i dont understand why there is a hole


okay maybe y'all don’t know what’s going on but there’s been a stupid false baseless rumour of donghyuck dating a sasaeng or some nonsense and there’s an audio clip but it sounds NOTHING like him so here’s my input on this whole fucking stupid situation

1) what did he do to deserve this nonsense???
2) there were only 30+ fansites of him before this whole situation blew up and now only 8-10 are active because the rest are resting/closing??
3) why are people so stupid to believe this rumour coming from an EGG ACCOUNT THAT DOESNT PROVIDE PROOF AT ALL

what i’m pissed about is that many people just think that haechan is savage, naughty and mischievous, and they don’t know that he is one of the most sentimental members of nct?? he wants people to tell him to be strong, he isn’t confident about his looks (because people say that he’s a visual hole WHAT THE HECK GET OUT) etc and he has such a weak heart and some “fans” just believe that he’s dating a sasaeng?? i’m pretty sure he knows that this nonsense is going on??

do y'all actually want to see him not be his usual self anymore???

next, at those fansites closing, why did y'all even become a haechan fansite if you don’t trust and support him? at the next fansign, he will obviously know that he has lost fans because which idols can’t recognise their “loyal fansites”? those who appear everywhere they go? they’re always thankful for such fansites, but no, y'all are turning your backs on him just because of baseless rumours, how wonderful lmao

he’s already underrated enough, getting hate from “fans” saying that he’s a visual hole although he’s a talented vocalist, variety king and a package full of everything an idol should have. i don’t understand why people are pitting themselves against him over this matter. if you want to leave, just leave right now, even if donghyuck is sad and as much as i dont want him to be sad, now fans will know who are the real ones and the fake ones.

to everyone else: please continue supporting our boy donghyuck, he needs all the love in this world

i don’t know if this is a nitpick or just me dumping my thoughts or whatever but like…i really miss grumpy peridot. don’t get me wrong, i definitely adore her curiosity and growing sense of empathy! but i feel like this aspect could still be retained along with her making snarky comments and stuff; it was pretty charming and a significant part of her personality prior. 

like, what happened to her yelling/grumbling incoherently at the old homeworld tech for not working properly in friend ship? or like, hissing at steven when he said to stop calling him “the steven” and then accepting it at the end, but begrudingly/while scowling. and the whole snarky “wow, you’re a realll anarchist” thing when steven fell asleep in super watermelon island? and as cursed and botched-up of an episode as gem harvest was, at least she had lines like “now it’s actually good for something” while sharing this glance with pearl

it’s weird, really, how, say, room for ruby peridot or beta pt 1 peridot seems like a whole other peridot compared to this one who has a snarky side to her. yes, i understand that characters can have different facets and aspects to their personality. perhaps it can be argued that peridot has “grown as a character” which is why she is less snarky/grumpy in general but i dont think that should, you know, stunt her intelligence/observational skills as well. she seems more oblivious/faux happy than genuinely happy as of now, case in point being room for ruby.

peridot’s extremely observant. like, this isn’t (wasn’t??) even a subtle trait of her personality. picking up on steven calling clothing “shirts” in catch and release and using it later on, giving a detailed inspection of jasper’s hole in beta, pretty much the entire camp pining hearts sequence in log date, etc.

lapis caught onto navy faking her love for earth in room for ruby, which is, yeah, understandable. but wasn’t it peridot who had an entire arc dedicated to how difficult it was for her to adjust to earth? she seemed so gullible, immediately going “new barnie!” (yes, that’s an actual line from the episode not an exaggeration) instead of expressing any concerns. 

once again, yeah, maybe it can be argued that she’s trying to be as accepting to navy as steven was to her, but even in the course of redemption, peridot underwent stuff like being tied on a leash, and steven didn’t object or anything (and it’s not like steven hasn’t objected to garnet before, case in point being not giving garnet the mirror in mirror gem and unbubbling peridot without asking in catch and release); he knew she still wasn’t on their side, and that the cluster truce was, for all anyone knew, temporary. he took precautions. it’s not above peridot to do so as well, and peridot especially, considering her prior characterization.

i’m all for peridot growing as a character, learning her capacity for compassion, and having moments where she is genuinely happy, but right now it just seems like this…hollow sort of “happy” that doesn’t mesh with her personality.

