i dont wanna talk about it leave me alone

MBTI types in my experience

From my INTP perspective


Is a bit of a bitch baby tbh

But also like surprisingly mature w/ fights

Always writing

Like hoe we’re in maths y r u drafting a novel

Rlly into twenty one pilots

Just like good

At life

They confuse me


Ayyy it me

I know one other INTP


Hitting up them character wiki’s bois

Some nicely timed memes

Uses ™ too much

In fandom

Just all of them

Lives on wikipedia

Is actually a cat



Idk we got into a fight about oreos once

‘Leave me alone i dont wanna talk about it’

Says they’re gay for ppl of the opposite gender

Kinda has no idea what they’re talking about

Is confused

Also bitter


This is literally all my friends

Emo to the extremo

Got way too excited about all i want for christmas and welcome to the black parade mashup

Prime salt

Rlly loud

Like hello children would you like some chill


Mmk so this is my dad so im rlly biased

Just has no chill

Actually none

Conspiracy theories

The moon landing was fake and the nazi’s knew aliens

Afraid of the dark

Sleeps w/ the tv on for ‘the noise’

The tvs on mute hoe we know you’re afraid of the dark



Thrive on being annoying

Fantastic discussions about various scientific theories

Either a super weeb or disgusted by anime

There is no inbetween

They all have the same laugh???


Does not get english at all

Tbh they always yell at me about how much they hate essays


‘Dont touch me’

Why wont you love me

I just want to hug you

Rlly into the walking dead

Surprisingly good at makeup

Would probably stab me in my sleep

Violent threats

Almost killed me on swing set once

Im still bitter™ about it


An ethereal princess

Rlly nice

Lowkey living for the drama

‘Oh fuck off’

I know two of these ppl and i ship them


Have no idea whats happening

Is involved in other ppls relationships for no reason


‘Stay in your lane’


Had rainbow hair once

Just wants ppl to be honest

Doesnt like fighting

Wants the house clean for christmas

So hufflepuff that it hurts me

Does not know to cut ppl out of their life

Not gonna lie i have le salt bc they have like no self worth

And they’re like an excellent person ????


If it dare they’re doing it

Cries for no reason

Resorts to bodily fluids if attention off them 20 minutes

No one takes them seriously

Says things that make no sense

They spat devilled eggs on me once

‘Nam flashbacks



Is a flautist

Involved in extracurricular activities

Makes me feel guilty for quitting orchestra

Is the mum friend

Im convinced they went to elf school

Like how do you wrap presents so good ????

Bakes the best food boiiiiiiii  

anonymous asked:

Something where the reader is insecure about having a small chest sorry if it's too specific lmao just having one of those nights ya know? You don't have to do it though

Comin right up! (I hope you feel better, i relate a lot to this one and if you ever wanna talk or vent or anything, my ask is always open)

•eth noticing you’re being really quiet


•poking at you and stuff but you just dont feel good

•"ethan please leave me alone”

•you trying to fight back tears and eth can hear it in your voice

•"hey baby whats wrong?“

•eth sliding into bed next to you n wrapping his arms around you

•using his finger under your chin to make you look at him

•"baby tell me whats wrong”

•looking ethan in the eyes and falling into his chest

•"i just hate my body like..i dont even have a chest or anything and u-“
“Listen to me,”

•ethan making you look at him

•"you are absolutely perfect”

•his eyes literally filled w emotion

•"every part of you is perfect. Even the parts you dont like"

•his words hittin u like 100,000 bricks

•"whether or not you have a big chest or anything does not matter. Your body is perfect because its yours"

•eth literally letting you lay on his chest as he reminds you how wonderful and special you are

•loving body posi eth

:)) feel better my love

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yeah he literally said he stopped making the video he'd hyped up halfway through and filmed this instead people need to leave him alone he doesn't owe anyone shit

tbh i didn’t know about that at first too but like,,, now that’s it’s all out and clear ppl should really shut up if they’re still talking

my 5x15 headcanon

ok so we talked about how that don’t argue with your mother scene is such a married moment especially for regina but can we talk about the henry is going full on emo teenager scene because that is also such a married moment for swan queen like regina finishing emma’s sentence??? i’m so curious about what happened before that???


regina: henry please talk to me what’s the problem 

henry: go away mom i don’t wanna talk

regina to emma: well your son wouldn’t talk to me how about you try

emma: your son? really regina i thought he’s OUR son

regina: yes of course he’s OUR son i just m-

emma: and pls gina he totally got this “i’m not talking to you so leave me alone” thing from you i mean do you remember when you refuse to talk to me when you’re mad and 

regina: MISS SWAN! 

emma: what! ugh gina you know i dont like it when you call me miss swan!!!


emma: hmmm ok since you said my name so nicely

henry: you know i can hear the both of you right and i’m still not talking so please moms just leave me alone