i dont wanna forget

I need a break from like… everything. School has been super stressful and considering how next semester hinges on how i finish up this semester, i might not be very present on tumblr till christmas. Idk i might close the askbox.


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now


「Jihoon as an ‘father’」

Welcome to producenet! This network is dedicated to bringing together the many fans of Produce 101 Season 2 here on tumblr. This blog will post content of both the current Wanna One members as well as all of the former trainees from this season. Through this network, you can find other PD101 S2 blogs, make new friends, spread your content to a larger audience, have more Produce 101 S2 in your dash, etc! 

How to apply:

  • Reblog this post to spread the word!
  • Fill out and submit this form
  • Follow this blog (and the admin’s blog if you’d like, but not required!)
  • Check out the network’s rules and make sure you agree with them before applying
  • You do NOT need to be a 100% PD101 S2 or Wanna One blog to be a member, multi-fandom blogs are welcome
  • You do not need to create content to be apart of this network!

After being accepted:

  • Link the network somewhere on your blog (in your about, links page, wherever)
  • Tag #producenet as one of the first five tags on your original content, and it will be reblogged to the network for other members to see! (there’s no limit to this, if you want to post original content into the tag ten times a day- go for it)
  • You’ll be placed on the members page!
  • You’ll receive a message letting you know you’ve been accepted! Make sure either your IMs or asks are open so I can let you know

(i was tagged by a few people to korok-kael but i wanted to post here too)

rules: answer the twenty questions and tag twenty people. (or you can just tag 10 because 20 is a lot gee)

  1. name:  kael
  2. nicknames:  ko !!
  3. birthday:  march 12  
  4. zodiac sign:  pisces  
  5. Height:   5′ 11″ ! trees attack me because im so glorious
  6. orientation:  west
  7. nationality:   sad
  8. favorite fruit:  cherries and strawberries !!  
  9. favorite season:  spring / california winter (which is also spring)
  10. favorite flower:  so many ! flowers hold a lot of significant meaning to me ! i’ll list that all in the tags ah ha, 
  11. favorite scent:  t h e  r a i n  : ) no one is more basic than me
  12. favorite book:
  13. coffee / tea / hot cocoa:  i drink coffee more than tea but tea is v important and sacred to me ,
  14. average sleep hours:  i’ll usually either get 4 hours or 12 hours , never in between woops
  15. cat or dog person:  i have two cats accept one of then is a dog so idk  
  16. favorite fictional character:  saria and celeste are both super important to me bc i would spend so much time around them as a child, also brewster and all of my harvest moon wives lmao
  17. number of blankets you sleep with:  one big one and my cats act like blankets too , i have like, 5 on my bed but idont use them : )
  18. blog created:  i started @korok-kael 6 months ago !!! pinekid tho i started in 2010 ; )
  19. number of followers:  25,000+ between my 3 blogs !  (3k on the ac one, pinekid has almost 18k and my   a e s t h e t i c  /witch one has 5k)
  20. random fact:   i !!! … am tired !!! :‘ )

tag 20!:  @s-enja @luxjii @bunblevee @jjhoa @8bitrk-d @koiysa @jdebbiel @floralbandaid @days-e @dearratroi (only ten oops)

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any favourite blogs?

yep it’s a long list tbh

@dylannnroof @tedbundy @truecrimedaily @truecrimehothouse @hausoftruecrime @thedeathmerchant @ofrabid @my-sisters-bike @goddamnshotgun @timothymcfuckingveigh @thedragonrampant @werethenobodies @rebvodka-closet-admirers @man-slaughter @dylaannroof @truecrimedylannroof @99s–boys @cool-ranch-humans @twunnythree @bedahmerized @vv0dkaa @reb-made-me-do-this @fuxkingasshole @vodka-r-e-b @rebsmommy @charlestonchurchmassacre @dahm-sub @aesthetic-of-truecrime @dylannstrenchcoat @ted-bundys-unibrow @truecrimetrashcan @bowlcutworshipper @bunbunbundy @theodorebvndy @bundyspooks @thoseinperil @dahmersaquarium @dahmer-man @ur-dream-and-nightmare @whatsyourfavouritescarymovie @voicefromdeathrow @dylanwrathklebold @stoned-dahmer

this is in no specific order!!

i feel like iko would like,,,, be really good at photography? like she would really enjoy doing it? idk its just a random headcanon but imagine iko with a camera. she would be really good at like taking candid shots of her friends. cinder laughing at one of her jokes. scarlet giving a soft look at wolf when she thinks no one’s looking. of course she would do photoshoots of her friends for free, professional ones with backdrops and wardrobe changes, but like. iko notices her friends, its one of her traits and its one that makes her the most human, you know? and so i feel like she would get into photography bc she would be able to express those little things she notices about her friends. the way cinder’s nose crinkles when she laughs, the way the tips of cress’ ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.

and of course she’d take hella selfies tbh

Teen Titans prompt 6

Prompt (by jnp2972): Star and Robin baking cookies, but ending up in a dough fight.
Pairing: RobStar
Themes: Humor, Romance

read on fanficton.net

(Also I’m back to making DC content for this series as well as this one, so feel free to spread the word)

He doesn’t know how he always gets dragged into these kinds of things.

Robin can’t help but suppose it’s his own fault. He does give in too easy, especially to this particular force, persuasive and beautiful as she is.

And no, he doesn’t want to consider he might be as susceptible to the female wiles as his old mentor, that would be simply ridiculous.

But as he stands in the T-tower kitchen with a frilly pink apron tied around his waste and his shirtsleeves bunched up to his elbows, he can’t help but think this was a terrible mistake.

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