i dont think ill ever get over them

i dont think ill ever get over 03 sloth. just everything about her. her feministic motivations that despite her being a villain arent demonized, her final confrontation with ed and al, how she embodies the elric brothers’ worst and often most overlooked sin and how symbolic them fighting her was, how manipulative she got and how the elric brothers reacted to her, how much conflict the knowledge of her existence which caused the elric brothers to develop their characters, how she was a foil to lust in many ways, how angsty the very idea of her character was in the first place…idk man sloth was such a highlight, a good representation, of the 2003 fma despite her not getting the spotlight until the final quarter of the series or so

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I'm about to go into my first semester of college ever and I wasn't just wondering if you had any advice? Especially when it comes to studying and doing your work and just staying focused in class. I'm a huge procrastinator but I've slowly been breaking that habit and I need to get my shit together lol

oh gosh my studying habits are ATROCIOUS. like, they work, but Dont Be Me dude.. my fridge right now has literally nothing energy drinks in it, i only went to three (3 total) of my developmental psych classes the entire semester and for a four day period this week i sustained myself on nothing but mcdonalds pancakes and fried rice… im lowkey a mess

but um if you can get like a study buddy bc that’s really a great person to have around. my friend riley and i squatted in her godmother’s house for a week to study for finals and did nothing but sleep, eat, study, and listen to our bop city playlist to keep us awake. that was great for my study schedule actually cause im a big procrastinator but not if ive got some kind of pseudosupervision. uhhh lets see what else um. use flashcards whenever possible, i know it encourages memorization over learning but if you can basically understand the material, use flashcards cause they cause you to overlearn and that’s what you want since generally you get overconfident about how much you remember and flashcards just burn it into your brain. 

keep up with your assignments so you dont get overwhelmed but dont kick yourself if you’re not studying 24/7 or even keeping up with the material, sometimes its better to cram for a week or two before the test than to do half an hour every day, it helps to avoid retroactive interference (forgetting something you learned a month ago because you’re focusing on current material). but also dont screw yourself and start studying the weekend before an exam.

and ok last one this is the most important i think because as a procrastinator im sure you’re just like me and you get tired at night and think “ill just finish this in the morning” dont ever do that with assignments or studying but always do that with reviewing things. while you sleep (in REM sleep i think) your brain goes over what you’ve learned in the past couple of hours before you went to bed and in the morning you’re usually better at remembering things you were struggling to grasp the night before when you were exhausted. i usually tell myself what i want to do before i go to bed (lets say memorize a stack of flash cards) and then i review them all even if im barely getting them right, then i go to bed, get up an hour early and suddenly everything is way more familiar than i thought itd be

good luck!

why im putting the donation button back on my blog

ok i know i make jokes about it and stuff but my family is really in a bad place right now and we have to be out of our current house by the end of the month (march).  we have no idea where we are going to go when we leave and im afraid we might have to get rid of my dog, daisy.  she’s my best friend and has helped me through depression and anxiety and i don’t want to lose her.  since i work at the animal shelter on the weekends they have been helping out with giving us dog food and treats but idk where we are going to go after we move out of our current house so we might not even be near the shelter that’s been helping us out.  

((This was taken at the vet before she had to have laser therapy on her back because she could barely stand))

we are on food stamps and the money we get is barely enough to get us by and usually the last week or two before the money is refreshed there is barely anything left in the house to eat, and there are also many other things we need that aren’t covered by food stamps.  one time my dad went out to buy some food with what little money he had and he barely got anything but when he came back home my mom started crying because she was afraid we wouldnt be able to pay our bills.  (our electricity is currently being paid for by a local church)

my dad recently lost his company and so he is working a low paying job to keep us on medicaid so my mom can have her operation because her hip needs to be replaced asap.  

so basically what i’m saying is i’m putting the donation button back up on my blog because any little bit of money will help us right now.  i originally took it down because i kept getting hateful messages about it and it made me feel really bad about myself but our situation is even worse than it was then so i’m putting it back up.


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