i dont understand people

“sharks aren’t vicious!!! they’re like huge puppy dogs!! they’re big sweethearts and i dont understand why people are scared of them!!”

“sharks do not attack humans in the way movies constantly portray them. sharks are curious, inquisitive animals and many bites come from sharks who “test bite” humans in order to see what they are/if they’re a threat, but that one initial bite can be fatal. while sharks are not monsters bent on hunting and targeting humans, human who hand feed them and treat them like any other animal causes more human-shark incidents (sharks can become used to humans feeding them and thus bite at a human to find fish). sharks are not blood thirsty maneaters, but they are an extremely powerful animal that deserves respect and should be admired from a distance.”

Hahaha don’t you love getting into fights with your parents because you refuse to be polite to your homophobic relatives and then being thrown out and having to sleep on your friend’s floor? Haha so fun.

only ONE disney princess has ever even had romantic love as her main motivation and it was snow white.

cinderella just wanted to relax and take a break

aurora just wanted to learn who she really was and be a teenager for once in her life

ariel just wanted to study humans and learn more about them

belle wanted adventure and for someone to for once understand her

pocahontas wanted to forge her own path without having to get a husband and to see the world beyond what she knew- and also wanted peace between her people and the english

jasmine wanted freedom and for everyone to understand that she was not a prize for some prince to win but rather a human being with feelings

mulan wanted to bring honor to her family and save her father’s life

tiana wanted to open up her own restaurant as a part of her late veteran father’s legacy

rapunzel wanted freedom and to see the world

merida wanted to not be forced into marriage and again, freedom

anna did think romantic love was great and wonderful but her main motivation was being able to open up the castle to her kingdom and reunite with her sister

elsa wanted to protect her sister and her people and be the queen they deserved

elena wants to learn how to be a good leader and bring back a long legacy of tradition that was taken from her people by an evil authoritarian tyrant

and moana just wanted to expand her world and protect her people and learn to sail

so?? i dont really understand why people think every disney princess is just waiting for their prince to come and sweep them off their feet and not doing anything for themselves because?? thats not??? true??

jeez isnt it funny how vex and percy can get married because they gave in to a whim to bind themselves together because they’re in love and not be insensitive monsters rubbing their relationship in vax and keyleth’s faces (because they’ve literally done no such thing lmao)

and isn’t it funny how keyleth being upset she’ll never get that and responding to that is also valid (because her reaction was extreme and guilt-blamey towards vex and percy yes, but she’s grieving that part of her future)

and isn’t it also funny how vax can be upset about his sister marrying percy in secret after she made vax promise not to do the same thing (because broken promises always suck and he wanted to be there and he’s running out of time for his own relationship)

and isn’t it funny how these four have a complex relationship dynamic right now and if you’re breaking it down into who’s wrong and bad vs who’s right and good you’re objectively wrong and oversimplifying things

isn’t that funny

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Can I just say how afraid I am of s3? Because we know that shiro are going to be separated so it's going to be the rest of the team bonding and that means Keith and Lance and that means kl@nce stans and antis will explode. the fallout will be huge and s4 will be a long time away to mitigate the damage.

Well, I try to keep things nice and calm here for everyone. I realize navigating certain parts of the fandom can be difficult, and for that I’m sorry. As for Shiro and Keith’s relationship though, I really don’t think you need to worry. 

I honestly don’t believe that anyone can ever take Shiro’s place, you know? Especially in Keith’s mind. I understand the general theme in fandom is for people to replace Shiro with their fav and have them comfort/grow closer to Keith in Shiro’s absence but like?? there’s no evidence of that really. And even though Keith will be opening up more and bonding with the rest of his team (which is honestly a good thing), it doesn’t mean anyone is gonna suddenly replace Shiro. 

Because it was Shiro that Keith was so affected by when he saw him after a year, his fond memories of Shiro and all the painful ones after Kerberos that made him look at Shiro with such tenderness and say his name so softly. It was Shiro who he welcomed back and into his home, and Shiro who in turn looked at Keith and said “It’s good to be back.”

