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  • <p> <b>Midoriya:</b> *lost torodoki in a crowd*<p/><b>Midoriya:</b> this calls for drastic measures<p/><b>Midoriya:</b> *cups his hands over his mouth before shouting* MIDORIYA IS UGLY AND PLAIN<p/><b>Torodoki from the distance, covered in ice and flames:</b> i dONT KNOW wHO THE FUC K YOU THINK YOU ARE BUT MIDORIYA IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IVE EVER SEEN ---<p/><b>Midoriya, blushing:</b> there he is<p/></p>

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how to pronounce JoJo italian names
how to pronounce JoJo italian names

hi this is something i really care about but in the end it’s just me stuttering and fucking up for 10 minutes, please listen to it

[transcrip of what i’m saying or trying to say under the cut]

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Moo: I’m sorry Evan I’m grounding you, sorry but it had to be done. No more tv

Vanoss: My TV’s broken

Moo: Okay then no computer

Vanoss: I need my computer for our videos

Moo: *sweating* uh…um..o..okay thennn

*looks over at Del*

Moo: no..Delirious?




It’s like she’s some sort of clock that’s finally struck its chime and woken me from this dream we’ve been living, reminded me how many years separate me from a world I still think of as home. How unrecognizable the woman I am now would be to the woman I was then.

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what's happening in korea?

so much stuff dude. so..much…there’s been lots of stuff happening for the past few weeks so honestly im overwhelmed by all the info also im gonna swear a bit cuz im pissed

im not sure i can tell you the whole thing without being inaccurate but basically our shitty useless president was nothing but a marionette and the people ‘controlling’ them used up a mass amount of money that was meant for us and the people who actually need help in this good for nothing country

and a lot of the politic systems are significantly rotten so all the money we payed for things like national pension have no meaning to us?? because the fuckers used everything up for their own good that’s why

so many citizens work real hard to earn money and everyone found out it practically went to no good and we’re never going to get any benefits from it even though its our money

this. this happened yesterday. more than 1 million people came to protest this day. a lot of people are protesting(non-violently) but the police are suppressing us with violence(not all, but people on twitter say that they started using violent methods after the crowd started clearing up a bit) and the president obviously has no conscience b/c they dont seem to think about resigning hohoho

more and more corruption is getting exposed and the public is getting more and more furious

many people in korea kill themselves because its hard living in poverty in korea, and the fact that maybe all these people didnt have to if some people had just done their fucking jobs is a major piss off

If you want to learn more specific stuff i suggest you google ‘choi soon sil’ cause they’re a huge reason for this current situation (or maybe ‘korea protest’? probably)

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Heey I love your art! What are your top favorite 5 Nalu momentas?

thats really hard to choose oh my god! i love even when they are looking to each other but for you ill choose so

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Number 5: Unlike the other scenes when Natsu threatens his enemies who are trying to hurt Lucy with his already well known quote “ Ill burn you to ash” This one is different. Natsu has already experienced how it is to loose Lucy so this time, he is angrier than other times, He points there “ It is still Lucy” No matter what happens to her, Lucy will always be Lucy for him. Even so, look at her face. After staying near his bed, worried about him dying, look how happy she is.. her smile here is precious

Number 4: Lucy sleeping near Natsu, She has been worried about his life and she didn’t move away from him one single second, no matter that Freed told her he will be okay and anyone else. Natsu had a lot of friends, each one doing his fights but it was Lucy staying near him all this time, like in the earlier chapters when she got naked to save his life. 

Number 3: Lucy hugging Natsu from behind

She now does this quite often, but this one was a relief for her. She needed it, she wanted to thank him for everything he has done. I dont think i Can explain this that much, but i just love this moment

Number 2: Lucy jumping from the tower She chooses to jump, to have faith in Natsu. She knows that wherever she is, whatever she does, he will always be there protecting her, catching her from falling. I dont think she really heard his voice, but she says “ I am sure” she knows he will hear her, he will save her once more time. I loved how this scene was animated, because I love hearing Lucy screaming “ Natsuu” Aya really did put passion voicing that scene lol

And there he is, catching her right on time before she hits the  ground. 

Number 1: the last and my favorite: LUCY!

How I said before, he experienced already how it is to loose her, he doesn’t want to loose the most important person in his life, after loosing Igneel.He climbs onto her, protecting her with all of his body. He was faster than he was with Future Lucy, he was with all of his on her, taking the impact to protect her. You can see into his eyes all of his feelings: Agony, desperation. He would do everything for her, even sacrifice his own life

Mashima shows us how Nalu grew into a strong friendship-relationship. More than friends but less than lovers. Their time will come. Natsu cares the most about Lucy and Lucy cares the most about Natsu. Being put in face of one another`s death, it shows not once, but every time that each one of them would do absolutely everything for one another, giving their own lives for the other one.

okay but i feel like i should add more to what i was talking about in that last post so;

how about an actual cult camp au??? yall has this actually been done????

like an au where daniel and gen are the counselors of an actual cult camp (that parents think is a normal camp) and all the kids just listen to their cult bullshit and are brainwashed the whole summer.

daniel or gen dont harm the kids but they do burn what they believe into the campers minds.

and the cult camp episode is called camp camp and its just an episode where david finds out the truth about the camp, applies for a counselor job and tries his best to help the campers, despite how much they say that they like it there.

the episode ends with the same song but instead, daniel beats david and threatens him into not telling the police and makes him a permanent counselor so he cant do anything. david still uses this opportunity to try and revert the campers but it never works. 

also the campers are constantly happy and get into all kinds of weird shit but they are actually trying to help the best they can. theres probably blood everywhere and david just gets used to it after awhile.

“good morning daniel, what happened this time?”

“max killed a squirrel as a gift, isnt it nice?”

“[sipping coffee] mhm”