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tom collins: hey cthulhu or the great old one i dont even know your name but like apparently i can get stuff from you if i make a pact with u? so like can i get a dick and also Not Boobs? just like the entire deal, the whole package if u catch my drift

the great old one: i mean this is kind of uh different from my normal terms, real different, actually, i usually give like.. magic and stuff but i… i suppose i could do that, sure, but the magic is kind of part of my whole Thing here

tom collins, sighing: alright fine i guess ill take the magic too, whatever

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Yo, question, im self publishing a short story but how the actual f do i go up to editors and be like, hey so heres my finished manuscript can u check my spelling and stuff without making me wanna chuck it in the river and never write again??? Im extremely anxious about it but i dont want to just have friends proofread my manuscript. 😢😢😢

Depends on what you want to hire them for, is it copy of proofing or both?
(Copy being they are checking for consistency and plot holes and may recommend restructures or suggested edits to improve the text, proofing being “yep your spelling and grammar are correct, here you go!”) 

Usually when people want to hire me they want both, they just don’t know how to word it. Which is why I will always ask them “what do you want from this editing experience”. Do you want me to pick apart the story to make sure it all fits back together again, or do you just want me to make sure it’s well punctuated and spelled correctly? Sometimes they’ll start out with “oh just grammar and spelling is fine, I think I’ve got everything pretty down, but y’know if you have any suggestions” which is when I have to very gently tell them they actually want a copy edit, and this will be a lengthier process than me going through it on a speed run basis. So also allowing yourself ample time to have it edited before a deadline, is a good idea. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve agreed to a project, asked them when they want it by and the email I get back says “well the deadline for open submissions ends tomorrow so if you could just” and I have to tell them no, this is not a thing that will be happening.

You may also want to ask your editor to do a read through first (offer to pay, even if they don’t want payment for it, it’s still the polite thing to do) to see if they have any suggestions as to what you can fix before they start combing through it with a fine tooth comb. This will also give you a vague idea of how they work as an editor and their approach to criticism. 

Some editors only ever leave the negative feedback, short little sentences at the side like “This doesn’t work, fix it.” which to my mind, is one of the least helpful comments you can leave at the side of something. But I’ve also worked with editors who do that and shrug when you tell them that and say “it’s not my place to spoon feed them, if they can’t figure it out they shouldn’t be writing” which I mean, that’s one way to get your coffee spiked I suppose.

Personally I like to let the author know I am enjoying their work. It helps boost their morale a little bit, and means when you do need to tell them “hey this doesn’t really work”, it can soften the blow because I know, I know it’s so easy to look at something and hear “this is shit, why did you even write this”, when what I am actually trying to tell you is “you’ve written something really good here but this part lets it down, why not try rewriting this or consider cutting it entirely”. I have actively squeed in the comments section of manuscripts when I have figured something out or when the characterization is on point, and part of this is because I am expressive, but another part is because I just love words, I love seeing the clever ways people fit them together and I really don’t see the point in not telling someone they did a good job. 

So, how do you approach an editor? Send them an email.

“Hi, my name is XYZ and I was hoping to engage your services for a final draft of my manuscript which I hope to self publish/submit to a magazine/competition/open submissions call/pitch to an agent*. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/literary/romance/contemporary piece and I’m primarily looking for copy/proofing workand was wondering about your rates. I have an open timeline/approaching deadline so a rough estimate of how long you think it would take would also be welcome. If you’d like to review the manuscript first I would be amenable to paying a reading fee for your time.
Thank you, I hope to hear from you and look forward to working with you,
Best, XYZ.”

Or as some people do on here “ @ joy I need help lmao how much money do I need to throw at you to fix this???” which has also worked :P

(*these are important distinctions to make, it helps us to tweak your work)


Sketch Dump of Dreamon stuff.
These arent clean or anything but this is usually how I figure out body types and the looks for everyone as well as how to draw them. I thought they’d be nice to show though because I dont know when I’ll get around to making final finished art for all the Dreamons so maybe at least catching glimpses of them here and there will help.

