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you know how cas' hair never turns gray cause hes an angel / they make misha dye it. what if the last season in the last few episodes, they let misha grow it out and its the starting point of cas giving up being an angel to be with dean. dean: cas i think you age is finally showing. cas: *touches his hair and smiles* yeah, thats what happens. dean: i thought angels dont age in their vessels? cas: they dont. dean: *is quiet* cas: im not an angel anymore. i want to be here, with you

sooooo i found out that in the original version of A Link to the Past, Link has pink hair??? 

also my gf said that link is a nonbinary icon so thats just true

Things Said In My Household but with Fairy Tail Pt.7
  • <p> <b></b> *Natsu's Birthday When he was younger** Its morning*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLUMBAG.<p/><b>Gray:</b> *tackles Natsu in his sleep* WAKE UPPP<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *appears from underneath the covers and smacks Natsu* WAKEY WAKEY.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *wakes up and slaps Gajeel* WHAT.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> YOU SON OF A GUN.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *blindfolded* Gray, why do i have to be blindfolded?<p/><b>Gray:</b> Because you are trying to pin the tail on the donkey.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> but the pin could hurt the donkey. I might trip and get hurt.<p/><b>Gray:</b> Stop being such a baby<p/><b>Wendy:</b> I am a baby. Im 6.<p/><b>Gray:</b> Just do it.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *pouts and walks the opposite direction of the board*<p/><b>Gray:</b> Wendy you are going the w--*sees her heading towards Gajeel* You're doing great.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *pats Gajeels butt* I think i found it ..*pins*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Wha--*yelps in pain*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *on the ground laughing*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> AHAHAHA.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *still blindfolded* did i do it?<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Natsu! Happy birthday to you!<p/><b>Cobra:</b> *comes in with the cake* I have the ca-- *trips and the cake lands on Natsu*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> ...<p/><b>Natsu:</b> CAKE FIGHT! *throws cake at Erza*<p/><b>Erza:</b> You PUNK! *throws it back*<p/><b>Laxus:</b> wth**gets hit with cake*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> FOR SPARTA.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *is hiding underneath the table eating cake* im suppose to be the child here.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Natsu:</b> im doing it..*scrolling through playlist*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> natsu pls..<p/><b>Gray:</b> DO IT.<p/><b></b> *plays harlem shake*<p/><b>Cobra:</b> *bursts in "dancing"*<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *walking into school*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> If anyone has trouble with Wendy you have trouble with ME.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> YEAH DONT MESS WITH HER<p/><b>Gray:</b> all you heartbreakers back the fuck off.<p/><b>Erza:</b> guys wendy doesnt even go here.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Cobra:</b> Man it's so quiet..so peaceful<p/><b>Cobra:</b> ...<p/><b>Cobra:</b> HOLY SHIT WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU 5 IDIOTS.<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *And this is the story of how Natsu met Lucy*<p/><b></b> *School Fair*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> DUDE LOOK. *points to a pig pen*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I DARE YOU TO GO IN AND JOIN YOUR FAMILY NATSU.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Wow, shady. And No fucking way--*sees Lucy staring his way*<p/><b>Lucy:</b> hey you two<p/><b>Gajeel&Gray:</b> Hey Lucy<p/><b>Natsu:</b> whaa...<p/><b>Lucy:</b> Is this your brother?<p/><b>Gray:</b> Yup he's the idiot<p/><b>Natsu:</b> HEY!<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> We just dared natsu to go into the pig pen<p/><b>Lucy:</b> there's no way he's gonna do it<p/><b>Natsu:</b> ill do it.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *jumps into pig pen* Easy there piggy<p/><b>Pig:</b> *looks pissed off*<p/><b>Gray:</b> uh natsu..i think you should..<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *starts getting chased by pig*W-OAH . HELLLPPPP ME! *runs around but trips straight into the mud*<p/><b>Gajeel&Gray:</b> *burst out laughing*<p/><b>Lucy:</b> *giggles at Natsu*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *cheeky smile* I guess it was worth it .<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> One<p/><b>Wendy:</b> two<p/><b>Wendy:</b> three<p/><b>Wendy:</b> ten! ready or not here i come<p/><b></b> __<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *singing Bad by Michael Jackson* Well they say the sky's the limit!<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *slides into the room with sunglasses on* And to me that's really true!<p/><b>Gray:</b> *appears with a hat* But my friend you have seen nothin'!<p/><b>Cobra:</b> *appears from behind couch* Just wait 'til I get through!<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Because I'm bad, I'm bad come on!!!<p/><b>Cobra:</b> You know I'm bad, I'm bad come on, you know!!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> And the whole world has to<p/><b></b> Answer right now!!<p/><b>Gray:</b> Just to tell you once again!!<p/><b>Erza:</b> *appears from behind everyone and strikes a pose* Who's bad?<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *doorbell*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I GOT ITT-- *opens it* HEY-- oh? Hi?<p/><b>Romeo:</b> Uh..h-hi.. is wendy home?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *appears out of nowhere* yes, why u ask?<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Hey who's at the do--*sees romeo* ..hmm.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Guys leave romeo alone. *pulls him in* Dont mind them, they're stupid.<p/><b>Romeo:</b> Oh. O-okay!<p/><b>Gray:</b> *glare*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *soft growl*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *cracking knuckles*<p/><b>Romeo:</b> *gulps* ^__;;;;;;;;;<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Mira:</b> *helping make turkey*<p/><b></b> *stuffs hand inside the you know what*<p/><b></b> Ahahaha, look, Im Turkey Woman *pretends to shoot with the turkey* Pew pew pew!<p/><b>Laxus:</b> *facepalm*<p/><b>Erza:</b> Turkey Woman sounds great and all, but you can never surpass, *shows hands covered in Mash potato* MASH WOMAN<p/><b>Cobra:</b> what the hell are you two doing<p/><b>Erza:</b> making turkey with a side of fuck off.<p/><b>Mira:</b> Actually it's potato.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>:</b> D<p/><b></b> Pt 8 if you want?<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> Here are a Few Words from my brothers!!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Hey<p/><b>Gray:</b> that's just one word.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> IT COUNTS.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> honestly i thought we would scare everyone away especially how our family is.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> ^^<p/><b>Gray:</b> Who could resist someone like me?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> everyone in the universe that's who.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> How do we end this?<p/><b>Gray:</b> do we just say bye?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> AHA. SEE YA SUCKERS.<p/><b>Gray:</b> natsu i dont think that's how you--<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Peace.<p/><b>Gray:</b> seriously is no one gonna--<p/><b>Erza:</b> what are you idiots doing with wendy's phone<p/><b>Gray:</b> Bye!!<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>:</b> o i got my phone back.<p/><b></b> Here is a sneak peek at the first chapter of "If My House Were Fairy Tail."<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> It was the morning of a day I clearly don’t remember and have no intentions of trying to remember.<p/><b></b> This day marked the day that my family and I started to question my dear brother’s sexuality. And here is why.<p/><b></b> “Gray, STOP EATING ALL THE FUCKING POPTARTS.” Natsu yelled from downstairs. Wendy was awoken from her sleep by all the ruckus, which honestly wasnt a surprise to her at this point.<p/><b></b> She forced herself up and began to walk down the stairs. Unfortunetly, someone had left his trousers in the middle of the way. Wendy of course didn't see it coming. Poor Wendy, if anyone had been watching her, they would think for even the slightest second that she was flying.<p/></p>

