i dont think we have it in my country

i still think that the most german thing is not beer or brezeln, in my opinion its asparagus time because in which other country do you have like 80million people eating tons of aspargus nonstop, without ever taking a break for weeks on end. like we literally celebrate asparagus season with meeting up to eat our beloved Spargel and Spargel only.. and Idk but if thats not the most german thing than i dont know what it

shitty things malaria has done

A Comprehensive Study by snarkydarkling: 

  • ignores alina’s existence for ¾ of S&B even tho he’s supposed to be her best friend like ??? ok there friend of year 
  • “omg alina is actually fucking hot now??? hands off! i saw her first!” 
  • shames alina for daring to fit in at the little palace
  • shames alina for ….wearing black?? ha ha ha ha ok who made malaria the fashion police????
  • shames alina for daring to crush on someone who isn’t him even tho he’s probably banged half the first army 
  • shames alina for being well off for once (”And here you are, safe and sound, dancing and flirting like some cosseted little princess.”) yEAH FUCK YOU TOO MALARIA AJSHAKJDHSFK (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
  • “I love you, Alina, even the part of you that loved him” like whoa talk about a backhanded compliment and if we’re gonna keep holding ex-lovers against each other then alina might as well have responded with “yeahhh i love you too malware, even the part of you that fucked zoya, kissed ruby, and fingered anya” like oh my god mal get a fucking grip
  • he’s literally the happiest son of a bitch in the entire country at the beginning of s&s, completely ignoring the fact that alina is now sickly, weak, and terribly unhealthy because she’s suppressing her powers like he literally could not give two shits about alina’s well-being aS LONG AS HE’S DOING WELL THATS ALL THAT MATTERS (And you know he’s extra gross when even the villain of the fucking series is like ?? da fuq are you holding yourself back for ??? you look miserable??) 
  • when they’re on the darkling’s ship he’s more worried that alina might end up enjoying herself with darkles than like…oh, idk..getting fucking tortured by him???
  • actually ATTACKS nikolai for daring to make a sensible proposal to alina 
  • mal@nikolai: “You don’t have a right to her.” me@mal: HAHAHAHA STFU YOU SELFISH ENTITLED PIECE OF SHIT OH MY GOD THE IRONY
  • doesn’t even let alina answer nikolai’s proposal bc why would his girlfriend need to think for herself??? have her own agency??? 
  • straight up admits he doesn’t even want to help ravka he just wants to get in alina’s pants 
  • whines and complains and generally acts like an oppressed fuckboi the entire time alina is trying to rebuild the second army and save her goddamn country 
  • “since i dont fit in for once in my life, im gonna act like an immature shithead and make your life miserable too wah wah wah” 
  • omg alina dares to flinch when malaria tries to kiss her? should we let her explain herself or should we act like crybaby and go shove our tongues down zoya’s throat? 
  • “psshhh its YOUR fault i kissed zoya!!! if you hadn’t dared to reject my magnificent self then i wouldn’t have had to kiss her obvs!!!11!” 
  • “omg i can’t believe you care about saving your country more than fucking me?? selfish bitch!!!” 
  • “i dont care that ravkas in a civil war and you’re our only hope of winning!! im going thru an identity crisis and i need you to stroke my ego 24/7!!!! im not a soldier, im not a tracker, so who am i alina/?? TELL ME WHO AM I???” a plague is what you are, you diseased prick 
  • i liked you better when you were insecure and powerless. where is that girl??? i want her back!!!!” 
  • “how dare you crush on a prince who actually treats with the respect you deserve??? fucking gold-digger!!!” 
  • abandons alina during his shift because he was too busy getting drunk and nearly lets her fucking die if toyla hadn’t intervened like yOU HAD ONE GODDAMN JOB MALARIA 
  • sabotages alina’s plan to kill the darkling 
  • spends all of r&r resenting having to help alina & nikolai save the goddamn country like can you make it any more obvious you’re only here to try and get into alina’s pants again???? 
  • “i am become a blade” is probably the most unintentionally hilarious and anti-climatic conclusion to mal’s irrelevant identity crisis like yes, good for you malaria, you’ve finally embraced your identity as a tool 
  • “listen i don’t have an army or a crown but if you don’t choose me you’re basically a gold-digging materialistic whore but no pressure lmao” 
  • hades was so repulsed by mal’s gross ass that he sent him back two seconds later 

Since I am at my last level with the frak Goy are giving Gal Gadot with her being in the IDF especially today let me the Jewish Person Educate you before you drag her in the mud.

