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Rules of Engagement (shiro x reader)

Rules of Engagement

Shiro x Reader

Imagine: Being the communications specialist with Shiro and Matt at the garrison.

Warning: Just a little making out ;)

AN: Hey guys! I hope you all like this one, let me know what you liked, or if you have any requests!


His lips felt like fire on her skin. There was no pulling away at this point, not that it even crossed her mind. The feeling of his body pressed against hers, his thigh positioned between her legs, how his fingers gripped her hips, all of it made it impossible to think of anything else, but how good it felt. This was definitely against protocol, the small portion of her brain that has retained its sanity thought in the back of her head. It all felt like a deram. And if it was she never wanted to wake up.

She and Shiro were on the same flight team at the garrison. He was the pilot, and she, his communications specialist. They were also accompanied by an engineer by the name of Matt Holt, she swore he was some kind of genius, it was the only explanation for how smart he was. They had all been friends, but with the hours spent in the flight simulator, the late night study sessions, the constant contact between them, they became much more than that. The connection between her and Shiro was unshakable, you would never see one without the other, inseparable. It wasn’t until their third year at the garrison, did they notice a change in their dynamic. They weren’t the only ones to notice this change, Matt knew something was going on between them, even if they didn’t know exactly what.

For weeks, it was nothing but chaos. Longing stares from across the room, lingering touches, constant blushing, all at the expense of Matt’s sanity. There was a time when the two of you could barely be in the same room, in fear that in your clumsy state, someone could get hurt. Matt didn’t mind at first, that is until your team failed the flight simulator, putting a permanent ‘F’ on his record. Shiro had gotten distracted by you, in the middle of the mission, when you cut your hand on a stray screw driver, causing Shiro to panic, and in the end, sent their team crashing to the ground in a blazing fireball. He’d had enough.

He told you both to meet him in room B26, to go over what went wrong, and finish the mission report on the simulation failure. Each of you feeling a different kind of shame in the failure of the basic sim, and each feeling that it was your fault things had gone south.

The next morning when you arrived at the room, you met with Shiro on the way, but neither of you could stand to meet the other’s gaze. Too embarrassed to think it was your lack to self control that had ruined the mission. Keeping your head bowed, you both entered the room, the first thing you noticed was how cold and damp it was, the lights were off making it hard to see exactly where you were. Shiro’s shins came in contact with a mop bucket, sending it skidding across the floor.

“What the- “ he began, his eyes adjusting enough to see the shelves that lined the walls, filled different cleaning supplies. “Is this… a Janitor’s closet?” thinking that they must have walked into the wrong room, Shiro turned to exit, only to have the door slammed in his face. Shocked, he rushed forward testing the doorknob, and finding it locked. Thinking it must have been an accident, he slammed his fist against the metal door trying to get the attention of whoever had closed the door.

“Hey! We are in here! The door is locked, can you open it?” he called, hoping they were still close enough to hear him. There was a moment of silence, before they heard a familiar voice reply.

“I’m not letting you out until you two work this out! I don’t know what is going on with you buys, but whatever ‘it’ is, fix it! I am not going to get another ‘F’ in that stupid simulator, just because you two are acting like lovesick teenagers!” Matt’s voice was filled with a mix of anger and frustration. There was another pause, followed by what Shiro assumed was a sigh. “I’ll be back in an hour.” he said more calmly before walking away, ignoring the protests from his teammates.

They spent the next 10 minutes searching for another way out, only finding 4 metal walls all lined with janitorial equipment, and an air vent, too small for either of them to fit through. Shiro was sure Matt had picked this room specifically for that reason, no way to escape. Giving up on that idea, they resorted to searching for a light switch, their eyes adjusting enough to see outlines in the darkness but not much else. The tension in the room was palpable, neither of them trusting themselves to address the elephant in the room, why they were locked in here in the first place, they both knew what Matt had said was true, but were not willing to address it as the problem it was. Until the pressure got the better of them.

“I’m sorry.” you both blurted out at the same time. Fumbling to recover, you turned to continue, but your foot caught on the bucket Shiro had knocked over earlier, sending you sprawling on the floor.

“(Y/N)! Are you okay?!” Shiro asked rushing over to where he had heard you fall. Unfortunately, instead of helping you, he stepped on your hand. You cried out again, cradling your hand to your chest as you pushed back against the wall, pulling your knees in. Shiro’s heart felt like it was in his throat, how had he managed to mess this up even more?

“Oh God, (Y/N) I’m so sorry!” he stammered his panic rising up. Standing where he was he ran a shaking hand through his hair. He didn’t dare move again, scared that he would accidentally hurt you again, instead he decided to speak, and once he started, he couldn’t stop, everything just poured out of his mouth.

“This is all my fault. I just really like you, and you’re so pretty, and smart, and when you smile it makes my stomach go crazy, and you’re laugh, oh god, your laugh! It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard! It’s just so hard for me to think when you’re around, my brain goes all fuzzy and I can’t focus on anything else. God, I should have known better, i should have tried harder to hide my feelings, or i should have transfered as soon as I realized I loved you, and, and now we are stuck in here, and you’re hurt and-” in the darkness, you made out his outline, and rose to your feet, equal parts shocked and thrilled to hear what he was saying. Reaching out you placed your hand on the side of his face, rendering him silent. You couldn’t see his face, and you prayed he couldn’t see yours, you could feel your cheeks reddening as you drew closer. He could feel you coming closer, your hand gliding over his face, your fingertips tracing the outline of his lips. You felt his warm breath against your fingers, as you moved your hand to the base of his neck, standing on your toes. You hesitated, your lips stopping just shy of his.

Swallowing his nerves, Shiro closed the remaining distance, capturing your lips with his. In that moment it was like a fire was lit between you. His hands were on you in an instant, pulling you closer as his mouth moved against yours. Pressing forward, you stumbled back, your shoulders hitting the metal walls of the room hard. Shiro only paused for a moment before he was on you again, pinning your body to the wall with his own. His fingers gripped your sides, pawing at the material of your uniform. Pressing closer, he fit himself against you, a leg between yours, his hips against yours, like fitting puzzle pieces together. His lips pulled away from yours, only to attach to the exposed skin on your neck. He groaned into the hollow of your neck, as you raked your fingers through his hair, pulling on it slightly.

The heat between you continued to grow, and the once cold room felt like a furnace. So consumed in the moment, you both failed to notice the door to the room slide open. Matt caught site of the two of you, and paused for just a moment, as his mind registered the situation. Shaking his head, he crossed his arms over his chest, before clearing his throat. And just as quickly as it had started, the trance was broken. Shiro tore his body away from yours, his hair was sticking up in odd directions from where you fingers had mused it. While you pushed yourself off the wall, trying to stop your knees from shaking, and straighten your uniform at the same time, the small marks on your neck beginning to form. Both of your lips were swollen, and your faces were red, and in Matt’s opinion, you both looked thoroughly kissed. An amused smile pulled at Matt’s lips as he watched the two of you fumble to compose yourselves. No one spoke for a long moment, until finally, Matt broke the ice.

“Well,” he began, his voice eerily calm. “I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming, cause I did, and for that reason, I planned ahead. Because if ‘this’” he gestured between the two of you quirking an eyebrow. “Is going to happen, there need to be some ground rules.” stepping forward, he reached into his bag and pulled out a large 3 ring binder, shoving it into Shiro’s chest, who caught it quickly, looking down at the cover.

“‘Rules and guidelines of dating a teammate’” he read aloud, lifting his eyes questioningly to Matt.

“Volume 1?” you read over Shiro’s arm. “How many volumes are there?” you asked watching Shiro flip through the pages, each filled with words, and some having charts and pictures… this was obviously something Matt had put time into, and it definitely took longer than the hour they had been in there.

“There are 2 others back in my room, but I haven’t finished editing them.” Matt answered calmly. You nearly choked, and Shiro swallowed thickly, his eyes wide. Indifferent, Matt continued. “Also, there will be a quiz, so I would suggest going on a ‘study date’ instead of making out in a janitor’s closet.” you heaved a sigh, before turning your eyes to Shiro, a smile pulled at you lips, despite the obvious dislike of the situation.

“I’m free tonight.” you said, Shiro’s heart skipped a beat. He would read 50 of Matt’s ridiculous rule books, if it meant he got to see you smile like that again.


this was a little self indulgent and not requested at all but look me in the eye and tell me that u dont wanna go on 2 am seven eleven runs w richie ok

pairing richie tozier x reader

word count 835

summary richie may not be able to fly you across the world, but he can give you memories you won’t forget.

Originally posted by finnslosers

 “Do you ever think about the future?” Richie asks.

 “Yes,” you reply, then pause. “I think about it a lot.”

 Richie wants to ask if he’s in it, your future, but he can’t find the sounds under his tongue when he looks at you. You’re staring at the night sky with such vigor, eyes tracing the unseen constellations. The stars’ light reflect in your eyes.

 “What do you think about?” He asks instead.

 You seem to think about it for a minute, then smile a little. “I don’t know,” you say. “I just… I wanna go on adventures with the person I love, y’know? I wanna travel the world and do stupid shit. Wanna get kicked out of a Walmart. Wanna go to Mexico and feel my feet in the sand. I wanna live.

 Richie’s been in love with you since you were thirteen, but looking at you now, underneath the pale moonlight, he doesn’t think he could love you more. You turn your head to look at him and he notices how your hair is wild against the blanket you’re laying on. Richie grins as an idea pops into his head and gets up from the ground.

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which character should you fight (ft. Gen 1 FE:A dudes)

Winner: You
look at this guy. look at his fashion choices. look at his nerd-ass lying on the ground in the smash trailer. someone needs to set this boy right. you may incur the wrath of everyone you dont want to fight but hey. do it for us. do it for all of humanity. (warning: he may try to marry you after. or before. or during.)

Winner: who do you fuckin think
why would you even think about fighting frederick why would that thought ever cross your mind i mean 1. have you seen him. he has grown ass men and seasoned warriors on their knees praying, tears or sweat - fuck if they know - dripping down their faces just from his workouts. he’s the one who has to carry the bullshit of an entire kingdom, including his lords. 2. it was his ass that carried your slovenly ass through the first four chapters of lunatic/+ so how about you show some fucking respect. get fredereckt

Winner: You
are you kidding me? punch him in the crumpet. take his tea and pour it out in front of him. you get some on your clothes? no problem, rip his godforsaken cravat off and mop it up. if you’re a girl you might get away with it. otherwise he might fuck you up. who cares, it’s worth it.

Winner: Stahl
fighting him will accomplish nothing. you’ll go up to him all ready for a tussle and he’ll glance over at you with a sleepy lopsided grin and a “oh hey, what’s up?” and that’s it. you’re done. you’ll lose all will to fight. his chill is contagious. and if you do somehow retain your fighting spirit? he’ll knock you flat on your ass. probably apologize too. it’ll be embarrassing for both of you. i mean the dude was trained by frederick after all. but i mean he’ll probably help you up and offer you food so idk. if you’re starving go for it.

Winner: 50/50
look, i know what you’re thinking. look at all those muscles. the dude is ripped. fight him anyway. do it. he’ll probably forget his axe somewhere so you probably wont die. fuck him up. someone has to for the abomination that is “teach just got tenure.” Let him atone.

Winner: Depends
If you aren’t a girl, you will be sliced into pieces so thin tharja might mistake you for her mesh body suit. if you are…. i mean you can try, but he’ll run. you can win if your cardio is good enough. go. chase him. Be Free.

Winner: You
okay he’s the nerdiest of nerds but he’s also a fucking child so. idk man you can fight him if you want but what’s the point. if anything getting beat up by you will fuel his teenage rage and he’ll keep it stewing inside himself until he’s big enough to fight back and then you’ll have to deal with years of pent of rage and a napoleon complex but on a full sized being and no one wants to play therapist in a scrap. it just isnt worth it. i mean unless you’re like itachi uchiha then by all means go ahead

Winner: You, but only with careful planning
ok so gaius isnt the toughest cookie, but he doesnt want to fight and he has access to the assassin class and i dont know about you but in my experience fighting assassins is no bueno. you get one punch in maybe if you’re lucky and take them by surprise but then youre dead and you cant fight for shit anymore. BUT if you take all his candy, his blood sugar will get low, making him weak and agitated. this is the optimal time to fight him. make sure he knows you’re the one who stole his candy. make sure he can smell the sugar on your breath. note: he may not spare your life if he gets the upper hand.

