i dont think ive seen this picture before

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i dont think ive ever come across a MAP that didnt have another shitty quality on top of pedophilia, usually its either ableism or racism from what ive seen. on akhnaton, i definitely wish i would have known how shitty they were before i gave lots of comments and support tbh. i was watching for months but i hadnt noticed the shitty personality until they posted a picture directed torwards native americans basically saying "sorry you went through genocide, but your culture shouldn't exist! :)"

Wow for real? God, he’s such a piece of shit.



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Is it fawn or faun i still dont fucking know tbh. Honestly i dont think it matters cause ive seen both used. SO! ONTO THE DESCRIPTION! This shoot was super fun but also hell. It was the end to a very very shitty week for all of us and honestly we were all losing it. We started a bit late and by the time Julia and I got outside we had about 5 minutes of sunshine before the sun disappeared behind the trees. For those who havent noticed, in my pictures i LOVE to play up on the sunshine. so i was pretty bitter about the lac of sunshine and got A TAD SNAPPY. My stray cat army likes to follow me around whenever i go outside. Usually im outside to take pictures of them so i have food to get them to stay where i want. So they were following us around and fighting each other and getting in every shot. They were at are feet they were in the trees they were on benches and swatting at my camera bag. it was hectic.
We tried our best to shoo them away but it didnt always go to plan

(I TRIED TO GET IT TO WORK I TRIED OK its just juju swishing her cape to get the cats to go but then she gets stuck in a rose bush)

And then just while i was already making gifs i thought why the hell not:

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Ive been having TERRIBLE trouble with drawing recently. Once I realized I dont draw a lot of action pictures, like people talking or stuff like that, nothing at all has been looking right. Do you maybe have some advice to help me draw something good?

Ahh so sorry that you’re having trouble anon! I know the feeling, it’s terribly frustrating. :(

When I have trouble with a particular pose, sometimes I look up references.  Google image search has done wonders for me!  If you can think of a pose you’ve seen before, like on a TV show, try to find shots of that scene.

Then, study the pose, and look for the line of action.  If someone is moving or leaning a certain way, you can see a flowing line joining one end to another.  Shoulder to hip, hand to neck, but the best line to find is entirely from their head to their feet!  Try a very quick rough line, just one line, to get an ideya of that flow.

After that, build on top of that line.  Basic shapes work best for me, so things like circles for heads and fists, blocks and triangles for the torso, that sort of thing.

When you have a general body shape down, THEN add details, like elbow creases, expressions, and finally clothes on top of that.

I would draw some references for you, but unfortunately I’m short on time today.  Still, I found this image, along with many other examples, by searching for “line of action” on Google.  It might help! :)  Best of luck to you, anon!