i dont think it is actually cancelled

My opinion of the moon signs
  • Aries: bro u get me. We both cry at least 28 times a day and lowkey hate having feelings. We can't stand showing people that we are actually big babies and we are too defensive but at LEAST WE GET EACH OTHER.
  • Taurus: ur always centered and calm and a lil bab but if you tell me I'm the only person you've told about something (that you've told everyone) one MORE TIME IM GOING TO SNAP.
  • Gemini: yes, I believe in aliens. No I don't think bigfoot has a vendetta against you. I don't get why you just told me your life story but your mother seems like a nice lady.
  • Cancer: you make me feel like a shitty person because I don't like feelings or being empathetic or putting effort towards other people. IT'S WHATEVER THO.
  • Leo: I see right thru you. I'm a Leo. I know why you are doing that. The Validations™. I know. It's me on the daily. You're doing good tho.
  • Virgo: IF YOU DO NOT CALM DOWN RIGHT NOW. They don't care that you said "you too" when they said "have a good meal". EVERY ONE DOES THAT. DONT WORRY ABOUT IT.
  • Libra: so hot. hot damg. Doesn't know how to pick movies or if they want a bottle or a can. Over compromising champion of the masses. Too nice to be mean to which is hard on me because I'm mean to those I love.
  • Scorpio: what you think you are- murder death fear me am evil. What u actually are- smol bean and afraid to be hurt again, does the same things that you did before that got u hurt in the first place though??
  • Sagittarius: NICE MAKING PLANS. #cancelled. ALWAYS. Also. Nice use of sarcasm to hide ur feels. JK IF YOU MAKE ONE MORE SARCASTIC REMARK ILL YELL. I'm already yelling tho...
  • Capricorn: emotional lil bab. Stop beating yourself up. Its okay to feel things and its okay to admit that you aren't having a good day. BUT IF YOU SASS ME ONE MORE TIME.
  • Aquarius: IF YOU DISTANCE URSELF ANYMORE YOULL BE ENTIRELY IN SPACE. I admire the fact that you can go a whole 24 hours (three years?!??) without crying. I can't achieve that but I have aspirations.
  • Pisces: S T R E S S. M E. O U T. if you do not like the choice. Why did you make it. You are the controller of ur own destiny. Ily but wyd.
skams third season has ended

we have to wait until the end of February / begin of March for new episodes so i wanted to make a list of what to watch next

there is simply no show like skam and we all have fallen in love with isak and even this season, their relationship is so important to me

being gay made it really hard to find representation in media so this post focuses on the happy and positive portrayal of lgb teenagers in movies and tv series

Obvious shows like the fosters, shameless, pll, the 100, skin, glee, degrassi, buffy… are excluded from this list, many of them are too well known already, not really happy or good

but im a cheerleader: 

this comedy from 1999 is about megan who gets send to conversation therapy by her concerned friends and parents, sound terrible but is acutally really funny and cute and has a happy ending, natasha lyonne (from oitnb) plays the lead, its definitely more artsy, not as realistic as skam

the way he looks:

a brazilian movie about the blind, gay, 16 year old leonardo who falls in love with gabriel, the movie deals with self acceptance, first love, blindness, friendship and is really relatable, one of my favorite movies

the get down:

a netflix show (by baz luhrmann and nas!!!! even would love that) about the beginnings of hip hip and rap, has the best story line, music, characters, the most amazing girl friendship and a gay/bi character in a interracial relationship, just watch it, will be worth it, literally one of the best shows of 2016 (also the second part of the first season airs soon)


a dutch coming out movie, Sieger meets Marc who becomes a member of his athletics team and they fall in love, really nice and realistic, i recommend this to everyone, i just love this movie so much


also a dutch movie, about an interracial lesbian relationship, seems nice and there was a good review of it but i didnt watch it yet so it may or may not be good or have a happy ending


got really popular on tumblr so you may know it, its a bout two gay teens who witness a triple homicide, its more of a crime but with gay main characters, based on a norwegian series, i also recommend that (its low budget and bad but i liked it)


2011 movie about a 17 year old African american lesbian, not completely happy end (still happy tho), cinematically good


a german road movie about two 14 year old boys, i loved the book and they finally made a movie!! one characters gay, doesnt really focus on that but its one of the only german movies with non-white gay character so yeah…

show me love:

swedish movie about two girls in love, it is the best teenage lesbian movie, omg i love this one

closet monster:

more like a horror movie, a bit confusing, about the gay teenager oscar, kinda happy ending?


