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for all my mutuals: ily and I think ur art is cool and I wish I could sent you a message but im afraid I might Die so im just going to quietly admire everything u post 🌱 -admin

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deedennis shippers are crazy. they say bc dee and dennis stand so close??? or sit together??? that they wanna fuck? they're fucking twins and twins usually gravitate towards each other/are in sync. doesn't mean they wanna fuck. this isn't game of thrones.

lmao right like?? theyre supposed to be close theyre siblings???? also honestly idk how anyone can watch Who Got Dee Pregnant and still think they’d go anywhere near that kind of thing like?? dennis literally threw up multiple times and could barely stand up when he thought they’d accidentally slept together while super drunk?? but yea theyd definitely do that on purpose sure, jan


i was tagged by @chokemeseokjin for the moodboard tag! (thank youuuu ❤️)

bf!jungkook moodboard ☺️

idk… i just seen a pic and decided to use him 🙄

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hey guys i’m going away this weekend - not coz i want to coz i have to *sigh*  I’ll be back monday :D - in the meantime my posts are queued and wont really be story like unless i get the story bit i want for my family done tonight but i might not so just in case don’t expect too much - just keep enjoying shots of Kaia. :D

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Just in case you ever do plan on rping as Zim I would like to warn you.... BEWARE OF INVADER ZIM MARY SUES.

OHHHAHAHAHA AA A AAH HAHAA BUDDY,,,,, BUDDY I’VE RP’D IN THE ZIM FANDOM SINCE THE DARK AGES I KNOW WHAT IT’S ABOUT! thank you for the warning, though, people new to the fandom DEFINITELY need to watch out for those crazy sonofaguns they love god-modding n’ forcing shipping

i’ve just been rping on facebook with tons of different characters [ also, a habit same as the dark ages sadly ] since like 2012 and the fandom’s dead on there so i figured tumblr would have more people willing to RP with a canon-based zim blog! 

but really if anyone could tell me how they cut the rp threads to not be miles long lemme know! i haven’t tried since the update.

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Yo, have you checked out Apathy? It apparently went through an edit and now Setsuna's nonbinary. (in response to your text post about the KHR fics that haven't updated in late spring/early summer of 2016, because I know that fic fell under that. Funnily enough, it updated on the same day your fic did, so that was a HUGE plus for me)

I’ve been meaning to! Klonoa writes really strong characters, and I got into it before. But I have ADHD so the lack of narrative cohesion or clear line of thought (or even any sort of separation between important thoughts and idle ponderings) and the constant tendency torwards self-correction and exposition - while ridiculously accurate to the way the average ADHD person thinks - makes her fics at best really hard to focus on and at worst unintelligable dithering. I feel like I’d get into the groove of things as the character gets situated but I just…can’t do it…even when I skip chapter 1 entirely my brain just shuts down. I could probably slide in if I were craving fics, idk. I tried reading a few fics and I was frustrated to tears so I’ve been put off it for now

texting is so interesting yet horrible. if we place periods after sentences in texts it’s perceived as being angry or mad. if we put question marks we’re either being sarcastic, or rude. exclamation points make us seem like we’re yelling, sometimes angry or sometimes excited, but mostly angry because being excited would be us making all the letters in our sentence capitalized. if we dont answer back texts it’s rude, if we do answer back but with a period we’re mad. it’s so stressful, and damn stupid that i have to think about what punctuation mark i should put at the end of my sentence so i won’t be seen as rude or angry.

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