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Plagiarized fics - asking for help from the 1D fandom

Hi everyone! I’m poking my head in your door from the Haikyuu fandom to ask you guys for help. I have spoken to quite a few people in the One Direction fandom thus far and I have been overwhelmed by their kindness, support, and how fast everyone I talked to acted to help me and my friend get this sorted out.

It came to my and my best friend ellessey-writes’s attention (confusing names, sorry! I’m Esselle) this morning that many of our fics had been stolen by the Tumblr/AO3 user Fruxoo, who has since deleted her accounts.

Here are two screenshots of Fruxoo’s fics, posted in April. The first is a direct copy of my story Hunger, completed last June 2016. The second is the summary from Ellie’s story Tea and Sympathy, posted January of this year. The entire text of every fic Fruxoo stole has been copied almost exactly word for word from our fics, changing only the names and other relevant character info.

I messaged her privately and asked that she post an explanation on Tumblr, as well as replace the text of her stolen works with links to our respective stories, in order to notify any readers who enjoyed these works. Unfortunately, she didn’t respond. Now that she has taken everything down, that’s no longer possible.

It would mean the world to Ellie and I if people would help spread the word about what happened. Last year, between the two of us, we wrote 626,000 words. We poured all our energy and love (and time!) into these stories, and to have someone copy them word for word, lie to people who were kind enough to comment or send asks as if they had thought up the ideas on their own, and interact with other people in the 1D fandom based off of love for OUR writing, is devastating to us both. This was going on for at least 2.5 months.

Besides the two stories listed above, we know As Long As You’re Smiling was actually copied from ellessey-writes​​‘s fic The Chronicles of the Virgin Asahi. We think this is the first fic they grabbed, due to the note on the summary. Here is a masterpost of all Ellie’s works from last year, and a link to her AO3.

They also took my incubus story Dreamless and reposted it as Lilin. This fic was posted as a part of a collab for my close friend’s artwork. reallycorking​​ drew this (VERY NSFW) art as part of a 30 day challenge, and the two of us worked together for a full month on Dreamless. Here is my fic masterpost for last year, and a link to my AO3.

I wanted to share links to the rest of our work because we don’t know how many stories she stole (it seemed like there were around 10 in total). We didn’t even have time to make a note of everything before she removed her accounts. So we don’t know what people read and might want to re-find (if there’s any interest cross-fandom).

Again, the One Direction fandom has been so incredibly supportive (Gina, Ange, phd-mama, Emmi, Lisa and everyone who was so helpful and understanding). Ellie and I started off the morning crushed, and now I have comments in my inbox on the fics that were stolen, and asks on Tumblr showing support, and it’s nearly brought me to tears. Thank you all so much. If anyone who sees this would be kind enough to get the word out there in any way (reblogs, just telling your friends who’ve read these stories, anything!!), we’d be incredibly grateful.

THANK YOU, to everyone who takes the time to read this.

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hi i was wondering if you could rec me some haikyuu fics, but not the really popular ones because ive read most of them already. like 'hidden gems' or something. ive really liked what you recommended in the past so i was wondering if you had some more :D

TUUUH idk which pairing but…if you look through my fic recs tag the most i’ve rec’ed is ushioi and iwaoi. I don’t really read much outside from those pairings LOL but for ones not yet included there I’d say….


  • Bloodied, but Unbowed - Royal AU (they’re both princes), hasn’t been updated for a long time but I’m really hoping it’s not dropped bc I really love it ;___;
  • I Followed Fires - Exiled prince Tooru and ranger Iwaizumi. I WON’T SAY ANY MORE BUT IT’S FRIGGIN GOOD
  • Lanterns Lit - Oikw is a sorcerer who got amnesia and iwa/mattsun/makki are dragon tamers (i think.) IT’S REALLY CUTE
  • Saunter’s omegaverse series!! - I’M REALLY HYPED FOR THIS SERIES you dont even know. If you want you can look through saunter’s tumblr to see drabbles in the OV tag so you can feel my hype. There are spoilers there though!
  • If You Water It, It Will Grow - so adorable!! an AU where people can grow from plants! HOW COOL RIGHT well I don’t wanna give spoilers so you’re gonna have to read it yourself ;^)
  • the other side - FHQ AU that made me really cry
  • Glow of Love - Oikawa is a witch, Iwaizumi is a forest nymph. VERYYY CUTE please give it a shot! It’s one of the most creative concepts I’ve read :’^)
  • Deus ex machina - fencing AU!!
  • i hope you like the stars i stole for you - mega angsty……..i hate and love this fic  i was crying like a baby
  • Food for the Heart - SO ANGSTY AS WELL
  • of odd numbers and intimate regrets - angsty too
  • The Boy Who Waited - i only remember bits and pieces but…theyre the spoiler ones so i won’t say LOL this also made me cry






Some polyships:

  • The Agreement (ushioiiwa) MY FAVE USHIOIIWA!! good smut
  • h(a)unting (bokuakakuro) so nice!! Bokuto and Akaashi are ghost hunters. there’s art too. anyway this is a really cool fic

That’s it for now since I don’t really know what ship you’re looking for. My bookmarks for iwaoi fics is assorted by smut angst and fluff bc there’s so many but…if anyone asks for it im just gonna take a screenshot LOL also i have a lot of unread fics T___^ SERIOUSLY i have like 50+ tabs open of unread fics every night but i keep opening new ones (because i go in the hq tag in ao3 every night) and that’s not including the ones i bookmarked that are unread as well.

