i dont understand why everyone hated her

Lets talk a little bit about her.

She’s insecure and overeacting all the time, because she was a housewife her entire life and knew little about the world. But when everything falls apart, she pulled herself together immediately because she still has this sorry ass of mine to take care of. She took over my father’s company, worked through its crisis, became a manager at the age of 46 without any knowledge about construction and architecture. It means she had to learn everything from the scatch, with plenty of help from others but still, her will to raise me decently was the only motivation she has.

She’s also very beautiful and charming, which I inherited none (lol) Sometimes I think if I resemble her more perhaps I will be more attractive? She totally agree because she thinks Im so stubborn but she said Im the most beautiful creature she has ever known. She never once thought of me anything close to ugliness, ever. I’m her pride and joy.

She doesn’t believe in drawing can earn a living and pressure me to get a decent job all the time, which I did. But thats also the reason why I’m not so close to her, I dont really share much with her though I know she is there 100% for me. In her time it was so different as she was raised in war, when everyone has to struggle to survive with everything and living a dream is something unrealistic. It’s not her fault to think that way, and I understand that well.

She likes to spoil her children rotten and wants me to rely on her more. Honestly, with my tendency to be fiercely independent and lonewolf, I hate cring to others and vice versa. I am a totally ass if I feel that my freedom was restricted in any way. We fought a lot when I was younger, she wants me to stay close to her, I want to leave. I made her cry a lot. I think if its not because of her great love, anyone would have left me already. Theres no point in reasoning with people like me, but she tried her best. Now I had already left, she just learnt to accept the fact that Im all grown up and take care of my own life. She would sigh sometimes “Why do you have to be so stubborn you can have a easier life you know? I’m so worry”

She’s a super being that I can’t never compare myself to, and will always respect with all my heart.

She’s increadible, kind, strong, loving mom of mine.

Things that I said in my life because I can, Overwatch edition

Friend: *poking me with a thing because he is too bored*
Me: Put that thing away before I ryu ga waga teki wo kurau your face…
Friend: *continue it*
Me:*grabbing my pen and say* Ryujin no ken wo kurae!!!*stabs friends arm with the pen*

Sister: Ugh I need something sweet, I just need something sweet
Me: *just heard it and kick her door* DONT WORRY SIS THE CAVALRY IS HERE *and drop chocolate in her bed*

Mom: It’s breakfast time! *screaming my and my sisters name* COME TO THE KITCHEN ITS 12:00, YOU HAVE TO EAT.
Me:…*looking out of my door* I ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sister: *panic* MOM WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!

Me: I don’t know which character I choose.
Friend: Oh then I choose HanDso.
Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *choosing Mccree*
Friend: Why did you do that…
Me: Because I can HAnd me the SOap
Friend: No way I swing the McHanzo way nah-ah *chose Winston*
Me: *friends name* You fucking furry…

Me:Why everyone hates Mei? I dont understand… 
*later that day*

Me: *choses Reaper and says in every new match* Dad walks among you! *and only I understand because most players says:YOU ARE NOT MY DAD!*

Me: *screaming in my room, and my sister knows I am a McHanzo fan* BWAHAHA I KILLED MY BOYFRIEND!
Sister: *sighs* You playing Hanzo again? Poor McCree…

Me: *after killing someone with widow* Au revoir scrub!

i dont understand why everyone’s jumping on the “i hate kate that slimy whore!!!!” wagon like? she hasnt? done ?? antyhing?? she’s a woman from an abusive and crumbling marriage trying to raise 2 kids while wrestling with her own feelings when we first meet her. she’s clearly the one that makes the serious and tough choices. she’s the “bad guy” to the kids bc she doesn’t let them do anything unsafe. AND YEAH OK SHE FELL FOR JAVI BUT WHO FUCKING WOULDN’T???? have u even seen that boy’s smile?? javi is funny and caring and brave and charming?? who wouldn’t fall for him?? everyone hates her bc of the “forced romance” like yeah i get that if u didn’t wanna romance her, its kinda?? annoying? but honestly fucking chill. stop calling her a whore and a slut and a bitch. all it’s showing is yall being misogynisitic assfucks. 

not trying to evoke a shipping war here because simply I don’t care enough about this programme quite yet, but to everyone hating on mon-el because he didn’t want kara to fight and say it should be superman, it seems like he was doing it because he didn’t wan’t kara to get hurt not because he didn’t believe he could do it? lets face it Rhea fights dirty anything could of happened it wasn’t just that he didn’t trust that she could of won but maybe he knew his mother wouldn’t of stopped at anything to make the planet hers??

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I understand how this would affect people negatively but i dont think people are putting themselves in her shoes and really think about how SHE would feel waking up and seeing those pictures online for everyone to see. That would feel like such a violation. I think thats what should be the focus of this whole thing, instead of a lot of people being hateful towards someone who would already feel absolutely awful already.

I agree, that’s why I said we’re not the only ones to have a bad wakeup this morning. Seeing her body exposed like that must have felt horrible. 

It’s just hard for some of us to separate those pics from their subjects. On one hand, it’s the “proof” we were waiting for or at least we hoped would never exist, and on the other hand, it is exactly what you said. We all agree they’re horrible because of the violation of privacy, but to me, it’s not the only reason why I find them horrible.

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thank you for being you and for this blog xx she's happy i dont understand why everyone doesn't just get the fk over it and maybe focus on their own lives that seem so dull they feel the need to bash her personal life -.- (i hate being nasty but the horrible shit ive seen written on her tag is disgusting)

Isn’t it though? I agree with what others are saying that the entirety of people’s false anger resides in their own making. Entirely.

