i dont think im going down anytime soon


munday selfies ??? sure. from the concert last night !!! still crying ( mom surprised me with tickets ) but don’t think Im going home again anytime soon. a lot happened in a month and a half here otl Ive barely had time to sit down. from surgery to p!atd to greece to this

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I just noticed that the boys are taking over the teen party playlist on spotify. do you think they actually chose the songs? (idk why it wouldn't be but i just don't trust anything these days). right now it's harry's playlist and i love how 18 is the first one. also there is a song called "next to you" on it. cute

I know what you mean. it’s just very hard to know what’s “real” and what isn’t with this band. Even with something as simple as a little Spotify playlist lol. I’ve only seen Harry’s, Louis’, and Zayn’s playlists so far but from what I can tell a lot of the artists are people that they’ve coincidentally promoted or mentioned at least once before i.e. Catfish and the Bottlemen, The 1975, James Bay, Little Mix, Naughty Boy. Zayn’s playlist had a 1D song too. So. Idk. Maybe they really did choose the songs themselves, maybe just a few of them are genuine choices, or maybe they didn’t have any input at all. It’s not a huge deal in this case. But either way it’s still kinda cute that Harry’s playlist included 18 and James Bay (the guy @ louis tweets about all the time) and Louis’ playlist included Sam Smith and The 1975 (artists Harry is known for liking). 

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Are you ok su? I really hope you are

ahhhh thank you bud, not gonna lie :) ive never been this scared in my life :) but im fine in terms of being secure.

for those of you who dont know, my country (Turkey) is being taken over by the millitary and theyre taking down the government at the moment

I’m in another city and i dont think I can go back home anytime soon so updates wont be as consistent as usual im very sorry

I hope to get back home and draw again

Girls Restroom - Calum Hood (one shot)

RATING : For everyone <3
WARNINGS : Nope, friendly and very cute though (-:
A/N : Have fun reading my dalingsssss(-: also wrote this from 1am - 3am so sorta sucky )-:

I scrolled through my twitter feed, then my dashboard, and then my instagram feed, and through every single social media app until i had to keep refreshing each app. I was currently sitting in a café with 6 of my friends, each of them taken by each other. It was totally my fault for agreeing with my best friend to hang out with everyone, even though i knew they were all going to bring their boyfriend or girlfriend and i was going to be third, nope, seventh wheeling.

“Hey y/n, you good?” my friend jack asked. I nod while dropping my phone in my lap as i got up to use the restroom. “I’ll be back guys.” i announced but then roll my eyes when i get no response. I push my chair back with my popliteal (a/n : the back of your knee, my friends) as i make my way to the restroom. I walked into the empty womens restroom, which was a relief because i was getting really annoyed of everyone right now. I looked around the sink area and saw an outlet, which i then happily plugged in the adapter to my charger in the wall. I put the plug into my phone and hopped on top of the countertop near the sink and scrolled through my phone.

I took the opportunity to start playing some music on my phone and just enjoy the time alone. I tapped my feet to the beat in the air as they dangled off the counter. I was jamming out to “Kids in the Dark” by All Time Low just when the door opened to reveal a tall figure with brown hair and blonde highlights stroll in while he was scrolling through his phone.

My eyes widened and i let out a small giggle. His head shot up at the sound of the girly giggle. “Whoa, girl in the boys restroom.” he said. “Oh no,” i started sarcastically, suddenly gaining confidence, “I’m not in the boys restroom, you’re in the girls restroom” i finished. His eyebrows knitted together but then slowly raised up in realization as he examined his surroundings.

“Oh,” he said “well, I’m gonna go, you know, to the bo-” he coughed, “i mean, mens restroom now.” he concluded while rubbing the back of his neck. I let out a little giggle as i watched his face grow red. He slowly spins himself around on his heels and reaches for the handle but then spins back to face me. “Why are you sitting on the counter in the restroom?” he asked. I laugh, “im casting spells on boys who walk into the womens restroom.” he turns red once again, “nah, im just charging my phone, man.” i giggle again. He looks at my phone in my hand and his eyes trail up the charger. His mouth shapes an ‘o’ as he nods in, yet another, realization. 

I give out an awkward smile and slowly nod as he still stands in the ladies restroom. “Um…” i chuckle, “Oh right, um, bye.” he says and walks out. I shake my head but a goofy smile still lingers on my face. I hop off the counter, unplug my charger from the wall and my phone and stuff it in my bag, and then walk out the restroom. As i stroll back to my table full of couples, i notice another loud group of teens a few tables down of them.

The boy with brown hair and blonde streaks stands out and i quickly realize he’s the boy that was just in the girls restroom a minute ago. I think he notices me too once he looks up from his phone screen and looks at me. Suddenly, my confidence from earlier disappears and my cheeks begin to burn as he looks at me. I turn around and go up to the front counter to order a Sprite. 

They give me my drink and i walk back to my table full of couples. I groan as i find myself being bored again and stressed out as i realized i cant leave because my best friend is my ride. I get out of my seat again and make my way towards the exit. I walk past the brown haired boy with blonde streaks and his friends who also have their own lover with them. I needed a smoke.

I don’t smoke very often but whe i do, its mostly because im stressed out. I opened the door and leaned against the rock wall next to it. I took my pack of cigarettes out of my bag and took one out then lighting it. I dragged the cigarette in and out of my mouth as the smoke flowed out of my mouth and nose as i breathed. My head shot to the right as i heard the café door opened and let out the bathroom boy. 

He turned his head to where the orgin of the cigarette smoke was coming from. “Got one for me?” he asked. “You smoke?” i asked as i took out my pack and pulled out another cigarette and put in in his palm. “Could ask you the same.” he said as he held the cig in between his middle and index finger in front of me, requesting me to light it, and so i did. 

“I shouldn’t have came here today. All my friends are taken and I’m seventh wheeling.” i huff. “Aha, same. I should just go right now. Matter a fact, i will.” he says standing straight up then looking at me. “Lucky ass. My friend is my ride, but i dont think she’ll be leaving her boyfriend anytime soon.” i said and looked at her through the window as she and her boyfriend stick their tongues down each others throat. Bathroom boy looks at what im looking at. “Oh.” he says. “Yeah,” i agree and turn back to face him and he does the same, “so bathroom boy, I’m y/n. Should i keep calling you bathroom boy or do you have a name?” i ask. “As pleasuring it is to be called by an embarrassing mistake, which by the way, let never speak of it again, i would like to be called, Calum, please.” he says very cutely. I giggle, “well, nice to meet you, Calum, but now i have to get back to a group full of people who arent even acknowledging my existence at the moment.” i groan and throw my cigarette to the ground and stepping on the bud of it.

I smile at him and reach for the handle. “Hey wait, y/n,” he shot out quickly and i released the handle and faced him, “do you maybe wanna go hangout, jus the two of us, like right now? I mean, its better than seventh wheeling.” he asked. A smile plastered across my face, “yeah, lets go get some ice cream and play a game?” i asked, not really wanting to do much, just chill. He smiled back, “you like fifa?” he asked, “Ooou, im gonna kick your ass in fifa.” i shot at him and smiled, “I’d like to see you try.” he said as he grabbed my hand and began to run to his car while i was giggling.