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Sorry for the apparent inactivity lately! Im in LA and its SUPER busy so I dont have much time to check things. Not only that but when I DO reblog stuff here on my phone, Tumblr doesnt actually do it which makes it seem like I’m dead! I swear I’m not, look!! *waves arms around* I’m alive!!

But I apologise for seemingly being absent. Im usually super active so its always weird to not be able to be AS active! I’ll be back home again soon :) miss you guys!


Sketch Dump of Dreamon stuff.
These arent clean or anything but this is usually how I figure out body types and the looks for everyone as well as how to draw them. I thought they’d be nice to show though because I dont know when I’ll get around to making final finished art for all the Dreamons so maybe at least catching glimpses of them here and there will help.

These are not final designs either in terms of outfits and stuff just again mostly body type studies.

I know all these political posts may be annoying. I dont usually post a lot of that stuff here but like I wanna make it clear in my own words just how important it is to vote.

Ive reblogged multiple posts about WHY its so important to vote Hillary and I’ll keep posting so hopefully more and more people see it. Unfollow if you like but at least understand that Im not trying to force some political agenda down your throat. Im scared.

Look, most of my loved ones are minorities in some way or another who will be affected if Trump is elected. I am terrified for them, Im terrified for myself and my girlfriend. I hope by now you realize why.

I know this all sucks, we dont have good candidates but please consider that one candidate is fit to be president the other HAS NO CLUE WHAT THE FUCK HE IS DOING!! He got his twitter taken away folks and that just like the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe you hate Hillary, I dont like her either, but after researching the third party candidates I have little to no confidence in their abilities. Not to mention most conservatives will vote Trump. We cant afford to split our vote, not now.

Please consider these words, please please please go vote Hillary, I know you may hate it but please protect my family and friends.

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You know, the usual stuff, like newt cares more about his creatures than tina/family. They being completely opposite that dont work as a couple. Or the old katherine/eddie don't have chemistry. I'm just so sick of it, that makes me angry when it shouldn't. I mean, it's not worth it, right? Also about your fics, don't feel bad like that, you write really great ones (the Leo's birth, always my favorite). Sometimes I read in here, on tumblr, and kinda forget about the feedback, sorry.

Don’t worry about the feedback thing, to be honest - it was me being kind of petty and sad. I’m glad you like my fics though, that means a lot.

These people really shouldn’t be worth our time; I’ve written my pieces on pretty much all of these, but to summarise:

  • The idea that Newt would care MORE about his creatures than his wife/children or that he would put his wife/children second is quite simply bullshit in my eyes.
  • They work as a couple because they’re both somewhat socially awkward and learning to be themselves, how to best utilise their skills, because they’re both extremely compassionate (Credence) and passionate about their jobs.
  • Anyone who says that Eddie and Katherine don’t have chemistry needs to rewatch the film and then watch their interviews together.

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I rest my case. Have a lovely day, lovely anon! :)

Porps out!

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do you have any tips for making a 'her' profile/ what to expect from the app? thanks 💕

sure! i’ve only been on it for a little under a year and i dont use it constantly, but heres some stuff about it.

  • my biggest suggestion is just to be yourself in your pictures - choose your best selfies, yeah, but i find that girls on there tend to be more interested in pretty pictures than sexy pictures, yanno? on tinder, people tend to use all bikini pics and the like. which is fine to have some, you know, but girls on there usually are into a date more than a plain hookup so it’s good to have normal pretty ones up there too. also, you can add as many pics as you want, so it’s pretty nice.
  • there are always gonna be weird people on dating apps!! sometimes shitty people! be prepared for that.
  • not everyone on there follow strict gender or sexuality binaries so BE OPEN TO THAT and don’t assume anything. you can list what you want about yourself on your profile but you don’t have to, and not everyone does.
  • honestly, dont be afraid to text first if you match with someone crazy pretty. lots of girls won’t text first but they’ll text a lot once you get the convo going.
  • this is just an aside but it took me forever to find out that you can choose “add” to your profile and you can write out text instead of adding a picture, you don’t have to just screenshot the notes app on your phone. possibly im just stupid.
  • one more thing about that app, that i dont necessarily like: you can see every time someone else likes you, even if you haven’t matched w/ them.
  • on the bright side, you can adjust your settings so you yourself only see people of a certain age/distance. other people outside of those boundaries might like you, but you won’t see them if you’re just scrolling.
  • fuck Her Premium.

anyway. good luck & happy gaying!


