i dont think they like me

one of my fav headcanons is lena having E•MO•TION by crj on her music library and listening to it religiously and the one time kara and her are hanging out someone calls kara and deadass the horn from run away with me’s intro comes on loud as hell and kara jus blushes like lmao… uh… i dont listrn to tha.. lol.. cause she think lena luthor is a music snob but then lena jus goes like “i hav to say i love tha song but its not my fav from the album” and kara jus sit there like wha the actual fuck!

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then I can make one or two posts promoting those things I spend hours and hours every day even when I have other work to be doing writing, editing, and publishing. 

Just saying. 

man the whole human body is so fucking weird if you stop and think about it for a second. every single component no matter how small is fucking fascinating in the way that they all interact with each other to form a greater organism. like holy shit sometimes i think about all the independent organisms like gut bacteria n shit that are just doing their thing in a symbiotic way relative to us at large and it just blows my fucking mind. sure, the universe and stars and nebulas and shit are fucking insane and freak you out if you think about the scope of it all but you dont even have to look that far away for shit that crazy, it’s literally in you and part of you. fuck me, the universe has so much cool shit in it that its impossible to fathom

  • me: you know im really open minded. i dont like judging people i think we should give everyone a chance :)
  • friend: this person you've never met upset me
  • me: this motherfucker is going to fucking die i'm going to murder them irl

If monbebes turn rude and disgrace the fandom I’m leaving like if newer monbebes try to give us a bad name try to tell them to chill monbebe to monebebe

An emotional convo between trini and zack
  • Trini: soooooo...whats up?
  • Zack: uh nothin much just in love with billy. is there something on your mind?
  • Trini: i dont even know kim has been acting weird lately i think she doesnt like me anymore
  • Zack: why r u so stupid have u seen kim, shes in love with you
  • Trini: i just dont know she used to be a popular girl and i dont know if shes really serious about me
  • Zack: oh trini come here *gestures for a hug*
  • Trini: *hugs zack* *sniffles
  • Zack: kim has talked to me so many times droning on and on about how much she likes you dont let your insecurities blind you from whats right in front of you
  • Trini: *wipes eyes* really?
  • Zack: really.
  • Trini: *wipes last of her tears and smiles* thank you zack you're a really good bro
  • Zack: No problem
  • Long pause
  • Zack: maybe really can be our always
  • Trini: wow
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  • Emotional Convo #1

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How dare you Nikko doesn't belong to you he was clearly made by missladytale you little lying bitch and she is always okay with us fanshipping her characters . Who are you anyway ? Nobody important and you're characters are so ugly and weird mix matched things leave Sofua alone and stop stealing her characters.

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hhh do i even want to respond to this i just it speaks for itself also wow just wow i  dont  even want to bother answering this but i will anyway first of all i made Nikko for Kayde  and i honestly dont think explaining will work here most likely you will listen to @missladytale herself i dont even know anymore help me people i dont even know anymore HOW DID I STEAL MY OWN CHILD ! im so confused 

I am thinking YET again how no one could ever just want me …how i could never be enough for someone. They will always want my friends instead.. i wont be enough. This is bad thinking because not everyone is just functioning off physical attraction and desire. But i feel like i don’t stand a chance. Maybe one relationship is all i was ever meant to experience . Im scared of love as much as it entices me constantly. Im scared to be attached to anyone but i am always attached to people. I feel like i am never going to touch on romantic love again . I will never find someone who loves me like that again…

svt reaction to you wanting to take care of them, when they’re injured

I think that they will react similiar, so im doing it this way. Hope you enjoy!

He will often tell you that its not necessary, he can take care of himself. Sometimes gets annoyed bc youre too caring, but he know that youre just worried. Little bit grateful, but dont really want to show it. - Jihoon, The8

He will enjoy it too much, sometimes being like “babe, i cant reach tv pilot” or “babe, feed me please, im injured and stuff”. Want SOOOOO MUCH attention. Thanking you everytime he can, and giving you a lot of kisses. - Jun, Mingyu, S.Coups, DK, Jeonghan, Hoshi

Become really soft. Not wanting you to being beside him all the time, bc you have youre things to do. Really thankful for every little thing. Sometimes even when he needs something, he will first try to do smth by himself, but if he fails, then will ask you for help - Joshua, Wonwoo, Vernon, Dino, Seungkwan

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my whole life was MCR and then i discovered AFI and now i think MCR fucking suck :( my life is a lie

afi omg what year is it

but like thats interesting to me cause i dont ever just stop liking any music. anything that i’ve loved in the past i still love like even if there’s a band i don’t listen to as often i never think they suck lol

and like with mcr its like especially now i could never stop liking them like. they can’t ever put something out that will disappoint me. i just feel like id never start thinking a band i loved sucked just because i found another band i like lol

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i dont understand how people dont see that shaladin is just gross?? im 17, and my brother is around shiro's age, and i just dont see how anyone can think its okay for that age gap to be a relationship????? it baffles me honestly

Honestly me neither

I had a friend who was 16 and went out with a 21 year old and it was all in all a bad relationship, the older one kept fucking complaining about him being childish and shit and I’m sitting here like????

You’re fucking dating a child wtf????

And overall I hope my friend is in a better place because he moved and I’m guessing he’s not into contact with that fucking creep

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the oliver is a fighter tag had me wonder, what makes you feel that? i dont think i ever see him written as anything but a pasifist in fics..other then jealousy moments with connor ya know?

under the cut b/c this got too long… (a/n: mentions of violence, slurs, and homophobia under the cut)

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Life of a bookworm : I have 49 books on my Goodreads TBR shelf. 25+ are not yet released books (Some have fall release dates). I put 11 on hold at my library . My reading goal for 2017 was 100 books and I've already read 55 books so far this year. Goodreads won't give me recommendations lately (I don't know why) ,so I'm trying unsuccessfully to beef up my TBR list. Do you have any recommendations for me? Also, have you heard of "The Mermaid's Daughter" by Ann Claycomb?

dont look at me, my tbr on GR is in the thousands. fortunately im so broke that my actual i-own-this TBR is like 8 books rn i think.

Wow, you’re pretty fast! I’ve been too sick in the past couple months to get anything done really, I think I haven’t even hit 30.

It doesn’t really make sense to give recommendations to somebody when you don’t know their taste imo. Taste is really subjective. 

No, I have not!

hey im answering everything for the next hour, hmuuuu

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What do you think of people who ship GouFubu?

I dont think bad of them. They are just shipping something that makes them happy. I have ships that only I like and that doesn’t make me bad so I just hope that no one is mean to them.
This fandom is infamous for being really fucking ugly to ppl for liking a ship..or ostracize them which is just as bad. I promise I’m safe,,

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the other day i dreamt i was jay and i kinda approached hoody willingly and he didnt really looked like he wanted to harm me but i knew i was being dumb but still did it anyway and i think we got in trouble but whatever. i have this vivid shot of me (jay) staring at hoody and him just staring back, it was wild. (you probably dont care but)

sorry this took so long to answer but sounds like a interesting dream!

tbh im like slightly disgusted by my experiencing attraction to anyone (ie. mike patton) not because of internalized homophobia id still feel the same way if i was experiencing attraction to a girl but bc i think ive adopted aromanticism and asexuality as a part of who i am thats really important to me and maybe thats kinda pathetic but i like… really like being that way for whatever reason i like existing in that way and things to the contrary arising in me kind of upset me like im happy that i dont experience sexual or romantic attraction in general and i dont want to experience attraction of any kind