1) Israel has been always been an important part of our culture and our religion. It is the foreground of our founding. It is considered the promised land the holy center of Jewish Culture…basically, just like Mecca is the center of Muslim Faith, Israel is the center of Jewish faith. So Naturally, because Israel is our Holy Land, almost every Jew including Gal Gadot and myself is going to probably support the safety and well being of Israel.

2) Israel was created because a jackass named Adolf Hitler decided to systematically terminate us one by one  We were killed by the Millions and those still alive were fucked up by it for the rest of their lives. Many of us tried to run and were turned away leaving of this and left to die. [EDIT: we also faced discrimination in other countries which even drove us out] Because of this The UN created this nation so let’s say Trump gets impeached and God-Fearing-Mike Pence becomes our president and Pence’s wrath turns out to extend to Jews. Israel will be there for people to run to god forbid we have another Shoah.So again, knowing the world is a scary place, having somewhere to run to makes us Jewish people feel better

3) Israel is a small country. Like even New York has more people than Israel and from the beginning of the Country’s inception, anti semetic hatred had fueled wars. It is because of this Israel cannot afford the luxury of having a volunteer Army. It is because of this EVERY SINGLE ISRAELI CITIZEN MUST SERVE AT LEAST 3 YEARS IN THE ARMY FROM THE TIME THEY ARE 18. Some Israelis who immigrate to other countries choose not to, but it means if they travel to Israel they have a limit before they are automaticly enlisted. Therefore Gal Gadot did not go to the army by choice. Even if she did, some of your favorite Actors: Adam Driver, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones and LEONARD NIMOY were part of the US Army, who had been bombing the shit out of Middle Eastern and Asian Countries for years, BY CHOICE! Why do these male US Soldiers get a free pass and Gal Gadot who was required by Law doesn’t? Oh let me think -cough Antisemtism-cough–cough-

Also not all Israelis once they do their required training are shipped off to war during their service. On my birthright trip we had some soldiers join us as part of the program, one was a doctor, another trained other soldiers, hell ONE OF THE WOMEN WAS A SOCIAL WORKER IN A PRISON HELPING OTHERS GET BACK ON THEIR FEET. So Millitary doesn’t necessarily mean killing people! It means helping other citizens. Gal Gadot could have never seen the battlefield for all we know!

and fourth and Finally

4) I am not sure Gal Gadot straight up said this, but while I admit I have a family memember who is racist as hell, but we don’t want people dying in the crossfire between this endless and bloody war. Just like we know the size of ISIS is compared to the size of a tiny pebble to the worldwide Muslim population and therefore doesn’t reflect Muslims as a whole, alot of us don’t believe Palestine should be condemned for the actions of Hamas. Hell it breaks my heart there are innocent victims dying on both sides and everyone has to grow up in such war. At this point I dont care if Israel and Palestine combines into a super country as long as my people still can visit our holy sites and we have a safe place to go if the goy attack. Basically the point of this is final point is not all of us want to kill everyone when we say good things about Israel, we want peace and safety for the people in the Gaza as much as you do. And Gal Gadot i think said she wanted peace and the killing to stop as well.

Anyway I hope this post coming from an actual Jewish person will help educate you and understand before you drag Gal in the mud. And honestly, I don’t care if I lose followers over this, I tried and I educated and thats all that matters to me.

If you have any questions feel free to come to my inbox, I am always welcomed to statements and questions as long as long as I dont get “YOU MURDEROUS SWINE“ comment [that’s totally unkosher -drumsnare-]

Shalom and have a blessed day.