I dont know why I keep watching this show. It makes me so mad that it has so many plot holes like Jenna being afraid of Paige, Ezra being A, Bethany’s storyline that I have yet to understand the relevance, the mothers wanting to discover everything but Marlene happens, Wren being fucking Wren, A being Charles, Charles being Charlotte and Charlotte being the irrelevant queen Cece, A veing the worst but at the same time nothing ever happens, A being intrusive and the girls keep living in Rosewood in the same houses with the fucking door open, the only black guy around happens to be bad (really Marlene?!), every cop that appears ends up leaving in 4 episodes time cause why not AND ME NOT UNDERSTANDING ANYTHING THEY’VE EXPLAINED ABOUT THE BAD GUYS CAUSE EVERYTHING CANT BE ABOUT PEOPLE HAVING MENTAL PROBLEMS

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hmmmm... I was perhaps wondering if you could recommend any good baekyeol fics that you've particularly enjoyed ???

oF COURSE!!~ but omg i have so many that i have enjoyed but i’ll just name some of the ones that really stuck out to me ^^ idk what particular genre you like so its going to be all meshed together lol

also im just giving a small opinion on what i think of the fic so if you’re interested in a particular fic and you want to know more about it don’t be afraid to send another message! or like a specific genre too

* - angst or slight!angst 

  • corner coffee shop - i thought it wouldn’t as good but mAN was i wrong; this fic is packed full of drama, comedy and angst and it all balances out well. 
  • you and me + you and i become one (squeal)* - ABSolutely gorgeous and beautiful i love it so much!! baek is blind and chanyeol falls in love with him. kinda angsty; and i never read sequels but its A MUST with this
  • stretched thin* - the summary says it all….
  • i am because we are - SO GOOD??? LIKE??? IDDK??? 
  • 256 feet* - im surprised that not a lot of ppl have read this. WARNINGS THO 
  • a semi, kinda, sorta fairytale - to relieve you of all that angst –> ITS SUPER FUNNY AND CUTE
  • two is better than one - bestfriend!au and damn it hurts; its so well-written tho, not like your regular cliche bestfriend au tbh
  • jag-eun* - has to be the most original fic i have read; MAJOR TRIGGERS THO so read with caution. some of the drawings are harsh ?? amazing perspective tho and the author is fcking queen
  • jjog-eulo* - author of ^^^ and its even better than their first story; this one goes more in debt and again also many triggers!!!!
  • stay - FARA and her fetish for divorces lol (author of 10080)
  • back - deserves more LOVEE; really great fic with kinda kaibaek ? only 200+ ppl have read this, thats outrageous..
  • all the stars point me to you - bestfriend!au U GUYS ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER OMFGG its frustratinggg but really good lol
  • if the police ask - i want to be 13 again and fall in love
  • cafe reve* - i relate to baekhyun so much i just- and if you don’t understand there is an explanation at the end to clear things up
  • band-aids dont fix bullet holes - BADASS BAEK SLAYSSS
  • four dudes, one car - baekchen and baekyeol; interestinggg and its really funny
  • allegro* - MIND FUCKING;;;;
  • winter cafe* - it hurts just thinking about it i should stop with angst lmao unless you like it kekeke. 
  • not intended - it went from crying from laughter to crying bc dramaa
  • all he ever wanted - its a cliche fic?? but its so well written that im very attached to it like idk why 
  • when you play with fire (it burns)* - ROADTRIP or more like kidnapping?? not really but its an adventure to find yourself. 
  • you, love (are as safe as houses) - i love the title and its really short but sweet

OKAY that should be enough to get you started wowow and if you need more info about a fic or a genre then hit me up again! ALSO, pls tell me if you’re reading one because i really want to know how you feel about it !! 

i also tried to give not so “well-known” fics because there are a lot of fics out there that deserve a lot more recognition!

