i dont think you realize what you mean to me not the slightest clue

im sick so… have some sick newsies headcanons because why the hell not

(these are also totally not in character but im sick myself so i think that gives me a free pass to be a little ooc - also these are definitely modern au)

jack - literally everyone thinks he’d be that one sick friend that gets all obnoxious and loud as hell and whiny, but really its the exact opposite. he just stops talking .. jack just kinda totally just secludes himself from the other newsies and becomes super withdrawn and quiet and it FREAKS the others out because why isnt jack saying more than 3 words at a time??

davey - he has this weird fear of accidentally taking medicines with ingredients that will react with each other so he tries any and all home remedies he can think of (and find online), holding off on antibiotics until he ABSOLUTELY needs to take them, usually seen carrying around a half empty gallon of orange juice throughout the duration of his illness

crutchie - will vehemently deny any signs of illness, but secretly takes super super good care of himself if he feels the slightest bit under the weather. “crutchie, you feelin okay?” “yeah! of course— but wow its getting late im exhausted, i’ll see ya in the morning pal.” “crutchie its only 7pm” “i know, jack. goodnight.”

race - serial napper™, race: “nothin a good night’s rest cant solve”, also race: sleeps for upwards of 18 hours, the downside: when he’s awake, he’s either incredibly cranky or incredibly loopy and out of it, albert likes to screw with him when he’s loopy but davey just gives him the disapproving dad glare so he stops and makes sure race is comfortable and not in any pain instead

albert - is probably 100% convinced he’s dying during the course of any illness he’s had to deal with. one day, albert has a cough: “god, race what if i’ve got black lung?” “well, first off- you don’t work in a coal mine—”, coincidentally the ONE time his life is actually in danger, he has no idea. “albert, you could’ve died- for real. your appendix exploded” “you guys dont know what you’re talkin about, it was just some stomach cramps. i’m fine now!” “yeah after emergency surgery??”

spot - totally the whiny one, but isn’t afraid to be whiny because he’s spot conlon and his body is tryin ta kill him, dammit, but that doesn’t mean the other boys wont try to tease him, because they totally will.. although after the first time, spot’s cold, tired gaze and mostly empty threats freaked many of the boys out enough to lay off of him after that (not race tho lol, that boy is relentless)

finch - poor dude gets really persistent fever dreams.. buttons will sit by his bed sometimes while he’s out cold just to keep a watchful eye on him and catch finch mumbling about ‘toucan sam stealing his french toast’ or ‘batman beating him in the triathalon’, the funniest part is all the others recounting the stories to finch the next day because he doesn’t remember them

specs - kinda your average sick friend, only occasionally specs will lose his train of thought and completely zone out, or completely forget words sometimes (because his brain gets super super fuzzy when he’s sick, and he hates it, but there’s not really much he can do about it). “specs can you hand me that pencil over there?” “…………huh?” “the pencil. on that table over there.” “……….” “pencil-” “—oh, the uh- the- pencil, yeah sorry.”

romeo - binge watches like its nobody’s business, he’s usually pretty average when sick, but if you sit that boy in front of a television he’ll end up marathoning all the lord of the rings movies without even realizing it, and he’ll completely zone out, but still somehow remember everything he watched… sometimes he even falls asleep watching reruns of seinfeld and remembers vague details about the plot of the episodes that happened WHILE he was asleep.. nobody has any clue how he does it… race calls it his hidden talent

buttons - basically turns into a human magnet. he becomes super super touch starved when he’s sick, but he’s sick so none of the other newsies can be around him because they cant afford to get sick either. it got so bad at one point that finch just took one of his shirts, tied the sleeves off, and stuffed an old pillow inside of it. buttons was so out of it the first time he had no idea, but now pillow finch is his go-to sick buddy

jojo - jojo the jello fiend™, it doesn’t matter what he’s sick from, jojo will ALWAYS have jello when he’s feeling under the weather (i guess its like a comfort food maybe??) his favorite flavor’s orange and for some reason he only enjoys jello when he’s sick, if he’s offered jello on any other occasion he’ll refuse it? which nobody understands… but if the other boys are sick and jojo is particularly worried, he’ll make jello for them and it just becomes understood that jojo really cares about you if he’s made jello for you at any point in your life

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[ that sounds terrifying - but yeah, hope you enjoy :) thanks for requesting :) ]


“What’s happening - Y/n what’s happening?! What’s wrong?! Jagi, tell me what’s wrong, what’s going on?!” 

Would freak out to level 100 with this one. Not only were you wheezing, huffing and puffing, but it looked like you were slowly starting to pass out - leaving poor Jin to just turn into full panic mode. If you hadn’t motioned for your inhaler that was thankfully close by, he would probably start crying. 

“Don’t you ever scare me like that ever again! Why didn’t you tell me about your asthma - I could have lost you! I’m just happy you’re okay…” 


“What’s the matter with yo-OO!…Baby? Baby, are you alright?! Y/n!” 