Winner: Gregor, but you win friendship
i’ll be frank, gregor will beat the everloving shit out of you and there is nothing you can do about it should you choose to fight him. he’ll do it laughing and smiling, not even realizing he broke three of your frail ribs with one pulled punch. but he will absolutely take you out for a round after and exchange drunken stories with you. so fight him. even if he refuses, pay him to fight you. he cant say no to money and nothing is more valuable than fire-forged friendships.

Winner: Libra
why the fuck do you want to fight the priest. fuck fine, you know what? fight him. see what happens. he’s the only one who will pray for your immortal soul while you bleed out. but guess what, jackass? the gods are gonna see you tried to fight a priest and they’re gonna send your ass to the void anyway

Winner: ???
man fuck i dunno what this guy’s deal is. on one hand he’s a dark mage genius who was raised by wolves and then sent to a horrific boarding school/orphanage making him literally the stuff horror films are made of. on the other he can be a pretty nice guy if you’re his friend and he’s kinda fucked up so he might let you win. his crows will probably peck you to death either way though so its a lose-lose situation.

Winner: Basilio
same deal as gregor, except basilio is hard-mode. he might accidentally kill you while you fight and his friendship is an even rarer flower. you gotta be charming. you gotta be smart. you gotta be somewhat strong. but if you do manage to get your ass beat and stay alive in such a way that he wants to grab a pint with you, take that beautiful budding friendship, hold it close to your breast and never let go

Winner: You
he’s by far the sorriest character you get at recruitment. if it weren’t for that pot on his head, a feather falling too hard could kill him. but he’s a farmer that works day in and day out just so his village can survive. do you really want to fight the paradigm of the wondrous and wholesome rural life we should all aspire to? you capitalist pig.

i hope i didn’t forget anyone

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just binge read your blog and I love the way you write. Like everyone is so in character and some of them are so funny or really sad *cough*jumin angst*cough*. Do you think you guys could do the RFA finding MC's old fanfics? Either her account or the ones on her computer? You don't have to, but I think it could be funny. Thanks for all you do! seriously, you are one of my fave mm blogs

Thank you! We’re flattered. Enjoy these:) 


  • You let him borrow your computer while his was being fixed
  • He was looking for a folder he saved there a few months ago
  • There was named “FF” which he thought it was the acronym for his most recent play “Fairy Fly” (we can’t name anything pls dont judge)
  • He was looking for his script so he opened it
  • What he found was a bunch of titles which sounded oddly familiar
  • Most of them were dated from three years ago….so curiosity got the better of him
  • He found himself surprisingly addicted
  • He’s half way through it…when he recognizes himself being described
  • You had written about a musical he was in
  • Thinking he was home alone, he started reading it in his dramatic voices
  • You hear it from the other room, and you think the dialogue sounds familiar
  • “I didn’t know you wrote fanfiction about me, babe!”
  • “I…didn’t know I would ever actually meet you. I kind of forgot about those…”
  • You’re mortified for the next few days as he keeps teasing you about it


  • He had found an old SD card lying around
  • It looked like the one he lost years ago, so he decided to check out the contents
  • He thought it would be some photos from high school
  • But instead, there was a bunch of word docs
  • He opened them and found a bunch of stories about various games
  • He was half way through, cracking up at how BAD they were
  • The characters were all mixed up and it was mostly crack fics
  • After pretty much reading them all, he takes the SD card and returns it to you
  • All he says is that he found it and figured it was yours
  • You breathe in relief
  • “This must be where I put all my fanfics from when I was in middle school. It would be horrible if anyone read them.” 
  • Yoosung can’t stop himself from giggling
  • “Yoosung, you did not!” 
  • “I did….I never saw that side of you before…”
  • He can’t stop laughing and you can’t stop hitting him


  • She had a break from work, so she decided to log into Zen’s fanclub forums
  • She noticed some young new fan recommended a fanfic author
  • Jaehee clicked on the link
  • She noticed most of the fics were from years ago, but she tried reading through some anyway
  • When she meets with you next, she starts sharing
  • She’s hardcore roasting all the fics about how they were out of character and didn’t capture Zen’s characters correctly
  • When you finally ask the pen name, she gives it
  • You laugh nervously “That…that was my old account.” 
  • There’s just a moment of silence
  • Jaehee clears her throat, “It had potential!”
  • “Thanks….”
  • She tried to encourage you to write again since you now had more experience
  • “Jaehee…my latest update was a week ago.”
  • She makes herself your new Beta reader


  • He mentioned that he recently met an actor from this show
  • You casually mention how you used to write fanfiction for that show when you were younger
  • He’s curious and asks if he can see some
  • You agree, thinking he’s going to scan over it
  • But he prints it all out and reads it…like he would a normal book
  • He didn’t realize he was about to get hit with some really bad angst
  • At one point, he forgot it was you who wrote it and kept texting you about it
  • “Yeah….I know, Jumin. I wrote it.”
  • “Oh…right…”
  • To your horror, he sends the link to your account in the chat room
  • Thankfully, he didn’t say it was you who wrote it, so you’re still somewhat anonymous
  • But you still end up getting some texts from Jaehee who figured it out
  • He encourages you to write some of your own stuff as well
  • He would help you get published if you ever wanted to start a career from your talent


  • You ask him to help back up your old laptop’s hard-drive
  • So, he has your computer for the day
  • As he was transferring files, he came across your fanfiction folder
  • He looked up some lines of text and found your account online
  • At first, he read it as a joke and would comment after every chapter
  • But he actually got really sucked into it
  • You started noticing something was up when he would be unusually protective about his recent browser history
  • Also…he commented under the name “thathackerdude”
  • Real subtle there
  • It all came out when he got to the end of one of them…and found you never finished updating
  • He breaks open your door
  • “I demand to know if they died or not! MC, don’t keep secrets from me!”
  • As a small act of revenge, you refuse to give him the rough drafts for the end of that fic 

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i have so many headcanons about bendy and the ink machine. specifically what the cartoon was like

i like to think that boris was a wolf that was looked down by everybody because of how “stupid” he was. this is the olden days where mental illnesses weren’t recognized so much and the ones that were were viewed as dangerous. so once boris’ parents passed on nobody was really willing to be there with him. he has managed to get some work, but it doesn’t pay much. and he’s so very lonely. he just wants a friend. a best friend even! how great would that be? but nobody wants him around… 

then he came across a local church that was warning people about summoning demons. about how horrible it was the terrible cost to pay. but boris heard that when you summon a demon you can get anything as long as the proper price can be payed. boris doesn’t have much, but a best friend is priceless! somebody to have fun with and play board games and go to the movies and help comfort each other when they’re down. boris was willing to pay whatever terrible cost to get a best friend. 

it takes a long time, but after lots a research and some shady deals has everything he needs to summon a demon.., no, his new best friend!! he performs the ritual, citing the proper words when the candles around him go out despite there being no wind. a chill fills the air and the candles relit with black fire. a dark cloud starts building in the center of the circle and grows taller. boris briefly wonders if this was a good idea when POOF. the clouds disperse and there stands a short demon, his face is blank. then he blinks and glances around the room. he spots boris who has scooted back a few feet and looking a bit scared. the demon grins. he walks towards boris, closing the distance between them. boris is in too much shock to move. and then the demon sticks out his hand, still smiling but never speaking a word. after a couple seconds boris catches on and grabs the demons’ hand, allowing him to pull him up from the floor. 

once boris is up on his feet the demon starts shaking his hand and looks quite pleased. boris grins and shakes his hand back. after a few seconds the demon lets go and stands back a little, looking at boris expectantly. 

boris starts, “my name is boris! what’s yours?”

the demon lifts and waves his hand above his head. sparkly letters appear spelling out ‘bendy’. 

“that’s a nice name! so, um, i was wondering if you could help me?”

bendy nods, smiling a bit wider

“could you be, um, sorry if this is silly, but will you be my best friend?”

bendy’s smile drops and he blinks a couple of times. he’s never heard of such a strange request before, but then his smile returns full force and he nods again enthusiastically. this could be fun

boris is beside himself with happiness. he’s got a new best friend!! how exciting! he tries to hug his new friend, but bendy steps back out of reach. boris is a bit confused. bendy twirls his hand in a circle looking at boris like hes expecting more. boris remembered that one important detail.

“oh! um, well, what do you want in return?”

bendy smile widens. this stupid wolf just gave him free reign over what he could ask for. he could ask for his soul and then drag him back to hell. or ask for him to gather people so he could take their souls and take them back to hell. …but it has been a long time since he has been in the living world. he doesn’t want to leave so quickly. 

while bendy thinks his face takes on an expression of deep thought. boris starts thinking about the things he could probably give up. his home? would living on the streets be worth it? umm, lets just look over all the other options first. his life? ehh… his senses? sight or hearing? taste? would those be good? …what could a demon do with a sense of taste? no, it should be something useful. his job? well, uh….maybe. then boris was struck with a thought

“at the bakery i work at,“ bendy glances up, “we make lots of desserts and the workers are allowed to take home a couple after work. i could give those to you? would that be enough?”

bendy blinks and thinks it over. he’s always loved human food, especially sweets. but that doesn’t cut it for all the boris is asking for-

“and i suppose i could let you stay at my house, and provide meals?”

that’s better. not only would he be gifted meals, but he has been given permission to stay in the living world. for all that’s provided its just barely enough, but hey, boris didn’t state that he had to be a good best friend now did he?

bendy looks at boris and grins while nodding. boris has got that look on his face again that looks like he’d explode with excitement. he holds out his hand.

“so its a deal?”

bendy grabs his hand and shakes. boris feels a weird sensation creep through his hand and into his entire body. he suppresses a shiver as he feels the weirdness settle in his chest. the candles light shifts from black to yellow and the air loses its chill. boris blinks at the sudden shift, but then smiles widely and gathers bendy up into a hug. bendy’s smile looks strained, but he allows it. 

and then over the course of the cartoon you see all the wacky adventures they go through, mainly spurred by bendy’s trickster nature. and then as they spend more and more time together bendy behavior starts to shift. you dont spend several months with an oblivious wolf who is kind to a fault without something changing. 

the tricks he pulls on boris start becoming less harsh and he starts pulling pranks on the people who hurt boris. they get mad at him and say that he should keep that thing under check. boris gets really mad at that comment and says that bendy is just having fun and they shouldnt be so cruel. and they keep arguing and of course bendy hears it all. he’s never heard boris so angry before and at that moment he realizes just how much he means to boris. he vows to pull even more tricks against those nasty jerks. 

and more episodes pass as bendy keeps up his promise to himself until an episode called, “boris is missing” happens. obviously, boris is missing leaving bendy quite confused. he’s not in the house anywhere and although its boris’ day off bendy checks his work too. he’s not there either. bendy tries not to worry about it, but then he remember those jerks who would hurt boris and he wonders if maybe they took things too far and he’s hurt somewhere. so he went to the hospital to check, but they say they dont have him. he’s starting to panic at this point, because boris is always around with bendy and for him to just disappear like this… something must be wrong. 

he checks all the alleyways. nothing. he checks the stores. nothing. the park, the library, the entire town. nothing. bendy just feels straight panic. has he been kidnapped? is he trapped in somebodies cellar? is he in some trunk of a car heading out of town? aaaaaaah, calm down, uhh, maybe there are some clues at the house he missed? a note stating where he went? bendy runs back to his house. he opens the door and


bendy silently screams and falls back. he looks up and boris is standing above him. he had a wide smile on his face which dropped into deep concern once he saw bendy’s face. he immediately starts apologizing and saying he didn’t mean to startle him so much, bendy pulled lots of pranks so he thought he’d prank him too. it was stupid he shouldn’t have done that, he didn’t think bendy would get so scared from a boo. 

boris is kneeling by bendy as he keeps saying sorry and bendy’s expression is blank as he tries to understand everything. after about half a minute it clicks and bendy starts shaking. boris becomes even more worried cause oh my gosh, i just ruined this friendship and he’s shaking in anger and why did i think this was a good idea? but then bendy tilts his head back and he’s laughing so hard that tears are streaming down his face. and now boris is the one who’s confused. he isn’t sure what to do when bendy wraps his arms around him and he realizes with shock that for the first time bendy is hugging him. he gladly hugs back. 

and in the episodes after that bendy hugs boris a lot more often and becomes more touchy-feely in general. he still pulls a few pranks on boris, but they’re incredibly mild. like when he pies boris in the face but boris is happy saying that its his favorite flavor. and when anybody tries to hurt boris like before for some ‘strange’ reason something horrible happens to that person. such as when mr. tiller called boris a useless moron and somehow a piano landed on his head. people learned quickly to stop harassing boris. 

and the show goes on like that with bendy and boris being best friends and getting into shenanigans. 

so now bendy wouldnt trade boris for anybody in the world. and he’d get awfully mad if, say, boris had his chest ripped open. oh, he’d want to hurt whoever did that to his best friend in the worst way possible. 