Nicholas Wilde and Judy Hopps


Shameless Preferences 5- Ian and Mickey dating would include

Gallavich dating would include:

  • “Fuck you Gallagher”
  • Mickey caring and loving for Ian but not being able to say how he feels 
  • Helping Ian through the bipolar 
  • Fiona still not being sure about it all
  • “Mickey fucking Milkovich?”
  • Lip being surprised when he sees how well Mickey treats the carrot boy
  • “Fire crotch”
  • Ian taking care of Yev
  • Ian showing Mickey that showing love doesn’t make you week
  • Mickey waking up to nightmares about Ian leaving 
  • Mandy being your biggest supporter 
  • Carl asking how the sex works 
  • Mickey being bottom
  • Sex, like all the time. they have so much passion and lust for each other 
  • Stev not likeing Ian, and Ian not liking her 
  • Mickey making sure Ian has taken his meds 
  • Although Mickey wont ever say this out loud one of his favourite things is holding Ian in his arms, Mickey feels as if he is protecting the taller boy from the world and thats all he wants to do
  • Them getting high and talking about the future, which Mickey turns to Ian and says “Well of course your in mine, I dont want it with anyone else”
  • Mickey saying “I love you” for the first time
  • Mickey trying to kiss Ian and Ian says “ Try and kiss me and Ill rip your tongue out” which earns Ian a “Oh fuck you gallagher”
  • Mickey being amazing with Liam “Uncle Icky” 
  • Ian  thinking Mickey looks so handsome in his sleep
  • Having a few “Fag moments” Here and there
  • “Ian what you and I have makes me free”

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Just friends

A/N wow who knew my titles could get even shittier. okay so i dont wanna be like slacking all the time, and i know i said this fic would be up last week but my mental health has been absolutely shit so im sorry. anyway 90% is dialogue and its pretty shit but yeah here you go i guess. im lowkey proud and my goal for this fic is 300 notes (i got 280 on my last one so far). if you like please like/ reblog and send me prompts!!!

WARNINGS/ TAGS: excessive dialogue, minimal editing, lots of praise, fluffy smut, riding, friends to lovers, mentions of kickthesticks oops

Dan walked around the cafeteria in his worn out converse and ripped jeans, trying to spot which table his friends were at today. As usual they were in the very corner of the cafeteria, all huddled together and laughing. Dan sat between Byrony and Phil as soon as he reached the table. Once he placed his school lunch down on the sticky table Phil instinctively wrapped a protective arm around his best friend’s waist. Phil didn’t know it, but Dan had a huge crush on him, anyone who met them definitely knew. Thats why their friends made fun of them constantly, because Dan had told them his obvious secret.

“Tone down the PDA mate,” PJ laughed from the other side of the table.

“Oh shut up PJ, you’re just jealous because you don’t have someone you can do this with,” Phil shot back. PJ just scoffed and Dan giggled, leaning into his friends touch.

“As if, Chris clearly wants PJ to fuck him,” Dan said without thinking.

“Dan! You said you could keep a secret you dick head!” Chris blushed violently and hid behind his own hands.

“Wait what?!” PJ exclaimed as if it wasn’t obvious. Everyone laughed except for Chris, who was still hiding. PJ took Chris’s hand from his face and held it while whispering something that no one else could hear.

“Oi, tone down the PDA mate,” Phil mocked.

“Oh shut up Phil,” Byrony but in, “So how long have you and Dan been together Phil?” Dan blushed and hid in Phil’s side. If they kept making jokes like this Phil would find out soon, and he couldn’t have that, it would ruin his friendship with Phil.

“Come on ass hat. You all know were not together and never will be,” Dan remarked.

“Mhm sure honey,”


Later that day they were all going out to a movie, Dan had a backpack with a blanket and “secret” snacks to sneak in for him and Phil. Knowing them, they’d end up putting away the arm rest in the theater and cuddling while wrapped in the blanket, no matter what movie it was. Dan found it as his own personal heaven and suggested movie nights each week months ago. It was his only way to get the physical affection he craves and not be teased by Peej.

“Hey Phil, do you want to come over tonight? My mums not home, we could stay up all night.” Chris asked waiting in line for their tickets.

“Sorry mate I’m already going to Dan’s tonight.”

“Yeah to fuck!” Peej laughed at his own dumb adolescent joke. Byrony giggled and nodded her head.