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For the supercorp headcannon let's get on with the angst: who has more nightmares? Who usually comforts who? How the Danvers and the Kents take a Luthor?

omg i am so excited i have so much angst in my soul and so much angst for these two lil nerds

  • SO i would say kara probably has more nightmares but lena generally has more intense ones??  
    • this isnt to say that kara’s are not fucking intense and terrible and usually involve, you know, the destruction of her planet, culture, family, etc, but she’s had them for what’s going on 10+ years and while she used to wake up screaming in the beginning (which, tbh, is a big reason why alex became so incredibly protective over her, even when she resented her existence, bc she was this little girl that was so far from a home that didnt even exist anymore and she was crying and scared and alex is a giant softie so of course she got up and got into kara’s bed, curled around her and stayed awake, vigilant until kara was asleep again, anyway that was off topic i just have a LOT of emotions about the danvers sisters)
      • but like its been years and so she’s sort of used to them??  and unless it’s particularly bad, she usually just wakes up a little shaken or sad but its manageable
        • that said, lena’s particularly attuned to kara bc kara often wont verbalize whats eating away at her??  she’s so used to putting on a brave face and closing off whatever anger or sadness or doubt she has and she wont saying anything so lena’s learned to catch onto the minutiae, the tiny shift of expression, the deep sadness in those blue eyes before its shoved back.  so she usually wakes up with kara, and even though she’s not always one hundred percent coherent she’s usually with it enough to figure out whats happening and pull kara against her, ground her, land a sleepy kiss to her cheek or temple
    • lena on the other hand, has not had 10+ years to adjust and the nightmares are a pretty recent development, often centered around thinking she’s got lex back on her side again only to have him kill her, or her have to kill him, or the worst yet, developed only after learning about supergirl, being somehow manipulated into killing kara herself (those are…..the Worst tbh).  she usually wakes up crying, though there have been a couple times when she’ll wake screaming and she’s so used to self soothing, to just shaking and rocking until she’s calm enough to get up and make herself some tea and down some ambien, its honestly a little bit of a shock the first time kara is around for one of these nights and she’s so worried about lena, sitting up in a blink of an eye and sort of–she doesn’t want to make it worse by holding her if she doesnt want to be touched and lena’s not really??  talking???  and kara doesnt know what to do, doesnt know how to make this better for her and she feels so incredibly helpless
      • in the end, she sort of just stays with her, just so she’s not alone until lena sort of collapses against her, crying so hard that she’s shaking and kara takes that as her cue so she wraps her arms around her and channels a lil alex and stays awake until lena’s calm, until she’s asleep again and then she stays awake past that, not sure what to do if it happens again
        • they talk about it the next morning, after lena’s cancelled her meetings and stumbles out looking like death and kara’s still got a worried look on her face even as she sets down a smiley face pancake in front of lena when she sits at the kitchen island
          • like……dont look at me bc im totally NOT crying over the thought of lena looking incredibly small, the smallest she’s ever seemed to kara, and her trying to explain what happened, trying to explain that they just happen sometimes and that kara shouldnt worry and kara like aggressively worrying and just asking what she can do to make it better when lena wakes up like that
  • a lot of the time its lena comforting kara, like she has a lot going on you know?  like she’s desperately trying to balance being supergirl with maintaining some semblance of a normal life and on top of that she’s constantly reminded of the fact that she is the only living being that still remembers krypton, that carries the history, the traditions, the culture, the language with her because while kal-el knows a bit here and there, he never lived it, never went to the festivals, never watched it die and there is no one that can relate to that, that can relate to the very specific pain of being 13 and watching everyone and everything you love die AND THEN not even being able to carry out the last thing your mother ever told you to do like kara carries so much guilt and she rarely vocalizes it and even then its never exactly about it, always by proxy, some sideways way of approaching it
    • she normally breaks down in front of alex, her go-to, her rock, but then alex is happy for once and kara can’t–kara won’t take that away from her, refuses to weigh her down with this when she knows she’s the reason it took this long for alex to look so free so she buries it deep and this goes on for months and then she has this one awful day where snapper is on her case about something that isn’t even in her control and she was looking forward to her date with lena that night when, of course, supergirl duty called and she cancelled and the alien’s just a fuckin jerk ok, just a jerk that liked to blow shit up and kara’s tired, she is, she just wants to feel okay for a little and she’s reached a point where she’s not sure if that means she wants to be kara zor-el or kara danvers but splitting the difference is hurting more and more each day and she just wants to feel okay
      • she flies to lena’s after the debrief at deo hq.  it’s nearly one and most of the lights are off when kara lands on the balcony but she also knows that lena’s first meeting isnt until the afternoon tomorrow and she also knows that she doesn’t think she can handle going back to her empty loft tonight
        • she also knows that when she doesnt stay the night, lena sleeps with her phone on the bed and lena actually picks up on the first ring which means she’s either still up working or has just finished and kara can barely tell her im on the balcony, it’s chilly, please come let me in and then she’s crying and lena doesn’t hang up, kara thinks, but then she’s at the top of the stairs, jogs down them and unlocks and slides the glass door open and then kara’s falling into her arms and lena holds her for a moment before she’s guiding her up the stairs and leaving her at the foot of her bed while she stacks her papers haphazardly and dumps them onto her dresser and later kara will think that that’s probably the biggest sign that lena cares for kara as much as kara cares for her, but then lena’s pulling back the covers and following kara when she climbs in, pulling her back against her chest and just letting her cry it out
          • i’m tired, she whispers later.  i’m just so tired.
          • then sleep, love, lena murmurs back.  i’m right here.
            • kara wakes up sometime long past when she should have.  lena’s still there, holding her, and she murmurs when kara starts to sit up i called snapper and told him that i’d offered you an exclusive on the new tablet we’re putting out, she yawns.  and that you’d be sitting in on meetings for the next week.
              • lena
              • you need a break
                • which, well, true
    • and this isnt to say that kara doesnt spend just as much time taking care of lena, but the way lena views it, she has a therapist that she pays good money to listen to her and, like, she can actually talk about things without any sort of cover story in a way that kara can’t outside a select group of people and lena is honestly just glad that she’s part of that select group and maybe that means she announces a couple of pieces of tech a little earlier than initially intended, it still fucks with apple pretty well
