i dont understand what she even is

okay like I have a really difficult time understanding why people find Chaol’s character to be interesting /at all/. I find him to be so annoying because he’s like that moderate liberal white boy who thinks women should be allowed to have abortions but also wants a wife who stays home in the kitchen. Where she belongs. He’s like, a total Dean from Gilmore Girls. He’s /so/ convinced that he’s a nice guy who knows what the right thing to do is all the time. 

Like even in Tog and CoM he’s that textbook guard character who is bound by some unrealistic sense of honor and duty and thinks he understands the ins and outs of morality. But of course that honor doesn’t allow for things driven by emotion. That honor doesn’t allow for survival unless it plays by his rules. That honor doesn’t allow for power in the hands of women. And that honor doesn’t allow for killing those who have wronged you. Chaol is like…the least likely character to succeed in a zombie apocalypse. He holds everyone to some moral code, and damns them when they don’t live up to it (he does this with Celaena in CoM and basically all of QoS). Inflexible morality and honor inevitably leads to problems because it doesn’t allow for understanding of emotional conflicts, nor does it allow for forgiveness when those emotions drive people to do bad things. Chaol damns Celaena for killing Nehemia’s murderers. Rowan just accepts it and is like “good.” Chaol thinks Aelin’s power makes her a monster. He thinks less of her because she is fae. Rowan is like “okay you’re fae. whatever. show me what you’ve got.” Rowan is infinitely more interesting than Chaol, as a love interest, and a man, because where Chaol’s sense of honor is based on some hard lined Moral Code™, Rowan’s sense of honor is based on protecting those close to him. Once he claims Aelin, its clear that his moral compass now has one direction: protect and help and love and serve Aelin Galathynius to the best of my abilities, and the rest of the world be damned. Chaol’s love for Aelin is bound by his inability to reconcile her past as an assassin and her fae heritage with his immovable and someone flawed moral code. 

In the end, it becomes clear that Chaol is just pissed that Aelin is so much more than he is. Greater than anything he will ever be. Rather than supporting her and attempting to help her, he pushes her away, damning her for not fitting into his carefully crafted view of the way humans are supposed to act. 

Maybe some ppl like Chaol and his sense of honor, but I’ve read enough books on medieval chivalry to know that that bullshit ain’t for me. 

  • DAVE, smashed at 3am after his sisters wedding: you know john the funniest thing me and jade ever did was think that you and rose were going to get together. yall were cute and maybe it woulda been cool but i dont even understand what layers hormone-jacked assumption that must have been because it should have been obvious from the get go that rose was gravitating to the first sassy lesbian she could find like shed refined her ecto-inherited gaydar to detect snarky horseshit
  • JOHN: i dont know dave, all trolls like dating any troll right? why does kanayas sexuality even matter
  • DAVE: come on dude i agree that labelling it doesnt matter for shit at this stage but you cant deny that kanayas gayer than a 1920s elf in booty shorts who doesnt understand modern terminology singing about happiness and friendship while he bangs a komina body pillow
  • DAVE: ysee while trolls like to pretend their quadrants and culture are so alien from ours that wed eat dead babies without knowing theres more similarities than wed expect. we arent eating those dead babies unaware, humanity was using dead babies as burger dip since the first buttscratching caveman killed a cow while it was minding its business eating that grass on its friends body thank you very much
  • DAVE: and like our society they cant seem to grasp the basic concepts that people would be Only attracted to groups that go outside of their preconcieved norms of whats bangable
  • JOHN: uhm
  • DAVE: its pretty interesting though that trolls consider variable sexualities a basic fetish that doesnt matter much while humanity has to make a whole big deal about it to the extent of gouging peoples faces off though both are at least partial in the basic erasure of personal boundaries therefore you see trolls dating people theyre not really interested in or caped douchebags flirting with innocent vampires who would rather strangle them but wonder if its worth a shot anyway
  • DAVE: hell you know that vriska jerk you and her were flirting like there was no tomorrow but next time you see each other you want little to do with anything. whats up with that?
  • JOHN: dave its getting pretty late!! and i dont really want to talk about this...
  • DAVE: wait wasnt she also flirting with that guy who likes fire and then basically kicked him to the kirb in the most violently confused way possible and started fake flirting with my brothers dumb AI thing that nobody could love unless they are into irony in more ways than one
  • DAVE: all this after hanging with another girl who none of us could drag away from her for the most basic of shitposting doing mysterious things together for three years and also vriska being told off by rose for sniffing her girlfriend
  • DAVE: do you think vriska could be a lesbian john
  • TEREZI, on the next seat sniffing a suspicious looking red and green lollipop: WH4TS 4 L3SB14N
  • DAVE: terezi youre not really helping with the discourse here

