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More of my modern/college band au Richie!



I don’t know what I’m doing-

Continuation of this I guess?

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I want you to know that I had a semi-nightmare involving a lot of half-naked Angie and Yandere Saihara after seeing that post. I'm. So confused. Why did I have that dream. Why was Angie half-naked. Why did Saihara have teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator. These are the questions I will never have answers to.

the answer is that i… may have made an au on the words “half-naked angie” and “teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator”…

congrats, i guess we might have a cult au on our hands??? HaHA,,,,

also, saihara with sharp teeth..!! in my elusive, super serious style. he actually looks rlly good–

I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t, I needed to draw thIS

Sansta @crowfry


Favorite wardrobe moments from Depressing News -

  1.  Margaret’s ducky underpants
  2.  BJ’s Chucks + Hawk’s suspiciously 80′s tennies
  3. - 5. Klinger’s many hats + Potter’s painting outfit

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What did jeremy say about lance dying?? It was from an interview right? I think i watched it and just assumed it was a joke but Ive seen mANY people theorising around it so maybe i misinterpreted it, could you maybe link me to the interview? Or just give me your point of view? Idk i feel lowkey leftout asfshskdb (i also assumed when the bonding moment happened that lance was joking about not remembering it just to tease k eith and apparently i was wrong so yeh, interpreting signs? Not my forte)

(rolls up sleeves) okay, uh, i admit my researches on this have been pretty unhelpful. i promise i scoured the net, skimmed through a 42 minutes panel video (and don’t say i don’t love you) but the only source i could find of Jeremy Shada saying it was on this interview from Den of Geek dated April 13, 2017 teasing the release of season three. I quote directly: Jeremy Shada (Lance) is excited that all the cast members “have some great drama points.” He then goes on to joke, “I mean like, Lance dies so that was a fun moment.”
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was your fav simblrs ????

@keysims n @ratboysims OFC !!! i rly love @bratsims @femmesim @berrysweetboutique @ridgeport aaand @shanni-bo-banni‘s blogs a LOT. and i reckon im preeetty good friends w @chickenwangsims, @soleilsim, @eefahsims, @felicitum and @wrenpity so ofc i love theirs as well !!!!!!!! @grimcookies is pretty ok 2 i guess . i follow like. 76 blogs and i rly do love all of them so !!! maybe i should have a blog roll or s/t  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i hope ur having a beautiful day or night or morning or evening anon!!!

ask me some things !!

“bts smut fanfics are the creepiest and most disgusting things in the entire world why can’t i search through my bias’ tag on tumblr without seeing a smut fic about them” -actual quote i just saw

armys are rlly doin the most cause now we’re the only ones who write smut

*sweats at my vixx&bap smut ml*

Rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you are contractually obligated to know better

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1. nickname(s): non

2. gender: female

3.star sign: virgo

4.height: 164cm

5.time: 1:27pm

6.birthday: september 11

7.favorite band(s):

8.favorite solo artist: 

9.song stuck in my head: another day in paradise by phil collins 

10.last movie watched: honestly cant remember….

11.last show watched: bojack horseman

12.when did I create my blog: may 2015 for this blog. my mains been up since 2012

13.what do I post/reblog: cartoons and arts

14.last thing I googled: bubble tea

15.other blogs: my main 

16.do I get asks: sometimes

17.why did I chose this url: a long and pointless story

18.following: 300+

19.followers: other than my mom? uhhhhhh

20:average hours of sleep: too many for me to be that tired

21.lucky number: 1,000,000 in cash plz

22.instrument: i cant really play any instrument

23.what am I wearing: jeans and a flannel shirt

24.dream job: something art realted that i enjoy

25.dream trip?:anywhere but here

26.favorite food : sushi i think

27.nationality: non of your business

28.favorite song: jackson 5- i want you back. and the entire soundtrack of HTTYD 1

29.last book read: who knows

30(finally).top three fictional universes: idc, just let me escape my reality in peace

tags: my buddies, they know who they are.

alt right dickass: actually fascism is [something mussolini said that no one gives a shit about] so technically hitler and the nazis don’t fall under that category and neither do the alt right

me, an intellectual: interesting point, but consider this *kicks them in the teeth because regardless of the official definition of fascism or nazism they do not give a solitary fuck about the well being of social minorities or any fellow human beings for that matter*