This is the exact same hissy hit that was thrown when she appeared with him at her HB award dinner in October. Fans called her a whore; called him even worse. Fans said she was disingenuous and “using her fans’ emotions to make money for her charities…..”

Remember what they called him at the GG when he dared hold her hand and hurry across the street?

Just awful.

The signs have been there since SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER people. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if their relationship goes back OVER a year at this point.

Both she and David have repeatedly denied a relationship. Fans read into what they wanted based on “fandom gurus” with their “inside sources”.

Not only were fans led ON by their “leaders” but they also ALLOWED themselves to continue to believe the lie even in the face of PROOF and people seeing reality with their own eyes. But no, “fandom gurus” know the most and they won’t lead us astray…

The misogynistic butt-hurt bullshit that I’ve seen in her tags is disgusting. This is not Gillian’s fault. Your feelings (not yours, anon, but theirs) are your own making and there HAS to be responsibility.

They were given the same evidence. They said they still wanted to believe in the beauty of it. But now they’re bitching about the reality of it?

Gillovny gurus have known about PM (and very likely knew the TRUTH ABOUT HIM) and yet they still pretended to think otherwise. If they knew the truth but persisted the lie, and contributed to the nasty discourse whilst knowing the truth of it but wanting to save face, then they are to be held responsible for the outcry.

Not Gillian.

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i feel like depression has consumed me and made me to be this whole new person. i hate her so much and i can't get rid of her. i dont understand why i feel like this, my life isnt that bad but i still want want to end it no matter how much im trying to get better for everyone else

Don’t try to get better for everyone else, you need to get better for yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people say, do or think, it’s all about you!

things i dont mind being called: aundra-lyn (thats my name), andie (my nickname literally everyone calls me that my grandma gave me b4 i was even born), even andy is ok even though it’s not correct but understandable

things that i hate being called: audrey (like are you even trying), andrea (stop), just aundra (i only let my 1 friend jesse get away with it and idk why but i really dont like it when anyone else does it), andrew as a joke bc it’s just really played out?, audra bc i actually knew someone named audra and she was rude as fuck and i just hate her, and any other way you can butcher aundra-lyn just go with andie

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can u tell me more about yr oc mia?


  • mia is 17, 5′6 and a lesbian
  • shes an object head! her head is a tv, and it displays her thoughts so she can communicate w other
  • she has a HUGE crush on another oc (nasrin)
  • shes a v good cook even if she cant eat
  • she is v v kind and loves to help others but everyone hates her/is scared of her, especially nasrin (she doesnt understand why)

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I dont like tess like the next person but i really dont understand the hate comments she's getting. I dont think they are really necessary yeah she did a lot of stupid things and is annoying but like people really have to stop harassing her on her ig. Her 15 min are over and i think just everyone needs to move on from her

i mean yeah…… everyone gets hate comments and it’s normal (and it shouldn’t be) but she’s a grown woman ya know?


people were saying that crystal is cold and mean because she said that she’s shy and didnt want to kiss them on the team wolf con photoshoots? do people realize how dumb they sound????

i saw so many CREEPY pictures of fans with hoechlin where he looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE. srsly people need to understand that celebs aren’t toys and that some of them are shy, some of them are uncomfortable touching strangers, THEY HAVE BAD DAYS TOO. you think you know them but they dont really know you so get over yourselves

man, i hate when strangers touch me, even if it’s like really fast it makes me uncomfortable. i can’t imagine myself hugging and kissing strangers for hours. why is it so hard to understand that celebs have boundaries too

i have seen so many people saying that they met crystal casually and that she was really sweet to them and she always takes pictures with everyone who asks for it. so if you didnt get a picture that made her uncomfortable and you call her cold and mean because you really wanted it i will have to call you a disrespectful spoiled little shit

Perrie: *Appropriates different cultures many times*


Perrie: *Calls teenage girl a dumb ass*


Perrie: *Calls girls ‘smelly, overweight and hairy, trying to make them feel bad for things they can’t control*


Perrie: *Draws a butterfly on a girls’ arm*

Mixers: Omigod she is the sweetest thing ever!111! i dont understand why everyone hates her!!1!! Theyre probably just jealous she gets the D and they don’t!!1! 

Honestly I have nothing against Calvin. Or would ever hate on him. And its none of my business , but Im just gunna say this. Tom seems more her type , like he can be goofy have fun and dance with her and not care, smiles more , hangs with her friends , and he was even wearing a I love T.S tee. Which I dont think Calvin ever would have. And I know you shouldn’t compare lover’s everyone has different personalities. But they just SEEM to have more in common. Like the more I see hiddleswift the more I understand why they are together instead now, and all that matters is Taylor’s happiness..

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maybe its just me, but i feel like ive seen excessive hate on taylor, saying that she and karlie shouldnt be together bc of the bearding with cow. while i agree it hurts that shes not trying to be public with her, isnt everyone forgetting that karlie's with josh too? that the whole reason behind the showmance rn is to protect a relationship that REALLY matters to her? im not excusing taylor from starting kaylor hate, im mad about that, but the tactics dont mean that taylor doesnt love her right?

i mean that’s what i’m saying but you know i’m just here on my corner silently lmao cause i mean i get it i get why everything happening now no matter how shitty it is

i understand cause not only they’re both in the closet and both have beards….. there are companies and other business involved around the two of them…. it’s so much bigger then their relationship so many people involved to cover up their relationship