These are not final designs either in terms of outfits and stuff just again mostly body type studies.

hey guys i dont usually do shout outs but this is v relevant and awesome so im doing it

there’s a lovely dude on youtube called Safari!!

he’s a black gay guy with bpd who makes vlogs about his bpd recovery and other stuff too (like he just uploaded a video called “I like don’t hate black people” and it’s wonderful) and he’s open, nice to listen to, and really funny too. pls check him out: here’s his channel

still meaning to return to blogging here more, even though im completely clueless as to who/what i am or am not even familiar with anymore on here as far as Lokean community goes or anything…i’m of course sure the nearly 900 of you are likely half dead blogs or pornbots i missed blocking lol but

i made a huge huge HUGE breakthrough with Loki on my personal growth and I feel so so good about Everything so I’m less stressed now about how this community [tumblr pagans in general] can be. it really fucked me up before, thats why i disappeared for my health but i mean it this time i really wanna blog more ❗ idk how soon ill be back to talking AS much so if i were to get messages again dont hold your breath for me to respond quickly rn unless you dont care when i respond or not. but yeah :) i was struggling for awhile but as usual Loki saved my ass ~ ~ ~

heres my anaylsis of the doctors

one: No.

two: twink

three: otter.

four: god dont make me think of tom baker like that Please

five: twink. the twinkiest twink. hes a fucking. twinkie. hostess made him. the blond hair is proof

 six: bear and i mean it literally

seven: who knows hes too weird looking

eight: :)

nine: otter

ten: TWUNK

eleven: Have you ever looked at a picture of matt smith before, ever, it should be OBVIOUS

twelve: same as seven. he is just indescribable.

hope you enjoyed

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  1. What’s the last positive thing you’ve said to yourself?
    idk probably just the vague feeling of “do we not feel bad right now? i think we dont feel bad right now thats weird cool lets take a nap”

  2. Is there a book / movie / show you love, but don’t recommend to people?
    honestly not entirely but ill usually hesitate to push people to watch stuff like scott and bailey and rebus bc the more subdued genre of the british detective shows feel weirdly culturally specific like idk how much a lot of people here would get it

  3. Do you prefer on-ear headphones or earbuds?
    oh my god earbuds but only when they’re not horrifically uncomfortable
    for whatever reason on-ear ones always make my ears hurt and im always paranoid that people can hear everything im listening to
    earbuds are so much more subtle 

  4. When’s the last time you laughed so hard you cried, and what was it about?
    i dont remember specifically but it was probably something aidan said bc it usually is

  5. If you could change your zodiac sign to one that better reflects your personality, which one would it be?
    aquarius holy shit pisces fits me not even a little bit and im only a few (couple?) weeks off being aquarius and it fits so much better

  6. What would you choose for your perfect last meal?
    honestly probably an in’n’out burger

  7. What is your favorite word or phrase in your native language and/or the language you’re currently learning?
    so far im really lovin l’angoisse which has been explained to me as yes the french came up with a word for existential dread

  8. Would you prefer to have complete and encyclopedic knowledge of your favorite thing and little else, or know a moderate amount about literally everything in the world?
    my guy if im really lovin something im gonna get encyclopedic knowledge of it regardless sooner or later so yeah gimme that approximate knowledge of many things itll make me more well rounded as a person

  9. Would you rather be a bird or a sea animal?
    bird im a corvid at heart

  10. Do you still have the stuffed toy / security blanket you slept with as a child?
    yes hes a beanie babie cat and his name is both flame and jaystar and hes disgusting

  11. If the world was perfect and money were no object, what would be your dream vacation?
    im goin on an architecture tour i wanna see fuckin rome and china and edinburgh and london and india and france and everywhere oh my god i just wanna see some really old buildings

New Questions (oh my god sam u were right these are hard to write?):

1. Do you have a comfort book/movie/show? One that you’ve seen a thousand times but you always go back to eventually?
2. Are you a romantic person? Do you fall for traditionally sappy gestures of love? 
3. Ocean or lake?
4. Desert or forest?
5. Favourite candle scent?
6. What’s something you want to learn to do?
7. What’s something you’re procrastinating right now?
8. What’s your dream tattoo?
9. Do you hold onto grudges, or do you let things go more easily?
10. Would you consider yourself more sympathetic or empathetic?
11. How much sleep did you get last night?

i’m tagging @riitsus, @sleepysak, @brendwell, @tabsbrowser, @zombie-attraction, @behollder, @unstoppabean, and yeah thats all i got but hey if ya dont wanna do it then aint no obligation and if ya see it and think its fun go right ahead m8

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/post/149085502052/sometimes-people-dont-really-say is there anyway you would be able to do a tutorial/tell me how you created this picspam? its gorgeous!!

hey, okay, i’m bad at explaining stuff, but i’ll try my best!

first, you have to choose your colour palette (i usually find something good here) and colouring; i used the same colouring on all the pieces of this picspam (it’s a sony vegas colouring, i put it on before making the screencaps).