Seokjin x reader

genre:smut, a small amount of fluff

summary: you and Jin have been best friends for a long time/ there has always been some sexual tension/ it turns out Jin has a mommy kink

requested by: bandaddict666

word count:2.4K

DISCLAIMER: this is re-uploaded, so its still the same old version (kinda bad but ok), i decided to re-upload it bc my imagines have a certain look but this one didn’t so i wanted to change that

You were sitting on the floor of your best friends bedroom.
Both leaning against the bed you were casually playing poker bored out of your minds.
The game seemed to last forever and it was not interesting enough for you anymore.

“Okay, I’m done.” you said letting the cards from your hand fall on the floor.

“What? No! I was about to win!” Jin said showing his cards to you.

You laughed leaning your head back on the bed. “Nope. I always win.”

“Um, no? See your cards? See my cards? I-” Jin was starting to get annoyed and it amused you.

Jin was so funny to you when he got annoyed. He would start shaking his head right and left and sometimes would even throw a fit. He was so overdramatic when it came to these things.

Seeing you weren’t responding he became silent, staring at the floor in defeat.

“You’re such a fucking-”

“Queen.” you interrupted. You looked at him and as expected he was giving you a death glare.

“Nope. I meant to say bitch.” suddenly his face got smug.

“I’m a fucking Queen Bitch then.” you retorted quickly.

Giving up, he sighed. “That, you’re right. You’re the biggest bitch I’ve ever met.”

“But you love it.” you said, staring at him playfully.
His eyes flew back to you and he raised an eyebrow.

Well, it was true, you really were a bitch. To everyone mostly. You loved to be in charge and loved to feel superior over others. It seems horrible to others but it worked out with Jin. He was such an opposite. He always listened to what others said, he was the cutest thing ever, whilst you were most definitely not.

But they say opposites attract, guess that’s why you two were best friends.
And you’ve been friends for almost six years now.

He chuckled, looking down at the floor, fiddling with his long fingers. You loved it when guys had big hands and long fingers.
Some of the things that turned you on.

“True. I’ve got used to your bitchy attitude by now.” he said as he raised his look at you.

His eyes were pretty. And the little defeated smile he gave you every time you would beat him at something.
After six years of being best friends, it was almost impossible not to be attracted by a guy like Jin. Heck, not even after a day.

You will just never admit it, but Jin turned you on so much, and you seemed to like him in ways friends shouldn’t like each other more and more every day.

Maybe it was just you, but sometimes it seemed Jin is feeling the same way. But it was impossible to tell. A person like Jin would never admit that he likes someone.

You didn’t notice your little staring competition as you were thinking all these things. You blinked.

“I won.” he laughed with joy.

“But you would’ve liked it more if I won wouldn’t you? If I was on the top again?”

What on earth has made you say that? You realized the mistake too late, because Jin’s facial expression has changed.

For some reason you kept going. And it was getting worse.
“A person like you doesn’t like being in charge. You love it when someone is dominant don’t you?”
What the hell?

His mouth was now wide open. He didn’t seem to catch up on that, he could just keep repeating your words in his head.

“Like me.”

That was the final drop, and now the flooding came.
You couldn’t seem to stop because now you were on all fours, you crawled towards him and sat so close that it was impossible to breathe.

At this point, you’ve ruined everything. And you didn’t see a way for your friendship going back to normal. So you gave up, it was all or nothing.

You started to lean in slowly.
Jin was still at a loss of words.

“Jin…” you said softly as you bit your bottom lip, staring deeply into his eyes.

Until this moment, you weren’t aware of how much you were attracted to him. It was almost insane, and it was all surfacing out now.

Jin licked his lips briefly and took a breath in.

“(Y/N) I… What are you doing?”
You could see that he was shaking.

You had to be doing at least something right? No.

Jin rised up to his feet and looked down on you.

You were so insanely desperate for him that you proceeded.
You looked up in his eyes, bit your lip, very aware of how close you were to his crotch.

Then you took a short look at it, but long enough to signal to Jin what you want to do.
And looking back up you noticed his face was wearing a different expression now.

His eyes were darker, his eyebrows scrunched up and even his lips partly opened. You were now sure, that it was lust.

“Seokjin..” you touched his thigh softly and you licked your lips again.

He sighed. “(Y/N)…I dont kn-”

He was stopped by you. Because your hand was now getting closer to his bulge.
The bulge couldn’t be lying, Jin was turned on.

And before he could’ve said anything else you cupped it in your other hand.
He tried to push it back, but you heard a small grunt rolling off of his lips.

He bit his bottom lip hard, still staring in your eyes with that lustful expression.

Then, you brought your face toward, making a bolder move and you softly kissed his bulge.

“(Y/N) no..“he said with a soft moan.

You backed off, but you were definitely not done.
Suddenly you rised up on your feet, your body being really close to his.

You looked up, Jin’s face looked conflicted.
He opened his mouth to say something but you stopped him by putting your hand on the side of his face and putting your thumb over his lips.

“Please..“you said softly.

By the look on Jin’s face,
he gave into you.

You grabbed him by his broad shoulders as his hands found their place on your hips. He pulled you closer and you directed him towards the bed.

You pushed him down on it and you were now straddling him.
You grazed over his earlobe with your lips as you whispered.

“Do you want me to be in charge?”

“Yes.“he grunted softly, grazing your back and ass with his big hands.
He stopped at your hips and seemed to push you down onto him, making you feel how much he wants you.

Suddenly, words that you never tought you’d say, rolled off your lips.
“Do you want me to be your mommy Jin?”

You were shook at your own words, but even more at his quick response.

“Yes.“he breathed down your neck sending shivers down your spine and causing goosebumps.

You were satisfied with his answer so you asked another. “Will you be a good boy for me?”

This time, he chuckled lowly and repeated his answer.
“I’ll be your good boy.”

His voice was deeper, raspier and sexier than before.
You grinded on him earning a deep moan escape his lips.

His moans were making you moan as well and the room suddenly became filled with sounds of pleasure.

You realized, you still haven’t kissed him, that was one of the things you really wanted to do. To feel his big plump soft lips on yours.

And seeing an opportunity, you took it.

Jin had his eyes closed shut, and you slowly approached his lips with yours, breathing on them, telling him that way that you were about to kiss him.

And then you did.

Grasping his hair in your hands you kissed him passionately. Your lips connected with his like a perfect puzzle and with no hesitation he parted his lips, letting your tongue trough.

The kiss was making you confused, you wanted this to be passionate, but you also wanted to dominate Jin, make him your good boy and so you did.

You parted away forcefully, earning a groan from him.

“You said you were gonna be a good boy Seokjin.” you said smirking at him.

He licked his lips and then let you continue to do your thing.

You started to lift the hem of his hoodie, revealing a great set of abs. You bit your lips at the sight as you pulled the hoodie off him completely leaving his bare chest for you to admire.

“Wow, Jin, I had no idea…"you moaned as you traced your fingers over his string chest.

He just kept looking at you do things to him seeming to be at a loss of words.

The idea of what was happening turned you on even more. Innocent Jin, putty in your hands, hands that liked to grab at everything, make everything theirs.

You leaned down, and kissed his abdomen. Slowly backing up off of him you started to kiss down all the way to the hem of his boxers.

Your hands quickly fiddled with the zipper of his jeans and he helped you pull them down.
He was so eager for you.

Leaning down again, and looking in his eyes, you pulled his boxers down too and you let his cock slap against his lower stomach.

Without hesitating or teasing you took it in your hand and put it in your warm mouth.
You wanted him now.

His head flew back on the bed and his hands found their way to your hair pulling it back and out of the way of him seeing what was going on.

He propped himself up on his elbows and watched you please him.

You kissed the tip of him and then licked a bold strip up his shaft, making sure you were looking into his eyes at all times.

He was biting his lips so hard, trying to keep the groans inside but you wanted to hear him enjoy it.

You stopped what you were doing and said, “c'mon Jin, be a good boy, let me hear you moan.”

And like it was on your signal, he let out a loud, deep moan. And you continued.

You bobbed your head up and down, sucking in your cheeks, licking him up and down and swirling your tongue around the tip.

It was not long until you felt his cock throb in your mouth. You stopped.

Jin let out a breath followed with another groan. He didn’t like the teasing, but he wanted to be a good boy so he didn’t complain.

You let go of his still hard cock and you started pulling of your shirt.

He licked his lips looking at you stripping in front of him. His hand went to his cock, he wanted to please himself.
But you didn’t allow that, so you grabbed him by the wrist and smirked.

“I’d rather you help me strip down.” you said lowly.
He sat up immediately and his hand found your bra clasp so quickly and in a second you were half naked in front of him.

“You’re being a very good boy Seokjin.” you purred in his ear as he laid down again.

Quickly then, you hopped off of him and took of your shorts and panties.
You stood there naked in front of him for a few moments letting him admire your whole body.

“Come here.“he groaned as his hand found it’s way back to his cock.

When you noticed that you quickly got on top of him again, not letting him please himself. “No, I’m pleasing you. Be a good boy for me.”

He nodded.

“Now fill me up.” you purred into his neck and immediately, you felt his tip on your entrance.

His hands were on your hips again and then, he pushed you down.

He didn’t give you time to adjust, he just kept going and you loved every second of it.
His cock was so big, and so perfect for you. He filled you up completely and hit all the spots most pleasurable.

You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning out loud.
You had your hands on his chest as he pounded into you like you’d never imagine.

Because really, no one would ever imagine Jin pounding so hard.

“Oh god…"your legs started to shake. You were about to cum all over his cock.

“Jin I-I….!”
And before you even finished the sentence, he flipped you over, down on the bed so he was on top now, and his thrusts got even faster and harder than before.

You left scratch marks all over his back and strong arms and hickeys on his neck.

His grunts were the thing that got you in the end. Jin moaning and groaning in pleasure was the hottest thing you’ve ever heard.

“Jin! Oh my god!”

Jin came at the same time. You were in perfect sync.

Moments later, both sweaty and breathing heavily you were laying next to each other.

You didn’t know what to say.
“Jin…"you said his name, hoping be woud say something.

“You know…"he started, turning on his side, facing you, “I’m glad I won’t have to keep my feeling all bottled up for six more years.”

You were confused, but you felt happiness, and a small smile creeped on your lips.
“What? You have had feelings for me before?”

He licked his lips and smiled. He tucked a strand of your hair behid your ear.
“I’ve always loved you more than you thought.”

“I’m glad im hearing that. Because I’ve wanted to do this since the day I saw you at the swimmimg pools shirtless.”

You both laughed and then he leaned in and kissed your forehead.

It was all good now.


that was my first imagine, it was a bit long i think lol, but i hope ya like it.

UPDATE: this is re-uploaded

My Boys (Part 1/3)

Steve x Plus Size!Reader x Bucky

Author’s note- This is my first fic ever, so it’s going to probably need lots of work but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so… yeah… also it’s going to be broken down into parts. This is part one its more of an introduction than anything…. Oh, and it’s not smutty… yet… Well my lovelies I hope you enjoy it!

Summary- You are best friends with the Captain and the Winter Soldier. You begin to realize your feelings for the pair of them and drunkenly tell Natasha, but who knows who else was listening in on girl’s night?
Warning- fluff, drunk reader, mentions of smut (kinda), drinking with Nat and spilling some secrets (again this is just sort of an introduction, so not much action I guess. Part 2 coming soon!)

