i dont want it if its that easy

i want the social environment of college with easy access to clubs and group events to make new friends and socialize but without the pressure to perform academically, that would be great.

in fact its not that i dont want there to be classes, i love learning. i just hate grades and homework.

I’m gonna go back to repressing my emotions after this but it just really sucks cause all my friends are so pretty and conventionally attractive and people don’t acknowledge how easy it is to become confident when literally everywhere you get told you that you are the type of beauty you want and it just sucks cause its so hard for me as an ugly girl and they just dont get it honestly…. They just dont….

promise me by  Until_you

“i fell in love with this title after seeing it used in this.check out his stream if you havent. its very real and simple.

made me think..if your ever in the position where you ask someone this, you are giving more of yourself then the other person might realize,at least for me i dont trust easy, and for me to ask for a promise is very intimate, very trusting,very believing.

My sister,i was stuck on the blue tint really like it :) though it took me a bit to get the highlights on her face the way i wanted it. from a few days ago.”

B • A • C • C • A • N • O • ! 

smh .. its sad.

So I wanted to test the theory of  being a white sugar baby vs. being a black sugar baby. So I created a fake SA profie I used the EXACT same descriptions I had on profile. & just pulled some pics from google, of a white girl. The page is lit yall I swear her messages and interest are on fire.

So black sugar babies DONT EVER feel like its you. DONT let these white girls paint an easy picture for you, THATS ALLLLL PRIVELEGE. Its these racist as SD’S THAT ARE THE PROBLEM, and I’m thinking about scamming these fuckers

ps - Tinder is very pro-color in my area and I’ve heard great stories from other babies.

BTS As Things Youtubers Have Said
  • Jin: Im not saying im cute but damn im cute.
  • Rap Monster: I dont know why everyone says i have lip injections, like this is all natural...link in the decription
  • Jhope: Hey guys today im gonna show you a super easy dance tutorial. Lets get started! *unexplainable flailing of arms and legs*
  • Suga: Hello everyone its Richie from Social Re-i wanna kill myself slightly less.
  • Jimin: Hey guys today i want to show you my summer lookbook. *strips naked*
  • Taehyung: Ok like i know im at the Gucci store alot but that does not mean i live there.
  • Jungkook: I dont know why everyone comes at me telling me i cant do this or that, LIKE IM LEGALLY AN ADULT NOW SO STFU AND LET ME LIVE
People talking shit about Marks latest video.

‘I havent seen it but ..’

‘14 minutes of whining…’

‘Poor successful YouTuber..’

Seriously. You dont have to watch it. You have no obligation to do anything. If he wants to sit and tell the people who are subscribed to his channel that hes lost, that he’s scared, that he’s unsure of what he is doing but he loves his fans. That he loves watching us. That he lives for what we do, then he can fucking do that. 

Its easy to poke fun at him. Its easy to call him out on bullshit which isnt even true. And this isnt some ‘fangirl protection’ crap either. 

I just think that people need to get their priorities straight. And just shut the fuck up. 

If an internet audience is someones out let them let it be. If making a vlog helps someone mentally then so be it. IF A SUCCESSFUL PERSON IS STRUGGLING THEY CAN’T SO SWIMMING IN THEIR SUCCESS FOR HAPPINESS. THEY CAN’T USE THEIR SUBSCRIBER COUNT AS HAPPY FUCKING PILLS.

Thankfully there is plenty of love our there, not just for Mark but other YouTubers and fans who need it.

