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Old sketch of Eddie McNodick and Daddy Park

From the fic ‘To Be Well’

fun exercise: redrawing weird hypersexualized reference drawings so that people who are learning to draw can have references that won’t make everything look like a pinup

Can we talk for a second about how tall and sexy Chris Hemsworth looks here with this pose?

I am completely obsessed with Don’t Starve haHAHAHA.

After roaming through the wiki/tumblr and reading up on Charlie the night monster, I just fell in love. She’s scary. Honest.

Little Things

It was the little things that first led Troye Mellet to Connor Franta. From the way he bit his lip when he was nervous to how his eyes hid much more than he led on. Troye noticed. And found himself wanting to get to know every little thing about the Minnesotan boy.

But Troye knew better than anybody that if he wanted more viewers he had to feed into the Troyler ship that he began with his best friend, Tyler Oakley. At that time, he didn’t mind one bit. But as a year passed and so much changed between himself and Connor, he couldn’t help questioning if Tronnor would have been something he would have much more enjoyed doing.

The more he pondered on the subject of Tronnor over Troyler, the more he realized that he wouldn’t want that. What he would want with Connor would be intimacy, affection, and above all privacy. He wouldn’t want it to be some huge plot of getting more subscribers. He would want something that was real, and pure. He would want to know what love is. To know what it really meant to fall in love. To trust someone so much that he wouldn’t even want to second-guess himself. He would want all of that with Connor.

And at this point, Troye realized how big his crush on the kitten enthusiast really was. He was at a loss of what to do.

Sure, he’s had a boyfriend and it was pretty serious, but Troye could never really bring himself to admit that he was in love with him. Just like Troye refused to believe that instead of seeing his boyfriend, he would imagine the 21-year old Minnesotan underneath him. Groaning, moaning, begging for more with each thrust Troye would make.

No, that never happened. Troye repeatedly chanted. Despite the fact that it did. Despite the fact that he got caught up so much, he shouted his name. Despite the fact that it was that very thing that led to his break up.

It had been consensual to a degree. Troye was more than fully aware that he fucked up. He had a good thing going, but he just had to ruin it by crushing horribly bad on another guy. His boyfriend, well ex, deserved much better than a boy looking for better. If anything he deserved someone that would give him a forever. And Troye coudln’t give him that no matter how hard he would try.

Connor had tried to help then, but Troye pushed him away. He couldn’t handle having him constantly around and being so supportive. Troye knew it was wrong on his part. But he didn’t care. He went and found his comfort in Tyler. 

Troye should have known that all of his running would have been for nothing. Especially when Tyler invited Connor to everything. Especially after the first few months of 2014. Whether to be thankful or not at that moment, Troye wasn’t sure.

But as Troye reflected on it, he knew that he was more than thankful for Tyler.

If it hadn’t been for Tyler, Troye would have never known of how excited Connor would get over new music releases. He would have never known of Connor’s cute giggle after a silly lie of his was found out. Of how Connor’s eyes were the window to who he was. Of Connor’s way of finding beauty in the smallest of things. He would have never known of Connor being gay.

And that made all the difference.

Troye had already been completely head over heels when Connor sat him down on Tyler’s signature coach. Troye had already began to lose hope on ever being with Connor when the older man stumbled over his words. Troye had already been sure he crossed the line on one of his flirty jokes and Connor just wanted him to stop when the words finally made their way out of Connor’s lips.

“Troye, I’m gay.”

It was those little three words that made a huge impact on the rest of the year for the two boys. Connor kept getting flirted on by so many other men that Troye couldn’t hide his annoyance so easily. In early March, Troye confessed how all the little things Connor did made him lose his mind. Troye had expected a rejection, but was surprised to have been met with Connor’s lips on his own.

It was awkward, yet sweet. Neither one knew exactly what to do, but one thing they did know was that it was exactly what they wanted. It wasn’t till late March that they finally decided to be together.

Troye could never be more grateful for all the little things that happened to him, Connor, and both. They did lead him to have the best person he knows as his boyfriend.

The little things are all that matters in the end. And Troye Mellet couldn’t wait to find more once he moves in with his loving boyfriend, Connor Franta.