Word count: 1382

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Chillin’ (Richie Tozier/Reader)

Originally posted by saintalia

(A/N: Ya’ll imma need to start writing Stranger Things fics just bc there aren’t enough It gifs lmao. I was tempted 2 take this gif and just draw glasses on it. Anyways I’m tired and this is bad bc of it. It doesn’t fit any of the things I said I wanted to write today so like idk why im i like this lmao. Oh well don’t hate me. The title is stupid bc this is stupid and im stupid)

Request: “hey can i get a richie x reader imagine where they’re both really bad trashmouths and idk they’re sitting in bed talking just exchanging cuss words and what’s happened lately and maybe some cute kisses??”

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(a soft kimberly and trini fic) (6.4 k)

i drowned myself (in your holy water)”

If you ask Kimberly, it started at dawn.

She finds Trini at the quarry before sunrise, face tilted against the pearly gray sky, poised at the crest of jagged rock. She is a masterpiece in silhouette, harsh edges smoothed by cool shadow, baggy pants hanging low on curvy hips.

“Hey,” Kimberly says, voice low, hesitant to disturb the quiet. “Been here long?”

Trini turns toward her, shedding shadow as she steps off the ridge. Her face is suddenly cast in the first rays of morning light, dew catching crystal bright on the toes of chunky, repurposed army boots.

“Just since six,” Trini answers shrugging. “You’re right on time.” She reaches Kimberly all at once, stretching out to tug at the hem of Kimberly’s sweatshirt. “Pink. Cute.”

Kimberly reaches out to box at Trini’s ears, a yellow beanie pulled low over her forehead. “I could say the same thing.”

Trini blocks her halfway there, catching at her wrist with careful fingers, pulling her hand close against her chest. “Watch it, Hart.”

Kimberly would say it started here: with her hand against Trini’s collarbone and Trini’s lips curled into that small, just so smile. Though the landscape is a portraiture in charcoal, a gray sky sweeping low over the horizon, ashen quarry rock stretching to meet it, Trini is a marvel of color.

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Title: Harmonize
Character: Jason Dean
A/n: This one was requested so i hope the anon likes it! I tried to build tension but i might have totally failed, buT anYwaY

It was a total and complete surprise to everyone, including you sometimes, that you and Jason Dean got along so famously. Both of your personalities couldn’t be farther away from each on the spectrum.

J.D was infamously known for being a very intense person, who preferred to be more aloof and cool, maybe with the occasional sadistic tendency, but that’s beside the point.

You, on the other hand, were calm and an absolute delight to be around. You fell more on the reserved side, preferring the company of books and paintings over that of people. But it didn’t take long for anyone who was introduced to you to become enchanted by your personality.

J.D was no exception.

The pair of you met when you had been tasked with showing him around the high school, taking him to all of his classes and answering any questions he had.

“And this here is the library,” You said, stopping at the doors and letting him look inside.

“Something tells me you come here a lot.” J.D said, leaning against the door.

“Oh?” You asked, resisting the urge to push up your glasses that were slowly descending down the bridge of your nose.

You refused to adjust them in front of him, not wanting to prove his point.

“What makes you think so?”

The corner of J.D’s mouth curled up into a crooked smile as he took in the sight of your cardigan and the way your arms always seemed to wrap around yourself. He also noticed how your shoulder bag sunk into your shoulder, and deducted you had several books inside it.

J.D pushed himself off the door and sauntered up to you, he slightly ducked down and pushed your glasses up for you. “I’m pretty good at reading people.”

You looked up at him with wide eyes before you awkwardly turned around so he couldn’t see how pink your face probably had become. “I’ll take your next class then.” You said over your shoulder as you zoomed away.


A week later, you didn’t run into J.D much, apart from the classes you were in where his desk was right behind yours, so he spent most of the free time talking your ear off about whatever topic was swimming through his subconscious.

But outside of that, you roamed the hall with your friends from English club and kept to yourself most of the time.

Today, during lunch, you decided to browse the librarty instead. The nice librarian who had become a close friend let you know some new books had been shipped in over the weekend, and said you were among the first to find out.

Your finger trailed along the endless rows of book spines as you half-heartedly looked through them all. You had more than enough stuff to start reading, but you just enjoyed to be surrounded by books.

It made you happy.

One book had caught your attention, and you were flipping through its pages when you felt someone peering over your shoulder.

You turned with a start, sighing when you realized it was just J.D.

Then you noticed he was standing very close to you, one arm pressed against the shelf at the side of your face so you were essentially trapped against him.

“Knew I’d find you here,” J.D said as his hand reached out to take the book from you. His eyes scanned the page you were on before giving it back to you. “Guess I got you right.”

“Did you need something? Are you lost again?” You asked, trying really hard to not notice how dreamy his eyes looked in the lighting, or the stupid, dark strands of hair that had fallen of place on his forehead.

J.D shook his head. “Just wanted to see you.”

“Well hello.” You said with a nervous laugh, mentally starting to scream when your glasses started falling down your nose again.

You really needed a new pair.

“Hello.” J.D said with a smile, his face getting closer as his free hand reached up to put your glasses back into place again.

Except this time, he didn’t stop there.

He brought his hand to the curve where your jaw met your ear and placed a kiss right on the corner of your lips while his eyes remained on yours.

“See you later.” J.D said suddenly, giving you a wink before he left the shelves.

You had to take a moment to will the room to stop spinning while you tried to sort through your emotions.

Quickly shoving the book back into the row it belonged you left the library.


“I like your new glasses.” J.D said as he took a seat next to you on the library sofa, he was practically pressed against you while his one hand came to rest behind you.

“Thank you,” You said, subconsciously reaching up to touch the frames. “Lots of people seem to think so too.“

“Really? What sort of people?” J.D asked while he leaned closer to you. “Anyone I’d know?”

All your thoughts and words went out the window as the end of his nose pressed against yours. “I-I don’t think so, mostly the girls from my English Lit class.”

J.D hummed, slightly pulling back so he could brush the hair behind your ear. “Well that’s good, I thought I’d have to get jealous for a second.”

“Jealous?” You asked, now looking at him. “What for?”

J.D laughed, leaning down and placing a kiss along your jawline. “A charmingly sweet girl like yourself? Who’s crazy intelligent no less?” He asked, meeting your gaze again. “I think I’d have good reason.”

You hummed in understanding, your gaze sort of darted all over his face. “Oh, okay.” You said, all the thoughts in your head turning into static.

He smiled again, bringing his face up again and towards you.

J.D’s lips stopped a little ways from yours, noticing whenever you didn’t pull away he gently kissed you.

And then again.

And a third time.

Each one lasting longer than the previous one.

You only pulled away when he started to softly tug on your hair, trying to bring you closer. “Alrighty, well, I gotta go!” You said, jumping out of your seat, almost forgetting to grab your bag in your hurry.

J.D watched you leave the library with flushed cheeks and tousled hair, the back of his hand came up to his lips as he started to smile.

it takes two opposites to harmonize

Vanilla Rules || Prologue

PAIRING: Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Badboy au! college au!, fluff, angst, drama, light smut 

Word count: 893

Warnings: swearing, mentions of bullying, light smut in later chapters


The hate saga between you and baddie of the town Park Jimin rests on two very simple (vanilla) rules: 1.) Hate each other for the rest of your lives and 2.)under no circumstances fall in love with each other. But what happens when one of starts falling for the other? Will passion win or will rage take the game?

A/N: I am only going to be posting the prologue today and the first chapter tomorrow and depending on the response I get I will see if I want to continue because honestly I dont want to write if no one cares enough to read it. But I do hope that you will give these 2 chapters love and I hope that I will be able to continue writing it :) Happy reading

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

You didn’t know why Park Jimin had sworn to make your life a living hell. You didn’t know why he treated you so insultingly and demeaned you every time you encountered him. You knew that his reputation preceded him which is why you tried your best to stay out of his way. However it seemed to you that even after your best efforts to avoid him he seeked you out on purpose.

So as he stood outside your door at 5 am in the morning you couldn’t help but jump back in shock. Without a word he grabbed your wrist and pulled you out in the frigid air in your pyjamas, forcing a squeal to escape from your mouth. Just what hell awaited you this time you didn’t know, but the anxiety building up in your stomach surely didn’t help the urgency you were feeling.

“Where the hell are you taking me?” the surprisingly affirmative tone of your voice surprised you. There were times when you were able to stand up to him. After all getting bullied day in and day out had to have its effect on you. In reply however you were only met with his tightening hold around your now reddening wrist. “ If you just shut the fuck up it would hurt less” he pushed you towards his car and roughly shoved you in the passenger seat, your face almost hitting the gear stick.

Maybe it was for own safety that you refrained from speaking again, but it didn’t stop you from glaring deathly at him. “ That doesn’t scare me sweetie” Jimin scoffed as he started up the car.
“ Sorry your highness mornings aren’t my thing” you spit out the words with much sarcasm which didn’t go amiss by him as he smirked listening to your words.

Jimin suddenly sped up causing you to tightly hold onto the grab handle. “ What the fuck? Slow the hell down” you screamed as he swerved into the next lane, almost tipping over the car. “ I told you to keep that mouth shut to avoid any accidents” he slowly released the accelerator and you felt the car slowing down to a more suitable speed for the freeway. “Where the hell are we going anyway?” you looked over to his side to see the sign which indicated you were exiting the city. “ To put an end to this whole mess” he mumbled as he shifted the gear with much more force than needed.

Whatever mess he was referring to you didnt know but you sure as hell hoped he wasn’t taking you to some deserted place to finish you off. Jimin wasn’t exactly the nicest man around, and considering how much he hated you, it was a very likely possibility. 

For the both of you your relationship was pretty simple: he hated you and you hated him. However you didnt know why he hated you and found it pointless to hate him but Jimin never really gave you much of a choice. So as he stopped the car abruptly on a deserted freeway, along with which your thoughts also came to a halt you couldn’t help but wonder just what the fuck he wanted to say.

He killed the engine and stepped out of the car, slamming the door behind him hard enough to make the entire car shake. “ what the fuck…” you watched him as he paced around frantically running a hand through his black locks. Your heart started to pick up speed as you followed him while he made his way round to your side and dragged you out and pinned you against the window.

Without a word he smashed his lips onto yours, his hand at the base of your neck pulling you forward and preventing you from breaking free. Your hands clenched into fists at your side and your eyes closed forcefully as you tried not to move your lips against his. As is you had finally realized that it was happening against your will your pushed him off you with all your strength.

“WHAT THE FUCK JIMIN” you screamed out the words, breath caught in your lungs and throat  burning due to how parched your mouth felt. “Why did you do that?” You grabbed him by his collars and he simply gave a bitter laugh. His hands made their way around your wrist as with one shove he pushed you away from him with what seemed like minimal effort.

“Because I wanted to” he slammed his fist on the hood of the car as he moved away from you. Your head was starting to pound because nothing made sense. “ What? Do you fucking like me or something?” You took a step towards him, with his back still facing you.

He turned around, took a deep breath and looked heavenward before looking back down at you. “I am wondering the same fucking thing y/n and I think I might just like you a lot more than I want to”

You stumbled back in shock because technically the both of you were sworn enemies. You might have been exaggerating but you two could never be simply because the rules of your hate relationship were very simple, very vanilla from the beginning: don’t fall in love.

Well shit. So much for vanilla rules.

Hearbroken (Bellamy Blake Imagine)

Request: And I also have an imagine request, the reader and Bellamy fight over something or something bad happens between them, the reader storms off without telling anyone and ends up getting killed, which results in Octavia blaming Bellamy or something (you can choose how she dies and who finds her and stuff lmao) :)

A/N: this is by far my favorite request. That sounds awful of me but I’m so good at coming up with death scenes it’s horrible haha. Anyways hope you like it!

You smiled gingerly to yourself at the boy across the field from you. You had no idea what he was working on, but he was working hard and god did you admire him for it. He always put his all in everything he did no matter how big or little it was. This time particularly he looked like he was really into whatever it was he was doing. You didn’t want to bother him, but you really needed to talk to him about something. You knew he’d be annoyed but he never let it show or he pushed it aside for you. God bless him for it too.

