i dont think it's necessary but ye

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Do you think its necessary to define your sexuality to people at all? because i know what i am, and im perfectly comfortable with being pan but i dont see the need to announce it to anybody if they dont ask? What do you think?

Okay so here’s the thing. Yes, in a perfect world, no one would label their sexuality at all. But we don’t live in that world. We’re on our way, but not there yet. Labeling one’s sexuality can be beneficial, in that wearing said label publicly allows for visibility. Your average person can hear about bisexuality or pan or ace or demi and just dismiss it if they feel that they’ve never encountered it. Thus, wearing that label tells people that you do, in fact, exist, and that you’re not confused or indecisive or whatever. Plus, it allows us to find others who wear the same or similar labels and create a community.

My big thing is that you shouldn’t wear a label because you feel like you have to. You shouldn’t have to wear one before you’re ready to. And just because you wear one now doesn’t mean that you have to wear it for life. And if the idea of wearing one, despite the potential benefits, doesn’t appeal to you, then you shouldn’t have to.


i made it
i am in recovery and have been in ICU for the last..what..4..5 days?

the operation went well and yes i did lose my ovaries and all that goes with it. im strangely numb about it. im not sad (i dont think?) or maybe its denial. overall i know it was necessary in order for me to live. (hey i can adopt and change the life for an unfortunate child born into this world. a real genone *jfc thats not okay kizzy* im in a wierd mindstate please forgive me. )

just typing out as I think to update you guys who are so caring! i signed into fr and saw so many messages (alright who made a post?) and i jjst…thank you everyone
thank you to those who approached me off their fr accounts and on anon to gove words of encouragement
thank you to those who sent food
thanm you for just thinkong and caring about me at all

i am recovering incredibly well (perhaps age is on my side) and if all continues at this rate i may even get to be home before xmas to be in the comfort and warmth of my house and with mum and dad and my boyfriend and my cats

so at this point i am officially %100 cancer free! just seasonal PET scans and some followup doctor meetings (like this estrogen thing im being put on.)

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hi i just want to say that i am fat and i do not want a fat princess. i have been miserable about my weight for a long time and i want to get healthy because i know that this isn't good for me but i'm struggling. i dont think that little girls should see it and think its cool and get fat and then when theyre older be miserable and unhealthy. yes, i wish that being fat was more accepted but honestly disney movies are not going to do anything to help that and i dont think it should be promoted

fat does not equal miserable.

I’d suggest not acting like your low self esteem is a necessary symptom of your size. Because it’s not.


“I don’t think that little girls should see [a fat princess] and…get fat”

Look here, have you ever heard of Cushing’s? Hypothyroidism? Mitochondrial disease? These are all medical conditions that cause weight gain in children. There’s a lot more that cause weight gain too, but all anyone sees from these medical conditions is the fat.

The fat that the children can’t control.

The fat that the children are assumed to have brought on themselves.

The fat that our society tells them makes them unworthy of respect, affection, love, and non-joke/evil representation.

A fat princess would help these kids so, so much. Would they still get teased? Sure, because there are shitty people everywhere and always. But there would be someone for them to look up to and feel protected by. And there would be a respected plus-size role model for other kids to understand. A fat princess isn’t going to make a lot of kids think that being fat is cool, but she IS going to help tons and tons of kids see that fat people are just as worthy of everything that skinny people are.