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I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t, I needed to draw thIS

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Favorite wardrobe moments from Depressing News -

  1.  Margaret’s ducky underpants
  2.  BJ’s Chucks + Hawk’s suspiciously 80′s tennies
  3. - 5. Klinger’s many hats + Potter’s painting outfit

anonymous asked:

henlo i love your blog, what colors do you think snow elf eyes were? apart from what we see in skyrim

aaaa tysm !! i think light, ‘cold’ colours would have been common, like this!

these would be the eye colours of the majority of snelf population, with babies eyes starting out as a grey-white that would gradually take on a different shade (or not!!). like human babies starting with blue eyes? 

of course they’d be more uncommon colours, either through uncommon recessive genes, genetic mutations, magic or through interracial parentage ! So you would also sometimes see colours like this:

Things like orange and brown would be rare but not unheard of, especially if their parents are different races because its indicated in the lore that the child usually shares physical characteristics with the mother.

thank you sm @flockofpidge for tagging me!!! 

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name/nickname: lily

birth month: july

height: no idea but probably 5′6″? maybe 5′7″?

ethnicity: hungarian/eastern european jew

orientation: biiii

fruit: blood oranges

favorite season: fall/autumn, everything smells so good (like apples and smoke and leaves) and it’s the perfect temperature

books: (hAH okay there’s a lot but i’m just writing down a couple) The Diviners, The Girl Who Could Fly, Proxy, all of Rick Riordan’s books but especially the Dark Prophecy, SIX OF CROWS/CROOKED KINGDOM, The Glass Sentence, etc….

flower: stargazer lilies (is that a surprise though)

scent: used book stores and vanilla

animal: puffins!! and pulis!!!

beverage: apple bubble tea (there’s a place near my house that has this and i get it e v e r y time)

hours of sleep: sleep? i dont know her (probably like 4-6 hours, maybe 9 if it’s a reeeaaaally good day/night)

favorite fictional characters: lance (Voltron), allura (Voltron), margo hanson (tv version of The Magicians), isak valtersen (Skam), tom haverford (Parks and Rec), nico di angelo (the PJO universe), piper mclean (the PJO universe), wolfgang bogdanow (Sense8), kala dandekar (Sense8), joana coelho (3%), and there’s more but i can’t write them all out!!

number of blankets you sleep with: as many as possible, even in the summer

dream trip: i really want to go on a trip to denmark, finland, sweden, norway, and iceland in one summer - that, or going back to hungary and exploring the countryside more (budapest is great and all, i loved it a lot, but it’s a p big country and i’m sad that i didnt get to see much of it)

blog created: less than a year ago i think? summer of 2016 probably

number of followers: heck idk, ~150

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Can we talk for a second about how tall and sexy Chris Hemsworth looks here with this pose?

I am completely obsessed with Don’t Starve haHAHAHA.

After roaming through the wiki/tumblr and reading up on Charlie the night monster, I just fell in love. She’s scary. Honest.

aomomo; surprises

a/n: This is the really dumb cheesy thing that I mentioned a few days ago ahhh /////

series/pairing: kurobas/aomomo
rating: t

“But that’s a maternity…clothing…store…”

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