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voltron s4 daaamn...

so like i just finished and like i ship the klance and i don’t mind the other otps i just prefer the klance more and if you dont like the klance well shit thats cool im not gonna fight you you do you boo and i’ll do me…and yeah there weren’t any klance moments but all i kept thinking about was like “daaamn keith you getting on mah god damn nerves acting like god damn sasuke with the leaving and the coming back bullshit” if you wanna know what i mean yo ask ill answer….

on another note all y’all crazys fighting over the ships like calm the fuck down…stay in yo lane and shit jeezus…..I like klance as much as the next person but i ain’t gonna fight people cuz i didn’t see it…that’s why i read the fanfics. That way i get what i want from people who also enjoy the otp stress free. by the way authors i love your stuff and i wanna say that y'all do a fabulous job of writing. 

anyways this season gave me all the feels both good and bad; now thats its over i’m gonna have to find something to do till the next season….daaaaamn….

catch up post and future for this blog!

@lonely-sylveon “they really are amazing! If you ever want anything in return, don’t be afraid to ask me!”

@hereandtherecrystaleevee “Honestly, all of my possile evolutions sounds awesome. I think I’m gonna let my evolution happen naturally, in the end!”

@eeveening-eeveee “I’m alolan, so I’ve only ever had problems with team skull. Though from everything I’ve heard about the other teams, they’re kind of pushovers, so I don’t have much to worry about.”

@im-crow ??? has no idea what to think of this.

@lonely-sylveon Cotton: “I’m happy you’re here to enjoy this with us! Or, provide it. But it’s always great when we get to hang out!”
Silk: “Remember, Excalibur. You’re always welcome here with us! And might I mention, this is the best tea I’ve had since I was an eevee!”

@ask-twisted-artist “What a big cutie! Sure I’ll play with ya, pal!”

@dailyrocketchu “I know here wouldn’t be the best place to directly bring it up, but I am at least a little concerned. If you ever need help, please ask! I’ll do my best to assist however I can.”

And one last note from the mod! As you can see, updates have been pretty dry here. And I’m really sorry about that! I’ve been caught up doing other things, namely work for a little project called Pokescapades! (@pokescapades is the blog, if you want to follow the project!) Between that, unimportant doodles, and procrastinating in general, I haven’t been doing much for this blog, though I definitely don’t wanna cancel it! Just note updates might be few and far between. If it’ll help any, I can reblog older posts if you guys think that’d be a good idea? 
But anyways, dont worry, this blog isn’t dead. It’s just gonna take me a bit until I can really get updates consistent. Until then, just be patient with me, and thank you for following!

(next post i want to do is reference sheets for all of the characters I want to use on this blog! until then, ciao!)

advantages of being a panic! fan: 

  • if you want some drama, oh boy… get ready.
  • also if your a theory-type of person….oH BOY YOU’RE GONNA HAVE FUN HERE
  • we don’t have a genre. We just don’t. its great. 
  • live shows range from theatre-circus-strippers to shirtless-backflips-and-high-notes.
  •  If your new here, dont worry; not that much names to memorize….just kidding we have 8 past/touring members and The Bread Boy
  • if you collect ryan ross’ lyrics and publish them in a book i will personally buy 100. 
  • Listen, if you think you have no chance of looking better when you grow up PLEASE google any 2004 picture of the original line up.

feel free to add any

name photo aesthetics

Ok I want to do something fun and I’m kind of bored and in celebration of 530 followers and 25,600 posts (sadly I can’t remember my first post) so please get one they’re free:

1. You don’t have to be following me but it would be nice 

2. Please reblog this post

3. Send me your name and your favorite anything please and I’ll make a set of photos that I associate with your name (and I’ll try to make it for your personality too)

4. They’ll basically look like this (please note that I’m not that good)

Thank you! :)