  • HOO BOY OH MAN OH GOD OKAY so the danvers handle it with relative grace, they really do; alex gives lena the shovel talk and, quite honestly, so does eliza, but kara’s happy and safe and that is their first and foremost worry, really, so when it becomes clear that lena is just as committed to that ideal, just as willing to prioritize kara’s well being, it’s easy enough to accept her.  it doesn’t hurt that she’s got the whole my parents never loved me! card to play, something that immediately wins over eliza ‘i’ve never met an orphan that i didnt want to mother’ danvers and lena and alex sort of bond haphazardly over That Lesbian Lifestyle and their shared drive to keep kara safe and happy
    • so while they’re wary for a bit and thoroughly vet lena, she’s eventually just kara’s girlfriend lena, rather than Lena Luthor, Sister to Lex Luthor, Daughter to Lionel and Lillian Luthor, which is???  honestly all lena’s wanted?????
    • THE KENTS ON THE OTHER HAND so honestly idk what history supergirl is working with for clark like are his parents even alive???  who knows but im going with no bc ive only ever seen man of steel and have never watched smallville and also dont care that much.  ANYWAY kara literally does not tell kal-el for the LONGEST time because she knows exactly how he’ll react and she’s not interested in having him talk down to her when she is, in fact, older than him and more than capable of making her own decisions and judging people based on merit, rather than surname.  but like…..he’s superman.  he finds out eventually.  probably by winn accidentally letting it slip (he then sends off abt fifteen thousand panicked texts to kara, all starting with IM SO SORRY HE’S JUST GOT THAT FACE AND I GOT DISTRACTED or something like it)
      • and then kara’s getting a pissed kal-el storming into catco and, well, he’s not yelling but he might as well be and kara’s eyes just about roll out of her head and she drags him up to the roof, where at least they won’t have an audience wondering why clark kent gives a shit about kara’s relationship and then kal-el’s yelling about The Luthor Family is Bad News Kara and kara’s like listen i Don’t Care (i mean, obviously she does; she knows what lex did and what that in turn did to kal-el but at the same time, he is perpetuating the same bullshit judge a book by its cover that kara has fought so hard against and he’s not even bothering to listen to her, just sort of assuming that that she will listen to him and break up with her girlfriend that she likes like a Lot, maybe even loves, and so honestly Fuck You Buddy) and it boils down to if you’re not willing to respect my ability to make autonomous decisions, then you can leave and kal-el’s like FINE and kara’s like FINE and he flies away and kara’s so angry and hurt that she spends the rest of the day in the deo training room (kryptonite off) punching everything she can
        • it is not fine at all bc while he’s got an entirely different experience from kara when it comes to krypton, he’s also the only tie she has left to her home, her family and it breaks her into too many pieces to count that he’s entirely unwilling to even consider judging lena for her own actions, or even to consider the fact that this is kara and she trusts lena with her life, her secret, and that should count for something.  lena’s particularly quiet during this time, turning it over in her head again and again, knowing exactly the weight that kara’s cousin carries for her, exactly how terrible this is for her, how it’s lena’s fault that kal-el’s not talking to kara
        • its a Bad Time, because then lena’s pulling away, putting distance where kara doesn’t want it out of guilt, but kara’s too upset to think anything but the worst and it culminates in what is actually their first fight (bc while they’ve had disagreements, disagreements have never ended with kara storming out in tears)
          • kara shows up at alex’s crying and alex’s first instinct is to murder lena luthor, her second is to hide the body, her third (and strongest) is to draw her sister into her arms and let her cry on her shoulder because everything’s just gone to shit and i dont know what to do alex, i dont know and alex’s heart is breaking and she stays with kara through the night and only leaves once her sister falls asleep, and only then to go to lena’s apartment and flashes her fbi forgery to be let up without question and then she’s banging on lena’s door shouting WHY IS KARA CRYING ON MY COUCH LUTHOR and lena answers the door looking wrecked, all red eyes and puffy face and its so obvious that she’s just as upset and alex, who will deny it vehemently if asked, has already developed a soft spot for her sister’s girlfriend, and it probably helps that lena’s first words to her are is kara alright?
          • so alex softens a little, enough to think rationally, to remember that lena is, by all evidence, absolutely whipped when it comes to kara and would never do anything to hurt her, so she asks what happened and lena looks like she doesn’t want to answer but this is alex, Super Intimidating DEO Agent And Also Sister To Supergirl/Kara Danvers and lena’s Lena Luthor, Billionaire and Survivor of Multiple Assassination Attempts, but she’s also incredibly sad and worried and scared that she’s ruined what was possibly the only good thing aside from her company so she tells alex everything and then alex is S E E T H I N G like what the fuck kent and she leaves lena, promising that talking to kara would be a good idea and calls kal-el and tells him he’s needed at the deo, to meet her in the training room
            • she greets him with a slap to the back of his head when he walks in like what the actual fuck kent, i get that you dont trust luthors, but you should trust kara of all people and his bullshit excuse gets lost somewhere in alex’s Big Sister yelling, like do you not understand how fucked up it is that you cut off the only person in the world that has any idea of what you go through just because you dont like who she’s dating and lena is not her brother, she’s not her mother or father either, she is her own person and i’m not sure if you remember, but your father in law built a death machine with the only purpose of using it to kill kara if he ever chose to, not sure if you remember that he tortured her aunt without need, not sure if you remember the hell he put kara through and you dont see her judging lois for that or cutting you off because of it and the mighty superman is reduced to a shaken ball of nerves by the end of it, suddenly realizing how shitty he was being
            • he gets to kara’s apartment just as lena does and then it’s as awkward and uncomfortable as it possibly could be and kara opens the door to find them locked in a staring match and then lena’s looking at kara and kara’s looking at lena and kal-el has to clear his throat to get them to even remember he’s there and even then just barely and he sort of mumbles out something about him being wrong, lena obviously cares about you and you care about her and im just going to butt my butt out now (at least that’s what kara garners from his stumbling attempts at an apology)
            • its never an easy topic, but its not like the kents and the danvers spend thanksgiving together or anything and it puts a strain on kara and kal-el’s relationship moving forward, something that trips lena up sometimes, makes her uncertain and worried and guilty and they struggle with that for quite some time, because lena knows that kara’s lost and doesn’t want her losing this, losing him too, just because of her; at the same time, kara’s reached a point of knowing that she’s damned either way, but even if its uncomfortable, she’s happy and lena’s happy and their friends are happy for them and that’s what matters