if you think d.va is there to be a “fanservice material, no purpose”. here’s for you. 

I understand the lack of lore. We need more of her, but she doesn’t scream “WOW SHE’S ONLY THERE FOR FANSERVICE. NO PURPOSE”

D.Va was known as a fierce player in SCII, and was able to get ontop of it. She’s passionate of video games. But you know what else? She not only likes video games, she’s a fan of Mei and Lucio as well. She loves music and Mei’s researches (most likely) Many other things, like bubblegum, bunnies, the color pink… 


And most of all? She also cares about her country. She hopes for the rebuilding of her homeland. 

“ Seeing what happened after the war here gives me hope for the rebuilding of my country.” - one of the recent voicelines from her. 

That line kinda implies that she loses hope sometimes. From what I remember, the colossal omnic left CATASTROPHIC disaster in her country.

She spouts gaming references and whatsoever, but she does her job as a pilot. The soldier stuff she says when you activate her moves. (”Fully operational!” , “Boosters engaged!”, etc)

just because she’s wearing a tight suit doesn’t mean she’s there to be a total sex object. it makes sense for the pilot uniform to be like that, so it won’t get caught inside the mech’s engine.

She’s a fierce, cheerful, girly girl and former pro gamer who loves her country. 

fight me

i honestly dont understand why drop dead diva is such an underrated show on tumblr i mean

its a show about a not-so-intelligent aspiring model who dies in a car crash and goes to heaven and there she’s sent back to earth in the body of a very intelligent, overweight lawyer

it has everything

  • strong female lead(s)
  • most of the main characters are women
  • WOMEN WHO DONT LAUGH AND CRITICIZE EACH OTHER even if they dont get along
  • deb, the woman who dies, gets in the body of jane, and well it’s the exact opposite of her previous life. but you know what’s the best? it takes her a bit to readjust to the new body but she NEVER says she’s ugly or stops loving herself. she just starts this new life being an awesome lawyer and winning all the cases and just being an awesome fashionista who has amazing hair and fantastic makeup skills.
  • and deb’s boyfriend (grayson) starts working at the firm so jane has to deal with him everyday, watch him grieve over her and date other women, etc - and he can’t know that she is actually deb
  • kim kaswell aka the badassest feministest and most intelligentest lawyer who gets pregnant and refuses to take checks from her ex and RAISES HER CHILD ON HER OWN
  • teri lee is jane’s assistant and she’s an asian woman who takes no shit from anyone. always speaks her mind and she’s no afraid to talk about her sex life or about her “butt of the day” screensaver or the roleplays she and her boytoys do in bed
  • stacy is also a model and was deb’s bff and is actually the only person who knows about her. they live together and even if she’s not as intellgent as the other women she starts a successful business on her own and lately decides to be a single mom using a sperm donor.
  • it has body positivity af
  • feminism af
  • there’s a plotline when fred (jane’s guardian angel) is dating stacy and he thinks he’s not ~masculine~ or dominant enough and other guys tell him to be thouger to stacy. the situation ends up with fred thinking “meh, i know stacy is more dominant than me and i’m okay with that”
  • and honestly the guest characters in every episode are fantastic (after all its a lawyers show and they have new cases everyday), let me just say that they portray an awesome transgender lesbian, a dominatrix, a lesbian high school couple and lots of minorities: asian people, people of color, even amish.
  • just watch it
  • watch drop dead diva ffs

