i dont want anyone else to win

The Ridonculous Race Cast: First Opinions

the dad from Christmas Vacation and Justin Bieber

Dwayne Johnson and Rihanna

This is Chris’s dad and you’re wrong if you think he’s not


they look like they play call of duty a lot and tell women who play against them to go make them a sandwich

Axl Rose and the drummer dude from Guitar Hero 3

Marilyn Manson and Sia?

Kendall and Kris Jenner


are these people even on the show i seriously dont remember them at all

bros that are actually super gay

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Rules: 1. post your lock screen wallpaper 2. the last selfie you took 3. the last song you listened to

1. I cant post a screenshot of it because it has a lot of faces of other people but basically it is a team picture of my wrestling team winning the provincial title.

2. I dont really take good selfies so hers a picture of a puppy instead

3. Last song listened to: Harry Styles - Sign of the Times on the radio while driving to the gym


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Ok but everyone is going on and on about how Ruri is so disappointing and weak and I’m like whaaa?

1) She obliterated most Shun’s LPs in a single attack

2) She brought his LP down to a measly 400

3) She fought off her possession - something we havent seen anyone else do yet, not even Rin who might seem like the stronger of the two cause she won her duel

And speaking of that, Ruri didnt lose (as in she was weaker than Shun).

She gave up the duel. If she had continued, she would have likely won the same way Rin did. But Ruri broke out of the mind control and surrendered the duel. There’s a difference between losing cause you’re not good enough to win and losing cause you dont want to hurt your opponent so you give up the duel.

All this considered, I dunno what definition of strong we’re using these days but I think Ruri is a pretty good candidate for it.

Also I dont get this about hyping her up throughout the show?? She was barely mentioned aside from explaining Shun and Yuto’s motivations to come to Standard. I know in part that’s why people cling to her so much cause we didnt have much to go on (and I do really wanna know what’s up with her bracelet) but to call that hyping her up to be like super strong or something like that?? Not really…

Friendly reminder that voting for anyone besides Hillary means Trump wins because the Democratic votes will be split while Trump supporters remain strong despite the craziness we are seeing from his campaign and supporters.

We need to vote for Hillary if we dont want Donald Trump. Even if shes not the best candidate either.

And hey, if nothing else, yay first female President ever. I mean we gotta take the wins where we get them at this point. -_-



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excuse me for my handwriting


Yet another reason Karma should be with Amy instead of the piece of human garbage that is Liam:

After 2x09 when Karma said that she hated them both, Amy made it her life’s mission to win Karma back. She apologized profusely and even went to jail just to have the opportunity to tell her how much she means to her, and how sleeping with Liam was the biggest mistake of her life, and she’s so, so sorry, and she loves Karma more than anyone else on Earth.

Liam on the other hand tried to leave town as soon as he could and didn’t even remotely try to win Karma back, unless you call throwing money (that he claims to have not even wanted in the first place) at the situation an apology. Because he didn’t apologize, by the way. Rewatch it, he didn’t say the words “I’m sorry” once.

What hockey means to me

My grandmother and i were always really close. She always lived right down the street and we would see each other at least once a week. In 2013 she passed away at 90 years old after being in hospice care in my apartment for over a month. Needless to say it hurt. And in that hurt i tried to find something to take my mind off of it. Coincidentally at the same time the Blackhawks had been doing kind of good so i figured why not try to get more into the sport. I mean i had always liked them but it wasnt until then that i got fully obsessed with it. Of course the hawks went on to win the cup that year. For just a few moments i forgot about everything else that was wrong and had something to cheer for, it brought my family together when we needed it most. Living in Vegas of course we dont have many fans out here so i didnt have anyone to talk to even though i wanted to shout about it forever (and i probably still did even though my friends didnt care). I involve myself in hockey probably more than anything else in my life. It might not be healthy but it makes me happy,not a lot of things do. Then at the start of this season i thought id give liveblogging a try. And it all just came so natural. I got sucked into it like that. Over the course of the season i made some better friends and met better people than most of my friends i have known in real life for years. I became part of a community ,that as annoying and ridiculous as it can be, i enjoy every day with. 1700+ followers later i have the pleasure of knowing people like young-mullet-enthusiast and hockeyismyreligon, and coach-qs-stache and nyrqurlforev and marchandmad and teuvotamborine and petitereveries the list could go on forever im not making it up i swear youre all amazing and dont think otherwise. No matter what happens in the playoffs this year, win or lose, this sport and everyone i have met through it mean the absolute world to me. Thank you all and thank you hockey for making my life so much better. It’ll never be just a game to me 

anonymous asked:

How would tobio realize hes in love with shoyou?

its really slow at first b/c tobio is really really really bad with emotions and feelings especially his emotions but he starts getting close to shouyou and just assumes that’s what happens when you’re friends/teammates with someone but as the months go on little thoughts and ideas pop into his head like ‘take his hand’ ‘he’s so cute when he gets excited’ ‘his eyes are super pretty’ ‘i dont like that setter he’s talking to’ and he’s super confused because ???? he doesn’t feel that way about anyone else on his team?????

and he just keeps thinking about stuff like that and one day after school they’re lying on shouyou’s bed, he’s watching shouyou failing at trying to win a game and he’s resting on one of tobio’s arms and his tongue is adorably sticking out of his mouth and tobio is just happy and oh no???? this isn’t friendship???? i want to kiss him???

next comes the gay panic and hours of google searches to figure out what the fuck and it takes about a month for tobio to accept he loves something other than volleyball and he loves someone who’s an idiot but that’s okay because shouyou loves volleyball just as much as tobio and tobio is kind of an idiot too

but actually telling shouyou is a whole different matter