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mccree’s filling his flirting quota before going on a mission with reyes

the foxes as quotes from my friend
  • andrew: I just took a test that said I'm the perfect balance between scene and emo
  • neil: anyways I don't have a body or a face or a personality I'm just a concept
  • renee: my kink is loving and supporting my friends
  • dan: everything is a social construct but especially gender you cis fucks
  • allison: I'm just saying if you ever hit my wall again I'm moving out
  • matt: hey guys this is my good friend Nothing
  • nicky: what wedding? I didn't get invited to my own wedding? typical.
  • kevin: mmm slamthatracquet.png
  • aaron: honestly? you could kill me right now and I'd be okay with that
  • seth: as I was leaving my neighbors house I shouted bye! I hope you die!

Les Amis + the solar system

1/10 - Enjolras + The Sun

Enjolras is Sol, the Sun, trapping the planets in his gravity; the body that provides them both daylight and warmth. But it’s dangerous–a star determines the fates of its planets, and a light that burns so fiercely can’t burn forever. - @grantairelibere

all orders have been shipped, thank u everyone for buying u_u <3 i hope everything arrives safely!

i wanted to keep some for myself but having 6 individual keychains this big was such a hassle for me so they would be arranged like this! sadly i had to give away that mc (but then i broke it so that was a waste sjdnfdsjkf) but have this picture of what couldve been

h hey yall whats goin on in this thread

i finished the books in a week and a half flat like 2 weeks ago and its taken me until now to process everything that happened, so have this sloppy doodle of the quagmires as i imagine them and hope it motivates me to draw something with more time invested in it

(left to right, quigley, isadora, duncan; thats absolutely a commonplace book)


AKB48 1st Single: “Aitakatta” requested by anon

“If it’s love,
Then say it’s love
Without the façade,
Let’s just be honest
If it’s love,
Then say it’s love
From inside our chest
Let’s be earnest about it”


Fashionweek 1/??  VINO VASHARI

Spoilt human noble engie main, I wanted the armor to look functional but fancy? After being forcibly kicked out of the Krytan high life, he mainly works for the pact with whispers jobs on the side. 
im bad at writing things like these so here have the thingies:

Head: Reading Glasses
Shoulder: Rubicon Shoulders
Chest: Aetherblade Jerkin
Gloves: Aetherblade Armguards
Pants: Inquest leggings
Feet: Forgeman’s Boots
Back: Guild backpack (im STILL mourning the engi kit backpacks :((  )
Weapon: too many (shown: Balthazars pistol, HOPE) (not shown: Predator, HMS divinity)
Dyes: Iron, Antique gold, Lifesblood


woooooo pride dresses for the youngins on the voltron team

im working on the adults’s but it might take awhile 

please do not tag this is as g//enderbend 

my reasoning for each one’s dresses below the cut :> 

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ok , so i’ve been out of the game for like … two years soon ? and by that i mean , i havent joined/created any rps ( except uk trolling bc im a fucking asshole lol ) . and like , whenever i check the rpt tag i get fucking emo as shit bc like . where are the good rps @ . where is the desire to WRITE , to create ORIGINAL plots , to focus on roleplays lasting rather than a fast af dash . look , i dont wanna blame twitter rps but like .. someones GOTTA . i used to be really anti them and then uk , apathetic bc aint none of my business . but when y’all create APPLESS TWITTER RPS .. you’re making it nearly too easy & you’re really losing a huge aspect of rping which is WRITING . appless rps are fun adn they aren’t all bad but most of ‘em don’t last that long bc people ain’t bothered with playing their muses for an extended amount of time . y’all create one dimensional connections and don’t bother discovering different layers of your plots nor your charas which is so mcfreaking sad LSDGHSDG . on top of that, y’all always act so mf chummy ooc for .. like a week or two and then you ditch rps and find somebody else to befriend for however long that rp lasts . as someones whos been in the rpc forever i can safely say that rps dont fucking last unless everythings gucci ooc ! unless the people behind the charas become a huge part of yalls lives , then u aint gon be bothered to keep an rp alive ??? idk how to fucking format this , but like . ..  YALL MAKE ME EMO AIGHT . i got an rp thats lasted for nearly 2 years in a couple months , ive got a friend group thats fucking a1 to the point where we can talk to each others fams , ive got plots that have developed throughout the years and shit aint a dictatorship when it comes to the rp – its a democracy & our friendship is the dam basis of everything . POINT IS , if you want rps to last you GOTTA know your members beyond who they play , you gotta have a platform where really discovering your chara and their connections is POSSIBLE beyond a mf tweet . anyways im Tired ™ and i have replies / like 20 uncharted 4 chapters to play so ..  wtvr gotta blast , this been a rant 


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Mo’s follower moodboards !!

okie so i just hit 4.6k and i didnt do anything for 4k or 4.5k so i decided that i would do a thing,,,and i didnt feel like putting in TOO much work into something so i saw the lovely @danshine do this (pls go follow them :/ amazing blog) and i thought why not give it a go ?? so what u needa do is:

  • follow lil ol me
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with your face tag and what u think youre aesthetic would be (that part is optional tho) 

i would say that if this gets less than 50 notes then pretend this never happened but lets be real we all crave that sweet validation

you can blacklist “mo’s follower moodboards” if u dont wanna see them !!

anonymous asked:

Wait wait. What is this shit list? I saw one thing mentioned earlier and now people are cyberbullying people for writing things they don't like? Explain? Help? I'm missing this entire story.

ok ok alright alright lemme break it down for nyall

  1. a yoi fic rec blog which i will not mention has a *~secret~* “badlist” which lists out “problematic” writers, and i believe most if not all of them write ota/yuri
  2. because of this list the authors start getting harassed (bc news flash: saying “dont harass them” in a shit list will not stop people from harassing them!!!!!)
  3. someone exposes the list so people are aware of why people are getting attacked 
  4. people start harassing the original poster of the list and we have come full circle
  5. op refuses to apologize for creating the list and getting all these people cyberbullied

what a fun day in tumblr dot hell :)