He would be watching from afar as the sound of your wheezing caught his ear drums, confusing him horrendously. It wasn’t until you passed out onto the floor that made Yoongi kick it into high gear. Never has he ran so fast in his life, quickly checking your pulse, trying to wake you up, but failing miserably. Having no clue as to why you passed out, he was quick to call an ambulance - trying so hard to keep his cool throughout the whole thing. 

When everything was taken care of, expect an earful from a tearful pissed off Min Yoongi. 

“What the hell were you thinking, not telling me about your condition?! Did you think I would like seeing you passed out on the floor, not having a fucking clue on what was wrong - or what to do?! Because, guess what jagi, I didn’t!” 


He really wouldn’t be able to say anything at all. 

It all happened from afar, just like Yoongi, only Namjoon wouldn’t be able to get to you. It was during an award show when the excitement of winning your very first award as an idol became all to overwhelming - especially when they started shooting off those cannons. You would think that as many times as you attended those award shows, you would be used to it by now. But, the only difference was that you were way closer to them this time - and your inhaler was no where near you. Big mistake.

Losing your breath, your vision turning into a tunnel as it was getting harder and harder to breathe by the second. Everyone that was witnessing it had no clue what to do, all starting to panic as you collapsed to your knees, the magical moment instantly turning into something tragic. It wasn’t until you woke up in the hospital did you realize how serious the situation turned - especially when you made eye contact with a teary-eyed Namjoon. 

“Why didn’t you tell me…you nearly gave me a heart attack - don’t you ever scare me like that again, do you understand me?! I thought I lost you…” 


“ ?! ” 

Hoseok was in the middle of a story when it hit you like a truck. Not giving any heads up - not like you could, anyway - you fell with a large thud, startling not only him, but the boys as well. Looking at you for a second, he at first thought you were just playing possum, or playing some kind of prank. But, when one of the boys exclaimed about your asthma acting up before racing to find your inhaling - his whole body language changed. 

“A-Asthma? What do you mean - s-she never said anything about…” 

Now alert about how serious the situation was, Hoseok didn’t hesitate to help resuscitate you, doing whatever he could to assure that you were well and safe again. Expect to get a very hurt confession from him after all of that. Why would you tell his friends, but not him? Did you not trust him? 

“No more secrets, okay? Especially when it’s your life on the line - jagi, I was so scared…y-you can count on me, I promise, I’m here for you…” 


“What the he- are you okay? Y/n, say something! What’s wrong?!” 

This would be right before they were needed on stage for a sound-check, you were searching through your bag frantically for your inhaler - only to come up with nothing. Mentally cursing, you could feel it starting to get worse as you placed a hand on your chest, eyes starting to tear up in a panic. Jimin, hearing the heavy breathing from where he stood, turned his attention toward you - more concerned than confused as to why you were panting to death. 

When you did a motion that signified an inhaler, that only seemed to stump him even more. Luckily, Taehyung was twirling close by to catch on to what you were trying to do - punching Jimin in the back once he did. 

“Pabo, she has asthma! Go get help - I’ll stay here with her!” 

“I-I didn’t know that! Oh, my gosh, jagi when I get back - you better not be dead or I’ll kill you!” 


“Oh, my god, somebody! Somebody, please help! I’m just a little boy - I don’t know what to do! Hyung! H-Hyung! Please, get in here!” 

Taehyung would most definitely be apart of the freak-out squad, right below mama Jin. You would be gripping his shirt tightly during the whole thing, trying so hard to calm down and find your breath, but unfortunately asthma wasn’t always tamable. He stared at you with wide eyes, blushing slightly at the fact that you were breathing heavily while holding onto him tightly - until your grip was slowly starting to loosen up, signaling that you were close to fainting.

“Jagi, please don’t die! Not while you’re holding onto my shirt - die on the carpet, not my favorite shirt! Somebody! Come quickly!” 

someone eventually came and found your inhaler, dont worry 


“ Jagi..? ” 

Poor little Kookie wouldn’t have the slightest clue on what to do. You were fine just mere minutes ago, and now he found you passed out in the kitchen. Quickly picking you up to set you on the cool counter, he did the only thing that could come to his mind at the moment - CPR. 

After a couple minutes of that, along with compression - the maknae was able to revive your breathing, stabilizing it for now.  Exhaling a sigh of relief, he would place a kiss to your forehead, picking you up once again and carrying you to the car to head to the hospital. Just to make sure everything was okay, and nothing was wrong with you. 

“I can’t believe that worked…when were you planning on telling me about your asthma, huh? I nearly pissed myself back there..!” 

“Thank you, Kookie…you’re my hero~” 

“…Well, I guess I’ll let it go just this once. Just no more surprises after today - I don’t think my heart will be able to take it.” 

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