I just needed to get this off my chest. #sorrynotsorry 

Oosh out
Thank you for existing


my name is nemu, im sort of in a jam right now.

i work with a dance studio that i have been dancing with for years now, and they have informed me that they were “under no impression that i wanted to be paid” for my work as an instructor.

i guess this is what i get for not signing any contracts.

while i only worked once a week, i expected to be able to pool together enough money from that + rien’s parent’s business + the movie theater but ive been worked so rarely and its been absolute hell to try and get hours.

so. heres the issue.

im not only black, but i have exceedingly thick hair. i cant get my hair done at normal salons, and because of that, its REALLY expensive, and i have to stay for more than six hours each time to get it done. its fucking terrible and absolute hell, and its EXPENSIVE.

i havent had my hair done since march, its currently a rats nest and i cant get into it at all, knots are everywhere no matter how hard ti try to rake through them, and its almost getting to big to fit a damn cosplay wig over. im in so much pain because of it, and riens parents refuse to let me shave it off (Fucking nonblacks)

i need a little under $300 so i can get a weave installation and stop damaging my natural hair REALLY BADLY with intense relaxing chemicals that barely work with my thick hair.

i know it might take a while, but i could really use some help. if you want, i could critique something of yours (music, art, writing, etc.) as i have a few semesters of semi-professional critical training? or i could draw you a sketch of a character? or write you fics of anything i know about? or do a vocaloid cover of any vocaloid song you want?

im pretty damn desperate. but if you want anything out of your donation, feel free to contact me? my work at the theater doesnt like it when i wear wigs and so i really need to get htis done asap so i can go back to work.

im autistic and disabled while being black, tthis shit isnt easy, im really trying my best. please help me

my paypal is tempaypants@gmail.com (DONT USE MY OLD PAYPAL its been shut down for some stupid reason)

thank you, signal boost?


its just so sad & frustrating to kno theres kids who are just getting into star wars for the first time there’s girls idolizing rey like they’ve never idolized anyone else before & they go online and see this fucking sea of ppl who want a relationship between her the man who tortured her, usually sexualizing that torture

theres so many abusive & unequal aspects to reyIo that are widely made out to be hot or cute or sweet or the fuck ever. so very many. very widely. by ppl in their 20s, 30s, fucking adults who should fucking know better

i dont want those kids seeing this. i dont want girls who want to be just like rey seeing all these adults saying this stuff is sexy. esp if youre young its so easy to get persuaded if theres so many adults constantly saying this shit

fandom has such a history of being so, so shitty to women & i thought maybe we were starting to move beyond that but appalling reylo stuff is everywhere. and im just. rlly tired


“You: What? Im hungry

Dean: You had a stake dinner two hours ago and ate half of mine

You: W-

Castiel: Dean, you do realize she is pregnant right?

You&Dean: What?

Castiel: Yes, she already has your appetite Dean

You: She?

Castiel: Oh yes. She is already strong, loving, caring like you. She is also stubborn, like Dean

Dean: Thats my girl

Sam: Did they find out? Or did you have to tell them?

You: You knew?

Sam: Of course, Cas told me on one of our hunts.

Castiel: I think its time for you to take it easy now. We dont want anything happening to you or the baby

Dean: Damn straight. I dont want anything happening to my girls

You: Fine. Cas, are you going to stay with me and play doctor?

Casiel: I would love to keep you company”

Dean is caught off guard by the pregnancy news and surprised you didnt find out yet or didnt fit the puzzles together. He is happy about being a father but also is scared because he didnt want anything happening to you or baby. Castiel has been wanting to tell you about your pregnancy, so he told Sam. Which Sam told him to wait until you found out so that you could tell Dean and finally him and Cas. Weeks has gone by and nothing. Castiel got tired of waiting and decided to tell the both of you instead, which he is happy he did because the expressions on both of you faces is extremely priceless for him. Sam is happy for his brother and happy he is going to be an uncle. An uncle to a niece and he is getting excited about meeting her. You couldnt believe you are pregnant, you didnt know if you could get pregnant at all and finally. A little life is growing inside you. The pregnancy made you incredibly happy. So happy the father is someone like Dean. So happy your daughter is going to have an uncle like Sam and Castiel. Something you have never had at all. It was only you and your parents growing up until they passed away. A family you have always wanted.

aka the easy way fro beginners and lazy people like me

I’ll be using photoshop CC 2014 bc I’m lame

sorry for small pics but you get the idea

STEP 1: get ur pic

I got this pic in CAS but you can do it in game too but make sure the BG color doesn’t match anything on your sim, blue and green are best