I hate it how men treat women like objects! LIKE I DONT UNDERSTAND why can’t we be loved for our personality? Instead of having a fat ass or big boobs??? All they talk about is “OH SHE’S GOT A GREAT BODY” ….. Like why can’t they say “OH SHE"S GOT A BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY”…… Well this is a word to all the ladies out there you can buy an ass, boobs and even a face BUT YOU CANT BUY A PERSONALITY AND A GOOD HEART! Don’t listen to men who put you down because of your appearance, knowing that your awesome and don’t need a guy to tell you what you are is beauty in its self…. Living your life thinking about what “HE” thinks isn’t worth your precious time…. I think we should all just show them the middle finger because we DESERVE better! We deserve men who care about our intellect, our passion and our heart💗 Find yourself a keeper not a fucker.

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Why dont cha wanna draw Betty? XD

she’s…too……evil…… o//w//e;; I understand she can’t help what she is but she’s not even trying to. Heck, she’s ENJOYING what she’s doing! omg! TTwTT Im sorry.

But now I guess I gotta~ TTwTT also because I’m  curious about what she looks in my style O//3//O

remember when clarke griffin spit in lexa’s face

As a pre teen Id always watch inuyasha run to kikyo and be like nope? Nah. Nu uhn. Boy you dont love her why you acting dumb? Kikyo is trash let her die. This is sooo stupid!!! This love triangle dont even make sense.

And years later I’m just like shit… that is so fucking tragic inuyasha… I love kikyo too. She is truly amazing… But she dead and died kinda… what you fenna do???? Damn… you kissed her?? Nigga… that fucked kagome up but I understand… youre only like 15 you dont know whats goin on… 😭 but kagome!!!! 😣 Yall in love TOO!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!

Also there was an episode where a demon kids parents got killed/beheaded or whatever and shippo took the kid to sesshomaru to revive them. When his ass said no I was SHOOK. My ass cried a little. Then I cried a little more bc sesshomaru revived his dad lol it was a hot mess

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i dont know but i feel like harry wouldnt reply with 'what album',but who knows anymore haha

exactly, it’s not something he’d say, he’d probably say something like ‘all good’ or just smile, it doesnt sound like him but if so, i don’t understand whats the point of pretending he doesn’t know what she’s talking about (even if it was a joke). again, i doubt he said it. 

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So that panel with urie thinking about saiko and then mutsuki with afterwards thinking 'what is this feeling' i still dont understand that at all. But do you think it meant urie now liking saiko wondering why he's feeling like that? I mean she hugged him and even confessed so...

I don’t think Saiko has confessed romantic feelings to Urie at all. I think she meant that in a family-loving way, because she knew that Urie would need love and support to overcome this process of becoming a ghoul. She made clear that she “knew” how Urie felt (lonely), and told him that she had been looking at him all this time, acknowledging his leadership and his feeling of wanting to belong somewhere. Now, about the panel you mention, I personally interpret that comment as “I’m feeling loved by others (Saiko)” and maybe “I have feelings for Mutsuki” = “what is this feeling?”, Urie was always cold and never felt close to the rest of the squad, even if the others loved him as a friend, he maybe never felt that love and felt lonely all the time, and jealous of Haise. Now he’s being more open about it and he’s starting to see that he has people who care about him, and he’s also showing concern for others, aka Mutsuki, and all of these feelings are new to him, maybe that’s why he’s like ohh, what’s this? 

allura and keith headcanons - 

  • “are you gonna make the sarcastic comment or am I" 
  • *paladins listening to the pacer test song and crying* allura: is this an earthling thing? i don’t understand keith: im an earthling and i dont understand it either
  • *sudden noise* allura: put the bayard away keith: how did you- i didn’t even get it out yet 
  • "keith what is it?” “you can throw people and I need you to teach me how to do it”  
  • bond over lance hitting on both of them 
  • keith finds how strong and capable she is really impressive and has a lot of respect for her 
  • keith accidentally calls her “mom” one day and is wicked embarrassed but allura is like 😭 im so happy