so ofc when i get to bed loads of shit happens on twitter and what not so again im going to tell you guys whats happened and give my opinion.

PART 1 http://bocaclifford.tumblr.com/post/129411313498/luke-drama

PART 2 http://bocaclifford.tumblr.com/post/129444822453/luke-drama-pt-2

okay so last night Luke dmed an account on twitter saying that him asking Arzaylea if he could take pictures with fans didnt happen. he said something along the lines of “your last tweet is so untrue, stop causing trouble please :-(((” but why would somebody make something like that up? i want to believe luke but tbh it just feels like he’s protecting her and trying to make us feel bad when she’s the one in the wrong. luke putting her before fans yet again.

and also i found something that really pissed me off. so an account on twitter has sources close to the boys and said that Arzaylea is a pot head and smokes all the time. at first i was like “okay whatever” but apparently Arzaylea and luke were out with her friends and she was making fun of Luke and calling him a pussy because he wouldnt smoke. the source said he was uncomfortable and eventually gave in and smoked. this pisses me off on so many levels. first of all: never force anybody to do anything they dont want to or peer pressure them into doing it. this bitch thinks shes so amazing that she’s calling Luke a ‘pussy’, she clearly doesnt know anything about him!! we know that luke is a shy, sensible guy. if she wants someone to do drugs with, she can fuck off bc she’s not having Luke. next.