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The shadowhunters fandom is treating you like shit and u give them multiple artworks each week... These people have even called you a terrorist because youre turkish. Just come to the Voltron fandom we need you we wont treat you like this. Think abt it dear ❤️

Theres so many good people here, I love them with all my heart. I think the problem here is that I’ve started to look more like a /blog/ than a person to some. Its really not easy to live in a country in danger of terrorist attacks 24/7 and to recieve messages like these. I’ll just be unplugging for a while this is a lot of ugliness to deal with for me. Thank you for the concern though.

Yesterday was my birthday I turned 21 .Suddenly i decided to post this on my instragram and i was very afraid what other people will think or say but when i woke up today i find that my friends are very very supportive. Im sooo happy right now!!

I just wanna submit my story about this so that others who wanna come out can see that it might not be as scary as we think (i live in a country that not quite open for lgbt+ btw. We dont even have a pride month parade😕) . But if you dont wanna come out its also absolutely fine! What i wanna say is just do whatever makes you happy :)

love Tyler Perry movies. As a black woman from the Deep South (southern LA) he does a fair job of representing my viewpoint. His stories DO NOT represent all black people or even all Southern black people, but they do represent me and the life I lived. I do feel personally attacked by people that dont like his movies (especially the reasons other than they’re corny). I’m low key country, Madea is how my granny really is, we have a lot of emotional trauma and sexual abuse issues in our family that people dont like to talk about. And sometimes we’re too bougie for our own good. I think his movies do a great job starting conversations about how to get past trauma and thrive as a black person, and I’m 100% here for it. Plus theyre hilarious, just because you went through doesn’t mean you’re sad all the time, and I like how his movies show this.

the signs as taylor swift tweets

aries: that moment when you buy scissors and then you try to open them but you cant because you dont have scissors

taurus: my home phone is ringing. i did not know i had a home phone. interesting development

gemini: its crazy to think about how many countries ive lost hair ties in

cancer: just ate like 7 of those mini milky way bars and am currently refusing to admit its the same as eating a big one. ITS NOT THE SAME

leo: back in the studio…uh oh

virgo: …’til you put me down

libra: went to get coffee today, opened my change purse. sea shells fell out. barista goes “sorry we only take cash or credit” so theres that

scorpio: chinese food. law and order DVDs. cat. blanket. couch.

sagittarius: it is a daily struggle for me to not buy more cats

capricorn: i swallowed a strand of my hair and now everything is ruined

aquarius: as my 25th birthday present from the media, id like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me #thirsty

pisces: apologizing to a very needy cat for being gone so long

Till morning, I got some friends telling me they are writing about me on simsecret and because of that I also get hate messages. How many times I need to prove myself and what I do ? You guys dont have any other lifes or jobs? You think I really care about your hate? Guys I am 33 years old, living in a Middle East  country. So we people have big real life problems here. Your hate messages are nothing for me. You can think whatever you want about me. BUT ;

I never claimed my conversions as my own work! and before I do a conversion , I always contacted to the mesh owner. How many times did I tell that I buy and use 3d models ? Its very new that I started doing my own meshes, maybe just for 2 months. And I still do conversions. But I never stole anything. 

Now they blame me converting without permission. Really ? I swear to god this is the last answer to you guys. below is my tsr and facebook inbox. Of course I wont share my conversations. so you can see my contacts with tsr and secondlife users. I ALWAYS CONTACTED AND TALKED TO MESH OWNERS BEFORE I CONVERT OR EVEN RECOLOR ! Now from now on you can write anything about me. But I am also asking my friends, If you see something like this written about me, please dont inform me about it ( I know you are not doing it with bad purposes ) But I really dont want to see and I really dont care anymore. Im really done with this !

Now you can do and write whatever you want, I will just keep what I am doing !

Unpopular opinion: European representation

The whole concept Mercy discourse about representation always reminds me how I personally, a Muslim European female, am not represented in overwatch. Or you know, at all in most american media.

Hell the japanese made a better job with Shaheen from Tekken as a middle eastern fighter. (Not that tumblr gives a shit about Tekken though)

The only time I personally felt represented in american media was with the Temeraire book series, with a DRAGON character, and only because it was a turkish dragon who hatched on german ground.

