i dont understand why everyone hated her

50-million-hurdles  asked:

Why do people think they can just openly say dickheadish stuff like this but still act like they're a good fan. I bet they use the excuse "it's for the betterment of a character i enjoy", but they don't seem to realize that even if Matt's girlfriend was bad (which she isn't?? Why are people suddenly complaining???), not everything has to end well. That's called story telling. I dunno, it annoys me.

A wise sauce man told me once, a long time ago

“You cant please everyone”

People can hate it, people can love it

I just dont understand why people hate an OC made by a person whos done

Nothing wrong ? Can you give me at least one sentance explaining why @crystalcherry123 is a bad person, besides “shes an attention horse” or “her art is bad”

Tell me legit why you hate her.

i find all of this drama surrounding the duet so ridiculous tbh like there are bigger things happening in the word than a girl singing a song with someone outside of her group. i feel like people put so much energy into being upset about things that literally do not matter lol 

Honestly I have nothing against Calvin. Or would ever hate on him. And its none of my business , but Im just gunna say this. Tom seems more her type , like he can be goofy have fun and dance with her and not care, smiles more , hangs with her friends , and he was even wearing a I love T.S tee. Which I dont think Calvin ever would have. And I know you shouldn’t compare lover’s everyone has different personalities. But they just SEEM to have more in common. Like the more I see hiddleswift the more I understand why they are together instead now, and all that matters is Taylor’s happiness..