something that really shocked me is that apparently luke has had like 4 relationships like this since 2014 but kept them all secret.(i think they were Laetita, Sara Ellen, Emma and i havent found out the last girls name) first: luke youre a sleez. second: if he kept those relationships secret, whats so special about arzaylea that he takes her out everywhere?? people are saying that its modest which i can kinda see making sense since Arzaylea went backstage w/ Bryana at a show which is something groupies have never done (think Sara Ellen and Acacia) but its the fact that Brashton have been together a v long time and have never done anything like this. theyve been very responsible and mature about the whole situation and have respected fans. but luke and arzaylea have been together for a short amount of time and we already have hq pictures.


luke also hasnt worn his purity ring since like 2013 and is reportedly always ‘losing shirts’ we thought luke was the good one who never got involved with girls and groupies but it turns out we were very wrong. somebody pointed out to me the differnece between luke and arzaylea and luke and aleisha (luke’s old gf back in like 2011/12) understandably yes he was younger then but still, those relationships are very different.

also fans have been unfollowed and some maybe even blocked by luke for talking about arzaylea. well fuck you luke. the fans totally arent the people who have been supporting you for years, way longer than you’ve known this bitch. and apparently he’s been giving fans dirty looks when he’s with iggy arzaylea. LUKE STOP ACTING LIKE A TWAT! cant he see she’s changing him!! whatever if he wants to let her walk all over him let him.

whether its set up by modest (which the more i read into it the more i believe it) or is just a fling taken to the next level this girl is bad news and a very bad influenece on Luke. and if this is mangagement/modest, luke has clearly agreed to go along with it. i want the old luke back. i just know that in a few years he’ll find his perfect girl and she wont be anything like sleezaylea. as always if more infrmation comes up or find something ive missed out, i’ll make another post. also thank you for your responses y’all are cute af :)

whatever you do, you cant forget the fact that Arzaylea cheated on her ex Bryan with Luke and still owes Bryan rent money. she’s done a load of other stuff but i talked that in other posts. have fun luke.

The Best One for the Job

WHy do I keep going to write other things and coming out with little sappy kagehinas

I was thinking very extensively yesterday about who of the first years would be the best captain because what a hard decision?? And so there was this. It’s more of a pre-relationship fic that focuses on team things but it’s still super fluffy and gross and I hope u like it.


“Good job today everyone. Second years! Please stay after practice today!”

Hinata froze in surprise at Ukai’s words, halfway through a race with Kageyama to see who could put away the most balls first. He stared at his coach, wide-eyed, wondering what he could possibly want to talk to only the second years about. In his distraction he took a step forward, only to land with his foot on a volleyball and go crashing to the hard gymnasium floor.

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wht do u think of dmab agender bokuto :3c

#long post incoming

HELLO i am here to talk about my headcanon bokuto koutarou gender & sexuality wise because i think its great to share ideas about your favorite characters and also it would be cool to let my followers know what they’re looking at when i draw my comics & the such. thank you for bringing this up anon i am SO thankful

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thinking abt deacon so here are some interpretations and thoughts n stuff for consideration:

  • he is john d, but the d stands for ‘doe’. it is not his real name.
  • he is not john d, but everyone thinks he is and he doesnt care to dispute it
  • he’s smart. he knows exactly how to read a person and how to get what he wants out of them. he’s too smart for his own good, at times.
  • he loves fruity complex drinks with little umbrellas, or just straight-up bourbon right out of the bottle. there’s no in-between. 
  • “im a pathological liar and you cant actually take anything that i, or anyone, tells you at face value. always trust your gut, but also be prepared for it to be wrong.”
  • “i actually tell the truth a lot more often than people think i do”
  • his personality is entirely fake, and made only to seem like a fun and aloof guy so he doesnt seem like a threat
  • his personality is the only genuine thing about him.
  • hates open spaces, to the point of having agoraphobia.
  • his final story is fake. there was never a barbara, the “deathclaws” never existed. he was lying, and wanted to see if you held onto anything he’s taught you.
  • his final story is entirely true. he spent their entire partnership trying to teach the sole survivor how to be cynical and untrusting like him, but in turn they inadvertently taught him to be more open and trusting. they are the only person he can trust with this information and not feel like they will use it against him.
  • his final story is mostly true, with a few details that were either fudged or lost to time. the base details are there, but it’s been decades since it happened, and he’s lied so many times that not even deacon knows how much is true. what matters is how the sole survivor responds.
  • “i lie as a means of protecting my work, because i’ve seen too many HQs fall to the Institute and it’s made me overprotective and overcautious.”
  • “i lie as a means to protect myself, because i know firsthand what it’s like to lose someone you care about and i dont want to go through that again, or cause someone else to go through it because of me.”
  • “i lie because it’s the only thing that i can truly rely on.”
  • he loves old world books and culture, and hopes thats something he and the sole survivor can bond over because he knows that they’re alone, and he’s alone, so maybe they can be friends and be alone together
  • “i change my face to throw off my enemies, but also because lying has become so deeply ingrained in my mind that i cant even feel comfortable looking at one face in the mirror for too long.”
  • would probably get emotional over cat paws
THE HOLY FANART LINE: A Guide to Survival as a Fanartist

* DISCLAIMER: I am not an experienced artist - heck, I don’t even want to call myself one until I have found a style uniquely my own and established a good following and many connections. BUT I’M GETTING THERE. And that’s all that matters. This is just to share my thoughts and experiences so far in the world I chose to be in and you can take my advice or respect it and move on. Otherwise, enjoy and thanks for reading!