So don’t mistake me for someone who doesnt give a crap about representation. I am still waiting for a Muslim Person in overwatch.

On to my opinion:

Representation isn’t only about skin colour. Sure European black people exists, but you know what also exists?

A bunch of European States.

I cant remember having seen a lot of characters coming from Poland, Slovakia or Albania.

I personally think Reinhardt is a really nice work of representation, staying away from the german nazi stereotype and being a lovely and super badass looking grandpa. I remember my german friend tagging Reinhardt fanart with stuff like “YEAH A NON EVIL GERMAN CHARACTER”.

Because, you know, not every german is Hans Gruber.

Of course you could have made Reinhardt black or giving him turkish background or make him be Muslim, but it doesnt matter, because in the end he is a german Person and a good one.

A turkish german character is good,

A german german character is good as well, as long as the Person comes from Germany.

Talking about Germany, do you know how representation works here? In Germany, a good movie with good representation wouldn’t have to include black people like american movies, because here there arent many of them. They aren’t as big of a minority here as they are in america.

German movies would have to include turks, poles and russians. 4 Million out of 80 Million people in Germany are from turkish background, me included.

A french movie on the other hand would have to include algerians. black folk too, they even had a black Person for Eurovision once. And they again would have to include turks.

A british movie would have to include Indian and pakistani people.

See what I’m getting at?

Representation works different depending on where you live and where the story is set. A german story with no turks in is just unrealistic, you have to include at least 3 Muslim women in hijab as Extras cause in a crowded place you should at least see 3 hijabis crossing your path.

And then we have Overwatch, a game with no actual setting. The setting is not the US. NOT THE US. It’s an american game but it doesnt settle it’s story to america, it clearly goes for an international setting.

Means having a lot of European white skinned people in it is not the same as a movie set in California where all the cast members are white.

Know what would be Bad representation? Overwatch only having americans. A international Organisation and only having american people in it would be bad rep, even if all of them were black.

So yeah, having a Swiss doctor is enough representation. A black one would have been awesome, but a white doc is just as much representation, when you DONT think american and think representation = skin colour.

Representation is also about different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures.

(And guess what, Europe has a bunch of different ethnicities)

If I were to play in a german movie I would be that muslim-turkish representation, even if my skin is white.

Overwatch is something international, having white peeps from various European countries is just as much representation as having black peeps from various african countries.

Which we don’t have, they could really work on that, I’d love that.

I understand were you all are coming from. Of course it’s annoying to have so many white people. Overwatch is not perfect. If it were accurate then we sure would have more chinese, Indian and african people from various cultures in it, and less europeans.

But still my opinion still stands:

European white people who actually come from those countries and arent stereotyped are also representation in american media.

So where does techwitchcraft fit in when considering traditional witchcraft?

This is something I have always struggled with. Traditional witchcraft seems so old world. Its ingrained into our minds to keep the tradition and change so little of it. But the more my coven and I go on this journey the more I find myself using tech in my witchcraft to keep us together. I held another coven a few years back and we made a private facebook pages to post concerns and the like. To me it seemed pointless since we all lived together. But now with my new coven and all of us living an hour or so away from each other I see more use in our private networking page than ever. Also group chat is a wonderful thing. So this post may be some common knowledge stuff and it seems like it is just taking about social networking and keeping a coven together. But to me this is a big deal. The original concept of craft names where to hide your identity. You rarely saw coveners outside of sabbat or esbat and if you lived more than a league away from a covenstead you were considered too far out to be a part of that coven. Though they would most likely teach you and prepare you to form your own. It one tends to get attached to their teachers and witches whom they study with.
All of this got me thinking. My coven mates and I have a life of our own and we all have plans to move across the country. And it gotbme thinking how are we still goojg to be able to get together for Sabbats? One who easily say pick one Sabbat out of the yesr for you all to come together. Which is all fine and dandy dont get me wrong. But I would like to get together more often. I have worked hard to build my coven into the weird family we are today. But this gotbme thinking about tech and how social networking is really beneficial. I have heard if online covens but really don’t understand how they work. But then I had an idea. A really nerdy and I think silly idea. But the idea of using MMORPG games like WonderKing, MapleStory, SAO, even games like Call of Duty that you can play online with friends. That would be a way of getting together. With games like MapleStory you can go to a low populate channel and meet in a place in the world that usually doesn’t have any players. SAO and Call of Dutt it would be similar but you would have the advantage of mics to speak the words to each other as with MapleStory and other MMORPGs for PC you would have to chat each other or make a conference call. Either way would work. One can easily make a GoogleDoc of the covens Book of Shadows available for edit and print once a year if you would like. This seems all really crazy to me. I have never thought about making techo witchcradt a part of my craft before. But its a way for the coven to stay together no matter where we are in the world. And that is my rambling for today.