You sighed and began walking over to where he was. When you got closer you heard him giving orders to a couple other people who were working on the same thing. You waited patiently for him to finish his orders and for the boys to leave you two alone before he turned to you and raised his eyebrows.

“Hi,” was all he said before he started up again. You were taken aback just a bit but shook it off and smiled again.

“Hi..”, you said softly and let your hand rest on his upper arm to get him to stop what he was doing. When he didn’t, you scrunched your face up in confusion. You took a breath and decided to try again. “Hey, Bell, can I talk to you? It’ll just take a second.” You smiled weakly when he looked at you.

He hesitated but put the tool down and backed up, wiping his hands on his shirt and looking at me impatiently. “Okay, talk.” He nodded.

You smiled again pushing pat his previous actions and nodded back. “Okay, well, I kind of broke one of our walkie talkies but don’t worry! That’s why I came here, so you could tell me how to fix it real quick so we don’t have any problems. I know how much we need them and so id like to fix it. Abby and Kane said that we dont need it and that’s it fine but like I said-”

“You interrupted me to have me tell you how to fix a walkie talkie?” He asked in pure annoyance.

You stared at him unsure of what to say but nodded. “Well, yeah, I guess but I just figured you’d be happy to help me and that I wanna learn how to fix stuff, to be like you.” You smiled hoping your words were convincing. They were true completely, but you added more in there than what you planned. The truth is, you wanted to be like him. You wanted to fix things so you were of more use. And you wanted Bellamy, you’re beautiful and talented boyfriend, to teach you.

He laughed bitterly after a moment of him just staring at you. “Ridiculous,” he shook his head turning away from you and back to what he was doing.

You furrowed your eyebrows in anger and hurt before replacing it with a calm look. You took a deep breath and laid a hand on his back that tensed immediately.

“Can you not see that I’m busy, y/n?” He barked loudly at you making you retract your hand quickly and jump back a couple inches. You opened your mouth to say something but closed it when Bellamy continued. “I can’t help you right now, go ask Monty or someone rather than bother me anymore than you already have.”

You stared at him in surprise. What was this? You’ve never seen him like this. The way he was looking at you was a look of almost pure hatred. Whether it was or not, it stung a little. When he turned back around you sighed and closed your eyes.

“I just wanted you to be the one to help me..”

“Dammit y/n, I’m trying to do this and with you here right now I’m not making any progress. I can’t help you with everything you break! It’s like we need to put you in a goddamn bubble for anything or anyone to be safe! Quite breaking shit, there’s a thought.”
He said the last sentence more to himself than you, but you heard it perfectly clear nonetheless and you couldn’t believe it. Sure, you weren’t exactly the best at everything and you did break things here and there, but that was the point in this whole conversation. You came to have him help you learn to fix things, so you could fix things you’d happen to break.

Instead, you turned around and stormed off not wanting to hear anything else Bellamy had to say. He’d said enough for you to know you were nothing more than a bother to him.

You walked and walked, unsure of where you were going but found yourself ignoring anyone that tried to talk to you and in front of the gate.

“Open it,” you called to the man guarding.

“I can’t do that right now, miss.”

“Open the god damn gate!” You yelled at him, unintentionally. You took a deep breath wanting to control yourself before continuing. “Please.”

When he denied your orders you shook your head and took off back to the arc. If they won’t let you out the easy way, you’ll get yourself out the hard way.

When night fell, you got up from your bed and threw clothes in a small bag you had found, along with some water and a couple nuts. You didn’t know why you were doing this. You didn’t know where you were going. You didn’t know if you could survive. But one thing you did know was that you no longer wanted to be here, with Bellamy. You only needed a couple days to yourself, to let your mind wrap around things. You still loved Bellamy, of course, by the words he said hurt you. You still wanted him to be yours, though you weren’t sure he felt the same or not, but you needed time to think. To be alone. And that’s exactly what you were gonna do.

You found a way through the gate. Somehow you managed to cut your arm on the way through but you didn’t care. The pain actually felt kinda good. Relieving almost.

You felt you were being over dramatic and maybe you were, but it’s not easy hearing cruel words from the one person you love the most and look up to so much. And when he’s never barked at you like that before let alone say something so cruel and heartbreaking.

You shoved your thoughts to the side though and focused on where you were going. Wherever it was you were going.

You walked and walked though, not stopping for anything. When you needed water, you managed to pull your bag off your back and grab it all while not letting your feel stop once. You walked until the break of dawn. When you saw the sun begin to rise is when you decided to rest for awhile.

You’d found a spot that was hidden decently between trees and bushes. You set your bag down then sat down beside it and let your head rest against the tree. “Only a couple minutes”, you thought to yourself and let your eyes flutter shut. You replayed the scene with Bellamy back in your head. This time it made you angry. His words, his face. His actions. It all made you angry now. How could he say that? How could he be such an asshole? You don’t say that kind of stuff to someone you love. Was he tired of you? Did he not care about you anymore? Did you push him to his limit and this was his way to get his point across. Maybe he didn’t love you anymore.

“Well he didn’t have to worry me longer,” you thought to yourself once again.

You woke abruptly to the sound of leaves crunching loudly. You looked around you, suddenly confused at where you were. When your eyes adjusted to the darkness, you realized you were where you had sat down to rest. Only now you realized that a couple minute rest turned into a couple hour sleep. It was just barely morning when you sat down and now it’s completely dark.

You looked to your left when you heard more crunching of leaves. Was in an animal? Was it grounders? Was it, hopefully, one of your people?

“Hello,” you called out. When an arrow came flying and hit your shoulder, you realized how dumb of a move that had been. You got up quickly, adrenaline giving you the ability to ignore the pain in your shoulder, and ran. You ran and ran, as fast as you could, as hard as you could, and you did not stop for nothing. You managed to dodge anything that got in your way. You weren’t ready to die. Not yet.

Unfortunately, when you turned to look behind you for anyone following you, you ran face to chest into someone much, much bigger than you. You screamed when the man picked you up without a problem and threw you to the ground. Knocking the wind out of you, you tried to crawl away, but the man grabbed you by your ankles and pulled you back to him. He drew a knife, a very large knife at that, from behind him and took a swing at you. You threw yourself to the side letting to knife only barely hit your arm.

“Mmm….” you hummed at the pain but quickly ignored it, getting up and trying to run again. With your luck, you thought you had got away, but rounding a tree you felt something sharp pierce your stomach. You looked down and saw a large stick sticking out of your abdomen. You looked up to meet the eyes of another grounder man. Falling to the ground, you closed your eyes waiting for the next hit to come and end your life for good, but r never came.

When you opened them, there was no one there. You listened carefully for any footsteps or cracking sounds burnt was completely silent. They left you to die in one of the worst ways possible.

Although your entire body stung, you couldn’t cry. Something was refusing to let any tears fall no matter how hard you tried. Something inside you was telling you to try and crawl just a little ways in front of you, so you did your best to do just that. It was a struggle. It was painful. It was stressful. But you made it about 30 feet before you saw the handle of the car Finn had found when you all first landed right there in front of you.

Barely smiling to yourself, you attempted to lift the door and make your way inside which was more you just throwing yourself in. Maybe there was something in there that could help your wounds.

It was a long shot. You already knew that considering you had an arrow in your shoulder, a gash of skin missing on your arm, and stick in your stomach. Brutal creatures they are.

When you were unable to find anything, you figured the best thing to do was clean the wounds. So, you took your shirt off and ripped it into strips and wrapped your arms up tightly to stop the bleeding. You then decided on the arrow next. You grabbed ahold of it firmly, but even the slightest of movement caused you to let our whimpers of pain. You took a deep breath and squeezed your eyes shut and as quick as possible, pulled the arrows from your shoulder. You let out a deep yell and let a few tears slip though, finally. It felt good. But the bleeding was bad, so you covered it next.

Once convinced that wound was as good as you could get it, you next focused on your final wound. The stick in your stomach. It was at least as thick as your hand, and maybe two feet long and most of it was inside of you. How you’re still alive? You had no idea. But this wound was the most paralyzing, letting you only move barely. You couldn’t turn, bend, walk, and holy shit did it hurt take a breath in. You were having a mental battle with yourself on whether or not you should retrieve it from your belly. It was thick, it would leave a hole in you and it would bleed out. You knew you were losing a lot of blood as it was, but it you pull the stick from you, you knew you’d bleed more. But if you leave it in you, it’s gonna be harder to get out on the long run and there’s likely bacteria getting in you from it at this moment. So, you decide to attempt and pull it out too. You figured you could shove the remaining parts of your shirt in the hole and it would be okay. You hoped, anyways.

You prepared yourself the best you could, taking deep breaths in and out, counting down to zero. You put the clothing in your mouth to prevent as much noise as possible from escaping you because you knew there’d be a lot from this one. When you go close to zero, you began crying uncontrollably.

You couldn’t do this.

You couldn’t pull this stick from your abdomen, not by yourself. Not with your weak arms. You didn’t even want to try because you’d risk putting it in an even more discomforting position. An even more painful one.

You threw your head back on the seat. You knew you were gonna die. You knew this was it for you. You were alone inside a 100 year old car, basically on your death bed. You were in so much pain. You were nauseated from the blood loss. You were scared. You missed your friends, the ones that became family. You missed Bellamy. And you were on bad terms with him which made this ten times worse. You could’ve prevented this if you wouldn’t have been so dramatic. If you wouldn’t have acted out. If you just would’ve stayed calm and understood that Bellamy was under his own pressure and you bothering him wasn’t helping, you wouldn’t be here right now. God you just wanted to wrap yourself up in Bellamys arms and let him kiss you all over again. You wanted him to tell you he loves you again. You wanted to feel his warm body against your own again. But here you were, cold, bloody, and about to die, all alone.

You let out a scream of anger, of hurt, of pain and of every other emotion in the book. You punched the side of the car door and threw your head against the seat once again. You just screamed and yelled letting your feelings come out. If only someone could hear your cries for help. If only someone could hear your cries at all. But this was it. So you let yourself cry until you couldn’t cry anymore.

Hours passed. Your death was being drawn out and at first hurt but now, you were in a peaceful state. You were numb, you were calm. You couldn’t think of anything bad anymore. Those passed a log time ago. Now, you were focusing on all the good in your life. You focused mainly on Bellamy though. Oh he must be so worried. They all must be so worried. You didn’t remember how long it had been since you last saw them. It could’ve been days or only hours. You couldn’t remember. But, you were peaceful now.

You thought back to first time you and Bellamy met. Like actually met. The day you two became ‘a thing’. That was such a great day. You thought of Octavia and how it was an instant connection when you two met. Oh how you were gonna miss her too. You hoped she’d become happy again. She was going through so much, she deserved so much happiness in return. This was gonna take a toll on her and you knew that, but you would be her guardian angel. You would make her happy again. Oh how funny it was how clueless Bellamy was with your guys’ friendship. She’s your best friend. He didn’t know that though.

All the memories flowing through you were overwhelming. The pain was no longer there. In fact, you could no longer feel any part of your body. You realized your eyes were closing and you couldn’t keep them open. You realized that this was it. You focused on your very slow heartbeat that was the only sound you could hear, and you focused on Bellamys face. You wanted his face to be the last thing you thought of in your final moment. You imagine him hugging you from behind while laying on a bed and him whispering in your ear “it’ll be okay, you’ll be okay” over and over again. God was in comforting.

Finally, when you believed his words, you let yourself go. And with that, you were gone completely.

“Where is she Bellamy!?” Octavia yelled at Bellamy with so much anger it was unbelievable. “You were the last one she came to talk to, you have to know where she could’ve gone. What did you say to her? Did you piss her off? Bellamy!” Octavia yelled his name catching his attention. He was so worn out from his restlessness in y/n’s disappearance.

“I don’t know, O!” Bellamy barked back at her.

“You have to know something,” she spat at him like fire.

He shook his head and out his hands to his ears wanting to drown out every word and every sound. He was so scared and overwhelmed. He hadn’t seen her since he said those hurtful words to her. He didn’t mean them, he was so stressed out and all he could think about was what he was doing. He didn’t mean to hurt her. He didn’t mean to make her leave. He loved her more than he loved himself, that was the last thing he’d mean to do.

They were in the middle of no where right now. There were so many people searching for her. So many people who cared about her, searching for her everywhere they could. So many people having no luck.