“You aren’t funny dick, we’re just friends!” Dan defended.

“You literally sat in Phil’s lap on the way over here,” Byrony said while giggling more, “And he played with your hair!”

“Thats what friends do!”

“Uh huh sure”


During the movie Dan had somehow migrated into Phils lap again. Phil was playing with his hair with one hand and rubbing agonizingly slow circles on Dan’s hip with the other. Dan had no clue how Phil did this and still somehow payed attention to the movie. The entire time he buried his head in Phils neck and he was imagining fucking Phil. He knows its wrong to think about these things while he’s in his best friends lap but he cant help it.

Slowly Dan started to grow hard, he shook his head and tried to think about anything else. grandma grandma grandma.

“You okay babe?” oh yeah, another thing, they always called each other babe and baby, but they’re just friends mind you.

“Mhm just tired,” Dan faked a yawn and snuggled farther into Phil’s neck.

“Go to sleep then, I’ll carry you out to the car later and wake you up when we get back to your house.”

“Mmk darlin, night.” Although Dan was faking the yawn he was quite tired, and he wanted to stay up late tonight. He decided it was best to just stick with the lie and go to sleep on Phils chest.


Dan was currently snoring lightly on Phil’s chest and muttering something incomprehensible while being carried out to the car.

“Oi, wake princess up,” Chris snickered.

“I’ll just sit him on my lap and buckle him in with me. Let him sleep asshole.”

“You know he likes you right?” Byrony stated matter of factly.

“Yeah right, stop joking guys, you know I like him, theres no need to get my hopes up,” Phil scoffed and sped up towards the car.

Their three friends shook their heads behind him. Dan and Phil would find out eventually. Right?


“P-Phil,” Dan said lightly while tightening his grip on him. Phil thought that Dan had woken up so he responded with a small “hm?” but got no response. They had just dropped off Byrony and now were heading towards Dan’s house. Since Phil didn’t get an answer he just assumed Byrony slamming the door woke up Dan for a split second.

That was until Dan grinded against Phil’s thigh. Phil felt a surge of arousal shoot through his body. Dan did it again and Phil gasped. Dan opened his mouth to moan again but Phil quickly covered his mouth. He couldn’t believe this. His best friend, not to mention his crush, was having a wet dream. In his lap. In the back of their friends car. Moaning Phil’s name! Phil debated waking him up, or just waiting until they got home and ignoring the whole situation. His awkwardness decided the second option was best.

Only seconds later Dan was grinding again and panting against Phil’s hand which was still covering his mouth. Phil prayed to every god he could think of that this car ride would be over soon because he was starting to get hard under his sleeping friend. He knew that he shouldve moved his hands from where they were on Dan’s hips because he didnt want to invade his friends space during a dream like this. Phil’s self conscious had a different idea though and moved his hands somewhere worse. Dan’s plump ass. He knew it wasnt right but he couldnt fight his instincts. Dans grinding slowed, but only so that he could push back into Phil’s hands.

Phil squeezed hard and Dan’s eyes shot open.

“Oh no,” Phil whispered almost completely silent.


“Okay guys, we’re here.” Peej announced from the front seat, “See you guys Monday. Have a good weekend.”

Dan slowly and cautiously crawled out of Phils lap, careful to hide his hard on from his friends as they said goodbye. When Chris and PJ pulled out of Dan’s drive way Dans mouth failed to make a sound even though he opened it.

“I’m so sorry Dan! I dont know what i was thinking but you were grinding on me- and- an- and you moan- moaned my name! My body was just reacting I’m so so so sorry!!” Phil spat out quickly.

“Hey, ba-Phil, don’t worry, its okay, I lik-” Dan paused and didnt finish his thought, “Lets just go inside. We dont have to talk about it if you dont want to okay babe- Phil.”

“Oh god I’m so sorry for making things awkward I didnt mean to but you kept going and oh god im so sorry-”

“Has anyone ever told you that sometimes you need to shut up Philly?”

“Make me,” Phil shot back but instantly regretted it. “Oh my god I didnt mean t-”

He was cut off by Dan’s lips against his.

“Do you really think you touching my ass bothered me? You even said yourself that i was moaning your name idiot.”

“Shh,” Phil joked and grabbed Dans hand. The kiss had boosted Phil’s self confidence, and he thought back to what his friends said about Dan having a crush on him. “How about we go up to your room baby? We can handle the little problem I have and sort our relationship out afterwards.”

“O-okay,” Dans usually dominating voice was small and timid now. He led Phil into the house and tugged his hands up the stairs. He wasnt leading because Phil didnt know where to go, of course he did, but because Phil was going at the slowest pce possible so that Dan would have to wait. “Please Phil, come onnn~” he whined.

Once they reached Dans room he flung the door open. “Calm down baby, you’ll get what you want if you wait.”

“But I want you now-” Dan was going to continue complaining like a child but he was cut off by a kiss.

Phil pulled away and smirked,“Thats pay back for cutting me off earlier dick.”

“Philly! No cussing!”, he playfully hit him on the chest. He was glad that his crush changed nothing. Hell, him grinding on his friend while having a wet dream changed nothing. They were still best friends and this moment made that clear to Dan. Phil smiled goofily at him and leaned in again, only to end up kissing Dan’s cheek though because Dan moved at last minute. Dan giggled and did it again when Phil attempted another kiss.

“Oh whatever babe, now come on, I wanna kiss you more.”

“Hmm- Nope.” Dan slid out of Phil’s grip and giggled as he ran across the room and leapt onto his bed. Phil chased after him, laughing also. He sat down next to Dan and just gazed at his friends eyes.

“You’re so gorgeous Dan,” he said as he reached out and cupped his face, “Can I kiss you again?”