Honestly, even though there are so many discussions about black Americans being African and being allowed to claim that title. I personally don’t feel like I can id as African let alone African American. Being African to me has never been apart of my idenitity. I dont partake in African culture and I wasn’t born or raised in any African country so it feels awkward for me to claim that. Now of course, my ancestors were slaves from Africa, but I feel like since my family has been here, we have created cultures of our own that directly correlate to my experience. Basically I don’t feel “lost” or like I don’t have a culture and I feel like alot of the time when black Americans claim being African is under the assumption we don’t have a culture of our own. But I think we have just as much culture here amongst ourseleves as they do in any African country, so why would I need a doubled identity? I grew up listening to 80s soul, 90s rnb and eating traditional southern food. My mom braided my hair with beads and cornrows. We used hot combs until we bought a straightener. The smell of perm lingered in my household on occasion. My parents speaks black vernacular around family. My dads family is from Tulsa Oklahoma, Temple Texas and Rhode Island. My moms family is from Louisiana, Texarkana, and Arizona Cherokee Afronatives. That is who I am. My parents always taught me to be proud of my heritage here, so I never felt the need to find it anywhere else. Doing so would be to erase and be ashamed of my current self. (But of course That is just my Opinion)

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in america there is army classes in our high schools, a civic responsibility is to participate in the military, a civic duty is to join the army if youre drafted, and the army is just everywhere. young children want to be in the army and are encouraged for it. its just so weird to learn that where you live the army is kind of just.. not mentioned? because the army is mentioned here A LOT. i dont really like it though.. idk..

Is not only where i live, is a lot of countries that…well, we don’t care about it. We are not in war or in other countries uh….”sharing our freedom”. Just think about Avatar: the last airbender. USA is pretty much the Fire Nation. It’s sad that some USAmericans don’t have the “zuko’s moment” to realize how fucked up that is. 

Yesterday i saw a video about this, and honestly…i didn’t find it ‘weird’, it just blew my mind. Like i know how US is with all of this, but i didn’t think that it was so….obvious? i was a so disgusted and shocked when i saw it. The person that did it really took the time to mention a lot of things and i was literally applauding in every part of the video. 

The video is “Military Recruitment and Science Fiction Movies” (it has english AND spanish subtitles, i was very surprised by it) IF YOU ARE USAMERICAN, PLEASE WATCH IT! 

(and thank you to @dasakuryo because they show me this)

also, this also fits in the “fiction doesn’t affect!! reality!” thing. Tell that to the people that are paying billions to do this, lmao. 

and last rant about it but i see this “generations repeating themselves” when it comes to lgbt community and identities 

like, i HAD a lot of trouble explaining i was bi to my parents and im pretty sure they still not get it (het? sure. gay? alright. but bi??)

and like i see gen z people and teenagers that are being born and growing up in a world that, while not perfect, is a bit more welcoming than a few years ago (and that, thankfully, despite our pessimism, keeps improving). Some teenagers are already growing up in families and societies where they aren’t being bombarded with “hetero/cis as default”  and of course they are trying to find ways to describe their feelings and identity in a world where the only (visible) options aren’t just gay/hetero like my parents assumed. 