2016 movie about an african american gay man, the movies is parted into three parts of his life, one is his teenage life, one of the best movies this year, 99% on rotten tomatoes

hidden kisses: 

about a 16 year old boy who falls in love with a class mate, they face a lot of bulling, may have a sad ending, i can´t find something about the end and i havent watch it

i killed my mother: 

a movie by xavier dolan, hes gay himself and play the main character kits about the main characters relationship with his mother and his boyfriend, i really recommend this 

just watch any movie by xavier dolan


a mexican movie about two men who were in love as kids and meet again as adults, has a 100% on rotten tomatoes

being 17:

french movie about an interracial relationship between two guys


in the second season the teenage daughter gets a girlfriend

in the flesh:

a zombie show, the main character is the pansexual kieren, this is one of the most beautful shows ive seen, i fell in love with it, but it git canceled way too soon

cucumber & banana: 

i watched this but i dont actually remember a lot, i think both center around the same group of lgbt characters, i belive its well made and good 

not so happy movies i wanted to include:

the summer of sanaile:
center of the world

movies that come out soon

simon vs the homosapiens agenda

heaters reboot with a black lesbian and a gender queer lead 

call me by your name

the miseducation of cameron post (movie adaption of the book, about a lesbian teenager)

as you are ( with amandla stenberg)

feel free to add more or to correct this if something is wrong

dont risk the vld wiki

i went to lance’s gallery to look for refs and

some of the captions are just quotes

some are descriptions that are a little wonky, but mostly fine

some of them are actually pretty solid comedy work

and then there are the ones where you think, maybe they were trying to make a joke? probably? but are just overall genuinely unsettled

but by far the greatest transgression is this cursed image:

vld wiki is cancelled, guys. we can all go home

DONT WORRY ABOUT A THING (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

You and your best friend Andy were hanging out on a saturday night as always. On the weekdays you guys wouldnt really see each other because he either busy, or spending time with his girlfriend Juliet. You had the pleasure of meeting her just last month, she was pretty nice to you, but you can tell just by looking straight into her eyes that she is a jealous type of girlfriend. You didnt blame her though, ever since you met Andy a little while back you always thought he was a good looking guy. But you never saw him as a boyfriend.
Just like every other saturday night, you rented batman movies, Andy could never stay away from anything batman. But thats okay, because you also loved batman just as much as he did.

You both were having a good time, until your expression became a little serious. “Hey dude.” you called out to him. “Whats up?” he asked. “Remember how during the week we would go to fun places or you would just sleepover my house and all?”
“Yeah, I miss those days they were fun.”
“Well so do I, why dont we do something like that this week?” you said. He shook his head, he had a lot of things to do and besides he had already made plans with his girlfriend. He explained just that to you right now.
“Oooh well thats alright.” You tell him completely understanding. You couldnt help but be a little bummed though, you kind of missed your best friend, and only seeing him on the weekends pretty much sucked for you.

Another week had passed since your movie night, the only way you talked to Andy was when you texted him. you were just sitting on your bed now doing just that, you were both laughing at the crazy texts you were sending each other. But Andy was also currently on his date with Juliet. She was glaring at him from across the table while his eyes were focusing on his phone, chuckling everytime he got a text from you.
“Uuuh, babe?…Andy!” she yelled.

Andy looked up and saw her mad expression.
“What is it?” he asked very concerned, he never saw his girl glare at him like that before.
“Would you please put your phone away we’re on a date here.” she tells him.
Andy did as he was told and held her hand. “Im sorry babe but (Y/N) is making me laugh right now.”
“Well stop paying attention to her and pay attention to me.” she whined.
“Aww honey are you jealous?” Andy cooed.
Juliet smiled a little but then she shook her head going back to her mad face.
The two of them ended up laughing together about it though and enjoyed the rest of their date night.