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I don't have a good feeling about "always you", I don't think it's for harry, it's timed too nicely with E's return, it almost feels like a staged song planned before she even came back😂. This song he claims he "wrote from his honest heart" is a ploy to legitimize Elounor .It's too staged and I dont think louis would take a heartfelt song that was ACTUALLY personal to him & give her credit like nah.My point is Always You has always been some pre planned Elounor stunt song. Amsterdam proves it😷

i can totally understand why you feel that way. i think even if the song is for harry they’ll still make it seem like it’s about eleanor, but i don’t think any song is safe from that no matter how badly might louis want it to be. the amsterdam thing had some massive holes though, and i think louis was very clever in the way he went about it, so that even though it was made about her highness on a surface level there’s no way the logic aligns with that.

Terminal 5 is absolutely shit

Listen, Seventeen can probably do better and could’ve gone to a better place to perform at in New York, because Terminal 5 is the worst shit hole you can ever be in when coming to see idols. Imagine 3000 prepubescent girls along with middle aged men and women screaming in a nightclub at 7:00pm, pushing each other, just to see Seventeen.

I honestly dont understand why they chose this place to perform because considering its history, it would be a last resort or trying to make quick cash. Terminal 5 used to be a nightclub and then was closed down because people sold drugs to each other there. They re-opened it to do concerts and now, we know it as Terminal 5.

SO, pledis why THE FUCK would you send Seventeen to perform at an old ass nightclub that could have god knows what on their couches and has an old ass bathroom. And also, the staff was shit, they’re practically were screaming at everyone to cross the street, to stay in line, to go here or to go there, and were sleazy as fuck.

I attended the venue and I couldn’t even see Seventeen, at all, you had to look through girls ass cracks and thighs just to get a glimpse of one of the members of Seventeen. And if you dare to lay a finger on a person they would probably punch you. A girl and her mother went to the concert, they started to head back before us and her mother told us the girls at the concert smashed her daughters glasses. Which is unacceptable, and you shouldn’t be part of this fandom if you mistreated a person like that.

Also the people who were on the first floor why the hell would you throw stuff at them at the end. Jeonghan could’ve been hurt just because you threw your phone at him. Wtf is wrong with you people! Be more fucking mature and think.

I’m genuinely P I S S E D okay, its not Seventeens fault but honestly Pledis, research better options for our boys to perform at. And also, all of you immature supposed ‘carats’ don’t you dare even attempt to hurt other people or the idols, because honestly, they’re never going to trust us if you do that and will stop performing. All of you have a good night and improve your character you idiots.



The Tariq thing is utterly RIDICULOUS.

I feel like one of the first things Drake would have done following the incident was tell Liam?? Like he said himself that Liam wanted him to look out for MC and all that bullshit, so you’re telling me that Drake said NOTHING of Tariq forcing himself on her??? Or the fact that her door had no lock on it??? Or even MC??? Why didn’t she go up to Liam and was like yo your friend Tariq was way out of line IGH

Liam should have known something sketch as hell was going on if Drake was telling him anything since he was supposed to be watching out for MC??? But instead he just picks Madeleine probably because the Queen told him too???

SORRY HUN but if you’re not suspecting that something conniving as hell is going on then you are one DUM BOI


I’m sorry but it makes absolutely no sense and I feel like there’s so many plot holes


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This is why i couldnt sleep last night

People are always talking about how Desire would always come out to protect Aoba when things would get rough right? like when he was going to get  raped by Mink’s gang, and actually, Desire really showed up mostly during Mink’s routes. like when Mink was beating him, and in Mink’s Bad ending, Desire was there too. He would always show up during Mink’s Route, and i cant think of any other reason for him to show up so much other than to protect Aoba. 


Where was Desire when Koujaku was pressuring himself on Aoba?

(desire fully took over in Koujaku’s bad end, so im not even gonna bother there.)

Where was Desire when Aoba was captured by Ryuuhou and gonna get tattooed with that scary tattoo shit?

I dont really want to say that Desire showed up in Noiz’s route, but i suppose you can say he kinda did, but i think that was more just Scrap(when Aoba stopped that group from beating Noiz to a pulp). But in Noiz’s Bad ending, even though they were in Noiz’s mind, Dont you think Desire could have come out to Protect Aoba from the pain? But where was he? why didnt he show up?

