i dont think we have it in my country

i still think that the most german thing is not beer or brezeln, in my opinion its asparagus time because in which other country do you have like 80million people eating tons of aspargus nonstop, without ever taking a break for weeks on end. like we literally celebrate asparagus season with meeting up to eat our beloved Spargel and Spargel only.. and Idk but if thats not the most german thing than i dont know what it


im just a casual harry potter fan but ive been fascinated by all this talk of magic schools around the world especially here in my home country of canada but i realise that we dont have actual legit castles here to use as our “fantasy architectural inspiration” for magic schools however we do have these two buildings: maison gobin in quebec city and wesley hall in winnipeg which i think could be possible representatives of our schools maybe

not-her-e replied to your post: ok im replaying origins dont ask me why im fucking…

isn’t midsummer a holiday in all nordic countries??? but lol nice!!

i dont actually think so? my sisters boyfriend is from norway, and when we told him about it he had no idea, so at least norway doesnt seem to have it. so i think its a swedish thing, mainly!


I wish I was close with my mother in law. We literally could be close, but I think with time it’ll happen. I hate feeling like I’m the reason she doesn’t see Cody or Theo. It has nothing to do with me. He’s just really busy, and we live in the country so not many people make their way out here. I usually am the one visiting. And they have two big dogs and I haven’t been to fond of bringing Theo around dogs that are never around children. He’s getting older now so that worries me less.

I dont know. I see other people who are so close with their MIL. Me and my mom are like besties, and so i think that’s why it weirds me out.

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WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS? EVERYONE and i do mean EVERYONE needs to watch this.

If you are shocked and appalled by the things the rapist and his lawyer say in this, I would like to let you know that this is the mentality of majority of Indian citizens.

Indian society is oppressive and is based primarily on SEXISM. On one hand, goddesses are worshiped and on the other hand, real live women are treated like worthless trash.

The government has banned this documentary because they think that it will “taint the image of India”. Indian culture is glorified to the point where it is considered sacred but that image is FALSE. THIS is the real India. THIS is the mentality the people of my country have and I am deeply ashamed.

If someone tells you that we dont need feminism, SHOW THEM THIS.


lately its been dawning on me a lot more that M is gonna leave me forever and i always thought i would have summer with her or see her before she left but i think shes leaving right after the school year. all of my friends are graduating and Ms not gonna be there. im so sad! and then i think about how even though we probably will keep in touch and we probably are soulmates ive missed my chance completely like she has a husband, shes buying a house, shes moving across the country and shes planning on taking care of her mother in her old age and i dont want any of that. i dont wanna live where shes moving, i actually wanna move to prague, and i wouldnt want these commitments that come from her past. we *just* missed the mark of being in love and having it not be weird. we *just* missed growing old together. 11 years isnt that much and i really do think we were meant to be but theres so much space that it also *just* doesn’t work. her husband is probably her real soulmate and shes his and im going to be alone forever

My real gainer life start

In 30/05/2015 my fat idol, Chubbyatv became my friend, we start to chat in grommr, and he like my wish of became a huge man. In 12/06/2015 all changes, he invite me to be my web encorauger, i acept with proud, but i have fear, he’s my idol, i don’t wanted disappoint him, and even living in the same country, we live far away, and where he live have a lot of gainers. I think in given up many time, but he give force and encourage to continue.

He teach me to be a real gainer, with encouragements and tips, and after 5 days of encoraugement i gain 3kg(6,3lbs). I dont belive, i gain so fast, and this made him be more interested in gaining me.

Me with 100kg(220lbs)-June 2015

And after a month of gaining he made me gain 5kg(11lbs) in total.Now i had 102kg(224lbs)

My vacations arrived, and i have time to dedicate to my gaining, and Chubbyatv dedicate a lot too, in eat all day up him command , in my first 15 days of vacation i arrive to 105kg, im turning a fat pig. My hungry is turning huge, i loved eat and stuff my belly and show to my encorauger

Me with 105kg(231lbs)m a pig-July 2015

My vacations finish with me in 107kg, and i month after i go to 108kg, gaining is turning hard.

But me and my encouger no given up, we are decided to became me a huge gainer, and before a long time of no results i go to 111kg

111kg and stufeed-Sepetember 2015

I dont belive, i am a  gainer like my idol and like other gainers in web, my dress turning tight , i lost all my pants, i rip many shorts and shirts with my body, im jingle while i walking, stretch marks appeared in my body,my hungry is turnig bigger and bigger, my belly is turning like a pregrant belly, round. I love it all very much.

After a new month of gaining i go to 113kg, my tits, my belly, my butt is turning huge then ever.

 Wow,113kg -October 2015

And finaly now, i am 115kg, i lost my work, but i see this how an opportunity to grow more, with chubbyatv’s help….

June 2015- 97kg(213lbs)                             November 2015- 115kg(253lbs)

Hi! It is an old selfie, but I’ll post it again for the tumblr project “Mirame” where all latinos post their photos and destroy stereotypes.