Weeks had passed, since Andy missed hanging out with you, he started spending more time with you. Juliet wanted to spend time with him as well but Andy has already told her that he was hanging out with you this whole week. Of course she did not like that one bit. Especially when he came home so late at night, she was starting to suspect that something was going on, something that she couldnt bare to handle.
Juliet sat on the couch, bored out of her mind flipping through channels on the t.v.
She takes a look at the time on her phone, its already passed midnight and she sighs running her fingers through her hair.
“Where the hell is he?” she asked herself, not only was she getting worried but she was also getting pretty pissed, mostly at you.

Andy finally came though the front door and she quickly up. “Andy what the hell?! Why do you come home so late?!” she questioned.
“Relax babe (Y/N) and I were just eating at a diner and we got caught up in the conversation.” He explained.
“Oh, so you didnt care that you had a worried girlfriend at home?!” She yelled.
“What is with you?” Andy asked a little irritated.
Juliet crossed her arms above her chest becomming even more pissed than before.
“Who the hell is this girl honeslty?! is she really your best friend or is she some bitch who likes to take away other people’s boyfriend?!”
“Juliet youre really being crazy!” He shouted.
“Oh yeah?! Well get ready for more crazy because I am confronting this girl!” She said grabbing her sweater and storming out of the house.

Andy tried his best to stop her from reaching you but it was completely impossible.
“I guess I really shouldve mentioned (Y/N)’s sexuality…” he muttered.
Moments later, you were ready to go to bed until you heard a banging at your door.
“The hell?…” you muttered and went to go open the door. A very angry Juliet stepped in and you became very confused.
“Uh hi Juliet.” you greeted.
“Dont you fucking hi Juliet me! What do you want with Andy huh?!” she shouted.
“What do you mean?”
“You know what I mean (Y/N) why do you keep spending so much time with him?! He hasnt even been hanging out with me because he wants to spend more time with you!! so what do you want?! to take Andy away from me?!”
You stood quiet for a minute and then out of nowhere you bursted into laughter.

Juliet became confused for a moment herself but then your laughter only pissed her off more.
“The fuck are you laughing for?!” She yelled.
You tried to catch your breath before you were able to speak.
“Okay obviously Andy has never really told you about me.”
“Like what?”
“Like the fact that I dont even like boys.” you tell her. She thought about what you said for a moment, then she finally realized. “Ooooh you mean?-“
“Thats right, I like girls, look Juliet Andy is like a brother to me, nothing more, and Im really sorry for well…taking him away from you, I dont want you to think wrong or hate me so I’ll cancel the plans we have for next week.” You say.
she immediately shook her head, “Oh no please dont, oh my goodness Im so sorry for going ape shit on you Im such an idiot.”
you giggled, “its okay to be the jealous type I actually find that pretty cute.” You say to her.
She went ahead and gave you a hug, of course you hugged back. At the end it all worked out and the two of you became good friends.
You even started spending time with both her and Andy.
you always went to bed with a smile on your face, because not only was Andy like a brother to you Juliet was now like a sister.

(Not really confident in this one but I still hope you liked :))

i dont think that people who threaten others actually understand why its fucked up. firstly death threats are a no. end of story for that.

second. you just ruined the chance of people meeting their idols. their money has been wasted. the idols themselves are scared knowing that there are people who want them dead. theres tweets and pics of people crying at the ny venue because they cant meet bts now.

hi-touch events in usa have been cancelled. security most likely will tighten.

AND GUESS WHAT. this ruins it for everyone else as well. companies are going to have second thoughts about sending their artists to certain countries cause of this. this one person has single handedly ruined the chance for everyone else

kpop fandom: please learn that you cannot get away with what you say online

saintkyloren-deactivated2016041  asked:

what do you think are the chances of shadowhunters getting a season 2 -3,4 etc- realistically. I feel like the fandom is very happy and I think that it just keeps getting better with every episode, but Im not really sure about the general -non fandom- response. Also I feel like the rating arent really high - although that might just be me since I dont understand the us ratings system-. I mean there have been shows that should have ended years ago but are still on *cough*tvd, pll, tw*cough*

I don’t know much about US ratings system either, I’m European, but I’ve learned a lot from tinaliatum’s posts about it.