Octavia studied people for a moment before someone yelled that they had found y/n’s bag. Octavia ran to them and grabbed it from their hands and looked inside. Everything was in there perfectly untouched besides her water almost being empty.

“She had to have been taken. Or chased. Or something! She wouldn’t have just left her clothes laying there.” Octavia turned towards Bellamy who was staring at the bag in her hands. She threw it to him and walked up to him. “You better hope she’s not hurt or so help me God Bellamy,” she glared at him.

It was bad enough that he was angry at himself, but having his sister so upset at him made things so much worse. He understood she was angry, but he didn’t understand why she was this angry. He didn’t know she cared for y/n this much. Half the time he didn’t even think Octavia liked her. But then it all clicked. Octavia was the first person to ask where y/n was. Octavia was the first person to check on her when she was sick, or to ask how she was doing. Octavia always brought Bellamy food to give her or advice to give her. And vice versa. All the nights y/n said she was sleeping over somewhere else and Octavia the same. They were always together. It all made sense. Octavia cared for y/n so deeply, she was letting anger get the best of her.

“O…” Bellamy began but someone quickly interrupted him with yelling.

“I found her! I found her! She’s over here!” Bellamys heart instantly skipped a beat and he raced over to them, Octavia next to him the whole way. They realized that she had made her way to the buried, abandoned car they found a long while ago. Bellamy was shaking at this moment, the people in front of him inside the car getting her out. Bellamy was anxious, scared, happy. So many emotions filled within him but the second he finally saw her, one emotion replaced it all.


There she was. His beautifully, stunning, gorgeous girlfriend who he loved so fucking much, dead.

Bellamy dropped to his knees and shook his head. The men laid her body in front of him. Bellamy studied her. She was gone, but god she looked so so beautiful. So peaceful. He couldn’t believe it. He shook his head once again and caressed her cold face, and closed her eyelids. He examined her body and noticed her wounds that she had managed to cover with the best of her ability. He smiled, knowing she tried her hardest to keep herself alive. But all the blood proved there was nothing she could’ve done. He got to the stick in her stomach and closed his eyes. That must’ve hurt so bad, she must’ve been in so much pain and he wasn’t there for her. He shook his head and grabbed the stick and softly pulled it out. There was no longer any blood to be bled. He wrapped the wound with his own shirt and bent down over her body, hugging her.

When he got up, he looked at everyone who was staring at her and him in sadness. He went to say something, but a hit to his chest prevented him from doing so. He looked down at Octavia who had a face full of tears. She looked so angry, so sad, so hurt. He felt bad for her. She hit him again, and then again. And then again. Kane stepped in and took ahold of her arm and pulled her back slightly.

“This is your fault!” She screamed at Bellamy. He squeezed his eyes shut, knowing she wasn’t wrong. When he opened them, Octavia was still staring at him with anger. There was a long silence, everyone just staring at the two siblings. Finally, Octavia spoke up again. “My best friend Bellamy. I hope you’re happy.” Then, she turned and left.

Bellamy knew she was angry, but for her to think he wanted this to happen? Idiotic.

“Go back to camp,” Bellamy ordered and nodded before letting tears slip out again. He turned to y/n and picked her lifeless body up. When he turned, everyone had followed his orders except Kane, Clarke, and Abby.

“We’ll get a proper burial ready tomorrow morning.” Abby nodded to Bellamy before softly grabbing Clarke to have her follow her back to camp, leaving Marcus.

“I’m sorry bud,” he put his hand on Bellamys shoulder. “Lets head back okay?”

Bellamy nodded and followed Marcus closely, look at y/n every now and then. He wanted to take in her beauty as much as possible. He only had a few hours left before she would be gone for good.

Bellamy didn’t know how to take this. He didn’t know how he was supposed to act. He didn’t know what he was supposed to say or do he didn’t know what he was going to do. Would he ever love again? Would his heart ever be healed again?

Only time would ever be able to tell.

A/N: sorry this was so long! But this was such a fun one to write and I got a little emotional 😅😅😅😅 thank you guys who read it! Sorry for not posting as much but here’s his and I’ll go from here! I also have a special update here soon. Love you guys!!!❤️

Heartbroken | Peter Parker (2)

Anonymous said: “Hello! Can u make one where the reader fell in love with Peter but he doesn’t feel the same way because he’s in love with Liz then he said something that break the reader’s heart so she avoided him and go on a date with someone else. But then peter realized something that he loves her and how much it hurts to see her with someone else, then you can take it from there! Thank you!”

Thank you for the request! This was probably meant for a different fic but it fit perfectly with the plot of Heartbroken so I decided to use it for this chapter. I hope it’s still okay with you. :)

Summary: As much as you were guilty for saying this, you hated it. You hated how your best friend was slowly falling for the beautiful dark haired girl. You were nothing to him. Nothing but a close friend and a bystander. You were just a girl who had lost her chance with her one true love. You were just a girl that was heartbroken. (I suck at summaries okay?)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,706

Warnings: Major angst and that is all there is please dont get mad at me

A/N: This was requested by so many people! So here ya go :) Some of the parts are in Peter’s point of view.

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Part One

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Originally posted by chichangyu

  • thanks to anon’s request for bf yugyeom you guys are going to have the pleasure of reading me gradually have a mental breakdown over how much i love kim yugyeom
  • okay!! you meet yugyeom through bambam
  • u and bam have been good friends for a few years and yet??? you’ve never met yugyeom
  • like you’ve met the others, but it’s like every time you come close to finally meeting yugyeom he’s just like “gotta go!!1″
  • at first you’re like “oh i just have terrible timing i’m sure we’ll get to really talk to each other one day”
  • but no
  • it’s like he’s avoiding you like the plague and you’re not sure whether to confront the others about it cause you know they know
  • they’re too nosy to not know
  • but also in the back of your mind you’re worried you’re making too much of a fuss about it
  • in the end you go up to bam like “does yugyeom hate me or what”
  • bam is both taken aback and also smirking. you know the smirk
  • “why, what ever do you mean-” “KUNPIMOOK BHUWAKUL I SWEAR TO GOD”
  • bam refuses to disclose anything to you bc of “bro code” and you’re low(high)key offended bc i mean, here you were, thinking that you were more bam’s bro than yugyeom well exCUSE YOU
  • still, he keeps his lips shut tight for the first time in his life so you resort to the others
  • you know jb won’t say anything, he’s a good dad
  • jinyoung would spill just to spite the evil maknae but apparently yugyeom promised he’d get jinyoung a new pair of sneakers so he was a no go too
  • jackson claimed he couldn’t say anything bc it was “too precious watching you two suffer”
  • mark just laughed and walked away
  • your last resort is youngjae, and you think that maybe you can win him over by buying him meat or something but even he’s somehow sworn to secrecy
  • for weeks, you are suffering
  • you’re like so close to giving up and just accepting that yugyeom actually hates your guts and the others are too nice to say anything abt it when you get a text from bam asking you to stop by their dorm to drop off a jacket that he left at your place
  • you have a key to their place so it’s super easy to get in and you’re thinking from the way bam phrased his text to you that he was actually home to receive the jacket
  • you’re proven wrong when you enter and instead of bam and the boys it’s just.. yugy
  • he’s somewhere in the middle of yelling at the tv and climbing over the back of the couch when he realizes he’s no longer alone
  • you kind of stand dumbfounded in the doorway with bam’s jacket in hand and your eyes wide and all you can muster is a “…whatcha doin”
  • yugyeom flashes like twenty shades of red and slowly sits back down on the couch like a normal person before he points at the paused scene on the tv, “i’m watching a really frustrating drama”
  • when you look over at the tv, you immediately recognize it and drop bam’s jacket without a second thought, barreling toward the couch to plop next to yugyeom and you miss the look of surprise and terror that crosses his face as you just start fan girling
  • “when did the new episode drop??” “did he kiss her yet?” “I honestly can’t stand this second lead you know” “can you believe it’s taken them ten episodes to even mention they have feelings for each other?”
  • yugyeom is both nervous and really kind of glad you like this drama as much as him but he was really hoping that you wouldn’t catch him, in all places, like this
  • but then you give him a small, reassuring smile and motion at the tv “go on, play it”
  • needlesss to say, bambam is the only one not surprised when the others come home to see you and yugyeom standing up on the couch, yelling nonsense over bottles of soju as the main lead misses his chance to confess again
  • suddenly, it’s like the avoiding you thing had never happened
  • instead of yugyeom bolting out of the door as soon as you come over, he’s sticking around, asking you how your day is, if you’ve eaten yet, if you wanna catch a movie later with him and youngjae
  • you two bond over your similar love in dramas and music and soon enough yugyeom and you aren’t even hanging at the dorm with the others anymore
  • yugyeom is picking you up at your place and taking you for long drives, to this bbq place he likes, to playgrounds to act like the grown little kids you are
  • it’s in the middle of one of your drama marathons that yugyeom works up the urge to kiss you for the first time
  • you’re kinda just curled up beside him, your head laying against his shoulder, and the main couple on the screen are kissing and yugyeom tenses but you don’t even notice
  • you just let out this lovey sigh like “i wish someone would kiss me like that”
  • you’re dropping hints ok
  • like the amount of times you’ve said something like that while you two watched your dramas together
  • the boy stupit okay
  • since the boys are out for the night, it’s the perfect chance, yugyeom thinks
  • but he’s still so nervous bc?? what if you got angry and rejected him and never talked to him or bam again? bam would kill him. yugyeom would kill himself before bam even had a chance
  • bouncing between actually doing it or just leaving your relationship how it was plagues him constantly, to the point where he can’t sleep without thinking of the “what if’s”
  • “o-oh yeah? im sure someone will one day” yugyeom tries to reassure you with a lame excuse
  • and like, you’ve had it
  • “god damn it kim yugyeom! do i have to spell this out for you?!” yugyeom blinks back at your outburst, his brows furrowed
  • he wants to ask why you’re yelling but you’re clearly not finished
  • “i have been dropping hints that i want to kiss you for god knows how long and you always sit back and say the same thing every time and i’m honestly at my wit’s end with you bc i can’t tell if you really don’t notice how i feel or if you really don’t care but-”
  • and. yeah. yugyeom has seen enough dramas to know what he’s supposed to do now
  • his lips find yours clumsily but it silences you immediately, and you let out a soft moan of approval before he peels back, lips shining with your spit as he tentatively touches over his mouth for a moment, then looks up at you bashfully like “did I do that right?”
  • turns out the reason he always ran away from you whenever you were around was bc he was crushing incredibly hard on you and all the boys knew it
  • instead of the boys coming home to you and yugyeom screaming at the tv they come home to you two making out on the couch and you can’t tell if jackson’s cheers or jaebum’s horrified screams are louder
  • so i’ve touched heavily on the fact that yugyeom loves dramas but i dont think I’ve made my point??
  • if he binges a show and likes a certain character he becomes that character
  • you were so close to strangling him that time he watched moon lovers and went around talking like wang so for a week
  • also always somehow twenty steps ahead of you with every drama
  • he walks by you starting a new drama and just snorts like “finally you’re watching it? took you long enough”
  • he’s seen every drama in existence
  • gets very emotionally involved to the point where he calls you crying in the middle of the night and you think something is legitimately wrong but he’s just like “he died!!! they killed him! i’m boycotting this show”
  • you let him cry it out tho cause same
  • also, boy is perpetually somewhere between romantic and awkward
  • sometimes he can really make you swoon but he’s such a sweetheart like five minutes later he’s spilling his drink down his shirt or something
  • whenever he sees you wearing any piece of his clothing he just smiles to himself and elects to take a thousand pictures of you in it
  • “yugyeom it’s just a hat” “i know but it’s my hat!! how cute is this??? youngjae come look at this-”
  • bambam gets kinda jealous when he finds out you’re more interested in yugy than him these days
  • like one day you come over to the dorm and he’s like “hey!!” and you’re like “heyyyy where’s yugyeom”
  • from that day on he just seethes in a corner as you ignore him for the maknae
  • sometimes you catch him and he’s so bitter when you ask him what’s up
  • “why don’t you ask yugyeom what’s up? since you love him so much”
  • he’s even the same way with yugyeom it’s like he wants to spend time with the both of you but like. not at the same time
  • probably third wheels too
  • he’s not sure if he’s grieving more over you or yugy
  • jackson is your number one fan by the way
  • you can not look at yugyeom for 0.000001 seconds without jackson claiming how in love you both are
  • he even manages to embarrass you both further by taking really silly pictures of the both of you and threatening to post it on instagram
  • “i love love, okay” sure jackson
  • there’s never a dull moment with yugyeom tbh
  • even when yall are just laying in silence its so nice with him
  • sometimes you absentmindedly groom him
  • you fix his hair, wipe things from his mouth, kiss his cute lil cheeks and scold him about eating better
  • he acts like he doesn’t like it but he really really does
  • if he “complains” and you pull your hand from his hair he’ll catch your wrist and put it back where it was with a pout “i didn’t say stop tho..”
  • he attempts to teach you how to dance like him but… that’s not happenin 
  • he does like this really cool move and then tells you to copy him and like you can’t help but laugh bc sure thing lmao
  • always dancin by the way
  • you’re standing in line? hes dancing
  • you’re brushing your teeth? dancing
  • you’re making dinner? dance
  • he’s such a wonderful bf tho like he’s bashful and sometimes he doesn’t always say how he feels right off the bat bc he’s not used to being open with his feelings like that but it only adds to how much you love him
  • he’ll look over at you when you’re both dozing off and just smile
  • he’s overflowing with the #fond
  • “you know, I wouldn’t mind if we stayed like this forever. got married and had kids and just lived our lives happy, you know? i just want to live my life happy. with you.”

other boyfriend!got7:

college boyfriend!mark


Annoying Dean

Summary: Dean tries to prove himself to you only to fall short

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt:  “ I try very hard to be annoying. Don’t insult my ability to annoy.”

