight option in anything without fail- and if there is no straight option, making a fuss about it. Homophobia has a lot of branches, this one just HIT MY FANDOM IN THE FACE. im ashamed of this fandom.

So It Begins Lets stop it Before It Gets Out of Hand

So the war begins, yay, another thing we can fight over.

Im just here to at least try to tame it before it gets out of hand already. My friend has already been “attacked” due to this crud.


Alright, i will tell my thoughts on this. And no i dont expect people to agree or to like it, its perfectly okay to have your views, thoughts, and says.

Okay, so on tumblr, even DA I’ve been seeing people saying that the turtles were emotional for just ten seconds. Not true. 

In fact for the the ending you see shocked turtles, emotional turtles, no they wont be sobbing like you guys wanted and expected, but that doesnt mean they dont feel.

They didnt really have time to feel, it happened just so fast that it was big shock.

Imagine seeing your mother, or father get murdered right in front of your eyes… now some people might argue with me that they’d burst into tears, thats true, some people do, but some people go straight into denial or shock.

Which is what the turtles did, they went into shock.

Now i want to point out that April broke down, she did, and her break down effected her powers, well thats what i think. See. 

A bit after, They recovered slightly but not all the way, they were able to run over to Splinter, their father to spend their last moments on earth with him.

Now i want you guys to watch them and analyze them in this gif below

((Gifs belong to: drummergirl231))

If you go back and rewatch, headphones in your ears you can clearly hear Mikey sobbing, even April.

Mikey Sobbing

Watch that video and tell me that wasnt emotions, please do so.

Yes it was ten seconds, but under these circumstances we should understand that they really didnt have much time to process anything, just that their father died.

But you can see the emotions expressed in those precious moments. 

Now for the ending

Look at these faces…

April even asked “Did that just happened?” She was in total shock, Casey seems like he’s really confused, at least to me, or hes putting on a good poker face.

Right here Leo is just now taking it in, still shocked, as you can tell in his voice.

We can see Raph is freaked out by what happened, Donnie is just in total shock, probably numb right now.

You can see that he’s really sad, hurt, and will probably act as the happy go lucky character that he is, because thats him.

And in the case of the turtles… what exactly were you guys expecting?

The guys will react in different ways, even Casey! 

Lets talk about Casey, he’s not gonna show his emotions, if you can tell he was having a good poker face through the whole thing, for me, when i heard his voice, i could feel his emotions slipping out, though he never expressed them. Think about it, he could of been acting like he did to keep himself calm, and the others as well. 

You guys really dont understand Casey at all if your getting upset over how he acted, its not like Casey to show emotions easily, thats like wanting Raphael to burst into tears crying, but thats not gonna happen, why? Because its not their characters. 

Why not try to stay calm, and realize that things do happen off screen, and no they wont show emotions like going mentally insane or blubbering, also think about the timing of the episode, the creators had to fit all of this in in under an hour, which is hard for them to do sometimes, especially when they want to keep clips or add more and they cant.

Also can we remember patients? Like lets try to wait for season 4 before getting mad about what happened, because season 4 ep 1 could be very emotional, we dont know, lets try to stop getting mad so easily and lets try to clear our minds, and think, really think about these kind of things.

People act in many ways, people do not cry in dire situations that the turtles Casey and April were in, also so many things happened at one time, it can override your emotions to where it numbs you.

Please just understand these things, and just calm down, it really saddens me when i see hate on a character just because they didnt show the emotions you wanted them to show.. Thats not how it works, thats not realistic at all, and the show is aiming for realism. 
Not everything will go the way you planned. Just saying. 

Lets just stop this “fandom war” before it begins to get out of hand.

The finale was wonderful, and even if it wasnt then thats fine to. At times like these we need each other more then ever, because we have a long wait ahead of us, and more emotions then what we can deal with, and I dont know about you guys but I wanna be spreading love and mature discussions then just non stop hate and arguing.

((And again i understand opinions, views, thoughts, i do, and I promise im not trying to change or force my ways on you guys, i just do not wish more hate, or more arguements going around.))

Anyways Ive done my damage.

Send discussions or hate my way, here

Just if your gonna hate, be mature, respectful and intelligent. I dont deal with tolls and BS