No idea how many seasons this show could get, but yes, realistically, I think Shadowhunters will be renewed for at least a 2nd season.

My Thoughts on PLL so far.. (contains spoilers)

I have been a die hard PLL fan since it premiered June 2010.

The drama, the mystery, the creepiness!

When Mona was revealed i was ecstatic. I guessed it would be her without the knowledge from the books. Once I saw how upset the fandom was that the A story mimicked the books i was really upset how the crew lied to us!

Considering my theory on Mona being A turning out to be true I decided to compile my thoughts on a blog!! Thus pretty-little-liars-hints was born.

The show was even more exciting with all these loose ends/ questions that i knew would add up to be a spectacular storyline. Seasons 2 and 3 to me; were the best of the series! But as the show progressed we got less answers and more questions.. or answers that didnt make sense (ali pushed ian.. ok why? And how did he know she was alive because he said “what are u doing here”)

Thats when i realized they shouldnt have different writers for diff episodes.. everything feels choppy… the series doesnt really flow. Why cant the writers all get together share thoughts, ideas, and write together! Then it hit me. They dont have the storylines set and write as they go… they MAKE UP the story and answers as they go. #LAME

The mystery.. is ali alive, is she dead was interesting.. i always thought alive. And surprise “did u miss me?” But they still didnt tell us if all the ali scenes were real or not. Ali is confirmed as redcoat… ok but which scenes? Which events were her? Was she living under her own house?

Now ali is alive and i can honestly say the show has gone so frickin downhill. The mystery of A and the entire premise of the show had been sidelined. The creepy scenes, the attacks, came to a halt #LAME

When mona died i said oh heck yes pll as i know it is back!!! Death, goosebumps, chills!!! BUT since then the episodes have been bland, predictable, and downright shitty! I mean wtf was the point of Talia? Johnny? And that stupid whisper machine? #LAME

Now if the spoilers from reddit are true then mona is alive which means the crew lied to us AGAIN. Remember we were told Tobys intentions are all evil? Then we find out hes good and helping spencer?? Now even when we see a body we cant count on it being a damn answer? If all we get is an anagram of charles and spencer concludes A is a dude. Then Keegan Allen is a damn liar and i absolutely lose all respect and admiration for him as a person. He has been running around to any tabloid or website who will listen talking about the shock and amazement of this reveal… thats not a bloody reveal! Its a name… and a fake one at that. Finding out A is a dude (#WrenIsA) doesn’t explain redcoat or blackveil!!!!!!

I think its about time Marlene actually give us some real ANSWERS not RIDDLES. sorry im not batman i dont spar with the riddler!

Im borderline over this show if those spoilers are real and we dont get a really good clue. Of course i will watch till the end but my enthusiasm and excitement is barely there anymore! At this rate from an average of 2.7million viewers dropping to 1.6 this season… the show will be cancelled even if it was renewed till season 7. Then we will really be left answerless. Finish this storyline and start another… dont stretch it for 5 years! #LAME

This isnt a threat marlene… im encouraging you… to give us a better show; the way it used to be, excite us, scare us.. dont bore us! Dont waste our time! Don’t ruin a damn good show! And most of all dont lie to us!!!

anonymous asked:

okay so i was doing a carmilla rewatch today and in s2e6 i realized that matska said that carmilla had been taken with both boys and girls since they had met and now i'm kind if thinking that she's bi even though everyone says she's a lesbian and i was just wondering if i was the only one who noticed?

i cant believe you actually typed this up and sent this to me. carmilla is literally a lesbian dont piss me off at 11:43 pm.

dand3lonie  asked:

{Pt.2} You and I don't know what she actually feels about this whole collab, but obviously shes probably in for it because she could have cancelled the request wouldn't you think? She wanted to try this "new" look (i dont think its new at all) like shes with zico and paloalto, I bet they talked about and stuff. Seriously if you think all this stuff is cheap, you're wrong, they could just be for the picture teasers too.