“I dunno can you?” Dan teased. Phil rolled his eyes and leaned in slowly. Their lips collided and Dan swore he could feel his heart beating out of his chest. It all seemed so real, Phil’s hand in his hair, Phil’s lips on his own. Quickly he became paranoid. Even though they had this moment of goofing around would their friendship change after tonight? Would they end badly? Apparently Phil could hear him thinking because he pulled back.

“Dan, baby calm down. We can stop if you want, we dont have to do anything. We can even pretend this never happened if thats what you want. I would never do anything to hurt you love.”

“I’m just scared- I want you though, now come here again,” They kissed at Dans pace and soon Dan leaned back and rested his head against the pillows. “Will you touch me? Please? I dont care what you do. Just please-”

“Of course princess. Can I straddle you?” Dan nodded and Phil climbed into his lap. He lowered his hands down to Dan’s sides and looked up for consent before putting his hands under Dan’s shirt. It was all so intimate, Dan couldnt help but moan at the light little touches running up and down his chest.

“Please- just give me more please baby I’ll do anything.”

“We’re gonna go slow okay? Just wait and you’ll get what you want.”

Phil took Dans shirt off after asking if it was okay and slowly started to kiss over his chest. “You’re so pretty, have such a nice chest and a lovely stomach.” He pinched Dan’s side in a joking manor and smiled up at the giggling boy.

Dan blushed and looked away,“Oh come on youre just saying that,”

“I know you just found out I fancy you, but ever since we met I have thought that. Youre truly breathtaking Dan, and if youll let me I’d really really like to touch you right now.” He kissed down Dans stomach, closer and closer to his pant line.

“Plea-” His plead was cut off by a loud moan as Phil kissed his dick through his skinny jeans. “More. More More More Please!”

Phil unzipped Dans skinny jeans and started to pull them off. They got stuck at mid thigh and Dan burst out laughing. “Stop laughing you dick!” That only made him laugh more. Phil silenced him though by mouthing over Dan’s briefs. Dan gasped as soon as he felt the warm sensation through his underwear and Phil could feel his friends cock twitch.

“How far do you wanna go love?”

“Can- I- um-” Phil was sliding Dans skinny jeans off fully as Dan was attempting to speak.


“Can you fuck me?” Dan said in one breath. Phil smiled up at him while he took his own shirt off.

“How about you ride me? That way you can control the pace baby. Does that sound nice?” Dan glanced at Phil’s exposed chest and was only half listening when he nodded. “Have you ever prepped before? If you know what im trying to say…” Phil stared down at his feet and blushed as he was saying this. Dans confidence had shot through the roof with all of the compliments Phil was giving him so he decided to go with his cocky response.

“Of course I have, I did this morning in the shower. Thinking about your nice thick cock. I want it everywhere. In my hand, in my mouth, in my ass.” Phil groaned and hurried to take off his own skinny jeans while Dan kept going. “I even did after school too, before the movie. I was thinking about you touching me the whole time. Thinking about your fingers trailing all up and down my chest. Thinking about your lips nipping at my neck-” he was cut off by Phil doing just that. He left a love bite right above his shoulder and then carried on with more all over Dan’s neck. He left one right below his jaw, one on his collarbone. Anywhere he could reach.

“So I dont have to stretch you then?” Phil laughed in a teasing way and asked Dan where he kept the lube.

“Be-bed side table-” Dan blushed as Phil pulled Dan’s boxers down.

“Hm? Why are you so nervous? What else am i going to find?” He said casually as he slipped off his own boxers and reached for the drawer.

When Phil opened the bed side table he expected pornos, or the pair of joke hand cuffs PJ got Dan last christmas. But not all of these. No. He would never guess that dan would have these.

Lets just have a run down of what exactly Phil was looking at. A drawer full of bright pink and purple dildos. And vibrators. And lacy panties. Black ones to be specific. And two bottles of empty lube and one fairly empty bottle of lube. His jaw dropped as his picked up a huge vibrator. Phil would say that hes a pretty big guy down there but this fucking vibrator was at least ten inches.

Dan hid behind his hands as Phil examined all of the different vibes and such.

“Hm.. maybe we’ll have fun with those later, but for right now I think I’ll just have you ride me.” He smirked again cheekily and Dan just rolled his eyes and grabbed the last bottle of lube and a condom.

“Shut up and turn over so I can ride you, you dick,” he said as he rolled the condom onto Phils dick.

“Oh look at Mr.dominant coming out. Who wouldve guess you’re dominant with all of those toys in there?” Phil snickered at his own joke but Dan just hit his chest and shut him up with a kiss.

Since Dan was acting so needy Phil decided it was best to just get on with it. So he had Dan straddle him and positioned his cock right at Dan’s entrance. As Dan slowly sunk down onto the tip of Phil’s dick they both groaned. Phil had to try with all his might to keep his needy teenage body from bucking up into Dan.

“Oh god- can I go further?” Dan asked.

“Of course you can doofus.”

Dan tweaked his nipple for that comment; which was simultaneously causing pain and pleasure for Phil. He began to go further, taking in an inch at a time and pausing to groan and take a breath. It was pure agony for Phil to just sit there completely still so he tried to distract himself with praises for Dan.

“Good job baby boy, you take me so well, look so good like that.”

While Phil let these praises out Dan had nothing to do but gasp and moan. When he finally got all of Phil’s cock inside him Phil stopped with the praises and instead bit all over Dan’s neck again. The love bites from earlier were already starting to fade since they were nothing more than a little nip, but Phil was determined to leave a mark this time. He sucked and pulled at the skin with his teeth, pulling away only a couple times to kiss over the freshly bruised skin. When he was done leaving a bright red mark Dan was panting and pleading him to let him move.

Of course Phil immediately told him to go whenever he was ready so Dan began bouncing up and down. Even though Phil knew Dan was a virgin he guessed by all of the sex toys that Dan was used to having something up his ass.