In Clear’s Route, as far as i remember, Desire never showed himself at all in this route. at all.. Sure there probably was no reason to, but its like he didnt exsist, other than the moments that Scrap was pressuring him. but i dont even think something like that happend in Clear’s Route. Now in Clear’s bad ending, with something as torturous as having your eyeballs cut out, dont you think Desire would have tried to protect Aoba? Or if Aoba would have given up all hope, wouldnt Desire overpower Reason in the long run? where was Desire? I know that Aoba loved Clear, and im sure he gave up his free will eventually because well.. there was nothing more for him to do. i think this route confused me the most in the sence of why Desire never acted. or maybe it was because of Clear’s singing? but even then, by that time, Clear wasnt the same anymore. i dont know it just floods my mind.

In Ren’s Route, Desire shows himself i think once. where he breaks those two men in Oval Tower. and thats because it really wasnt a dire a situation as it could have been. in Ren’s bad route, Its also kind of similar to Noiz’s route in a way. Aoba is caught in the depths of Rens/his own mind. But where is Desire? if anything i think Desire would have liked that kind of treatment more than Aoba would have tbh. ANYWAY But Desire was no where to be found. and its really odd considering it really is Aobas mind, so where was Desire throughout all the pain? i just dont understand why he wouldnt appear (as opposed to Ren’s good route, eh?)

I think the most clear route that Desire SHOULD have shown up in was in Virus and Trip’s route. honestly they were beating the shit out of him, and even after resisting, and getting beaten some more, What reason more could Desire have to show himself? he would have stopped all of Aobas pain, and im sure hed get in good kahoots with virus and trip honestly. But why didnt Desire show up?



maybe its just a big plot hole in the game, or maybe im missing something entirely, but it just kept me up so late last night i just had to put it down somewhere..

Dont Be Mad || Nate Maloley imagine ||

     "(Y/N) what are you doing open the fucking door!“ Nate yelled pounding his fists against my bedroom door "The fuck you think im doing!” I yelled back, grabbing some of my clothes and shoving them into and over night bag. 

     “I will knock this fucking door down (Y/N) if you dont tell me what your doing!” Nate threaten, still pounding his fists on the door “Im leaving Nate im fucking leaving, im done with your shit and im done with you so just stop!” I yelled back zipping up the bag.

     I unlocked the bedroom door to see a very angry Nate, his eyes were full of anger and his fists were balled up, and to be honest it scared the shit out of me. But I couldn’t be a little bitch now “Move Nate.” I said looking straight into his eyes. 

     "Your leaving?“ He asked gesturing to my bag "No fucking shit.” I sassed back to him “Where are you going?” He asked, the anger slowly draining from his eyes “Gilinksky’s, now let me go.” I said trying to push past him but he was to strong and didnt even budge.

      “I understand im being an ass hole and you have every right in the world to be mad at me and I could understand you wanting to leave, but do not go to Jacks.” He said suddenly pleading with me.

      “Why shouldnt I go to his place whats so wrong with it, its just Jack.”
I asked “Because he loves you  (Y/N) and if you came to him he would make a move on you and he would steal you right out from under me, and I cant let that happen. So please dont be mad at me, please dont leave tonight just stay. I will sleep on the couch, ill leave but I cant have you go to the guys house . Please (Y/N), I love you too much.” He pleaded.

     I felt all of my anger drain instantly, “Oh shit Nate.” was all I could say, I loved Nate with every fiber of my being and our fight really was a little fight and him and I were just over reacting about the whole thing. “Im sorry im such a bitch.” I said dropping my bag and wrapping my arms around his neck “Im sorry im such a dick.” He said into my neck.

     Sorry about the length but I wanted something sweet and simple and I wanted to write something for his birthday, Love you guys and thank you for 1,000!

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I think it's so funny that people don't care about those 17 missing days more because it will have a lot of Beth in them.I mean they claim to love this show and yet they don't wanna know all its little secrets?Dont wanna question it?!Hmm...*sips tea*


This is the attitude I REALLY don’t understand. So many some people DON’T find anything suspicious about a gigantic 17 day plot-hole, but do you really blame those of us who do?!

We care about the show, that’s why we’re asking.