By: iamnotyoursenpaii (get it? No? Okay ._. )

1) Stalk With Feeling It means the world to get wonderful comments, but ending them with “F4F?” is rude and I tend to ignore and delete those comments. We all want followers. But going to everyone’s accounts and literally asking for them isn’t going to help. Tell them what you feel about their art, and if they’re willing to start a conversation then they will. If you’re an active and respectful follower, senpai really does notice you (believe me man - I know from experience)!! If you want your comment to stand out among the hundreds already there, bring up something specific about the piece. “I really like the texture on the hair! How did you do that?” will probably be answered faster, if not at all, than “WOW 👍👍👍👍”

2) Let Senpai Notice You There are three ways I find out about new fanartists:

  1. Their icon is an amazing piece of theirs
  2. Their username either pops up a lot on different fanart accounts or there’s literally the word “ART” in their username
  3. They pop up in my Suggested feed

Also, post art often with enough BUT NOT AN OVERLOAD of tags because senpais check those and look for new people to stalk too 😉 You need to art to have other artists notice you, duh. Make it obvious that you are a fanartist too, which leads us to the next point:

3) Balance the Content of Your Posts If you post more selfies/personal stuff than art, YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT AN ART ACCOUNT. Sorry man. If, like me, you decide to mix both personal and art-related posts because your account is not only open to senpais but IRL friends and family, then all I can say is be careful. My life is not interesting enough to post a selfie every day so I art. But I cater to my non-art friends and don’t mind sharing with my art friends the occasional life update post. Same with private accounts - if we can’t even see your work without following you, then why even bother? (Some fanartists with large followings have had to go private due to rude comments/art theft, but that’s a different story) Generally the rule is, for me, 75% art, 25% personal. Senpai won’t mind seeing your face; just dont spam them with it.

4) Art is Stealing, Theft is Not It’s okay to make appreciation posts. It’s okay to be inspired and make art similar to senpai’s style or use the same medium as senpai. Literally reposting senpai’s stuff and claming it as your own is NOT. COOL. P E R I O D. Think of it like this. You draw a poop and scan it and post it and it gets a lot of notes/likes/etc. You’re proud of it, your friends are proud of you and so is your family. You even inspire lil fetuses and maybe even senpai to draw poop too and make the world all pretty. Then the next day you wake up and find that someone took a picture of your poop, reposted it, claimed it as theirs and they too got attention and pats on the back from family and friends. But not senpai, because you and I both know senpais follow each other and have holy friendships and can either be a network of support or an angry mob with thousands of followers in tow. They noticed you enough that you were the one who made that poop, not some kid trying to be you. The likes and reblogs don’t even matter anymore, you got copyright issues on your hands. If you wouldn’t want ppl stealing your poo, don’t steal senpai’s poo. 💕💩💕

5) Credit When Possible Remember that you are creating FANart. This means you most likely used images of idols/characters that aren’t yours. I know a lot of fanartists do not credit the images used (me included 👉👈) but SOMEONE had to work hard to get that perfect angle and take the picture. Generally fanart of photoshoots, SNS posts, and screencaps don’t tend to get yelled at but that’s just what I’ve seen (if anyone is willing to add to this/correct something I’m totally up for it). It’s the HQ fantaken photos/edits that one needs to either ask the owner or credit thoroughly or they will find you and send an angry mob after you. Not kidding. Now, there are some companies that are strict about their content and may take down process/speedart videos using their music and more. As with animations/comics/video games/ocs, most of the time people draw the characters in their own style and state where it’s from. I’m not sure how else would characters be referenced(???) Just do your research and be careful.

6) Know Your Art Trades/Commissions/Requests You know that I know that you know the difference, but there are people who do not. Or they do know and they misuse the term. So let me explain it one more time for those confused:

    Art Trade:

    when senpai likes you enough to draw for you IF you draw for them. Usually you will be contacted first but if you’re feeling risky, ask for one! Senpai (maybe) won’t bite but remember steps 1 & 2.


      when you love senpai enough you’d be willing to support them financially by purchasing their work (ง°▼°)ง For a monetary fee, senpai can create anything your heart desires (within reason) 💕💕. Holy prints and holy originals of past artwork by senpai may also be available. Remember that the price senpai asks for is what they feel their hard work is worth, so respect that. If you’re thinking of taking on commissions yourself, consider the time you spend on your pieces, your skill level and intended audience, and cost of supplies.