“Please Phil, its not enough, I need you to fuck up into me~”

Phil listened and started to thrust up at the same time that Dan was coming down. He knew he found Dans prostate because Dan gasped and went even faster at the same angle.

“God baby you look so good, fucking yourself so good. Can’t wait to see your pretty face when you cum.”

These little comments only seemed to spur Dan on more, but soon it was too much and he was completely wrecked. He lifted himself up off of Phils cock and laid next to him.

“Phiw- is too much- need you to fuck me, m’ legs are too tired…”

“Of course they are you lazy oaf,” after his remark Phil got right to it. He slid his cock right back into Dan and started to thrust back and forth. He could see Dan getting needier by the second, begging for more and blushing and gasping. Phil was entirely blissed out by all of the sounds Dan was making and by how good it felt.

“Do you think you can cum untouched baby?” Dan nodded fiercely and moaned at the though of it. He reached behind Phil and pulled him down closer by his neck.

“Fuck- Phil I’m getting close-”

“You look so good baby, I bet you’ll look stunning when you cum. Begging for more, youll look so perfect.” Dan moaned at his words and started to grind back against Phil movements. Phil found Dans prostate again and pounded into it relentlessly, still letting little praises come out. “Such a good boy. Take me so well. You feel so good.”

Dan writhed on the sheets beneath Phil and clenched his sheets tight with both fists. “I need you Phil- need to kiss you.” Phil obliged and leaned down to kiss the needy boy beneath him while keeping the same speed.

“Are you going to come baby boy?”

Dan groaned and released as a response. He felt as if he was floating for a second. His vision got blurry as he released white streaks all over him and his best friend. When Phil saw the completely blissed out face of Dan he locked eyes with him and released inside the condom.

As Phil pulled out Dan found himself feeling empty. Even though some of his toys were huge, none of them felt that good. Phil reached over to Dan’s bedside table and grabbed some tissues that were obviously there for this reason.


“No- no talking now please. Jus’ some cuddles please?” Dan looked up with a pleading, almost innocent look and Phil just couldnt resist. He threw out the tissues and the condom and laid next to Dan. Dan instantly wrapped his legs around Phil’s waist and arms around his neck and kissed him swiftly on the cheek. “Night cutie, we’ll talk in the morning over some pancakes and tea okay?”

“Sounds great love, goodnight.”

navy recruiter:  son do you want to join the us navy

me:  well, gee, sir, I don’t think so

navy recruiter: what is holding you back

me:  I dont have any muscles

navy recruiter:  thats is ok.  we have many fishing boats in the us navy fleet that can fish for the mussels.  mussels are a homophone of muscles and, thus, this joke can be formed.  for more info on homophones, here is the wikipedia entry

Dogs Are Mans Best Friend


Request - Carlos x Reader where she’s the daughter of Roger and Anita and they meet because they’re both walking their dogs and it’s so cute and fluffy? Thanks
Requested by - Anon
Tags - None
Word Count - 1, 067
Pairing - Carlos x Reader (Daughter of Roger and Anita)
Warnings - I feel like neither of them would swear they seem like those types of kids so just fluff
Summary - basically you the reader, will fall into a bush and meet carlos…i forgot to explain why he was there…shit…He was playing with dude and Rolly but when you came they ran off to the next little open area okay just clearing that up

You felt a tug at one of the 6 leashes you were holding and looked down to see Lucky and Rolly tugging. Rolly was probably hungry as always and Lucky was probably wanting to go to play. You started to take each of the dogs leashes off their collars, after all, you were at a dog park. You found a bench to sit at and laughed to yourself as you watched the dogs play happily. Once dalmatian after the other slowly came to you as they were ready to go back home. They all sat patiently waiting for the last dalmatian, Lucky, and when he finally came back you started to put them all on their leashes again. But of course now was the time that Rolly felt like he should stretch his legs again and bolted off. You commanded all of the dogs to sit and stay before chasing after Rolly. He went into a bush so you crept up and jumped into the bush in hopes of catching the dog unawares. Let’s just say what, or rather who, you caught unawares was definitely, unaware.

“Ow” The boy with white and black hair groaned, rubbing the back of his head sitting up.
“Oh my golly gosh! I am so sorry!” you blurted out extremely flustered and red in the face. You hopped up and started to brush yourself off. He just laughed it off awkwardly and brushed himself off and hopped up to be face to face with him.
“Are you…uh…okay?” He spoke with a soft and shy tone of voice and you smiled offering your hand to shake
“Hi, I’m Y/N! Nice to meet you, I’m the daughter of Roger and Anita and I lost my dog, have you seen him anywhere?” You announced confidently after regaining your courage from your little mishap. He shook your hand and responded
“C-Carlos, daughter of Cruella De Vil” He stammered still shy. You thought it cute and funny and giggled at what he had just said.
“Son…Son of Cruella De Vil” He corrected himself going red in the face and looking down.
“So have you seen my dog? Around this tall” you moved your hand to around your knee indicating Rolly’s height
“This big” you stretched your arms
“and oh yeah, he is a Dalmatian!” Carlos laughed at your description of the dog and then brightened when he realised he knew exactly which dog you were talking about.
“You mean that one over there playing with dude?” He laughed pointing towards dude and another dog, your dog, Rolly. You both laughed and looked into each other’s eyes. Carlos pushed your hair behind your right ear.
“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met” He said decidedly. You blushed and looked at your shoes.
“Nobody really thinks that I-I’m not royalty so I don’t mean anything” You stuttered becoming shy all of a sudden, nobody complimented you. Especially not guys and you weren’t really sure how to respond to this.
“Not all of the beautiful girls are princesses and queens you know, and not all of them have that many dogs.” He nodded to the other five dogs that had gone back to playing in the park seeing that you would be distracted for a while. You laughed at them running around.
“You really know how to woo a lady don’t you” You giggled. Carlos smiled showing his dimples outlining his freckles, you didn’t care who his mother was because he seemed like such a nice guy.
“So you think that we could be friends? Or maybe-” You cut him off by wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him. At first, he was a bit taken aback but then he figured out what was going on and kissed you back immediately, his kiss was soft and cautious but passionate all the same.
“So this means we can be more than friends?” He whispered with your arms still wrapped around his neck and his around your waist both of your foreheads resting on each other’s.
“What is it with you not wanting to use the words girlfriend and boyfriend?” you laughed as you looked into his beautiful brown eyes and him into your e/c eyes.
“y/n, will you be my girlfriend?” He spoke up with more confidence. The dogs wagged their tails and barked happily.
“Obviously!” you beamed up at Carlos, your boyfriend.