so of course they’re going to try with new gender identities/definitions/presentation, of course they’re going to challenge gender roles, of course they’re going to come up with sexuality labels we hadn’t heard of before. They are shaping their identity and when you’re a teenager belonging to a community and labels are very, very important to develop social skills. 

and yet we call them (even from within the community): ridiculous, special snowflakes, childish, ahistorical, invaders, resource thieves, disrespectful…

We tell them it’s problematic to use the split attraction model for themselves

We tell them their communities are inherently toxic

We tell them that if their identity wasn’t represented at stonewall, it’s not valid (and, consider this, im not american, im on my 20s. i hadn’t heard of stonewall until a few years ago, because i had never been told about lgbt history, especially lgbt history outside my country)

And like. wow. that’s incredibly mean. We need to stop and think that, if we dont understand what newer generations are doing, that just means the world is evolving. Looking back to the good old days and complaining about children today is never a good strategy. Sure, its important to be ritical and to educate people when they’re being offensive but like. Let people evolve, let communities evolve, let children and teens have their own turn at shaping the world, they aren’t  taking the spotlight from us, we can share. it’s fine.

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What would you like better, being used by the alt-right superior straight white men or being tortured by the straight muslim men of ISIS?

Hard to say but your question does raise an interesting point. I think there is a lot of benefits to be gained from fags like me accepting our true place and I think one of them would be an increase in international relations.
Wasting our money and soldier’s lives protecting a society that protects homo rights is pretty bad. Plus, I think when you get to the top of a situation in international politics, there’s definitely a lot of dick measuring. A lot of Alphas trying to be the best. I mean, everyone in our society complains about how hard fags have it, no one ever says shit about the trouble and constant competition that alpha straight men must go through. Constantly striving to be the best. A faggot is just driftwood. We’re actually extremely lucky in that regard.
Anyway, back to your point, I think in that situation a lot of aggression a party might feel toward their “enemy” is misplaced aggression and one place where they should be aimed is toward fags. We are born to serve and take upon ourselves the lust and aggression of the straight man. This might all sound stupid but I genuinely do think that a worldwide shift away from fag pride and toward faggot submission would just be another cultural aspect that we in America could share with countries overseas with whom we dont have the best relations.

To answer your question though, I am a home grown fag so I’ll have to go with serving the alpha males of the alt-right. Walk naked and collared behind my Master as he marches down the street.

That being said, the stinging pain from a whip, leaving a hot red mark on my snow white skin under the hot middle eastern sun does sound good too.

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what do you think about chris and his words about klaine?

Honestly I think folks are entitled to their opinion. As for my opinion, I feel its taken the wrong way.

He didn’t say anything negative about klaine.

He said it wasn’t klaine but the viewers reactions. …okay. Maybe it is because I remember how gay people were shown on TV (if they even were) .

Do you all even understand how far we have come? When I was little, the handful times they attempted gay characters, people damn near were rioting in the streets to have them removed or not shown. Hell even will and grace, they were very limited in what they showed.

Instead klaine was embraced and loved and still lives. That is huge. Ten years ago, that wouldn’t have happened. Do you all even understand the impact of viewers loving klaine has helped to shape TV? Empire, american gods, sense 8. That is huge people. Klaine is and was bigger than kurt and Blaine.


Now on to him loving the burt and Kurt relationship… Did you know that almost 76 percent of homeless Teens are part of the lgtbq+ community? They also have the highest suicide rates. Do you know that parents still routinely disown and abandon their children simply for not being heterosexual? Why do you think we work so heavily with the Trevor project and a few others. In fact my mini is working actively on a home project for homeless lgtbq teens in the area, so they can have a safe place to sleep in the bible belt. (Yes I realize my mother is awesome for helping while I am in LA)

At any given time just so you know there are always Teens living in one of my homes. Why? Because they came out and their parents kicked them out. As a parent of two, one gender fluid gay female and one bisexual male, I told them I would be dammed if their classmates sleep on the street. If that means we have to spread blankets around the house then dammit, we are making room.

because of how many children I see kicked out because they can’t pretend to be anything but who they are, yeah I can totally say to me burts response and connection with not just kurt but also Blaine is huge!!! So many of these kids wish they had a parent like him. Many dont have that option. Last school year my mother had not only my two but at any time another two to eight living in my house. All because they are seen as different.

