i dont think it's necessary but ye


i made it
i am in recovery and have been in ICU for the last..what..4..5 days?

the operation went well and yes i did lose my ovaries and all that goes with it. im strangely numb about it. im not sad (i dont think?) or maybe its denial. overall i know it was necessary in order for me to live. (hey i can adopt and change the life for an unfortunate child born into this world. a real genone *jfc thats not okay kizzy* im in a wierd mindstate please forgive me. )

just typing out as I think to update you guys who are so caring! i signed into fr and saw so many messages (alright who made a post?) and i jjst…thank you everyone
thank you to those who approached me off their fr accounts and on anon to gove words of encouragement
thank you to those who sent food
thanm you for just thinkong and caring about me at all

i am recovering incredibly well (perhaps age is on my side) and if all continues at this rate i may even get to be home before xmas to be in the comfort and warmth of my house and with mum and dad and my boyfriend and my cats

so at this point i am officially %100 cancer free! just seasonal PET scans and some followup doctor meetings (like this estrogen thing im being put on.)

About the things that happened in Sweden

Okay, so I just want to clear up the things that happened in Sweden recently. Personally i think in the heat of the moment this thing has gone a little bit out of proportion. This is all things i’ve heard from people who actually was there.

First of all these pictures

Yes she was chasing them, yes they were running, But they were running to catch a taxi and were running before she started chasing them. It’s still absolutely NOT okay to chase people though. This was also just a few seconds of their day.

Also about Jins shirt getting ripped by a fan, this is absolutely not true and he was wearing Taehyungs DIY shirt,

Then we have the tweets about the cafe and that people were screaming even though staff said to not do so. This is a video from that moment.


Yes a little bit of screaming but hey it’s BTS! I would be excited too, and they shortly got quiet. Not my video btw

And about Yoongi saying not to follow them in english and people laughing, not true. No one laughed and people stopped following them.

Namjoon got peeped on in a dressing room? Dont think so. They had staff with them who kept people at distance and why would a dressing room in stockholm be broken? They check stuff like that regularly and wouldn’t you be able to see if it was broken and then change dressing room? I think rapmon is smarter than to keep being in a broken dressing room with fans around.

Lastly most of them people following them didn’t even know who they were and just followed because “Oh there’s a group of people what are they doing? I wanna join.” Which, i agree, is stupid because it makes the whole thing bigger, but at least there’s a lot less ARMYs involved in this whole incident.

I do not, and i repeat DO NOT think it’s okay to follow them around for hours. Okay if you take a few pictures, look at their beautiful faces and the leave them alone. Only a FEW people followed them for hours, which is NOT OKAY, but as far as i know they at least kept their distance. All in all i think this thing grew out of proportion and people are making it bigger than it actually is. This is just a few moment out of a whole day. Keep source credibility in mind when stuff like this happens and dont believe everything you see because someone on social media wrote it.