i dont think you should do that in front of sollux aradia

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Could you summarize to me why you(and other ppl) think the hs ending sucked, because I still don't get it??? If you don't feel like it it's fine Im just really curious

1. unfinished character arcs across the board. this is being condensed into one point but this should be HUGE in such a character-driven story. even the character that got the most development, dave, never really fully completed this by not coming out of the closet or making his relationship with karkat clear and letting a ton of people think he was just “temporarily gay” or ignore the whole development completely. who knows what the hell happened to terezi and did she even get to the new earth, karkat was practically shown doing nothing, kanaya didnt hatch the matriorb, we never saw dirk apologize to jake which would have capped off his arc, jane and jake never made up, rose never played the rain, what happened to the ghosts, what happened to the sprites and what was even the point of gtavrosprite at all, what happened to aradia, what happened to sollux, did vriska escape, what the hell is up with gamzee in general aside from actually ending up being a 1-dimensional mindless villain which is disappointing as hell. the complete lack of dialog at the end was just downright abysmal and the meta explanations floating around dont excuse shoddy writing.

2. loose ends out the ass. just to name a few: how did the weapons get in the lotus flower, dd’s containment plan, how did lil cal get sent to the jack that became union jack if gamzee was in the fridge, why were the grist hoards released when previously you actually had to talk to your denizen to release them, in fact why didnt anyone aside from john/dave/jade and i guess roxy not do their quests, how did caliborn get the ring of void, what the hell does blood do exactly, what was up with the genesis frog that appearified in front of jade as a kid??

3. caliborn’s masterpiece. just ????? on that whole thing. when does it happen or is it other timeline kids, if it is current timeline kids and if it happens in the future what the hell would even motivate them to go back and do it anyway if nothing is threatening them anymore, and do they make it back or do they just get swallowed by the black hole and die forever, leaving the alpha kids to rot in caliborn’s session?

4. final villain not being shown defeated. we didnt even get confirmation that he was defeated and instead just got a fade to black instead of presumably seeing dave come out and hit him with the sword as was prophesied??? we dont even know if thats what happened or he got sucked in or whatever. LE ended up being the most anticlimatic villain ever, it never even felt like he was a threat towards the kids so it just felt pointless because keeping the masterpiece in consideration, it means that they never escaped the sweeping timeloop inevitability of paradox space even after the ending.