Double click your “background” layer so we can work with it

STEP 2: after you double click this with pop up and you just click OKAY ok? I rename mine base for the heck of it but you dont have to

Optional step: right click your layer and select “duplicate layer” and it makes a new layer so if you mess one up you have another (i do this like 10 times when i edit)

Another optional step: click the lil thing beside the trash can and it makes an empty layer. i did this twice

Continuing another optional step: use the paint bucket tool to fill the layers with a color. i use green and black. this helps me see if i missed any spots later on

optional step if you copied the layer. hide the layer you arent working with

STEP 3: select the magic want tool and click the screen. it will make a selection


STEP 5: click the rest of the spots and delete. sometimes spots away from the sim doesnt get selected in in game pics so just erase those

 STEP 6: double check that youve got it all and i have so were good

YOURE DONE!!! it doesnt get every little piece but its easy and you cant see it so i dont care


now ill show you examples and u can be on your way

i made this with a CAS pic

i made this with an in game pic


thank you and goodnight

weedstoner-archive  asked:

that post u made reminded me that i have a communism question for u. so whenever i talk about it with my friends they always ask me what a communist society would look like, how there would be jobs without money, etc and up to a point i can explain it but i quickly lose confidence once they ask about details like. in terms of who would do the "dirty work" aka the jobs ppl don't want, how would u "buy" things without money, that kind of thing. i know theres prob not a simple answer but ya

a moneyless system is easy to explain. you dont work for money in the current society, you work for the goods and services that money purchases, but it is not the thing that provides your electricity. power isn’t generated by how much cash they can funnel into the furnace. get rid of money and the exchange-value system for the much simpler use-value system that is already in place. if someone argues that people will consume inefficiently, then theyre suggesting that capitalism is somehow more efficient by throwing away billions of pounds of food per year and refusing to shelter homeless people just because they can’t afford it. we have the technology to produce a surplus of basically everything and market mechanisms as we understand them would generally be made unnecessary in any realistic model of human consumption (many capitalists like to come up with absurd quantities of such-and-such commodity [10,000 gallons of water per day, for example] being consumed by one obnoxious person that ruins communism for everybody else, as if thats actually a problem worth a serious investigation)

communist society can’t be drawn up and pointed at like “this is it” because its the future. we can provide a rough framework for how it could function based on how our current society is able to operate (like above when i said that we currently produce a surplus, so we know for a fact that people could be provided for in the future) but we won’t know what problems may arise in the future until we get there. this is absolutely something that can seem disheartening, but for people that are so goal-oriented that they will settle for the current conditions just because they dont want to go through the work of building a better society, they are generally privileged to the point where they dont understand the necessity of radical change. they aren’t the ones suffering every day, so its easy for them to dismiss something that seems like a lot of work, even if its the only chance of survival for a large portion of the population.

the dirty work thing is an easy enough argument to dismiss when you’re well-equipped with the knowledge to do so. it often takes the form of the doctor-janitor story, where a doctor shouldn’t be paid the same as someone that simply takes out the trash, but this is a misunderstanding (and actually quite a funny one. they couldn’t have picked two better professions to compare tbh because its so easy to refute). doctors are certainly important to a (literally) healthy society. they are the people we go to so that we dont get sick and die. janitors are considered the lowest of the low because they dont actually do anything besides mopping or whatever (???), but imagine a world without janitors (or perhaps a world without their function is a better way to put it). without them, we would all get sick and die, same as a world without doctors. all of the dirty countertops in the world would make us all rush to the doctors office as we caught each others illnesses (a funnier thing to think about is how the market would react by suddenly producing a large amount of doctors to meet the demand of sick people, essentially reducing them to just another profession, removing the elitism that surrounds them. this is actually similar to doctors in the early days of capitalism. they were no better than the local trader, butcher, etc because all of them were important to the well-being of the population).

