i dont think it was the answer she was expecting

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Dont you think that Peridot acted way to cold towards Jasper when she started corrupting? I mean I did not expect her to start crying but atleast show some sympathy

Well … corruption is a pretty foreign concept for her. Like she said before, they don’t have anything like that on Homeworld.

Plus she was around Jasper more than the others. She knows what a pain in the butt she was. And the whole goal of what they were doing was beating Jasper, and that’s what they did, even if corruption was involved.

For me, I think of it this way; a lot of people headcanon Peri as autistic (myself included), and some of us on the autism spectrum have trouble with empathy. So I’m sure she wasn’t being heartless! She was just putting her friends first.

Friends To Lovers (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Request: Can you do a Sebastian x reader imagine where they are best friends and they get into a huge argument but make up and they reveal they had feelings for each other for a long time and it turns into smut?

A/N: i s2g if u dont like this im gonna quit 

Sebastian groaned and slammed your apartment door shut as he trudged in. The loud noise of the door made you whip your head around as you weren’t expecting to see your best friend walk in after his date. You turned off the tv and stood up as you looked at him with worry.

“Bad date?” You asked even though the answer was obvious.

“Yeah. I think she wanted me for my fame and probably for me to introduce her to Chris,” he said in a mopey tone.

“Oh yikes, that sucks,” you mumbled, focusing your attention back on the tv.

“You’re not helping Y/N,” Sebastian replied as he gave you a stern look.

“Well maybe it’s because I don’t want to help you because I love you and I don’t want you to be in a relationship with another girl!” You spat out, hands flying to your mouth as you realized what you just said.

Sebastian’s eyes widened as he processed your confession, standing by the kitchen counter as you stood in the middle of the living room between the couch and coffee table. You looked down at your feet as you shifted your weight between them as silence engulfed the entire apartment. Glancing back up at Sebastian, you noticed that his eyes had become darker, filled with lust as he let his gaze trail up and down your body. Suddenly you felt self conscious about what you were wearing, even if it was just pj shorts and a tank top and he was your best friend, it was an outfit he has seen you in countless times, but it felt different now. You stopped moving as you noticed his gaze slowly  traveling up your body and meeting your eyes. You looked at him for a second before you felt the blush creeping up to your cheeks and you let your eyes roam around the room, looking at everything that wasn’t Sebastian.

“So,” you awkwardly said as you tried to break the silence.

“Is it true?” Sebastian asked.

“Um, yeah,” you whispered a response, still not looking at him.

“Y/N, look at me,” he demanded. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath in and out before opening them and looking Sebastian directly in his ice blue eyes.

“Sebastian, I love you,” you sighed out, placing your hands on your hips. With a couple of big strides, Sebastian was standing next to you, grabbing your arm and making you face him.

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