Burt is blue collar america. The group that by statistics are the most racist homophobic, mysognostic and unaccepting. Ten years ago they never would have shown a parent like him. a single man loving and supporting his son no matter what.

I think folks get fixated on one aspect of klaines story and they forget about the bigger picture and how the impact goes beyond just two boys. The viewers helped change this country. Take the pat on the back he is giving you.

I dont see an issue with him bringing attention to that. Especially when we currently have a adminstration full of some of the most hate filled people.

Keep in mind that’s MY opinion. I’m not gonna change it. not knocking those that see it differently. As I said my experiences with nonprofits and having had these conversations shape that opinion. As my mini says… klaineurt (klaineburt) made normal for the rest of this country what we already knew was okay and normal.

k im super scared

Im only 17 and i only have one year to decide what to do with my life. As you can see…i draw??? kinda???? i dont know ?

And Im not good at anything else. But i have no idea to wich university i have to go in order to ….make a living out of ..drawing???? and I dont really know what i want to do. 

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so yesterday I officially have with my boyfriend 2 years of relationship , so far it’s my longest relationship with someone, even the universe is like agaisnt me that the day of our anniversary the same day a hurricane decided to hit his country (damn earth! let me have a boyfriend in peace) , other than that I’m really happy about this , I thought I could never find someone that will be so in love with me the same way I love him , this was a main problem with my past relationships , I was the one loving too much , but this time we love each other so much 

He’s a really positive aspect of my life , I dont share much details about my relationship because it’s something so special that I want to keep it always safe, I think he’s the most perfect person in the universe at least for me , cause no matter how shitty I behave sometimes , he always smile at me , no matter how grumpy I am sometimes he always bring me smile to my face , and no matter how lonely I feel sometimes he always make me feel warm and special.

I owe him much , and I hope the universe keep us together all the time 

So I know that within the Voltron fandom times are high and thriving. Though, there has been plenty of discourse between shipping between minors and adults. I’d like to throw in my 2 sense, not that it means anything.
Here’s a shitty power point on what I think abt this.

- Cultural differences
My biggest argument here. Listen here sonny, lemme tell you a story. There are these things called continents. They are all different, with different people and beliefs. I.e, the legal age isnt 18 everywhere ya dipshits. Everyone I’ve seen complaining abt this has been from the US. In Australia the legal age is 16, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador and Colombia all have it set at 14. And in some countries - such as Chile - the minimum age of consent is 14 but with added restrictions.

- the fuckers are in space my guy

- I agree that some ages are really too young, but once a certain maturity is obtained by a young adult, it should be considered okay to make their own choice. People grow with different maturity rates.

- its a show dear lord, its a telivision show and yall are insulting others for thinking certain people look good together… and also writing explicit sex for them but we dont need to brush that topic.

In conclusion, if you arent supportive of a ship ignore it. Dont insult people over it, or say its bad and unhealthy. Keep your mouth shut abt it and dont be a prick. Also have an open mind to others opinions, and go bother the Boku no Pico fandom if you rlly wanna bully someone because we dont tolerate it here.


im just a casual harry potter fan but ive been fascinated by all this talk of magic schools around the world especially here in my home country of canada but i realise that we dont have actual legit castles here to use as our “fantasy architectural inspiration” for magic schools however we do have these two buildings: maison gobin in quebec city and wesley hall in winnipeg which i think could be possible representatives of our schools maybe

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I mean of course some people are going to feel hurt or upset about not being able to meet Taylor meanwhile others have done it several times, I myself haven't even been to a concert because she doesn't come to my country, but you know what I think it's normal as well? Taylor having favorites because it's obvious that she does, but I personally don't think that's bad because there's always going to something or someone who you connect with more and that is totally ok, I mean we all have favorites

Of course it’s normal, I dont think anyone is saying that it’s not. I just think how TN ask “have you met Taylor before?” when they invite someone to something or whatever, they dont allow some fans to meet her twice but others they do.