its important to understand this because this is actually similar to the old marxist feminist argument that women’s unpaid labor (in the home) is just as important as mens paid labor (in the factories). this is perhaps a little dated in some ways since capitalism has directly included women in the process of production, but before that, [the western concept of] gender was a clear-cut system of labor, where men produced and women reproduced, both in the sense of reproducing children [again, in terms of western concepts of gender, not actually getting into trans politics here] and also in the sense of reproducing labor. by taking care of the husband and her family, the sole duty of the housewife, she was responsible for the commodity producer (and the future generation of commodity producers and labor reproducers), and by extension, production as a whole. if it weren’t for this process of reproduction of labor on the microscopic level, the production of commodities wouldve been impossible, and this remains true for the doctor and the janitor, two very different jobs that fulfill the same basic purpose: to keep society going. to argue that one is more deserving of pay because one requires more “skill” than another or that one requires more education than another isn’t actually a criticism of socialism, but a realization of the cruelty of capitalism, where only those with enough wealth can afford to educate themselves and sustain their wealth (not to mention that this completely ignores the absurd fact that healthcare is a profitable industry, which it shouldn’t be).

one of the easiest ways around this argument though, especially if you want to get more into what communism would probably look like, is to just say that most of these things would be automated or taken care of on a community level. healthcare could be almost entirely abolished if we were to get to a point where we didnt have competition and the profit motive preventing us from finding cures for diseases just because companies make more money from selling monthly prescriptions than they ever would by actually stopping illnesses in their tracks, and for many other cases, machinery could be introduced in the emergency room (as is already done today) to make the doctors job easier. i think its safe to assume that janitorial work would also benefit from the introduction of machinery into the cleaning process and this work would become less stressful and more accessible to the general public.

(also, on the job question, id be a bad commie if i didnt quote the bit in the german ideology where marx says “… in communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, herdsman or critic.”)

so there you go. hope that helps.

i dont wanna get too emo but please know that sex positivity is very subjective… “fuck anyone u want! do whatever u want!” is such a fucking toxic mindset especially to minors and people with low self esteem because in the moment it doesnt seem harmful usually but often sex is a form of self harm or way to get validation/attention which obviously isnt healthy. i believe sex positivity is needed in the sense of the gender divide with it (ie how if men sleep w multiple girls its Cool but if a girl does it shes seen as gross or easy)

idk the sex positive movement really fucked me up. id be 13 reading shit written carelessly by adults about how having sex/sexual activity in general (sending nudes etc) is amazing and it doesnt matter who u do it with and now my self esteem is so damaged because of it and im traumatized and no it isnt all the sex positivity’s movements fault and it has done a lot of good too but. i just want u to know that if ur a teenager sleeping around isnt healthy for u at all and if u have self esteem problems its only going to make them worse. the whole deal is that it makes u feel better in the moment but sex isnt some casual thing it has an effect on ur brain especially when ur younger. just please be careful what u read and dont have sex w anyone if u dont trust them

not to be a theorist-l and come with a theory this early, but ‘hot’, or 'the war’ was the spoiling words for the comeback. remember the idea that the music videos were going in reverse? that MAMA is the final event that happen, and that everything before that is basically everything that happens in the opening intro to MAMA? - so what if this is “the war” that causes EXO to go over to the dark side (LOTTO & Monster) Which of course in the end causes them to be taken in and brought to the fasility in Lucky One, where they of course escapes. maybe it’s not necessesarily them being royal that’s the key here, but that they’re looked upon as Gods or someone with higher power because they have powers and they’re not from this world. But in the end a war breaks out between EXO and these humans that want to be in control, doesn’t want EXO to be looked upon as Gods anymore. EXO then like I said, go over to the dark side, the side that still view them, well not necessarily like Gods, but as someone that arent bad; but this time EXO is ready to fight even harder against the system that first thought they were Gods, but now think they’re Monsters. Because EXO are there to protect them, they don’t want to cause harm to humanity at all. But is it really easy to protect someone that view them as something they’re not?