Word count: 1,044

Warnings: Utterly and completely fluffy!!

A/N: This little piece of me was written for @percywinchester27 ‘s PJO Quotes Challenge! I really enjoyed this one. :) LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANA!! Thanks for letting me participate! This is the first fic I’m posting in a while. I just have been so overtaken by work and stuff! I hope this is good. lol

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BTS reaction- Finding out about your depression

Anon asked:  “ Can I request a BTS reaction to finding out you go to therapy for depression & suicidal thoughts”

A/N: I am going to tweak it just a little bit and only mention depression as one of the themes as I am not comfortable talking about anything suicide related.Also I made it so that they didnt know about the depression to begin with. I am sorry anon and I hope that its okay for you :)

If you are reading this and you do struggle with depression I want you to know that you can do it. I want to tell you that you can get through it because you are stronger than your mind. You are stronger than all the negative emotions. Please don’t give up. Keep fighting because I know you can. If anyone ever needs to talk please do message me. Don’t struggle alone and shoulder this by yourself. I struggle with anxiety so I can understand. You are not as alone as you think. Stay strong. <3

WARNING: May be triggering. 

*gifs not mine. Credit to owners*



I believe Jin would be very very very shocked. He expects a lot from himself and somewhere he prides himself on being a caring person. So I think he would blame himself for not taking care of you sooner. I imagine he would beat himself up over it. 

He accidentally overheard you talking to your therapist on the phone, and that’s how he found out you went to therapy. He didn’t really know how to react and how to ask you because he felt like he failed you. He came behind you and wrapped his arms around your shoulder. “I am sorry” he whispered. You were puzzled by his reaction. Before you could speak he continued on “Why didn’t you tell me y/n? You know I would have helped you right?” You could feel his tears spilling on your shoulder. “I am sorry too. I didn’t want to burden you” you replied in a raspy voice. “Lets be together babe. Forever. Let me take care of you okay?” he kissed your shoulder. 


I think he would be hurt the most and he would understand it the best. He would be like Jin in the sense that he would feel he failed but not for the same reason. Because has been though depression I think he would even hate himself to an extent for not figuring it out sooner. 

The moment you told him you had depression and went to therapy for it he would break down. He would apologize to you again and again. “I am so sorry for having been such a bad boyfriend” he would cry and wrap you tightly in his arms, afraid that you would vanish from before his eyes if he didn’t. “Yoongi dont..” he cut you off. before you could continue “No y/n you dont understand. I should have known because I have been through it. I should have seen it” he berated himself. “You have me y/n. You will always have me. Lets get through it together okay? Please be strong for me because I cant lose you” he kissed your forehead while one of his arms was still wrapped around your shoulders.


He is a very rational guy, so I think he would be the calmest out of them all. But that doesn’t mean he wont be hurting. I think for your sake he would keep a cool and calm front. But he would be very sad on the inside. 

Namjoon listened to you as you told him about your depression and that you had been seeking help for it. “I am so proud of you. You know that?” he smiled at you while holding your hands in his as a gesture of his understanding and support. He would move closer to you and embrace you. “My baby is very strong. I am so so so proud of you for being so brave. It makes me respect you and love you even more” he said while trying to blink away the tears. You couldn’t see his face but he was hurting just as much as you were. “I am here with you. Come to me anytime, and I will help you. Dont hide from me anymore please” he softly said. “Thank you” you replied. He tightened his arms around you even more and rocked you both back and forth. 


He is very emotional and he cares too deep so I think he would most likely cry.He would be very hurt and sad that you had to go through something like that. I don’t think he would let you out of his sight after finding out. 

Tears were pouring down his face as you let out all your feelings. “Y/n” he choked out your name and he opened his arms. He motioned for you to come to him and he cried on your shoulder. “I am never letting you out of my sight. For your next appointment you are taking me with you. Promise?” he asked you as he wiped his tears. “Thank you Hoseok. For caring so much” you avoided his gaze. “No. Thank you y/n. For telling me. I love you and I am going to love you so much more that your heart will be filled with nothing but me” he said as he kissed you all over your face. “I am never letting you be sad again. You have to promise me that no matter what happens, you will come to me first.” he said as he gazed into your eyes. “Please trust me.” he said in a raspy voice.


I think Jimin would be a mix of Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok. At first he would be too shocked to respond, but as your words sunk in he would realize that he needed to be there for you and that he needed to take care of you even more.  

Jimin had no idea that you were depressed to begin with and when you sat him down and told him he went very silent. “Jimin” you had to shake him to get him to respond. “Baby how long? Why did I never…” the questions were more for him than you. As you told him your story, tears started building up in his eyes. He kind of sat shocked, but at the same time he felt angry at himself for not being able to see that behind every laugh, every smile, every word of yours was a lot of suffering. “You aren’t alone anymore. You are not going to be sad anymore because I am going make sure that every moment you spend is a happy one” he brought you close to him and held you there silently. He looked into your eyes and all he hoped for you to see was the love he had for you.


I think Taehyung would be very understanding and supportive. Contrary to what a lot of people think, he wouldn’t be confused. I think he would really understand you and offer his full support and love to you. Behind all the silliness, is a very deeply emotional guy, so he would know the right things to say.

Taehyung was very calm as you told him about your depression struggles. After a moment of silence he brought your hands in his and kissed each of your fingers. “You have always been the light in dark for me y/n. But now let me the happiness in your sad times. Let me do everything for you. Let me take care of you.” he genuinely smiled at you. You nodded your head as tears fell from your eyes. He cupped your face and kissed your tears away. He brought his lips over yours and kissed you softly but deeply. It took your breath away. “Tae I don’t know how to thank you” you said meekly. “Shh.” he shook his head and sat you on his lap while whispering soothing words to you.


I think he has grown up a lot so he will be able to handle the situation. He would quietly listen to you, but somewhere he would be angry at himself. He would be angry because he didn’t meet you sooner to help you through the tough times. He felt bad and guilty for not being able to protect you when all he wanted to do was keep you safe.

His hands were balled into fists on his knees. He was trying hard to control the anger he was feeling at himself. “I am sorry for not being able to protect you, not just from the world but from yourself.” he mumbled as he tried to choke back the tears. He took a deep breath and spoke in a more smoother voice. “You don’t know this but I swore that I would always be there for you. I swore to myself that I would always love you. So please y/n let me love you and be there for you.” You nodded in response and he continued. “We’re going to get through this together. This is my problem too now. I’ll be your shoulder to cry on, like I always should have been. So come to me anytime. Please” he pleaded . He pulled you into his chest and softly hummed to you. 

*please excuse any spelling errors*

I hope you like this anon! I also made this vey gender neutral as you requested! Have a lovely day ahead everyone

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Beautiful 




Thank you to @lolsthecat for the Sexy panty ruining gifs. And to @codenamekaraortiz for checking for errors and helping with my fics.

The Best Worst Day Ever

Juice/Reader (Juice Gif Challenge)


Your day had gone to complete shit by noon. Working in the local diner in Charming California had it’s ups and downs. Days like today it was nothing but down. You were getting the worst tips. Customers had been rude and treated you like less that human all day. You guys were short handed and your boss was being a complete ass to the few of you there not caring who saw or heard. You had had enough. Between this and your home life you were ready to scream.

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°WET° ft. 방탄소년단


“Jagiya! I’m here.” Jin yelled as he entered the house.

You were in the kitchen cooking up one of his favorite meals. Fried chicken, vegetables and rice.

“In here!” You called out to him.

A few seconds later, you saw your cute broad shouldered boyfriend standing in the doorframe. He had a huge smile on his face.

“This is why I love you. You cook for your man.” He came closer to you and began kissing your neck.

Even though you wanted to keep this going, you knew that you had to finish cooking or the house would burn down.

“Yah stop I have to finish the food.” You wiggled out of his grip.

“Fine but I’m not finished with you. I haven’t been here for two weeks and for two weeks I haven’t heard you scream my name.” He stared you down.

“Okay, but you’re only getting two rounds. Last time, I couldn’t walk for a week and I had to call out of work.”

“Two rounds it is. I just hope you can take it. I’ve been holding things in you know.” He licked his lips.

“I can.”


“Baby!” Kookie yelled into each of the rooms as he looked for you.

You were hiding from him hoping that you could get the chance to scare him. It was the month of Halloween so you were in the spirit.

“Jagiya are you here?! Where is she?” He asked himself as he stepped into the room that you were hiding in.

You jumped from behind the door and grabbed his shoulders.

“Oh shit!” He yelled.

“Omg Kookie what did you just say?” You couldn’t control your laughter.

His accent when he spoke English was the best. It was so sweet and innocent.

“You were hiding?!” He looked shocked but then began laughing with you.

“You scared me jagiya.” He pouted.

“Aw I’m sorry baby.” You hugged him.

“How sorry?” He smirked, looking down at you.

You could see a bulge in his grey shorts. He wanted it and you did to.

You slowly placed your hand on that bulge while looking him in the eye.

“I’m very very sorry.” You kissed his neck one time and then you started to walk out of the room, already knowing what was going to happen next.

Before you could even leave, he pulled your arm and pulled you close to him. Not that that was a surprise.

He back hugged you and pressed himself against your lower back. That made you want to tear him to peices right then and there.

“I wanna take you down.” He sung the Chris Brown song that turned you into a freak anytime you heard it.

You tilted your head to the side as jungkook nibbled your ear, causing you to secretly bite your lip. He turned you around and picked you up by your waist. You wrapped your legs around him and held on tight. You couldn’t control the smile that crept on your face. You were about to get some Kookie. It’s been two weeks since you last saw him.

He carried you to your bedroom, then closed and locked the door.

“Take it off.” He ordered.


You and Jimin had just came from the gym and were now entering your house. You both were drenched in sweat.

You were so happy since he had finally came to see you. The past two weeks was long enough.

“Ah Jagiya I’m tired.” He kissed your cheek and sat down next to you.

“Well you have to wash up so get some energy.” You laughed.

He sighed. “But Baby.”

Right when he said that, you shot him a death glare.

“Take one with me.” He said on his little whiny voice while moving closer to you.

You were cheesing hard. You two were on the same page. He wants the goodies.

“It’s been two weeks baby.” He pouted.

“I know.” You pretended to not be interested just to see how far he would go to get his way.

You got up and headed to your kitchen to grab a bottle of water.

Out of no where, you were pushed against the refrigerator. Jimin’s face was right in front of yours.

He began laughing when he saw your face but quickly put on his serious seducing face. You tried as hard as you could to not show any emotion whatsoever.