A/N hahaha i totally didn’t procrastinate all of my assignments by writing this PrOcRaStiNaTiOn WhAt dO yOu MeAn bY tHaT. Mkay i need to do a history essay on the plague, english essay on ancient Egyptian and the Rosetta stone maths assignment about a stupid house and insulation and religion about outcasts and their relationship with Jesus. so ima go do that and no edit this because i will cry from my mistakes also yes my requests are still open but from now on if you don’t tell me a story line character pairing and (optional) which prompt I’m just gonna delete without answering. Sorry : ) Im SaLtY ExCuSe mE wHo ArE yOu. but i love you all still because aaaa i have so many followers and im like really happy you dont understand aahhhhh mkay, also i think ill just abandon my main blog and use this one because having two posts a day is too much effort even though i queue them all on the weekend. Also just because i literally write what i want here i had raviolli and it was bad ravioli like, i like ravioli but this was bad and i can still taste it ugh. Okay thats enough from me for today. I love you all so much BYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

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hey what kinda music do u think the foxes would enjoy 😵i feel like theyd all like different things but begrudgingly agree on some...

hmmm…..(this got longer than i wanted to,, also totally not dropping my own taste in music into them,,,nah)

- kevin… well we know that he enjoys classical music and i literally cant see him listening to anything else… i dont think he’s the type to listen to music for fun? 

-andrew……..damn….what would andrew listen to? thats the real question. i think at some time in his life he must have enjoyed Linkin Park, im absolutely sure of this, and… i’m gonna be self indulgent here and say: rock… artists like radiohead, the who, pink floyd, the rolling stones, nirvana and such

-Neil…… .. …. …………………………movie soundtracks? i dont fucking know. he’s worse than kevin w/ this 

-Renee would like chill music like: alt-j, sufjan, joanna newsom, fka twigs, tame impala, ben howard

-Allison would like hip hop and pop, literally all the newest music from almost every artist, i feel like she wouldnt be really picky and would even find music most people dont know. im also thinking: dua lipa, lana del rey, the weeknd, lorde. im also thinking she’d be a huge beyonce fan

-Dan would enjoy hip hop as well, im thinking mostly female rappers, and old songs from the 00′s. mayyybe rihanna, childish gambino, kehlani and girl groups like fourth harmony and little mix??

-Matt, i feel like he’s more into old rock/alternative like guns & roses, the cure, the strokes, the last shadow puppets. im sure he’d like indie rock bands too

-Nicky, just as Allison, i think would enjoy whatever the heck but i think he’d be that person that enjoys really cheesy songs no one can bear, like fuckin,, ed sheeran or the chainsmokers… also im thinking troye, hayley kiyoko, gia, sia, snakehips, years & years

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was it different to learn on cs5 cause thats what i'm using as well. but yes please! i'd love a new tutorial if you dont mind :3 i miss your blog

alrighty here we go:

(another) quick and simple doodle tutorial

since i deleted my other blog like an idiot im making another tutorial :) ill be doing the tutorial under the cut since i dont think this blog will be deleted any time soon! heres one of my old examples 

what you’ll need:

  • photoshop (i used cs5 since it’s the easiest and least confusing imo but you can use any other one!)
  • nice pictures (i use pinterest)

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2 years ago, undertale came out. which is weird. it does certainly not feel like 2 years. it feels like both a millenia ago and 1 hour ago at the same time.

its definitely a weird thing. like. my life irrevocably changed forever 2 years ago. huh. my life was saved 2 years ago.

which, okay, may seem dramatic

and, obviously i still have low moments- they are a part of recovery, i have relapsed this past week, and it’s hard, and it’s awful, but i’m still here? and i have people who are here for me, who will help me get through it.

and i truly believe with all my heart if i hadn’t preordered undertale way back in 2012 in it’s kickstarter, if i hadn’t played that game, if i hadn’t fallen in love with the characters, if i hadn’t made so much fanart of chara and frisk, i genuinely believe i wouldn’t be alive right now. i really do. because of this game i found everyone i love?

because of this game, i became a better and stronger person and i gained my best friends in the world, i gained a family, and i gained the ability and strength to get away from a bad person. for a while that bad person was the only person i thought i had in the world. i think if i had never dropped that bad person i wouldn’t be here. but i had the strength to get away and to realize what they did to me was bad.

i have so much to thank this game for and so many things i could and want to say and just. so! much. but. god. mostly i just would like to say thank you. despite everything, i’m still just me! oh thats really cheesy but i dont care

A little irked so just gonna make a quick comment(maybe not so quick). Look, if I’m enjoying something, just having a good ol fun innocent time with a drawing or photo and you have a thought along the lines of ‘that looks like something sexual’ do me a big ol favor and keep it to yourself. I dont care and I dont want to know. I’m a little tired of people somehow thinking its normal and totes okay to just come out of nowhere and tell someone you never met ‘I thought this was -insert sexual organ here-’ 

Like, thanks, now I feel self conscious about something innocent that was making me happy and I also now think you’re really super creepy. I dont care if thats what comes to your mind. But PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

Its one thing if friends who I have known for a long time crack a joke but when it comes from someone I BARELY KNOW its just majorly uncomfortable. 