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I understand why youre upset, but whats upseting me (im a muslim girl in a faithless country LITERALLY) is how many of you dont understand that while, yes evens season would be amazing and relatable to so many of people who suffer from mental illness, sana will be just as relatable to so many of us muslims who face discrimination and hatred on a daily basis. so this is a pretty big deal to me and my muslim friends who relate to sana bc shes real, just a regular muslim girl like us, we need her

This is why I want Sana to get season 5, if Even gets 4 then we all get what what we want

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So you don't think all the hate supercorpers are sending Melissa and Chris isn't hateful/unnecessary (since they dont write the show)/and disappointing. Melissa is really nice person I don't understand why your all sending her hate. She's not responsible . And if you don't think that will affect what she says then your das

hdjshfjzhdjzhdjsjjz buddy i don’t even know about any hate oh ygod? i’m not even talking much about sg anymore get out of my inbox

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i dont understand her?? like 1st why would she even use the utaite url as a sideblog for kpop instead of giving it up since it's not her main but a side blog! 2nd why post a picture of someone politely asking if they would be up for a trade and be incredibly bitchy and rude about it why why why

that’s what we wanna know lol! she’s being extra for someone who’s an adult??? honestly… i just want a url not her attitude

I dont think people actually understands what is like to be an “Aria is A” theorist. Like, no matter what happens, even tho the freaking show ends and A is revealed and he/she it’s not Aria, we’ll still think there’s something else and that Aria is involved. Once you get here, there’s no way back and I must say we are the most consistent theorists in the show like we’ve been here for 6 years so show some respect

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Remember that cancer patient he went to see her ig is leandraaxj. He stopped following her. I dont understand him. Hes not very authentic genuine person. What was the point of adding her in the first place? She must have even took it personal for all I know. Ive lost enough respect for him as it is but this just did it for me.

That girls feeling are probably hurt. Smh but I really think he’s weird about his follower count like he can’t follow over a certain amount

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Sorry if this is random but that video u posted reminded me of how popular BAP was when they came out, even my mom was a fan (we're Korean). They really could have been on top if their company hadn't fucked with them.. My mom still asks me sometimes what happened to them and she always tells me how cool they were. I haven't seen her in a while but when I go home I'm going to show her their new songs. Anyways, this was really random sorry but thank u for the reminder of BAP!

this is what i think abt a lot tbh ts is a piece of shit i dont understand how they could have such a talented unique group and not promote them correctly like bap deserves so much more but also i often think abt the meaningless trashy music that “bigger” companies usually come out with n i wonder if bap could make the music they want in a bigger company. it rly disappoints me that all those fans left during the lawsuit n werent there to support them when they returned but also ? they dont deserve bap then lmao it flushed out a bunch of Fake Fans at the end of the day i just want bap to create music they love and be happy in their jobs regardless of how popular they are or how many fans they have (even though they deserve to be. so fucking popular) yeah it sucks to watch 1004 performances and hear the loud ass fanchants n cheers n see they dont have that in more recent performances but ultimately they just need to b happy in what theyre doing and if ppl dont see that its their fault. with that being said its 2017 i cant believe ppl still dont stan bap

God’s Mate

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Pairing: God!ChuckxReader
Word count: 1,230
Warnings: Smut
Request: Anonymous. Ok so I love love love Chuck! Lets say that Chuck and the reader were dating and they loved eachother and when he left the reader felt betrayed. When he revealed he’s god she couldn’t believe it. She doesn’t think he loves her and feels used. But he made her to be his mate and loves her deeply. When she’s in the shower he decides to show her how much he loves her. Even though he’s not good at expressing feelings through words she can understand what he’s trying to say. SO MUCH FLUFF N SMUT!!!
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Slipping the key into the lock of your front door of your tiny apartment, you sighed. You’d moved in here four years ago after your boyfriend left you. No reason why, either. He was just gone, after almost two years together. You put your mail on the kitchen table as you walked past, along with your keys.

Movement in your living room caught your eye, making you pause. You didn’t even have a pet, so you had no idea what it could have been. Grabbing your broom, you moved towards the other room. Yeah, lot of good a broom would do.

Out stepped Chuck. The same man that had walked out of your life four years prior. He gave you a nervous smile. “Hi, Y/N.”

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