 My name is Violeta. Even though Im not that pretty I don’t look exactly as a “mexican stereotype” cause I’m kinda whiteish. Guess what? As in any other countries we come in different colors! I am even a descendant of the mayan people. And I have a twin! 100% mexican and proud to be one. 

 And I know not everyone thinks the same, but you would be surprised with how many people think we still dress with sombreros and zarapes. We see it on those celebrations americans do of “5 de mayo”. WE DONT EVEN CELEBRATE IT. So, as you can see I am a normal mexican girl. With normal clothes. Not stereotype bullshit.

tony abbott: *opens mouth to say something*

me: hoe dont do it

tony abbott: *dismisses the comment that the united nations has actually made* i think australia is tired of listening to lectures by the united nations, PARTICULARLY because we have stopped the boats, therefore stopped the deaths at sea

me: oh my god

To Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis

We support you no matter what you choose to do. No pressure. Just concentrate on doing whatever it is you wanna do / are doing. 

Live your life. I for one, am happy to exist in a world with you two actors in it, it’s enough although I’d like to attend a fan meeting for Carmilla if there ever was one in my country or if I could fly to Canada or something.

We as fans get caught up making insane comments, and pushing for pairings but just consider that Tumblr’s influence on our language and the first thoughts that pop into our heads, sometimes I dont think I even speak English properly anymore, or I obsess over shows too much.

We know that actors act, they are not their characters, they have the right to live a normal life and not get every little thing they say/do/ tweet twisted into something it was never meant to be to the extent it makes them uncomfortable to make an appearance online or on the streets.

Respect ya private lives, and I love ya guys. Good luck with your projects! Looking forward to seeing more of you!

-Your fans

Apparently my post about stereotypes Swiss people have about Bosnia (which I was asked to do) has upset some people. Therefore I want to make some sort of statement, to clear things up.

So the whole thing started with an ‘ask game’ which I reblogged where I encouraged my followers to send me a country, and I answered the ask with stereotypes Switzerland has about the country in question. Right. Switzerland. Not me. This doesn’t reflect my opinion at all, and I also think that Stereotypes are an awful thing, especially it’s used to judge people

My reply:

  • one of these countries that i dont really know where it is
  • Europe?
  • Europe.
  • ppl from there come here sometimes and live here
  • pls dont
  • it’s not like we wouldn’t be able to.. but you know if you aren’t truly Swiss and cant say Chuchichäschtli correctly you cant come here :/
  • doesnt it have like two names
  • bosnia and something with herzog?
  • herzog de meuron
  • wait
  • no
  • herzogovina
  • herzogvenia
  • ????
  • probably still wrong
  • ppl from there probably steal cars
  • fucking car thieves
  • they are everywhere

then, @zenaukahvenom replied to the post with

So could you be any more of an asshole, please?

I answered this with making clear that this are in fact stereotypes.

Afterwards,  @oscarisaac​ added to the post zenaukahvenom made with:

“ppl from there probably steal cars”

“fucking car thieves”


when dumbass little white western europeans try to act funny by being stupid and racist listen bitch you got another thing coming

I repeat. These are stereotypes. And if your definition of ‘another thing coming’ is trying to convince other useless-countryfacts blogs that i’m a xenophobe then this is quite entertaining to me

Then, @missbosnian added to my reply:

And you write “tbh we are assholes” with a smiley face as if it somehow excuses your shitty ass behavior? tf/??

With this I actually wanted to make clear that Switzerland has a problem with xenophobia and racism.
I never said something else, nor do I think that it’s ok that people judge other people soly based on stereotypes.
The stereotypes I listed above were the result of growing up with xenophobes and racists, there were few, but they were still there. It’s also the result of listening to classmates trying to get an point in their exam bc they misspelled Bosnia Herzegovina. it’s the result of knowing people visiting your country, or driving through it, and hearing how everyone tells them to lock their cars well and rather renting a car there instead of driving with your own.

if it makes you happy: It’s the same with France, Spain, Portugal, and basically all countries which are east from Switzerland.

Then, @blxodmxon added:

You just gave me motivation to come live in Switzerland and to have a better life there than you, you little piece of dry shit. And i’m gonna buy myself a car, and run you over with it. Bye

I appreciate that you take all of the trouble on you to get through our horrible immigration system just to be later deported because you killed someone

an other reply by @jabolka:

this is really rich coming from someone from swizterland, you know, with all their infamous bank laws that pretty much ask for stolen money

Well, I never said that we are perfect. The original post in the end was still about stereotypes, and for some reason people misinterpreted it by not reading the tags and acting before they knew what this all was about.

It’s great that you all (and some more people which I didnt mentioned in this post) are defending your country that much. And you can all make posts about your stereotypes of Switzerland now and tag me in it, actually you can also just send them through my ask box since I once made a post which called for exactly that.

-If you ave further questions about this topic, please use my ask box. I will personally answer all non anonymous asks I get (about this), because I don’t want to spam my followers by reblogging this post a hundred times-