i dont think this is gonna get any notes

advantages of being a panic! fan: 

  • if you want some drama, oh boy… get ready.
  • also if your a theory-type of person….oH BOY YOU’RE GONNA HAVE FUN HERE
  • we don’t have a genre. We just don’t. its great. 
  • live shows range from theatre-circus-strippers to shirtless-backflips-and-high-notes.
  •  If your new here, dont worry; not that much names to memorize….just kidding we have 8 past/touring members and The Bread Boy
  • if you collect ryan ross’ lyrics and publish them in a book i will personally buy 100. 
  • Listen, if you think you have no chance of looking better when you grow up PLEASE google any 2004 picture of the original line up.

feel free to add any

name photo aesthetics

Ok I want to do something fun and I’m kind of bored and in celebration of 530 followers and 25,600 posts (sadly I can’t remember my first post) so please get one they’re free:

1. You don’t have to be following me but it would be nice 

2. Please reblog this post

3. Send me your name and your favorite anything please and I’ll make a set of photos that I associate with your name (and I’ll try to make it for your personality too)

4. They’ll basically look like this (please note that I’m not that good)

Thank you! :)