Keep reading

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Hey darlin you ok? Some of your most recent post just seem like your upset... Probably just me lol but :/ just making sure ya know? You can talk to me if you do get upset...

Hey! Thank you 💕 Im fine. Sometimes I get into those modes but they dont last long. Thanks for checking up on me :) I usually try to post stuff like that on my side blog but just lately I feel like I need to show every side of me on here instead of only certain sides. 😊Thank for checking love. Same goes to you, if you need someone I’m here for you.

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Anon from before- Psh, yeah right. If I was off anon you'd definitely want to make fun of me. I ain't worth nice words. I'm surprised I'm not already on here step up your game man

i mean, you honestly dont seem like a bad person to me. if you’ve posted in the kin tags before and didn’t end up here, then obviously it wasn’t all that bad and i dont want to screenshot just anything kin related, y’know?

i have standards for my kin cringe


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im ace/aro and personally i have no idea if im ever gonna say anything to my family abt it bc while im sure my mom would be begrudgingly accepting if i wasnt straight, i've gotten the vibe they'll think something just straight-up /wrong/ with me, and then theres a huge a amount of people saying "all ace people are x or y or whatever," usually w some p hurtful stuff, and honestly i just dont wanna be detested, like in the lgbt community or not i just wanna live

That’s what we all want, in the end, I think. And I’m not sure how violently denying people of even the resources of how to deal with these things is making anything better for anyone in any community.

but what do i know im just a dumb bisexual i dont belong here either because im ‘’’’half straight’’’’ lol

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I SPD and think I may also have Aspergers but at times I feel anxious and worried like what if nothing is wrong with me and Im just jumping to conclusions especially because i do fairly well when it comes to certain parts of socializing? im usually fine with most generic faces and common phrases and stuff especially with people i know and i really just want to talk to a doctor but my parents would probably dismiss me and yell at me for even mentioning the possibility. I just dont know what to do

I would suggest going through the DSM criteria for autism (which can be viewed here) and making a list of all the ways you meet the criteria. If you need a less clinical explanation of the aspects of autism, you can check out this post which breaks down the criteria into examples. 

Once you’ve made a list of how you fit the criteria for autism, then you can try talking to your parents and presenting them with this info. Having things broken down with examples should help your parents understand where your coming from and increases the chance they will actually consider what you have to say. 


Sorry for the apparent inactivity lately! Im in LA and its SUPER busy so I dont have much time to check things. Not only that but when I DO reblog stuff here on my phone, Tumblr doesnt actually do it which makes it seem like I’m dead! I swear I’m not, look!! *waves arms around* I’m alive!!

But I apologise for seemingly being absent. Im usually super active so its always weird to not be able to be AS active! I’ll be back home again soon :) miss you guys!

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tbh you make ppl feel like they have to walk on eggshells around u like you have all these people telling u how amazing u are and then a fan says that you were giving off a weird vibe (literally nothing bad about that) and you go off about not understanding why someone would say that and that it makes u self conscious ..? anyways dont and a solution for greasy hair is dry shampoo dont try to avoid the problems you know are there it just makes it worse

i get a lot of mean stuff on here and i can admit that that particular instance i was in a sad mood and misunderstood and overreacted. i haven’t heard the eggshells argument from anyone else. and judging by the consistent amount of critiques i get every day on here i’d say it’s probably not a fair assessment. also my hair doesn’t really get that greasy i’m usually joking about that. it gets sweaty in my videos because i sweat when i talk loud for a long time but i don’t really care. the grease thing is kind of just a running joke in my videos now. 

tbh I don’t know how to say ‘if you only concentrate on the negative sides of society and feed into a constant loop of negativity it’s going to seriously affect your personal wellbeing and perspective’ without implying that I don’t also recognise that a lot of the issues addressed are real and serious. I’m just worried this site is encouraging constant distrust and hatred in a lot of young, impressionable people and because the seeds of negativity are based in real things that it’s okay to continue to water them day after day. 

honestly just stay safe out there everyone and try not to forget that there is a lot of good in this world that is easily forgotten about.


I came here from Romania when I was 12 years old. I had an accent. High school was tough a little bit for a few years. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be good-looking. I wanted to be popular. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What are these people going to think of me?’