- We don’t really know much about the comeback, other than hot/the war is spoiler words.

i want to thank all the people that i follow, all the antishaladins that when there was a little phrase about “allura=teen” they stop shipping sha///llura, like myself. its! so! easy! I dont care about knowing her “real age”, if she is “late teen”, whatever. if someone officially says that she MIGHT be a teen im gonna drop that ship as fast as i can.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I would love to open some art commissions, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations on how payment should be done(?) Would it be good to show them a sketch before they pay so they can get a flavor of what I will draw, or should I have them pay before I have anything done to protect myself from (literally) sketchy customers?

here is what i usually do:

  1. ask them for colored picture references, if they dont have any ask them to find you pallets and stock photos that outlines what colors they want and what the character looks like. 
  2. ask them for their email not only do you need this for paypal but people change their tumblr url a lot so its nice to be able to find them. 
  3. yes, absolutely provide a sketch before you ask for payment, this will help you more than them. people often try and “add” things in later that cost extra if you skip this step (one thing i get a lot after they pay is “hey can you put my cat in there to???” or “also can you put like 90 plants in it too”). also it will give you a better idea of the cost
  4. after they approved the sketch and the price send them the invoice and tell them you’ll start once its paid (i ask for half payment when its over $50)
  5. -have them pay with paypal (SEND THEM AN INVOICE dont let anyone pay through paypal.me), have a full contract in the invoice as well, mine pretty much says “it could take up to 2 moths i can still portfolio it, feel free to sell it blah bla) 

some other tips:

  • if you do half payment, then show then a suuuper low quality jpeg with a huge watermark when you give them updates
  • set the number of revisions you allow and be sure to outline if its okay to ask for revisions of the lineart or not (i know this will mess some people up) i only allow 3 unless the com was under $10 then i offer one
  • sometimes it helps to ask them their budget before sketching or talking about a price, that way you can make them something that will take as much time as their willing to pay for, rather than everyone being confused on hourly cost.
  • have a day rate!!!, rather than hourly rate. why? its easier to divide up “how many of these can i make in a day” rather than “how many half hours will this take”, if someone asks me for something that will probably take me a full day of focused work, its $100, if they want something that will only take a quarter day then its $25. easy. (my rate is mega low because i work very slowly, if you work fast you should start at $300 to $500 imo)
  • dont take every commission, if you dont wanna do it, jsut dont do it, even if its not outlined in your commission guidelines !!! if you take comms you dont like you’ll get burnt out FAST. 
  • google drive is my best friend, its great to share finished pngs in and photoshop/aseprite files through. and its really easy to stay organized!!! i like to put a lil thank you note in the folders so i look like a cool professional B)
  • please at least charge a living wage for your work. if youre doing them “just for fun” then do pay what you wants, that way youre not normalizing paying people under living standards. you will be respected for charging a living salary and get more professional commissioners that value you and your art. 

im really passionate about this kinda thing because i love to see artists thrive, so feel free to ask anything else. dont forget commissions arnt the only way to make money as an artist, apply for conventions, submit your work to galleries, make merchandise, monetize your blog, use patreon, or try out youtube. i really hope this helps !!!

maroondildo  asked:

can a Gemini and Sagittarius survive in a relationship

if you really want to know your compatibility with someone you need their birth details and you need to do their synestry chart. the sun is always radiating ofc, but it doesnt really have much weight in relationships bc our interactions here are usually based on moon (emotions, attachment), venus (social conduct), mars (attraction, sex) and the 7th house, Libra’s house. i dont know synestry but whenever im interested its always so easy to find info cos people love it so much

as for gemini and sagittarius disregarding compatibility, those signs don’t exist without each other, they are each other, just standing at opposite poles


anonymous asked:

The shadowhunters fandom is treating you like shit and u give them multiple artworks each week... These people have even called you a terrorist because youre turkish. Just come to the Voltron fandom we need you we wont treat you like this. Think abt it dear ❤️

Theres so many good people here, I love them with all my heart. I think the problem here is that I’ve started to look more like a /blog/ than a person to some. Its really not easy to live in a country in danger of terrorist attacks 24/7 and to recieve messages like these. I’ll just be unplugging for a while this is a lot of ugliness to deal with for me. Thank you for the concern though.