Thats not to say I dont have similar thoughts but…Im not gonna go out of my way to make a comment to let them know that “HEY I THINK THIS THING IS A -” because thats rude and uncalled for and just lacks some common decency. 

Sorry for the mini ramble but its been happening a lot more lately and I’m tired of feeling bad about stuff that was totally innocent in nature because some rando felt it was their civil duty to share their dirty thoughts.


Betta Tank Minimums: Let’s Discus!

haha see what i did there? ;D but really though, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this! This post should be a thread where people are allowed to express their own opinions freely, and discuss the opinions of others in a civil and polite manner. It’s okay to disagree, this is supposed to be a conversation afterall, but it’s not okay to berate anyone for having an opinion.

1. How do you define minimum tank size?

I consider the minimum tank size to be the absolute minimum size of a tank (with reasonable dimensions) where all a fish’s basic needs can be met. i feel like ‘minimum tank size’ shouldn’t be synonymous with ‘recommended tank size’ because the minimum tank size only covers the basics and nothing else while a recommended tank size gives the fish more room to swim and also leaves more room for decor, plants, hides, extra enrichment, etc. basically: i feel like the minimum tank size for a betta is 2.5 gallons, but i’d still recommend a 5 or 10 gallon tank to anyone looking into getting a betta since bigger is better and bettas love to wiggle!

2. As a follow up question, do you think that minimum tank size should be synonymous with recommended tank size? If so, how does that relate to or affect how you define ‘minimum tank size’?

3. Why do you feel that this tank should be the absolute minimum size tank required?

  • you can buy a standard-size 2.5 at most pet stores
    • if someone’s looking at a 1-2 gallon bowl for a betta, it might not be too hard to talk them up to a slightly bigger tank. if someone’s looking at a .25-.5 gallon bowl, 2.5 gallons looks like a palace and they probably won’t even consider upgrading to a 5 or 10 gallon for their prospective betta :/ also, lids! a standard 2.5 is the smallest size lid (glass or screen) thats commercially available from what i’ve seen.
  • pet stores don’t sell fishbowls over 2 gallons
    • i dont even think fishbowls over 2 gallons are manufactured >.> someone let me know if they are tho?
    • a lot of keepers push the “fishbowls are bad” narrative (me included!) since a lot of people will walk into a store and want to impulse buy a betta, guppies, or goldfish for a very small bowl. now, i know that the shape of a tank isn’t really the problem here (in fact, if you like the bowl shape, head over to walmart, hobby lobby, michaels and pick up a 12" bubble bowl from the floral department. 3-4 gallons (when full of water and decor) for $10-20, same price as a 1-2 gallon bowl), but a lot of people (myself included) would like to see people move away from seeing fishbowls as acceptable because when someone who doesn’t know about fishkeeping thinks “fishbowl” they probably just picture some gravel, a bowl, no filter, no heater, and cheap flakes for food. “fishbowl” is kind of a packaged up notion of fishkeeping and i’d really like to see the general public move away from “fishbowls” and the type of care that generally goes along with them.
  • the smaller the tank, the harder it will be for the cycle to be stable
    • i’ve heard this a lot, and so far i think that water changes for really small tanks should be based off of carefully monitored parameters. removing too much waste (ammonia that’s hanging out in the water) with a big water change could starve the bacteria if your fish doesn’t produce ammonia very fast, meaning that there could then be a bacterial bloom or your cycle is just thrown off and you’ve got to pay even more attention to your parameters and your water changes. most beginning aquarists aren’t going to want to do this or know how to do this. (if i’ve misunderstood how a cycle works in a small tank, please feel free to comment! i’m always open to learning new things or understanding the nuances of a big concept!)
  • the smaller the tank, the harder it will be to heat properly
    • bettas require a heat source. most heaters are too big (the smallest 50w adjustable ones i could find are 6-8") or can quickly overheat a small tank (a 7w “betta bowl” heater or “slim” heater can quickly heat a 1-2 gallon bowl to 86F+, the hottest i’d let a pet-store betta get. i wouldn’t recommend keeping them at that temp long-term tho). the smaller the tank, the more the temp will fluctuate. and since most 1-2 gallon bowls aren’t big enough for an adjustable heater with a thermostat, even with a little 7w heater, the temp will fluctuate more than a few degrees unless your house stays x degrees 24/7/365. i feel that the extra ½ gallon of water and the dimensions of most 2.5 gallon tanks pushes you, just barely, over into the safe zone and allows you to purchase an adjustable heater with a thermostat.
  • wiggle room!
    • bettas aren’t colorless lumps of finnage that sit in one place all day! they’re super active fish most of the time! I have a boy who’s a double tail half moon with an insane doral fin (he’s gorgeous and i love him) and even tho he wouldn’t do well in a very deep tank, he doesn’t stop to rest very often in his current tank :p i find that bettas are so much more enjoyable when you get to see them and interact with them! a standard 2.5 gives them more length-wise swimming room than a smaller bowl or tank :)*

I wasn’t really sure if i should also point out this or not, but i feel like its a good thing to make note of regardless of tank size: tank size doesn’t necessarily equate directly to how much water volume is in a tank that’s got decor and substrate, so having a 2.5 gallon tank with substrate and decor might actually hold 2-2.25 gallons of water. in a 2.5 gallon standard tank, i dont think that this affects the fish’s swimming room very much, but i dont know to what degree the stability of the cycle is affected.

