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Hiatus notice

Hey guys, I just wanted to make a post to let you know that I’ll be going on a hiatus for the next week. Life is stressful right now and I really need time to focus on my life and school. I’ll also be turning off all notifications for group chats, but I might pop in every now and then if I get a chance. I’ll miss you all a lot but hopefully having this time to really focus on myself will help me out. I have a queue set up to post about 20 times a day, so this blog will still be running, don’t worry! I love you all so, so much and thank you for understanding. <3


We match!

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Ah– yes

Friendly reminder: If I take a while to reply, or if I don’t reply at all, it doesn’t mean I don’t wanna talk to you.

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Saw someone on miz’s blog do this for them so yknow what.

thanks to @mizbritishnyxian @espeon9891 @megan0133 @rosstheinvadr @teapotcutie @lazy-gaming-platypus and everyone else from the em discord for making me feel better about posting and sharing my art. I love you all and i really hope we can be the best of friends. I absolutely love making stuff for you guys too. You’re all ECSTATIC seeing the stuff i make and i feel so happy seeing youre reactions to the stuff i make… It really does help when my mood has been destroyed by everyday life
Oh, and i dont wanna forget @thatscreechinghellhound for helping me through life, and improving my art after all these years.

never forget that i do care for you guys. Okay? Thanks.

I don’t wanna sit where she was sitting, I don’t want to lay at the same bed she did, I don’t want to look at the corners she did, I don’t want to drink from the cups she drank coffee with you, I don’t want to wash my hands in the same sink she washed her dirt, and I don’t want to hear the same silence she did and see the same dark when she kissed you.
—  I don’t want to move in with you

@artofdisneyfairies dont forget clochette et le pouvoir de puchi! it’s a manga mainly featuring the little fairy puchi who is totally adorable.

it’s not based on any of the english chapter books, but was officially published for the disney fairies franchise in france!