        This is a good way to start off an art account. Requests are what they are: free art. When taking requests, be sure to SPECIFY your specialty. Do you draw male Kpop idols? 3D modeling? Anime? Furries? Celebrities? One thing I learned was to set limits on what exactly and the amount I could draw, because just being like I’M TAKING REQUESTS will have the requests go from chibi oc’s one day to realistic dragons the next. Yes, it’s happened. #deviantart The same goes for senpai. If they magically one day announce they’re taking requests, don’t ask them for a million things and don’t ask them for things out of their comfort zone. Senpai is holy, but senpai isn’t God. And please don’t spam senpai with DMs/stalk their personal accounts wondering when your request will be done. Be patient. Senpai will be busy and they have the right to turn down requests. BUT things will get done.

        7) READ THE DESCRIPTION It’s painful to see how many times captions/descriptions are ignored despite the all caps/flaggers/flashing signs and arrows. If senpai’s hurt, don’t ask them for art. What the heckie. Good followers are good listeners. Good listeners make good senpais. It’s crazy how people I once admired from afar now are my IRL friends or super close friends from different parts of the world. And that’s because I read their posts and cared about them when life punched their holy faces. So read them and care about them. There might even be a secret giveaway buried within long posts like this one. I will leave a lovely doodle and note in the ask box of everyone who reblogs this with a chicken emoji in the tags. Not kidding. So read the descriptions foo.

        8) Good Heart = Good Art If you’re respectful, you will be respected too. Duh. Senpai loves you and sees you supporting them. So be confident and take pride in your own skill, and you will be a senpai. No, you already are one. I’ve never seen an account that has 0 followers. That one person that likes your art fo sho probably looks up to you. Be thankful for them and continue doing what you do. Senpai may seem out of reach but you never know when they will reach out to you (っ´▽`)っ ♥

        Have a wonderful day senpai 🙋

        Elounor Survey Results - Essay Question

        The Elounor Survey got a great response. I enjoyed reading the data, but overall my favourite part was likely reading the long-answer question. I don’t think I expected the respondents to become nearly as passionate as they did, or to share nearly as much as they ended up sharing. Under the read-more, you will get the bulk of what people said, divided into categories of common themes. I’ve decided to separate each common theme with a picture of Elounor together, as many survey-takers suggested that “Larry shippers” only look at pictures of what they want to see. Suggested pictures are used.

        I hope you enjoy reading these responses, and that you find them insightful. Responses are, of course, and as always, not my personal opinions, and you will find that the views of many are varied and unique. Enjoy! :)

        Keep reading

        anonymous asked:

        just want this is be put out there for the people who think Li was happy in Universal, well u should see the fan pics, he dint even smile. He never does that. everyone knows that liam and niall always love to meet the fans most. and this wsnt even any private place where he might have felt that people are stalking him or something, it was one of the world's biggest amusement park for heaven's sake. he knew he'll meet loads of fans there. but ppl dont wanna see the obvious. smh

        Hi Anon,

        Thanks for your message and you’re spot on.

        Though Liam doesn’t always smile broadly or even fully smile in fan pics, he generally doesn’t look as tired and muted in the latest round of the pics.  

        His eyes always give him away.   Take the pic fail before Vienna.

        Liam’s one of those types of people where you can tell pretty damn easily when a smile is fake or not.  That right there is fake, its horrific they made him do it really.

        This right here is a real smile. 

        People have slept on Liam in multiple ways for so many years. It feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall sometimes.  And the ones who sleep on his brilliance, his intelligence and all his other qualities are generally, though by no means exclusively, those who obsess over Harry and Louis and yet its Louis that said these things with of course an extra ‘warm’ never mind Zayn’s contribution because let’s face he’s invisible too unless they’re making slurs against him.

        If they can’t see or believe in what Louis thinks this man is, then frankly I give up.  Its their loss.  Others have said this way more articulately than I, but if you can’t see that the Liam we’ve seen in Cannes and now Orlando, is a  shadow of the man we usually see be it in the company of Louis, Niall and Harry or of course Zayn, Andy, Paddy and when he’s with his family and other friends then maybe you’ll never open your eyes to it.  I mean compare these 2 pics from Orlando.

        And its not just these pics, I could compare multiple pics and yet people, who may be gullible at best or wilfully ignorant at worst, will still sleep on it and claim that its real in some way.  God help them if its real. I wouldn’t wish that type of reality on my worst enemy.  And yet for years people lamented how sad Louis was, how wilfully unarsed he was and yet nothing I ever saw was on as obvious a level of the done-ness that Liam has been displaying for months.   I support Louis and Harry wholeheartedly incidentally.  I just despair when people don’t apply logic fairly or reasonably.