As a little endnote to everyone who participates in this conversation or who reads this post and those that (hopefully) follow:
It’s okay to have an opinion that’s different than someone else’s. It’s also okay to agree with someone else on certain points and disagree on others. It’s okay to question someone’s reasoning or stance, and it’s okay to be questioned. Be open to having a discussion! :) Lastly, it’s okay to walk away with a different opinion than the one you came into the conversation with! if someone’s point makes you rethink your view, feel it out and be open to change! I will be and I hope you will be too <3

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hey stephanie Poidkea what do you think of rose with a buzzcut

thats an easy one i love her

boy i can really tell i havent drawn for a while. i dont really like this one so heres a couple more now that my hands a little looser

what i really want you to pull away from this is that rose lalonde uses a coaster all the time

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you know what i really love? trans percy. and sally being the most supportive mother and blofis being the most supportive stepfather and just. trans percy having a supportive family.


i can imagine shitty gabe being an ass about it and sally is about to say something that would probably get her really hurt by this terrible, disgusting man when suddenly the pipes in the kitchen just burst. sink basically explodes into a fountain of water. weird things like this happen around percy a lot, freak accidents like that, that seem to have perfect timing to break up conflict. percy steers his mom away from shitty gabe and he and sally fix the pipes. percy feels a bit of pride at being pretty good at it. his mom’s a competant handiman herself, but something about it still gives him a warm Man Of The House feeling. its enough to calm him down until gabes next shitty comment.

then, when gabe is gone and paul blofis enters the picture, percy is nervous. he wants his mom to be happy with a guy. he doesnt want him to be another gabe, and hes sure he isnt, he trusts his mom but… he wonders if maybe, him being trans will … somehow make this paul blofis act like gabe. like it would be percys fault all over again. he forces the feelings down and tells his mom good luck on her date with the new guy. she giggles like a girl at camp that just got asked out by her first crush, and he smiles. her happiness matters more than anything. if it comes to, percy can always stay at camp. as long as mom’s happy

but paul surprises percy. he’s a genuinely nice guy. hes good-hearted and he stops and thinks before making rash judgements or decisions. percy jokes that he’s the exact opposite of himself and paul smiles “i dont think that.” percy has never seen his mom this happy

of course, being a family, paul eventually figures out that percy is trans. percy thinks it’ll all end up okay, but hes worried. he doesnt want to mess things up. again, paul surprises him. “i dont know a lot about it, but i know how violent other people can be. you know im here to support you, percy. and if you ever wanna talk guy stuff, youre still always welcome to talk to me.” percy absolutely doesnt cry. at least, thats what he tells people. when he buries his face into pauls chest and thanks him and thank him and cries and cries, it doesnt seem to matter much what other people think.

just…. percy having a happy and supportive family was already my weakpoint, now my trans ass is dead and dying. i love this. thank you anon :,)

  • Cyborg: You know he used to tell me how wonderful you were, but guys always say great things about their girlfriends until they break up. That's when the truth comes out.
  • Raven: Cy-
  • Cyborg: You know I've waited 10 years to find out what he really thinks about you. Do you wanna know what he thinks about you now that you're broken up?
  • Raven: I dont want to talk about that. You know I just came down here to tell you are an unappreciative little jerk.
  • Cyborg: ....
  • Raven: And if you are so uncomfortable around me that we can't be friends, now that I'm not seeing Beast Boy, then maybe we were never friends at all. And I want you to tell me to my face.
  • Cyborg: Now that your broken up he still tells me how wonderful you are. He is completely broken hearted over what he's lost.
  • Raven: So am I.

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I quit my first study after 3 months because of a burnout. The next year I wanted to start easy again so I did a study beneath my level for a year. It didnt satisfy so I started uni after that year. Now when I tell people my age and that im in my third study, they give me this "ew youre dumb/lazy/undiciplined" look..I dont want to tell them about my burnout, cus thats really personal, but I feel really down when it happens. Im working really hard in uni but people always assume the worst, right?

I’ll be blunt here and say don’t let anyone make you feel inferior about your choices in education. They have no say in it. They don’t know what you’ve been through and, with my small understanding of your situation, your decisions were completed warranted. I’m sure each time you did serious thinking about it. I don’t think it’s a decision you’ll have made lightly. You shouldn’t feel like you have to justify your choices to anyone, no matter what they might be thinking. I’d agree people assume the worst. In a way, I feel it’s them trying to feel superior to you. I know in my journalism classes, people were dropping out/changing majors in the first few weeks of the semester and everyone sort of had a smug look as if they were generally smarter/more suited to the course because other people were leaving. When I changed majors and dropped the journalism class, I had a girl message me a question on Facebook about an assignment and then correct herself by saying “oh wait. you dropped out.” In the way she said it, it made me like I wasn’t good enough to stay in the course and she was judging me for that. To me, she assumed that it was “too hard” for me when in reality, I’d spent weeks debating whether it was really the career path I wanted. I think in this instance people assume a lot about you by your choices - generally that you’re not as smart as them. But honestly, I think if you’re able to make those really important decisions about your education/career, mental health, etc, you’re the better person. As I think now, it was 100% the best choice for me. No matter what that girl, or anyone in the course, thought. I’m sure you know deep down that everything you did was to benefit you and with that I think you shouldn’t be bothered by anyone else’s opinion xx

the arya wanders around the world forever endgame theories bother me enormously lol. this is a character who always felt uncertain of her place in the world; from the very beginning, chapter one. she felt unloved and like an outsider who didnt belong. so if arya decides at the end “hey you know what?? my childish feelings and insecurities from when i was 9??? yeah those were totally correct and im gonna leave bc i still dont belong here bye.” is such a bad endgame. its so bad. theres literally no character growth to be found in this theory.

also arya is, in large part, defined by her pack. like what she wants more than anything is to be surrounded by those she loves and to care for them in return. “and her brothers and sisters were with herthey would never leave her”…..so why would she leave them? after the red wedding when arya’s lost the last of her family and thinks of herself as no one thats when she could’ve dropped off the face of the earth. arya as no one could leave and thats one reason why she joins the faceless men. “arya’s place was winterfell…only winterfell was gone.” with a hole in her heart and no where else to turn. but when she reclaims her identity and reunites with her family she won’t have any reason to abandon either. arya has been running from who she is for five books. because she was uncertain, grieving, and scared. her story can’t end with her doing the same damn thing.