“I know that you want me as much as I want you.” He kissed your lips.

You accidentally let out a soft moan which caused Jimin to smirk. He knew what you were doing and he knew that it wasn’t going to work.

“Okay we won’t in the shower but just know that we’re not putting on clothes for a few hours since we’re gonna be busy.”

You began to blush. You thought fuck it. Stop with the act cause you know you want it just as bad as he does.

“Nah let’s do what you want.” You licked your lips.

He smiled so hard that his eyes were smiling. “There’s my girl.”

He grabbed your arm and pulled you into the bathroom.

“Don’t slip or fall.” You laughed.

“Baby I won’t. I still haven’t dropped you after all these times. I’m strong.” He flexed his muscles.

You nodded since he was right. Here comes the rollercoaster. Literally.


Namjoon was finally at your house after being gone for two weeks. He was helping you study but you were super tired of it and didn’t want to spend all of the time that you had with him studying.

You both had something else on your minds but neither of you wanted to say anything. You knew that you had to stop this.

“Joonie.” You put your pencil down.

“Hm.” He looked up from his textbook.

“Dont you think that we should be doing other things? I think I’ve studied enough.”

“Like what jagiya?” He put his book down and moved closer to you.

“Um I don’t know mayb-”

“Ahhh.” He smiled showing his dimples. “You’re bad babygirl.”

He unexpectedly grabbed your arm and dragged you to your bedroom.

“You know I’m usually the one to ask for this.” He chuckled.

He came closer to you, motioning for you to unbutton his shirt. and so you did.

“I missed you.” He said.

You pulled him on top of you and rolled the both of you over so that he was now on the bottom.

“I missed you to.” You climbed on top of him and softly pecked his lips. “Tonight I’m in control.”

He liked the idea so much that he let out a little squeal. You never did this.


“Yah stop chasing me!” You yelled as you ran as fast as you could.

V was chasing you around your house. You both wore fuzzy socks and your floors were made of smooth wood.

“Then give me a kiss!” He finally caught you and turned you around.

You sucked your lips in and dodged your head when he tried to kiss you.

“Nope you ate my food I’m not giving you nothing!” You wiggled out of his grip and tried to run away but he pulled you back.

“Jagiya I’m sorry!” He pouted while back hugging you.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.” You said.

“I will buy you more fo-”

You quickly turned around, grabbed his shirt and pulled his lips to yours. That was all that you needed to hear.

“Oh my God!” He dramatically yelled.

You pushed him on the couch and straddled him. His facial expression quickly changed into a more wanting one.

“Tae Tae?” You asked while softly stroking his hair.

“Yeah baby?” He was mesmerized.

“How long are you going to be here?”

“I can stay the night but then I have to go in the morning.” He rubbed your thighs and slowly licked his lips.

“Come on.” You demanded as you grabbed his hand and dragged him into your bedroom.

“Jagiya jagiya jagiya.” He said as he took off his shirt.

He sat on the bed and watched you as you took off your dress reveling your black lingerie that he bought for you.

“Ah you finally wore it.” He got up and pulled you onto him.

You nodded. “Now take it off.”


“Baby you can almost dance as good as me!” Hobie laughed as he sat down next to you.

You two were in the practice room and just got finished dancing.

“Oh whatever I dance better than you.” You teased and poked his chest.

He smirked. “Oh yea?”

You nodded. Confident about your statement.

He stood up, grabbed your hand and pulled you up to your feet.

Realizing that you hadn’t kissed him yet you pulled him close by his sleeves and let your lips meet his in a soft manner.

“What was that for?” He had a huge blushing smile on his face.

“I haven’t you kissed you all day.” You shrugged.

He went to the corner of the room and got his things leaving you confused. Then, he took your hand and literally dragged you out of the building.

“Baby what are you doing?” You asked.

He stopped at his car’s passenger door and opened it for you. You got in, still confused.

When he got in, you could see his face and how his breathing pattern was a mess.

“You know what else we haven’t done today?” He asked.

“Um no.” You furrowed your eyebrows.

He grabbed your hand closest to him and put it where Hobie Jr was located.

Your eyes widened and then you got what he meant which caused you to laugh.

“Drive then. We do only have tonight.”

He started the car and kissed your forehead.

“Jagiya?” He began driving.


“When you’re screaming my name scream ‘Hoseok’ instead of hobi so that the neighbor’s know my real name.”


You slowly opened your eyes. Beside you lied a sleepy Yoongi. You rolled over and checked the time. It was midnight and you were hungry. Not for food but for Yoongi.

You knew that he was most likely going to have to leave in the morning and who knows when he’ll be back.

You haven’t been slayed by Yoongi in two weeks and your body was aching for him to.

Yoongi is a freak and you know that he’ll give you what you want at any time. Especially if it’s something that he loves to give you.

You softly tapped his chest. “Yoongi.”

He didn’t even budge.

“Yoongi.” You repeatedly tapped him but he still didn’t wake up. Was he even alive?

“Yoongi wake up!” You yelled.

He jumped and quickly opened his eyes. “What is it y/n?”

His deep and raspy sleepy voice got you even more worked up.

You just looked at him. Something you always did that turned into a signal to show that
that you wanted it.

“Send me to Hong Kong?” You did a little bit of aeygo.

He stretched and sat up. “That’s why we went to sleep. Energy.”

He was on the same page as you.

“Come sit.” He patted his lap.

You climbed on top of him and leaned forward as he gripped your butt and began leaving wet kisses on your neck. It was like neither of you were even sleep.

“It’s been two weeks right?” He asked.

“Yes.” You said as you tugged on his shirt.

He put up his arms so that you could take it off. “Well, we have a lot of making up to do.”


not seeing your man in two weeks because of his crazy schedule can turn you into an automatic freak when your eyes are finally planted on him–vise versa.

this is nothing really. just a little scenario that i made in oct of ‘16.

anonymous asked:

“No, like.... I just can’t believe you’re actually wearing MY clothes.” -Virgil (I want someone to wear my son’s hoodie :> )

I did my best! I could have gone more romantic with it… but this popped into my head and I liked it :) 

No pairings, just a funny moment I guess?

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Originally posted by onqs

  • ok so it all started at your first day of school, middle school, to be exact
  • first day….at a completely different school…no friends……you felt extremely nervous!
  • you did try to calm yourself the night before but it didn’t work
  • walking into the new building you notice the lack of students on the entrance….a relief, skipping the entire awkward introductions and glares part
  • you also started feeling your hands sweat slightly, no big deal…….
  • you decide to take a deep breath before finding your class room and while you’re at it you hear the bell ring
  • you look down at your watch and wow suprise suprise!!! class starts!!!
  • “I knew I shouldn’t have stayed up late watching Netflix” you think
  • you sprint towards the hallways desperately trying to find your class, going faster every few seconds
  • basically running now you crash into someone who was rushing towards the opposite direction
  • BOOM!!
  • you hear as you watch all of his notebooks fall to the floor
  • you mentally slap yourself before kneeling down to get the fallen objects
  • “oh I’m so so so so so so so so (x20) sorry oh my god I’m so sorry” you apologize while helping him pick his notes up
  • the stranger pauses for a second, chuckling softly as he watches you embarrass yourself
  • “no dont apologize! it’s my fault really, I was rushing to professor kim’s class and didn’t see you coming.. I’m daniel by the way!” he says with a sincere smile on his face
  • you give him his things back, brain slowly processing everything he just said
  • “wait- professor kim? isn’t his class the other way?” you ask, pointing towards the direction you were heading to
  • Daniel tilts his head, shaking his head afterwards
  • “nope - opposite. but hey! I’m guessing we’re in the same class then!”
  • you smile and nod before realizing that both of you were definitely late to class by now
  • “skhsgshshsshjs let’s hurry!!! we’re late” you exclaim
  • he nods, jogging towards the room (you could tell he was trying his best to wait for you without making you notice)
  • you catch up, entering the class right behind him
  • turns out that professor kim wasn’t there yet!!! (traffic problems man) no teachers yet
  • you sigh in relief, sitting down on an empty seat, taking a sip of water……..
  • “ i believe you haven’t introduced yourself! I’m daniel, again!” the boy exclaims loudly as he sits next to you
  • your eyes widen at the sudden need to socialize “oh hi I’m…” (clears throat) “I’m Y/N, it’s a pleasure!”
  • Daniel smiles widely, pinching your cheek gently
  • “aaah nice name! let’s be friends, ok little one?”
  • “little one?????????????????!??!!?!?!?!?” you gasp dramatically
  • Daniel laughs at your funny reaction and well, both of you grew close after that
  • ok let’s talk about your friendship now!!!
  • Daniel is THE best friend
  • he enjoys teasing you (he finds your reactions strangely adorable for some reason)
  • he’s also a bit loud
  • very**** loud
  • you once got an A+ at a very important exam after studying weeks before it
  • and he made sure everyone is that damn school knew
  • “YO Y/N JUST GOT AN A+” he would yell to his friend seongwoo…
  • ..who sits at the other side of the room
  • like Daniel plz stop you’re embarrassing me stop being extra oh my god
  • but then you’d see his genuine smile and shiny eyes filled with happiness
  • and kind of melt because wow, he’s so sweet…what an angel..not even your parents would react this happily
  • yeah seongwoo is just as loud as Daniel
  • but we’ll talk about your friendship with him later
  • Daniel gets along with people easily which made your school 100x easier, his friends would talk to you constantly (since Daniel literally drags you everywhere he goes) so you quickly became friends with his friends and squad
  • you help him with his homework and he takes you to his dance practices + buys you snacks
  • (wannaone is his dance crew’s name… wonder where they got it from)
  • nice crew, nice boys…super talented boys…handsome boys…cough
  • you two would have constant pajama parties too
  • his parents absolutely adored you, you were basically part of the family
  • even his cats would give you tons of attention
  • which would make Daniel extremely jealous and dramatic
  • “Y/N~~~ I feel so unloved~~~~ the kittens have betrayed me~~~~ I’m better looking than you why do they like you more~~~~~”
  • “Daniel you’re just too clingy”
  • “Y/N~~~~~~ my heart hurts~~~~~”
  • “Daniel~~~~~ shut it.”
  • Daniel once hit you with a pillow and you nearly threw your phone at him (reflexes man)
  • he started throwing small objects like paper balls, eraser pieces at you just to see your reaction after that day
  • finds it cute idk
  • “small but deadly” he says
  • oh!! let’s not forget about the cute nicknames you have for each other
  • nicknames for Y/N : shortie ♡ kid
  • ♡nicknames for Daniel: dumbass ♡ ugly ♡
  • it’s kind of mean but he loves it
  • probably sees you as a small angry penguin
  • lifts you up at the hallways sometimes???
  • I’m telling you he’s super extra
  • sprints like a cute puppy when he sees you enter class
  • boy can’t contain his joy when he sees you I swear
  • students are used to you two now
  • some of them even ship both of you!(some girls/ boys are also secretly jealous about your relationship with daniel but I’LL WRITE ABOUT THAT LATER)
  • jokes asidehe’s also a very caring friend
  • always carries your backpack for you
  • checks if you’re feeling alright everyday
  • would always listen to your long rants and comfort you if you’re having a bad day by giving you hugs + many many lame jokes
  • you constantly ask him about his feelings but he always replies with
  • “of course I’m alright Y/N~~ specially now that you’re with me~~”
  • which makes you laugh but also feel slightly worried for himI feel like Daniel knows how to hide his feelings well and tries not to talk about his stressful days
  • so you always try to brighten his days!! (since you’re never 100% sure if hes good or not)
  • you buy him small packs of jelly, you send him cute cat gifs, you tell him that he looks great today…small actions that mean a lot
  • and he appreciates it so so so much
  • doesn’t tell you tho
  • wants to keep it a secret that he notices that you’re trying hard
  • (he doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed and stop)
  • honestly your friendship with Daniel is the sweetest little thing
  • it makes people around you jealous
  • sometimes you wonder how you got so lucky
  • and you might not know it, but he does the same

!!!! oh wow this is my first scenario ever !!!!! tell me if you like it ♡ id appreciate it heh ♡ send requests if you’d like to too! I write about exo, wanna one, bts….and more! ♡ eunmlk out ! I hope you enjoyed it ♡