It was Shiro who Keith was always willing to risk everything to protect

It was Shiro who always grounded Keith and gave him advice. As Joaquim says, “[Keith] latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check”–the kind of anchor you can’t just replace

It was Shiro who literally changed Keith’s life 

It was Shiro who looked at Keith and saw a leader, saw someone he could entrust with the safety of his team. And Keith in turn reassured Shiro that he still had a place with that team, that it was too soon to be giving up just yet. Keith and Shiro put up a brave face in front of everyone else. But when it’s just them, they allow themselves to be more vulnerable 

It was Shiro that noticed Keith was struggling during season 2 when he came to terms with being galra; it was Shiro who noticed Keith was really hurting and tried to help him (and similarly, you see a lot of Keith checking in with Shiro as well: see Sendak and Ulaz) 

It was Shiro who was the person Keith desperately wants to see, the physical embodiment of his greatest hopes and dreams. Whether platonic or romantic, you can’t tell me that’s not love–because Keith clearly loves Shiro, sees him as his closest person

It was Shiro who was the only paladin there for Keith’s initial galra reveal–he stood there and stared in awe when Keith’s blade transformed, shared that moment with him

And it was Shiro and only Shiro who showed his immediate support and solidarity, accepting Keith and reassuring him wholeheartedly when no one else on the team will even say goodbye  

And despite the fake Shiro saying “We’re your family”–we as in, all the paladins–that’s still not enough to convince Keith to give in during the trial. His duty as a paladin isn’t enough. It’s only the thought of Shiro leaving him–and that, without Shiro, he would be all alone–that drives him to give up everything. His identity, his past, any chance at a future with his family–all sacrificed so he can stay with Shiro. When talking about this scene, Josh said that “[Keith’s] constantly scared he’s going to say or do something wrong and he’s going to lose Shiro.” It’s one of his greatest fears 

The writers don’t put so much care into establishing characters’ relationships just to suddenly toss them to the wayside. And I think that, especially with Keith piloting Black and the existence of the astral plane, it’s very likely we’ll see Shiro and Keith communicating through Black. Sharing memories and a stream of consciousness across time and space, just like how Black was able to project memories of Zarkon for Shiro and the two could both meet in the astral plane. Just because Shiro disappeared doesn’t mean he’s necessarily out of play, which is something I’ve talked about a lot here

I also definitely think we’ll see a lot of Shiro and Keith’s backstory established through flashbacks prekerberos, because it only makes sense to parallel his disappearance then with Keith’s reaction now. And I mean, Shiro’s absence is going to very much be felt–especially by Keith. Just because he’s not there, it doesn’t mean Keith won’t miss him and still feel for him. And Keith planning to find and rescue Shiro will probably be a significant part of the plot. I believe the saying is Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Yes, Keith and Lance are probably gonna bond more and get more character development for their dynamic. But their dynamic will never be Shiro and Keith’s dynamic, you know? They’re two completely different things, and you can’t just interchange one with the other. And that’s how it should be, because every character and all their varying interrelationships are inherently unique. 

There’s nothing wrong with other characters getting more development, or with that development being spaced out differently across each season. But I think it’s important to remember that only Shiro can ever be Shiro, and the relationship he has with Keith isn’t just going to be severed just to cater to different fans’ tastes. All that character development we’ve built up already isn’t just going to vanish with Shiro and be thrown away. 

random internet person: “I’m just not that into Skip Beat anymore”


the question of “why do bugs just sit there” is very common, and i think it freaks some people out bc they dont understand that behavior. but yeah they generally do that when theyre in a state of torpor, which is an equivalent to sleep. they arent scheming or endlessly watching you, theyre essentially just taking a nap

people who think it's okay to leak celebrities' addresses

1. no
2. it’s not
3. fuck you

Someone: I really like SJM’s books-

Anti: Ew wtf look at this stan

Someone: I just really enjoyed the complex elements that SJM highlighted like PTSD-

Anti: disgusting look at this white cis gendered straight bitch

Someone: But I’m not-

Anti: u support abuse???!?”” ur obviously homophobic n racist cos u liked this sjm trash,,,

Someone: I get that the books have issues but it still tells a cool story with awesome characters and highlights important issues. And SJM has tried to amend her issues by putting in more diversity and she has no mal intent-

Anti: burn the books, sue sjm, piss on anyone who likes the books cos theyre obviously homophobes n racists!!!

Someone: maybe we can discuss context-

Anti: *picks up folder of ‘anti sjm fUck the STANS: the truth ™ ™ ™* fae r DISGUSTING


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trump: does something dumb

someone: omg does this mean danger days is go-

me: [has already died, my soul ascending from this wretched plane]