        But Liam has been obviously done for months.  One more from Bangkok, not even including the infamous club pic.

        And I’ve said this before, Liam was at Queens for the tennis, we saw not one HQ from that day.  We saw tv pics where he arrived after Geoff and Karen and Sophia, deliberately? I think so.  We saw literally 1 fan pic. You’re not telling me that Modest wouldn’t have seen that as a classic photo opportunity particularly post the unmitigated sophiam photo ops fail that was Monaco.  I would be amazed if that wasn’t the case.

        I guess the time has to come when you completely give up on convincing people and it is their right of course to make decisions of their own; when some will never be convinced because either they’re wrapped up in a Larry bubble and blind to all that’s around them or they just want to stick with the narrative because somehow ‘shipping’ Ziam is loads of fun because ‘look at them, they’re cute’ but believing in the sham that is Sophiam is where its at no matter the cost to those involved, and the thought Ziam could be real is beyond the pale. 

        And where do you even start with that?

        anonymous asked:

        you've not been posting the last few months, is real life kicking your ass with time constraints, or did you just slowly fall out of the fandom?

        a little of both.

        on one hand i did say i was currently in medical school (or pre-med year to be precise) and it is well known it requires a fuck ton of time. i am barely grazing the surface here of the true dedication it needs, from next year on it might be a possibility that i will deactivate this account so i can fully dedicate my time to succeeding in my studies (if you’re familiar with france’s system for the first year of med school you’ll know why this drastic measures are practically required if you want even the chance to pass the first year exam). classes start in late august next year, so that will be the last time you’ll see me around. for the time being, all i allow myself to do in my spare time is fuck around in garry’s mod or left 4 dead with the lads to blow off steam and also i love these games idk why i never played them before.

        on the other hand; yeah i am kind of over with haikyuu, if you’ve followed my old blogs like ask-zoro (one piece) or askaltmal (assassins creed) you might notice a pattern on how i usually lose interest of a fandom in roughly a year. thats as much time as it takes me to realize a lot of people in it are straight up problematic and i really. Really Dont need that. ive had a few emotional breakdowns because of this fandom and i think thats enough in a lifetime at least for me. aside from the casual drama and exhausting discourses about why you should or shouldnt like this character/ship this ship, fuck ton of ugly mischaracterization and headcanons swimming around the tumbler yard that makes me want to wave my grandpa cane at them to get off my lawn..its an unnecessary source of stress that could easily be avoided if i just forgot about this fandom. and its sad to say the fandom ruined a lot of aspects of the manga for me. i am just . done.  however dont take this as a sign that im not gonna post any hq anymore. i cant predict the future but i might stick around to it for a bit cuz despite it all fukurodani lives on in my heart

        as a final point, i am strongly considering leaving the internet altogether, sorry if this disappoints anyone who looked up to my art and my shit but.. im putting my studies and my future above this.

        anonymous asked:

        I think the issue with Louis and what's her name is that it s on the down low. They haven't been papped, there's been no grainy fan pics so in some peoples heads that means it's legit cos it's not being thrown in our faces. They aren't trying to put it out there so it's more likely to be real? Does that make sense? This is the feel I'm getting from my dash anyway. *shrugs*

        wait what??? on the down low?? that is NOT TRUE AT ALL!!! remember the first 3-4 times we saw brianna it was via HQ paps when they were leaving a club..??? it was the girls posting pics on their (then) public instagram accounts… it was A LOT of people knowing about them hanging out because it was made 100% obvious that they were hanging out by annas tweeting their location and fans being invited to the clubs with their phones to capture the entire night as it happened… it was louis and the girls standing on the top of tables in the clubs to make sure the fans saw them. it was never on the DL from the beginning. 

        im not gonna talk about this anymore and i know i dug a grave for myself when i started talking about it earlier… but i think we’ve basically covered it now so it doesnt need anymore attention, because everyone in my inbox and dash are saying the same thing, which is.. it means nothing.

        i just wanna point out though, that the people who might be thinking this is ‘real’ are the people who also thought that louis and tamara were a thing literally 1 week ago… i dont understand how someone can think that louis is dating tamara and also dating brianna but is also in love with harry… i dont understand that AT ALL. and if you dont think hes dating tamara or brianna but he is dating harry THEN WHAT IS THE ISSUE HERE? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? WHY IS THIS MAKING YOU FEEL SO THREATENED IF YOU KNOW HARRY AND LOUIS ARE TOGETHER?

        im sorry.. louis is a smooth guy, but hes not smooth enough to be dating 2 or more women and a man at the same time and those people being okay with him dating the others as well. 

        so pick a side please… because it is exhausting to go over this every single fucking break. and like i said, i know i opened a can of worms by answering the first anon, but honestly… i really need people to have some common sense. because it’s this simple… if you think louis and brianna are dating, then what about louis and tamara, and what about louis and harry?? i dont understand your thought process, it makes no sense and i dont want to even try to make sense of it because it’s just silly imo