Time for a quick tutorial! Some glowies!

This is my method of doing bot-glowies. On interior pages I usually dont mess with the honeycomb pattern stuff [takes longer :P] but I tried to remember to do it on covers and stuff :P

[and you can do the same process for decepticon glowies, just make things purple instead of red!]

1- Have your image!

2- On a new layer above all your line art and everything, this is where you block in your glowy bits. Usually i’m pretty messy with blocking it in, then I go and select my line art as a sort of mask and delete any excess glowy stuff that goes anywhere over my lines I dont want them to. Thats how I do it GENERALLY [not all the time] and its totally not the only way to do it, but thats how I did it here. Lots of times I just take the polygonal lasso and make my selections and fill those with my glow color. It can be that easy :P Just get the spots you want to glow in place! I dont care how, hah. The important thing is that these shapes are on their own layer so you can do the next step….

3- Time for the glow.  I just bring up the blending properties of that layer [i THINK thats what its called], select outer glow, pick my glow color and fudge with the sliders to get the right amount of glow that I want. [After this step is when I usually stop, for interior page glowies fyi]

4- The pattern! This is just a stock hi res texture/pattern I found online. If you’re ever in a bind and looking for stock stuff google is your friend! Thats where I’ve found 90% of this type of stuff. [The other 10% spent combing through deviantarts stock/texture stuff, which can also be helpful!]

5- Basically, just bring that texture over onto the picture!

6- I’ve inverted the texture image [last step, actually, just after i brought it in] and adjusted the levels so that its pure B&W

7- colorize! I made it red cuz yeah…Autobot glowies. [again, if  you want a different color then make it a different color! have fun!]

8- Now I just mess with the layer style til I get something that looks good! I dont know if I ALWAYS use ‘darken’ but this time I did.

9- delete all the excess texture bits that arent on your glowy parts and voila! I’ve also toned down the opacity a little bit so the pattern isnt so strong.

And after this, and any other FX, is when I flatten the pic and do my thing with color balance and paper textures and whatever other garbage I do to pics before I call them finished. IDK.

Anyways! Thats how IIIIIIIII do glowies. This is kind of a super easy sort of graphic take to the look. [if i was REALLY good i’d make the texture conform to proper perspective and the form of the parts and stuff but thats just way out there. I’m not crazy enough to spend that much work on these xD] You dont have to do it like this. But i’ve had some people ask so :)

You could even get an airbrushy eraser and lightly erase towards the edges if you want the pattern to be stronger in the middle and stuff. I dunno. Whatever! Just experiment! Thats how I figure out how to do most the things I do xD

tbh I don’t know how to say ‘if you only concentrate on the negative sides of society and feed into a constant loop of negativity it’s going to seriously affect your personal wellbeing and perspective’ without implying that I don’t also recognise that a lot of the issues addressed are real and serious. I’m just worried this site is encouraging constant distrust and hatred in a lot of young, impressionable people and because the seeds of negativity are based in real things that it’s okay to continue to water them day after day. 

honestly just stay safe out there everyone and try not to forget that there is a lot of good in this world that is easily forgotten about.

i really get sad and tired when ppl delete their accounts on pixiv bc ppl wont stop posting their art on tumblr without permission. Even those posts that say “permission was granted” are usually a lie and it makes me even more angry why ppl are so damn disrespectful???? Why ppl with a lot of followers reblog reposted art??? They dont help either

A lot of ppl on here are obsessed with notes and exposure, but not everyone wants that esp when they dont want their art here in the first place since is impossible to control who reblogs things wtf i am sooo annoyed!!!!!! this is why i dont follow fandom blogs at all besides being fucking annoying they dont respect the ppl that take their time to draw stuff that is mostly for their own amusement