i dont think shed like me lol

I’m almost two days past Christmas. Naturally. I tried doing an entire comic the day OF and halfway through i was like ‘i aint finishing this, no way’ so i just took a portion of it to try and crank out real quick. So I guess above is a sneak peak to something that may or may not be coming your way sometime soon. i have so many things left unfinished, its embarrassing 

as for a tiny bit of explanation, this is at a point in my comic where an akuma traps them in this magic circle via a mistletoe sprig unless they kiss, not that you can tell because i omitted the setting/bg so not much context would be needed. also i, like everyone else, enjoys the idea that anyone laying the moves on Chat just stops his brain from working, despite how suave he acts.  i also like marinette/ladybug taking the initiative, though since chat isn’t exactly brainwashed here i think she would keep it to a tame kiss on the forehead. but the face grabby thing she did in dark cupid is still a must for me. i dont think shed be able to help it, especially since chat would definitely be the one to fret over where it wold be appropriate to kiss marinette in this situation lol