i dont want him to be home less

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First time meeting my online boyfriend yesterday and he got grossed out by my arm stretch marks and tummy and legs and hips and my face acne and body acne i literally went home crying in my bedroom self harming myself and wanted to jump off the bridge :( i'm still crying :( i can't sleep i feel like dying :(

Love. Hes the gross one here. Literally i want to shit on his face. What a disgusting creature he is. A fool. You are beautiful, ok? Him thinking this doesnt make you any less beautiful. Dont take his stupidity and ignorance out on yourself. Please dont let this ruin you. You are wholesome, you existed before this. Your body is NORMAL!!!! And v beautiful. By wrecking it yourself you wont redeem anything. It will feel better soon. Block him from everything. Don’t meet him again . Know you deserve better. Would you treat someone like that? No! So why should anyone treat you like that? You are much more than just something for him to cast his eyes on. In what way did he get grossed out? Are you sure this was the case? If he was then hes a foolish piece of shit who cant understand reality. I promise positive experiences can and will happen to you. If they are worth your time they will embrace you. He has to live with the fact hes a ignorant asshole, you live on knowing you are strong, kind, beautiful and purposeful. Someone you are meant to be with will never leave you crying. When i met my first boyfriend for the first rime he was considerate and kind. This is how it should be. I love you, i send my love. Dont hurt yourself. Dont! Just dont. It doesnt help anything. You will feel better soon i promise. The world is a lot more than just a boy thinking we are fuckable to them. I love you. Think of how many of us have beautiful stretch marks and chronic acne and tummies, we are beautiful. All of you are beautiful. Just because a stupid shitface boy doesnt think so doesnt make it less true! Ok??? Im here for u xxx

It’s the cold night, when i wish you were there to hold me.
It’s the person that i dont speak with too often, who asks me if we are still together, and i have to tell them we are not.
It’s me putting on my underwear every morning, that you took off so many times.
It’s my mom, still buying your favorite scent of tea, maybe she’s hoping that you will come by some day.
It’s the night i lay awake, when i crave you the most.
It’s me counting the cigarretes ive got left, realising i dont have to share those with you anymore.
It’s the photo of us that ive put in the storage box because i couldnt handle looking at it anymore.
It’s my sisters bedroom where ive slept for a couple of weeks, because my own bed felt unknown.
It’s me checking my phone, only to see that you still havent texted me.
It’s me being less excited when i’m home early from work, because i’m not going to see you anyways.
It’s my mind filling with jealousy when my best friend tells me her boyfriend is staying the night.
It’s my dad telling me i will be okay.
It’s me, driving past your house at 4am, still whispering ‘good night’
It’s my favorite movie i dont want to watch anymore, we’ve watched it together so many times.
It’s the concerned look my therapist gave me when i told him you left.
It’s my friend asking me how i’m doing, and i dont really know what to answer.
It’s the thought of you kissing other lips than mine.
It’s the emptiness i feel when i talk what we used to have.
It’s every song that reminds me of you.
It’s the affection i feel when i see other couples being happy.
It’s your drunk friend asking me where you are, and i have to tell them i dont know because we havent spoken in days.
It’s the dream where i kissed you that turned into a nightmare. It’s the incomplete feeling i feel since you left.
—  Things you left me with, when you decided to leave me.
Love Game (MIke Fuentes~ Y/N)

gingerslittleprincess asked: Can you write an Ptv one with Mike and how he comes home from tour to find y/n sleeping in his clothes on the couch holding on to a journal with journal entries counting down the days till he came home and how much she loved him. And then the next morning she wakes up to a really cute letter from Mike that sends her on a scavenger hunt to a romantic dinner on the skyline which ends with him proposing to her? Please and thanks. I hope it’s not confusing. ^///^ oh and lots of fluff please?

Written By: Lauren

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Money isn't everything part 2- Prego

Fuck. No. No no no.

“Hey babe what’s taking you so long, cmon we’re gonna be late!” you heard your husband say through the bathroom door.

“Just a sec! I’m almost done.” You stifled out, trying to hide the nervousness in your voice.

“Unbelievable.” You heard him sigh.

You closed your eyes tight and sat down onto the toilet seat, tears welling in your eyes.

You opened them again hoping that it would dissapear, but it didn’t. There it was in pink and white- a test that you had passed, but had hoped to fail. Two pink lines. Pregnant.

“No. No. No. This can’t be happening.” You said outloud to yourself trying to hold back the tears.

How would Calum react? Would he leave? Be happy? You didn’t know and that’s what terrified you the most. Things had just gotten good with him again after a long bumpy road, you’d been through so much. Could he handle this?

“Y/n NOW!” He said sternly through the door, awakening you from your thoughts.

“Fuck.” You said quietly to yourself.

“Ready!” You shouted and flushed the toilet.

You wrapped the little devil stick in toilet paper and threw it away.

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